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Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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Looking for a recommendation for a toolpouch or bag or something for carrying an impact driver and a bunch of screws while up a ladder.

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Posted in the last thread but it 404d

My penis is thick and long, and my wife is a petite woman (we are both White).
What is the best way to "soundproof" an internal door so that we can freely and enthusiastically do the natural obligations without disturbing our children or guests?
Our walls are already thick and little sound gets through them, the door is the weak link.

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Solid core doors, 2 in a row (like a porch) with draft stoppers across the bottom

Tool belt is what you're looking for
Big ones can hold tons

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I need suggestions for small, inexpensive tools that someone with a garage full of tools (but no capacity for online shopping) is unlikely to have, for Christmas stocking stuffers. Like $5-$12 range.
He does HVAC work, but they don't need to be specific to that.

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Any simple techniques for transferring a complex curve of an object to a drawing without a contour gauge? I'm going to buy one anyway but just curious.

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I just use a piece of thin cardboard and make a series of parallel cuts up one edge. Then as you place it into position around the curve you bend the cardboard strips up. It accomplishes the same thing as the gadget in your pic related, but it has less detail.

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I'm making raised beds, 3'x3'x18". I'm using 1 1/2 inch thick wood I sourced from scrap runs. Some of it has cool patterns painted on it, some has plain white paint, some are just weathered. Wife loves how the first one looks.

I'll post a better pic.. picrel is just some shabby chic shit, but it's close enough for now.

My question is - can I leave the paint on? One has what i think is old powdered spar urethane on. Another just has white paint slathered on.

I was going to check and confirm its not lead paint, and I'm going to sand the top layer of urethane off, just because it sketches me out a bit.

Does it really matter? Is the paint bad? Can I repaint them? I'd like to protect the wood a bit, but also don't want to put any toxic shit into my wife's organic as fuck garden beds.

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I don't know anything about how stuff leeches into soil, but if you can't find any answers here, another place to ask might be /out/'s gardening general >>>/out/hgm

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I want to build a brick oven. what was used for mortar before we had modern refractory materials?

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use a compass as a scribe

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Is Bob Vila based?

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This guy made lime mortar by firing snail shells (calcium carbonate) in a kiln to decompose them into quicklime and then mixing them with water to form lime putty, and mixing in an aggregate like sand to make lime mortar. Limestone is a much better source of lime, but he didn't have access to it in his area.

I'm not sure if there were mortars made in ancient history which were more advanced than lime mortar, but this is what came to my mind.

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that was my first thought as well. I was just wondering if the the heat would crack it and if there was anything I could add for better performance.

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So my HP Lazerjet 1100 fell to the floor. Parts of the shell cracked and separated. I have a life time of toner for this BW printer. The printer still works (test printed 10 pages), but the shell-plastic part is cracked.
Question: what is the best glue to repair the shell? I have crazy glue, but I wondering if the glue with two ingredients would be better. Something that allows me a small time span to adjust the fit.
This printer is one of the last printers made in USA, and it is a workhorse that served my dad, then me for 24 years. Still going strong.

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Here are a few ideas for small, inexpensive tools that might make good stocking stuffers for someone who works in HVAC:

A small flashlight or headlamp: This can be useful for working in tight or dark spaces.

A set of hex keys or Allen wrenches: These are handy for tightening or adjusting screws with hexagonal heads.

A roll of electrical or duct tape: These can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as sealing air leaks or temporarily fixing loose wires.

A small set of screwdrivers: A set of flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers can be useful for many tasks, such as removing covers or tightening screws.

A multi-tool: A compact multi-tool with pliers, a knife, and other tools can be useful for many tasks, such as cutting wire or stripping insulation.

A wire stripper: This is a specialized tool for quickly and easily removing the insulation from electrical wires.

A digital thermometer: This can be useful for taking temperature readings in different parts of a heating or cooling system.

A set of small wrenches: A set of wrenches in different sizes can be useful for tightening or loosening bolts and nuts.

A set of cable ties: These can be useful for organizing and securing wires and cables.

A roll of Teflon tape: This can be used to seal threads on pipe fittings to prevent leaks.

Remember that these are just suggestions, and you should consider the specific interests and needs of the person you're buying for when selecting a stocking stuffer.

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It sounds like your printer has sustained some damage to its external plastic shell. In general, it is best to use a plastic-specific adhesive for repairing plastic parts. This is because many adhesives, including super glue, are not specifically designed for use with plastic and may not provide a strong or long-lasting bond.

Instead, you may want to try using a plastic welding adhesive, which is specifically designed for bonding plastic parts together. These adhesives typically come in two parts that must be mixed together before use, and they often have a longer working time than super glue, which can give you more time to adjust the fit of the parts as you are bonding them together.

Additionally, you may want to consider using some plastic reinforcement, such as plastic welding rods, to help provide additional strength to the repair. This can help to ensure that the repaired area is strong enough to withstand normal use of the printer.

Overall, it is important to make sure that the repair is performed carefully and that the adhesive is allowed to cure fully before using the printer again. This will help to ensure that the repair is strong and will last for a long time.

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I'm trying to fix my wired Xbox 360 controller. When I plug it into my PC, it lights up, but then goes dark, and my computer says that my USB device is malfunctioning. Everything I'm seeing online is saying that it's probably the wire, but it looks fine, and nothing's too bent. I guess the part that's right next to the controller is a bit bent, but usually if that happens it'll cut on and off, not just die all at once. And how would it get power for a second if the wire was bad? Any ideas? I'm brand new to fixing electronics. I can't seem to find a whole lot of information.

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You could press a big blob of some kinda clay at the spot, then put some paint on the bottom of the clay clump and stamp it on paper.

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thank you for the information. Any recommendations on plastic glues?

