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/kmg/ here anons post their bladed projects, axes and swords ofc welcome too, everything that cuts realy, post your teels jigs and set ups, ask questions about techniques and handling
everything blade related is welcome.

pic related smol razor blade forged from blue papersteel in san mai

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i'd really like to get back into forging but i can't seem to find a reasonably priced pressure regulator and a coal forge (although i have one) is out of question

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never worked with gas, idk, why is coal out of queston? price hiked up realy bad here in europre but why can't you use it?

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I need to get out in the shop more. I have numerous small projects I'd like to do but I have to get so many things out of the way to even start working on any blades

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Some day I'll make my own chef's knife, and chinese vegetable cleaver, but until then, I'm just a poor rentoid.

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Sometimes fixing a warp doesn't work out

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But as the saying goes, "we don't make mistakes, only smaller knives"

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It's an amateur's work, but this week I recycled a broken stainless knife into a 14th centurish european friction folder.

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prison shiv vibes

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Reference, although I made the handle out of wood.

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I just came into a bunch of 4140 for cheap and might try a San Mai with a 52100 core. Is there anything that can go wrong due to the steel here

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eurochad as well. i have to dig out the forge and set it up outside every time i want to use it. and the outside place is shared with my tenant. i'd rather set up a gasforge than going down with rent

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ah i got myself an half open shed for the forge that is more convenient

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noice work anon
i know the reference for that did you oil the handle? it somehow looks dry

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Thank you! I did oil the handle, but yeah, maybe I'll apply a little more.

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