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Maybe I'm having a schizo moment but this post sounds like it was written by AI

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you can just use a really really thin layer of clay, and this is still commonly done on brick ovens to this day

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Need help with possible fixes Ecoflow river pro charging station. Turned off after connecting a lamp and multicooker(~400w, station cap is 600w). Only turns on for a couple of seconds to show overload and red battery sign error and turn off again, userm manual says that this is discharge overload, and the solution is to unplug everything and reboot the station, but it doesn't help.

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so lime mortar and thin clay lining? that simple

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hey thanks. didn't know that existed! is there another board for outdoor graden stuff too?

I can't get enough of those magnet dishes for holding screws.

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yeah you actually can use synthetic clay as well which while not as authentic is just as good. If you cant find synthetic clay you can really just use play-doh. Way cheaper especially if you make it yourself.

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I picked up a Le Creuset whistling tea kettle at value village for 9$, only problem is it didn’t have a whistler, has anyone dealt with this before? I can’t find anything on where to source a reliable replacement part that will actually fit, everything’s too big, straight out of scamazon, or won’t ship to Canada. Seems like most of the used listings on Etsy and the like are in a similar whistler state but I can’t find anything about repair please help I’m losing it over a fucking kettle

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Why can't you return it since you just bought it?

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Can anyone tell me what this little metal rectangle button is called or where to get more, if they exist?

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Put your kid in the kitchen and make them whistle when the water boils

The draw listed on the label DOES NOT account for starting draw. Also, are you sure the pressure cooker is under 400w? Take amps times volts

Just buy new

Get some permanent vinyl and just cover it

He had a passion for remodeling but didn't really get filmed doing stuff

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I have to clean many spots of dried, concrete-like smears of dog shit off some artificial turf.

Is there a particular homebrew mix of chemicals or a solution I can spray on the shit spots to try and soften it up? I tried spraying a spot with a hose today but the dog shit is so old and hard dried that the water couldn't even penetrate deep enough to sog up the shit

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I just got a new dishwasher and it is about 1/8 inch wider then the old one, what would be the best way to trim the cabinet so I have enough room? I was thinking about a router with a flush cut bit or a oscillating tool but I'm not sure if there's a better way to do it. I can't remove the board I want to cut

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Post pics

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>Just buy new
I've been doing that for years, but now I have three of these fuckers with the same common problem, and they're $60 a pop.

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>is there another board for outdoor graden stuff too?
I've never seen any gardening generals on other boards, personally. /out/ seems the best fit for that topic.

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>When I plug it into my PC, it lights up, but then goes dark, and my computer says that my USB device is malfunctioning
Have you tried it with any other device, like a console or a different PC?

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Do you wrap the controller cable around the controller? Do you have a relief where the cable goes into the body? Apparently, the best way is to just use a velcro strap on the cable itself.

I was also going to suggest to remove the bad part of the cable, but that requires soldering. Fortunately, they sell replacement cables. I would try one of those. If that solves your problem, then perhaps I would consider changing how you store the cable.


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So, the wire is a little bent, and I bent it around and plugged it back in, and now it works. It's probably only a temporary fix though. I don't store it weird, I learned not to that when I was a kid and broke all my shit. I am probably gonna have to solder it eventually. I have a soldering gun, but I've been too lazy to learn it. Also, you do have to solder that replacement cable on fyi.

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it was

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So what's the best way to make a silicone replica of your dick? Alginate for the mold, or should I go with a brush-on silicone? I'd assume platinum silicone for the positive, but what kind of physical properties am I looking for? Smooth-on has too many different resins, halp

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Hello there, I was trying to carry a couple of water thanks to an inaccessible roof and with almost no space to handle them, back in the previous stupid question thread.
Thanks to the Anon replying there.
Now I have assembled the pipes in and out, but unfortunately due the mess there is and because of my incompetence, I didn't note there is a difference in the output levels of the tanks and the input of the service pipe.
There are like 4 inches being the tanks the lowest level.
This would need a kind of step function (picrel.svg)
I'm aware connecting this way the pipes would have a loss of pressure in the water columns, and all the water below the level would not flow, but is there a way to calculate if the pressure would be enough to make it flow?
I have no space to make a stand in order to elevate the height.
And I would prefer to avoid load more weight in the roof.

Thanks a lot again.

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Cause I’d like to keep it and fix it up, anon
The wages are so high for child labour these days though, especially a skilled tradesman, even if I do get a family discount

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I'd try simple green but any thinner that won't melt the polyester turf

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Board and hammer

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Look for a similar or equal printer and change the shell.

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Is this the best budget option?

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Making some ornaments for my family and would like to add some oomph to them. I engraved some very thin lines (Letters). Don't know how I can fill these with color. I tried to following:
Spray Paint / Primer then paint
Needle application of paint
Smearing paint over to fill the lines/Thinning the paints and repeating the process multiple times.
Powder coating with embossing powder/powder paint
Problem is, it seems then the lines are too thin for the paint to actually get in there whether by hand or can. Primer might seal it up, but even then I end up getting a spotty fill. I don't know exactly what I'm screwing up. Any ideas?

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super glue and glitter :-)

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I'm at the point where this seems like a reasonable option and it disappoints me.
I just wanted to put my bro's name in burrs colors.

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What material are you using, and how are you engraving?

I have a CNC router and engrave wood from time to time.
The process is
>paint wood, wait till dry
>put blue painters tape on it (get the like 3" wide stuff)
>engrave THROUGH the blue tape

Now you can just paint into your engravings, wait for it to dry, remove tape and you have the contrasting colors.
You do have to have a tangible carved out line for the paint to go into.

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Just some cheapo coasters and birch plywood from the hobby section. Using a laser engraver my friend bought. It's a diode, I think. Tried using the CNC machine, but getting deeper cuts with it makes the lines too thick with bits we've got.
I stained the wood blue, masked it with painter's tape, like you've said. My problem is probably the lines being too thin (hard to fix without mucking up the image).
I can probably run the design slower or with more power and make it as deep as possible, but I still can't get it "in" to the lines, despite being able to feel a groove.

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Well dont actually engrave it then, just paint it.
Create a stencil/mask with the laser

Throw the tape on, and then just barely hit it with enough power to cut out block letters.
Pull the letters off, and paint, just like a stencil.

You should be able to get it really crisp.
If not you really should just go buy a different router bit. You have to have a decent groove for paint to be visible, im not sure youll be able to do it cleanly or crisp with a laser

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Well, now I feel just a tad silly. I'll try that out tomorrow.
I'll probably keep knocking at this eventually though. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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Can I get some advice on using an extension cord/power strip? I have an oddly positioned plug in my kitchen. It is higher up (bit above a normal person's waist I guess, it could be counter-top plug height) and its right near the door (apt entrance is into the kitchen).

I want to use this outlet for a microwave and a toaster oven. The problem is the proximity to the door means any table I have to put the microwave and toaster oven on has to be further away. The cord on my microwave and toaster oven is quite short. When I google it, I see lots of warnings about using extension cords in general. If you see picrelated I only need a feet or two really. Ideally I could get a power strip with a ~2' cord. But microwaves and the toaster oven draw a lot of amps. Obviously I would not use them at the same time. Is this setup safe? If not what should I worry about?

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Is it feasible to cut carbide at home? I need to shorten a 1/2" shank router bit. I can (and will) probably get my boss to do it on his wire edm but who knows when I'll get it back.

I wouldn't worry about it. Get a proper strip with a thick gauge wire (should be specified, dont judge by thickness of the cord) and don't spill water on it.

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Hello /diy/. I am not a great /diy/er. I have an empty space between two cabinets underneath a desk and wanted a bookshelf there. Halfway through taking measurements and drawing planes that would "match" the dimensions of the space, inner/outer diameter started to exist in my brain and I realized my idea was retarded and would make something wrong (it's just a shelf so doesn't "really" matter but still). If I have this to someone who actually uses their entire brain for things, would they be able to cobble someone together when they got done laughing?

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how much area do you need to cut away? 1/8" is considerable but if you have a lot of patience then a palm sander with a coarse grit might be your best bet

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I'm replacing my water heater, should I go for Tank or Tankless? I can only get electric.

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thx anon

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just replaced my natural gas fired one. I say just swap it out with the standard 40 gallon one. Tankless needs on demand electric. The tank one, at least will keep some water hot/warm during a black out. You can tke a last minute shower etc.
Your pic appears to be a nat gas one, due to the flue.

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What Christmas gift do I get for a guy that has tons of tools and is very handy, but makes a lot of money so he already has a lot? It is my brother-in-law and I asked my sister and she said tools, but I don't know what specifically. I am thinking things along the lines of
that he may not know about but would be really useful. This isn't very expensive though and they usually spend 100-200$ on my gift

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I need to buy driveway markers for snowplowing lease tell me what kind to get.

.5 mile driveway

need answer soon
snoow cooming

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What’s wrong with those little like 1/4” diameter fiberglass orange poles? And when the snow is done, easy to yank out and store somewhere.

Look at what you need to do electricity wise. I thought about tankless until I realized I would need to wire up at least one more breaker, probably 2.

>> No.2519198

Not sure how to help but good luck on building your torture chamber, next time remember that including too many superfluous details will cue people in that you're not being honest about your true intentions or goals.

>> No.2519202

Just go for the tank imo. Tankless doesn't meaningfully save you on energy costs, and needs regular cleaning to remove buildup in your lines, needs to be installed close to the source, and can take a while to heat up. Only reason to get tankless is if you have a large household and run out of hot water fast, since it's basically unlimited hot water.

>> No.2519220

how tall should i get 48" or taller?

>> No.2519233

i read fiberglass explodes if you hit it with snowplow plus it might give you splinters

>> No.2519278

The goal is to not hit them.

How much snow do you get? 48” should give you 12” underground and enough to see past a pickup truck with a plow.

>> No.2519279

i live near kansas city

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If the fuse box to your house goes out is it supposed to run like 4-7 grand for a replacement job?

>> No.2519423

Its a TON of tedious labor to replace, and the hardware can be expensive depending on what it is.
Around me, I would expect it to be more in the $3k range out the door

>> No.2519426

I just wanted to make sure they ain’t gouging due to a bad situation. Dude said 4k then said 7k to have it done right. I’m assuming that’s with fresh wiring and all.

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How do people find work in the practical VFX field for movies and tv?
I'm pretty good at making stuff with very little guidance, and currently have a very nice fabrication job and enjoy what I do, but we only do one type of thing and I'd like to do a bit more.
My background was computer science, so Idfk how this side of the job world works.

>> No.2519450

That sounds fine, what’s the worst you will get, like 12” and pile it up to 24” after plowing? I wouldn’t do taller unless you’re dealing with lake effect shit that means you get 18” at a time and have 48” piles of snow on either side of the driveway by late Jan.

That’s kind of tall. I had my circuit breaker panel done for like $1500, although it was some Mexican dude with his own little company and he was a friend of a friend and did it on a Saturday without permits.

My neighbor actually came over while they were doing mine and asked how much, when he told him $1200 if he did it today while they were there, the neighbor ran straight to the bank. We all had those gay Challenger panels that inspectors don’t like.

Talking to other neighbors, it sound like typical contractors who wanted to pull permits wanted more like $3k-$4k.

>> No.2519466

If I take a piece of sandpaper and sand onto the acrylic paint, will it just peel off or would I get a distressed effect? The acrylic dried in layers and there is now a noticeable bevel

>> No.2519471

Gotta be some pretty high count sandpaper, I'd work from your highest grit to lowest, so you can you can get your distressed effect without immediately overshooting it.

>> No.2519485

>Your pic appears to be a nat gas one, due to the flue
yeah i just pulled a pic from google, too lazy to crawl thru the garage and send a pic. we don't have gas utilities in my city

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>Vacuum under bathtub first time
>There's bits of plaster or something construction related
>Suck it up
>Realise the old age of the apartment and the presence of asbestos
Is it now lethal to breathe in here? Has my vacuum cleaner spewed that crap all over my apartment?

>> No.2519605

his videos are very simplified i think
i'm currently doing lime mortar work with stones first time
i got a bag of lime which is white powder form but was said to be unhydrated lime but it's not quicklime ofc
when you put it in water it still cracks and shit a bit like quicklime
struggling to find out what it is or if its even good enough for mortar
if anyone could make a mortar thread that'd be great

>> No.2519608

i blew the fusible plug on my gyser what kinda tools do i need to replace it

>> No.2519638

I want to make some cardboard stuff for my cat but I'm an idiot and need help to design it to be "sturdy and safe". Is there some place I can find with "best practices" for that?

Like don't use this sort of glue, ways to cover the edges properly, etc.

>> No.2519746

I'm working on refinishing a large, flat, cast iron pan. Due to age and use, it has a rise in the center so whenever you crackan egg into the middle it runs to the side, and gets ruined. I accept that I'll have to reseason it, but what is the best way to get rid of the shape problem? Its probably out of flat by 4-5 mm or so by now.

>> No.2519753

I need a funnel but I refuse to leave my house. What can I do about this?

>> No.2519761

Plugged a random chord into my wife's Christmas decoration and it worked for a split second, and then died. I dont into basic electronics, what most likely happened? Did I over power the resistor and blow a capacitor? Is that even a thing or am I making that up?

>> No.2519769

that's based but how often do you need to use a printer that can justify keeping a lifetime supply of toner? i doubt if i need mine once a year

>> No.2519774

wrap a newspaper into a cone. disposable funnel

>> No.2519786

>This printer is one of the last printers made in USA
Quality pieces, but the engines are made in Japan.

>> No.2519798

>but it looks fine
Copper conductors fatigue before the vinyl encasing.
Try a new cable; if you insist on trying to reuse the old one, use a continuity metre to test each of the rails.

>> No.2519800

Does the outlet still work? Look for fuses, christmas lights often have one or two tiny glass fuses on the plug.

If it’s not a blown fuse in the plug or a tripped breaker in your home’s breaker panel, it’s probably beyond repair unless you get more knowledge and tools.

Do you have a measuring cup? Pour whatever into measuring cup and then try to pour wherever it needs to go. A gardening watering can is about the same if it has the right type of spout.

>> No.2519804

Just change it yourself.

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Hello friends,

I'm tired of getting things in my snoot.
I want a respirator, but I have a good size beard.
Are there any that just cup your nose or that you hold between your teeth like a SCUBA mouthpiece?

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can someone help me interpret this wiring diagram? it's for a garage door opener, I'm trying to bypass the laser sensors because one or both refuses to let the door close. I can open the door in the mornings, but have to close it manually, so what's the point?

there's a frustratingly small amount of information on bypassing the laser sensors for some reason, maybe Big Garage Door is trying to suppress it for some reason. Anyway, I read somewhere that I can put a jumper wire in at some point in this and it'll bypass the circuit, but I can't figure out where to put it from this diagram.

>> No.2519844

that's kinda hot

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I need extra storage space. I can find a lot of cargo truck bodies far cheaper than steel garages/sheds and they wouldn't need concrete pad or anything fancy for foundation. Some of them are insulated.
Besides limited size options and being harder to move are there any disadvantages? Would moisture be a big problem?

>> No.2519886

I remember watching a Youtube video a long time ago where a guy made his own workshop mask in a way that I think was very similar - it even had a small bottle attached to it for catching spit runoff. If I remember correctly, he had a large beard as well.
I can't find the video now for the life of me though, nor remember the name of the channel.

>> No.2519914

Any recommendations for really nice quality micro (PH0 and down) screwdrivers? I have some Weras, and they're... fine. Tried the Wiha picowhatevers, and they seemed surprisingly shite.

>> No.2519917

Phillips is shit overall.
Use JIS from Vessel.

>> No.2519961

>thinks JIS defined >1 numbered drivers
Even Vessel only make Phillips pattern cross-heads.

Use Phillips for Phillips heads, and use JIS for JIS heads (that are actually JIS. No dot-stamp, it's not JIS).

>> No.2519962

Even Vessel only make Phillips pattern cross-heads.*

*in 0 and below numbers. Fucking Captcha autoposting shut.

>> No.2519992

>46-yo lot lizard-tier body is hot
do better, anon

>> No.2519994
File: 24 KB, 41x44, 1650207652009.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I replaced two of the four fluorescent tubes in my kitchen ceiling. Now, there's a slight delay before they light up when I flip the switch. Does this mean there's a wiring problem or the sockets aren't supplying enough power or something? I'm not good at home electrical stuff but I'm confident I could fix it if I researched enough first. But I first need to know what's going on.

>> No.2520131

just the way she's using the masks

>> No.2520135

I want to buy a retracting extention cord for my workshop to hang from the cieling, anyone have a brand/model that they'd reccommend, or should I just get the cheapest possible shit from walmart?

>> No.2520139

Put a push button bridging pins 2 and 3 in the radio connector, and when you press that button it should simulate a radio signal event

>> No.2520141

>Would moisture be a big problem?
Probably, if you buy one with holes in it or store it partially submersed in water
If you buy a metal one in good condition and keep sitting water below the door level, then no
If you live in rainy area, but foundation or something under it so it doesn't sink over time into muddy ground

>> No.2520150

That's just the nature of fluorescent lights. Bulbs are probably different brands too. It's not something I'd worry about.

>> No.2520161
File: 248 KB, 1000x600, -Sensors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>radio connector
that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the laser sensors. the remote works fine. I'm talking about these things along the ground at the garage door itself

>> No.2520195
File: 516 KB, 1642x978, 44045-0-1453287452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What would be the best way to make Morrowind limeware irl? I'm looking at a dark stoneware clay, assuming I'll have to glaze it with something, and I'm unsure how to go about marking the pottery with the darker designs

>> No.2520198
File: 362 KB, 1650x983, 44045-4-1453287450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Second pic, this is basically what I'm trying to replicate

>> No.2520228

What is the difference between craftsman built things and engineered things
Can a craftsman familiar with engineering not engineer things?

>> No.2520250

None of the terms you are using have concrete definitions

>> No.2520317
File: 341 KB, 640x448, donuts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do my taxes (US) on paper. I also, write short stories that some contests need written on paper. Shopping list's.
ALso, sometimes I print out e-books that I read on the toilet. So basically, I purchased 6 toner cart's that are in my garage.

I'm looking for a new color lazer printer since my inkjet is clogged, though.

>> No.2520349

I think there's a wasp nest in or around my house. Every day a few of them get inside and buzz around the living room. Already got stung and it hurts like fuck.

Any tips or tricks to find the nest and stop them from coming inside?

>> No.2520403

I imagine they're coming inside to get out of the cold. I can't think of any way to stop it aside from sealing whatever small opening they're using to get in, or destroying the nest.
Do you primarily see them in your living room?
Do you have a fireplace?

>> No.2520408


Yes, always the same areas, I thought the same thing but I don't know where exactly they're coming from. I've asked the neighbors and they haven't noticed anything so I think they're already inside my roof and crawling deeper inside for warmth.

No fireplace, but it's an old drafty house so I imagine getting inside is not really hard for them.

>> No.2520448

If you're unable to find either their nest or their entry point, you may have to resort to poisons, something they'll eat/bring back to their nest that will kill them. I don't know anything about wasp poison, though.
Another option is peppermint, which works as a repellent, but again if you can't find their entry point I'm not sure it's an option other than burning/spraying peppermint oil everywhere and just making the whole room smell of it.

>> No.2520473

I didn't know how much you were supposed to care for leather, and now I'm trying to atone for my sins. I'm trying to re-condition my leather boots using leather honey.
I've had them for three years without conditioning them so I expected them to be rather underconditioned, but the thing is, I'll apply the leather honey and within seconds it's just... gone. The leather looks no different yet it absorbs all of the conditioner.

Is this expected or should I stop now before I fuck them up?

>> No.2520476

I have a wardrobe cupboard door that opens into the room effectively killing 1m2 of the rooms space. Im thinking of cutting it in half and turning it into a bifold, but is there a better solution to minimising the space it takes up? It cant open inwards because of the shelf in the cupboard. Sliding door wont work because it comes out of the wall

>> No.2520478

cut it into thirds and you got yourself a trifold

>> No.2520483

>you got yourself a trifold
Is this like an IRL triforce?

>> No.2520488

Honestly might do a trifold, actually something like an accordion could work but they seem a bit finicky

>> No.2520496

why can't you just wrap a cloth for underwear

>> No.2520507

Because it would make peeing in a urinal too difficult. Why wear underwear at all?

>> No.2520520

because then you could see the pee dribbles down my pants

>> No.2520529

The knots that hold the cloth around your waist might be uncomfortable underneath your pants.

>> No.2520535

Shake harder

>> No.2520550

My friend is looking for something quite desperately, does anybody know what it could be? - https://voca.ro/1c9enE3oeXoS

>> No.2520572

Id buy a working refurbished one for $95 from ebay, and keep this as a backup. Then if the refurb breaks, you can have a back up.

>>I do my taxes (US) on paper.

Why tho? efile is so baller, and tax software is free. I mean each to their own, just seems like lots of extra work for you.

>> No.2520574

>A wire stripper: This is a specialized tool for quickly and easily removing the insulation from electrical wires.

A high end brand name wire stripper with receipt is a good gift. Something they might not buy for themselves.

>> No.2520578

>wired Xbox 360 controller
buy a new one, and then buy an extra. they don't make this shit anymore, so if you want to keep it you need to be getting high quality replacements, not fucking around with your half broken ones.

>> No.2520579

4chan is a known testing ground for 1) Tracking users using language and writing analysis 2) imitating those writing styles using programs.

It only makes sense that AI would be used to do this.

>> No.2520587
File: 382 KB, 1151x658, Screenshot_2022-12-12_17-09-19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2520589
File: 537 KB, 1126x659, Screenshot_2022-12-12_17-13-45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the key word seems to be "waffle grid"


>> No.2520662

Since they don't make them anymore, all high-quality replacements will eventually become half broken ones anyway.
Why not learn to fix them and keep them going as long as possible?

>> No.2520730

Got an interview after the holidays for a job in industrial maintenance that will be dealing with primarily electrical. I've taken your bare minimum electrical classes at a community college and don't really know anything and I haven't wired anything outside of those classes. How fucked am I?

>> No.2520862

You do both. But you buy replacements while you can, and they are cheap. But lets say you have room in your life 2 controllers - I'd toss the old ones, and get 2 new ones. You have more material to work with, and more likelyhood of having a working controller in 10 years.

>> No.2521016
File: 407 KB, 1446x1920, 20221213_144416-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have this pruner head dated 1967 probably made in Great Britain, looks quite handmade or small production. I'm wanting to make a handle for it and while the threaded mount seems to be 3/4" BSP the pitch is 16tpi. Wtf is up with that, is there a standard I'm not thinking of?

>> No.2521027

>toss the old ones, and get 2 new ones
>You have more material to work with
How is it "more material" if you throw the old ones away?

>> No.2521033

It could be very lean cloth and my pants baggy

>> No.2521035

Is the thread coarse/sharp enough your just supposed to shove a piece if wood in there and screw it on?

>> No.2521036
File: 260 KB, 1284x2282, 1646749594285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the maximum amperage for 1.5 mm2 wire? I'm finding conflicting information. Some sources say it's 10 A, other say it's 20 or even more.

>> No.2521040

I think 20 is maximum, probably depends if it’s gonna have 20 amp crank and settle down to lower running amps

>> No.2521041

Do you use cameras on your workshop to record what are you doing?
If so which ones.
I am currently going to do an engines head gasket change, and I would like to record it so I can use as a reference to put it back, and for the eventual fuckup, but I want something more general, as I mostly do non car stuff.
I already have a mirrorless camera for other stuff, but there are many works in which you don't have the luxury of the space to put a good camera.
Basically I want something small, cheap, that would survive in a workshop, 1080p or less, regular field of view, no fisheye , it doesn't need to be battery powered could also be usb.
In resume an action cam with a non fisheyes, to compliment my camera in tight spaces, or rough situations.

>> No.2521055

Assemblimg a standing desk from separately bought legs & top
Do I go top first, legs and flip or do I go legs first, put top on top?

>> No.2521075

Build it with the back that would touch the wall on your floor, under a blanket if you don’t have carpet. Then assemble legs to desk, when lifting up don’t put tension on the legs it could strip screws from wood

>> No.2521091
File: 29 KB, 1000x1000, computer table.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you have space to flip it, it's easiest to just assemble it upside-down.
it's much more stable to measure, center, align, drill pilot holes, and screw the bottom onto the top while upside-down.
i haven't done a standing desk but i've assembled a couple of these recently (pic rel), so if it's similar to this, I'd definitely do it upside-down.

>> No.2521107

What's a solvent that will not disolve copper? I have a cheap ring that was originally either painted with metalic paint or plated with a golden metal, over time the paint/plating rubbed off and exposed the copper underneath, i'd like to plate it with actual gold but first i want to fully remove the fake one

>> No.2521114

If it was painted, I imagine paint thinner would work. I doubt paint thinner is caustic enough to dissolve any metal, is it?
If it was electroplated, I'm not sure there's any way to figure out exactly what metal was used (and thus what compounds would get rid of it, but not the copper) so the easiest solution in that case might just be lightly sanding/polishing off the outer color.

>> No.2521123
File: 360 KB, 680x625, 1654925094949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would it be possible to DIY replace my ISP's optical cable connector? Or do I need special tools for this? I have to pull back the cable through a hole that's larger than the connector.

>> No.2521125


>> No.2521152

is it possible to carry 20ft lumber on a small hatchback
don't have any roof carry attachments but i could do one or two pieces at a time

>> No.2521168

It will be easier to find a cable with the smaller end already installed (very unlikely) or make a bigger hole. Replacing the connector will be very difficult without the correct tools or experience.

>> No.2521169

Is there a delivery charge?

>> No.2521170

no doing it for myself

>> No.2521171

They'll probably do it for like $150. The tools you'd need do to it is like $250

>> No.2521176

How could I remove that green jacket thingy? I tried pulling it off but it doesn't want to come off easily and I don't want to break it.

>> No.2521177

I don't have those end caps that can be seen in >>2521123

>> No.2521184

Roll windows down and use twine through the windows, like a Christmas tree. Also drive slow and keep your hand on the wood if you can to feel if it starts moving

>> No.2521185

If your hole is close for it to fit, just shave the green corners off with a razor blade, it’s more structural than necessary for use

>> No.2521186

what kinda twine
how bad will it destroy the roof and the doors
do i have to undo the twine to open the doors how do i get in

>> No.2521189

No it's not close, but if I could get the jacket off it might fit through.

>> No.2521192

>Roll windows down and use twine through the windows, like a Christmas tree. Also drive slow and keep your hand on the wood if you can to feel if it starts moving
With 20 foot stock, this just seems like a bad idea if he can get it delivered for cheap or free.

>> No.2521193
File: 461 KB, 770x518, 1670769684648276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2521194

I see, my original idea was to just try a bunch of solvents that i was sure wouldn't disolve the copper until one of them worked, will go the thinner route and sand it if that doesn't work, thanks

>> No.2521196

can square section aluminium bar take the same amount of point load as an iron bar or steel

>> No.2521198

Take a picture, print it then cut out and trace

>> No.2521199

it's probably not expensive considering the total cost of lumber but it also has to be hauled somewhere without road and it's risky to store it on site and i was thinking of doing the work myself and carry as much wood i need for the day so i can use it right away

>> No.2521200

Use uv activated adhesive

>> No.2521203

Sure it's 3/4", and not M20 Fine?

>> No.2521204

okay what are the actual outer diameters of machine screws?
like, is a #8 screw ACTUALLY .164" on the outer diameter? or is it ACTUALLY 5/32"?
surely it's not 1.64" because that's not going to make a nice fraction, when you could just make it a nice fraction.
is it based on something metric? i don't know how big to make the holes in solidworks.

>> No.2521205

Terminating fibre is possible, but not easy, and not trivial to do self-taught.

Your two options are:
- 'traditional' polished and cemented ferrules, which will need the tools for polishing (weighted pucks of correct pitch diameter, fibre cleaver, paper grips, cement, and the correct technique to air-polish to finish)
- Splicing pre-terminate pigtails with a fusion splicer, which will mean rental of a fusion splicer (don't buy one, unless you have a spare car to sell).

But both will need an optical tested to verify the completed fibre is actually adequate (again, sell a car to buy one), so if you're going the rental route, best to rent both a fusion splicer and the tester.

Or drill a slightly bigger hole.

>> No.2521213

i'm trying to find the name of a tool/handheld device with a sharp point that you usually run along a straight edge of wood to make an equal level line on both corners, i think it has a long handle and a circle towards the top

excuse my dumbness, i've only gotten into woodworking so i'm still trying to remember these the names

>> No.2521214
File: 93 KB, 735x827, Screenshot_2022-12-13_16-26-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


you're kinda slow.

>> No.2521216
File: 453 KB, 622x667, Screenshot_2022-12-13_16-29-30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scribe? If so, there are lots of designs.

>> No.2521231

Well ok, but currently the hole is around 10 mm and I'd have to drill through 6 cm of concrete near an optical cable. One slip and it's over. Originally a UTP cable went through this hole.

>> No.2521233

Probably due to the spacing and actually helpful nature of the post.

>> No.2521247

that's the tool i was looking for, thanks anon

>> No.2521260
File: 9 KB, 540x319, fucka you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> college freshman
> bored
> 3 days until i leave for home to spend time with the family
> access to money, time, and boredom

Do you guys have any dangerous projects I can do with materials from a hardware store or the like?
I don't want to make a bomb but I do want to have some fun

>> No.2521271

>my original idea was to just try a bunch of solvents that i was sure wouldn't disolve the copper until one of them worked
I mean, you could still do that, but it'd probably take more time and money.
Having actually googled it now, it seems you may need paint stripper rather than thinner in order to remove cured paint, but it still doesn't seem like it will damage the metal unless it's particularly caustic and/or you overuse it.
Another option I saw for removing paint from metal is heating the metal itself enough to cause the paint to crack and flake off.


>> No.2521274

Buy four angle grinders and turn them into a remote-controlled car with bladed wheels.

>> No.2521280

yknow what
that doesn't sound half bad

>> No.2521311

Not how BSP is measured: Thread diameter is roughly 26mm, considering the age it's not going to be metric. Also the threads are definitely 16tpi with a gauge.

Probably not. I wanted to be able to add extensions with more machined tube lengths anyway.

I think I will just get a machine shop to thread me a stupid 16tpi 3/4 BSP one and see if it fits. Shove it up my arse if it doesn't.

>> No.2521439

The connector came through the hole once before.

By the way, don't look at the fiber with your eyeball. It can be pretty spicy, and you even see it burning your eye. Turn on your phone camera and look to see what I mean

>> No.2521486

A 10mm hole through 60mm concrete, using an existing hole as a guide, is piss-easy compared to fibre termination. Borrow a rotary hammer (NOT a hammer drill!) and an SDS bit of appropriate size, and it will take under a minute to drill out the hole.
>considering the age it's not going to be metric
Unless it predates WWI by a few decades, metric thread specs were already in use. You'd be surprised how many companies used 'foreign' taps/dies as 'proprietary' treads due to a mixture of uncommoness whilst still being able to buy them off-the-shelf (rather than having a toolroom make actually custom tooling.

>> No.2521528

Which would you rather have
>2 NOS controllers
>1 NOS controller, and 1 old as shit patched together one

If you can’t figure this out, I’m pretty sure you can’t repair your controller

>> No.2521545

belgian regulation puts it at 16A, erveryone working under the table uses it for 20A, if you use it for something that constantly uses 20A then use 2.5mm2, is not then use 1.5mm2

>> No.2521570
File: 12 KB, 493x232, dowel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do dowels need the exact same size drill bit? If I have an 8mm dowel, do I need an 8mm drill bit or does the drill bit need to be bigger to account for expansion? If so, how much bigger?

>> No.2521577

I want to sculpt 4-5 inch sculptures of cats in funny costumes out of some kind of material with nice workability, non toxic and also with a level of detail that would match the finest of woods
Any suggestions?
I know that there are epoxy putties used for wargaming miniatures but I need to sculpt something bigger

>> No.2521578

Oh yeah it needs to set hard

>> No.2521586

>The connector came through the hole once before.
No, the optical cable went through the other direction without a connector and the technician fused the blank end to the ISP's junction box.

>A 10mm hole through 60mm concrete, using an existing hole as a guide, is piss-easy
With the optical cable already in the hole that I absolutely don't want to damage?

>> No.2521592
File: 62 KB, 2266x1080, sketch1671022297537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought some quality strip lights for my hobby room but id like spme feedback before I deploy the adhesive tape.

I saw some larger setup for directing light/avoiding glare but i was wondering if this little setup with a plastic floor trim to serve as backing for the strip might serve.

>> No.2521602

the annoying answer is it depends
is your dowel really 8mm or is it slightly larger or smaller? is it the same diameter the whole length?
what kind of fit do you want? tight? like you need a hammer to put it in? or loose? sliding fit? it should fall through?
if you want a precision hole then drill it just undersize and sand to fit

>> No.2521626

i just bought a roofing square and looks like i'm not going to be roofing can i use it for something else
is it more useful than a carpenter's square

>> No.2521633

i have a bunch of stove pipe for free. 4 feet tall, maybe 30 of em. i wonder what i should do with it. some project. even thought of doing something like a sculpture, but i have no idea, lol. think i'll store em and will get a garage built eventually... could use em for that. i always wanted to have a greenhouse to operate during winter time but heating this bitch with a wood stove is probably not practicable.

>> No.2521657

I have no idea. It says 8mm on it. Doesn't need to be hammer-tight but just enough to keep two pieces of wood together with glue. Sounds like it doesn't matter too much unless you want extreme accuracy.

I've never even used a dowel before so I wanted to check.

>> No.2521662

Both of those options are still just two controllers. Why throw the old ones away? Even if you buy new ones, if the old ones' problem is easy to fix you could still hold onto them and repair them in the future.

>> No.2521686

If you have to cut a bunch of studs keeping your skilsaw tight to your speed square keeps a nice straight cut, if your doing baseboard or crown you can check if your corners were framed to 90 or if you have to adjust. I always keep one in my pouch for just about any job I’m on

>> No.2521687

Anon came here for free advice not good advice

>> No.2521691

Depends, if you’re putting wood glue in the dowel hole go to 9mm, if just dry fitting it 8mm should be fine. If you’re worried it will be too loose start with a 7mm first and if to tight ream out with 8

>> No.2521731

how do you undo rusty iron water pipes

>> No.2521754

that carbide + water mix can it be used to blow up walls with a directional explosion

>> No.2521790

As long as you have access to both ends of the cable, snip it and get a new preterminated one.

If it's coming straight from outside the premises, then the end of the cable is the demarcation point and you should not be fucking about with it anyway.

>> No.2521791

I want to wrap 10 sheets of cloth around a flat square plate. What's the best way to cut each sheet so that it doesn't bunch up around the corners?

>> No.2521878

Slice at a 45 from the corners on the beginning sheets, make the last sheet larger to wrap with without unnecessary cutting to keep sealed. Not sure what material/application is being used

>> No.2521926

It's using carbon fiber twill sheets. Thanks I'll try that

>> No.2521953
File: 39 KB, 800x800, 83696952-146768734-11453-org.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are pic related the best way to split stones for use in foundations of small buildings? or is there an even simpler way?

>> No.2521994

I seen a guy on jew tube do it with a cross peen sledge.

>> No.2521997

Or it might have been a straight peen

>> No.2522065
File: 12 KB, 386x349, 1671070766396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What can I get cheap at a hardware or dollar store that's sort of like pic related? Basically a thin, straight and somewhat flexible piece of steel.

>> No.2522080

I actually tried the heat method before checking back in on the thread and seeing your post, apparently the ring wasn't copper but tin covered in a fairly thick copper layer, heat made the tin melt and leak out. I'm not really upset, it wasn't expensive or anything, thanks for the help anyway

>> No.2522086

how about you just buy a thin straight and somewhat flexible piece of steel.

>> No.2522095
File: 400 KB, 719x717, 1671073156099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I don't know where to get that and I want it to be that shape

>> No.2522114

dude you said it in your post. hardware store. in the steel aisle.

>> No.2522124

>the steal aisle

>> No.2522141

Are the sensors aligned correctly? If not it will look like a blockage. Mine have an LED that shows when they are aligned.

>> No.2522154
File: 8 KB, 246x250, 1644508077957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What are the health and safety implications of dousing your oven in penetrating spray?

>> No.2522179

What do you need these for? Are you worried you won't hear someone breaking your window? How big is your house?

>> No.2522181

What you are looking for is an ink wash. It flows into the lines and low spots and darkens them.

>> No.2522183

You're fine

>> No.2522184

>but I have a good size beard.
You need a hooded respirator

>> No.2522187

You would just have to glaze it

>> No.2522189

That's called a spudger and usually you can get them 10 for a dollar at any telecom supply yard.

>> No.2522206

Or just PAPR. As long as it's positive pressure, the 'seal' just needs to minimise the leakage to below the level of the pump inflow.

>> No.2522314

Would hanging a moving blanket behind drywall absorb incoming sound?
My theory is the blanket absorb some vibrations before the sound vibrations hit the drywall

I wont use mineral wool

>> No.2522377

For sound moving through the wall? No.
A moving blanket would attenuate high-frequency sounds, and the drywall itself is already reducing the high frequency - the moving blanket wouldn't add much.

The sound that makes it through the drywall are mid-frequency and low-frequency ...
To stop mids you need something thicker than drywall or a moving blanket, which is why filling a 3.5" stud bay with mineral wool is popular, but to cover most of the vocal range you need another 3.5" on top of that, so you get to 7"+
To stop bass you need mass. Concrete block wall, poured concrete wall, etc.

>> No.2522380
File: 1.25 MB, 4032x3016, IMG_20221215_162410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

help a retarded brother out find this ceramic resistor.

>> No.2522397

This tube IS to connect a gas cooker, right??

>> No.2522398
File: 125 KB, 788x1164, AB4D5E63-098C-48E8-AB2B-D5798B273163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck forgot pic.

>> No.2522430

does the old russian way of maintaining cars by standing it on it's side work for fluid changes?

>> No.2522439

Wat do you need to know beyond what is literally written on it? 2W R22K X2 = two 22K ohm Resistors (why it has 3 legs) that can tolerate 2W power.

>> No.2522533

where i can buy one like that. googled it for half an hour and couldn't find one like that.

>> No.2522541

use two

>> No.2522550
File: 1.92 MB, 213x243, 18yo_Isabela_laughs_at_your_tiny_cock.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aight, i know whats up now. thx anon! have this cutie.

>> No.2522864

How to loosen a stuck brass plumbing nut which was sealed with threads and paste/glue
Just more torque?

>> No.2522917

Torque, lubricant, or heat.

>> No.2522921

I sprayed wd40 but how will it get past the thread seal isn't it for keeping liquids out
Does brass respond well to heat compared to iron

>> No.2522953

Nvm solved it

>> No.2523048
File: 46 KB, 597x597, images (17).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What would be the cheapest and most reasonable way to design something that would pull rope to 1500-2000lb?
I want to make the tightest knots possible. I want to bring it to at least 50-75% of tensile strength. Was going to test to see how close I can get it without any fraying or tearing.

Was thinking like hard attaching one end and pulling the other with a wench with a load meter or something.

>> No.2523081
File: 172 KB, 880x656, best fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep (non sexual) tools in my nightstand. Do I have a problem?

>> No.2523082

don't touch it, makes nerve gas

>> No.2523103

Does the average Joe need more than WD40 and silicone spray at the ready?
There's so many lubricants and oils with different names and descriptions it's impossible to know what's what

>> No.2523109

>all purpose grease
>automotive oil + thinning oil concoction in varying proportions
>coconut oil

>> No.2523110

Red and tacky
3 in 1
Silicone spray

Those three will get you through 90% of non-specialized applications

>> No.2523248

Pretty close with this guy >>2523110

WD and PB blaster are sort of dumb, like there’s no real use for them if you have the proper lube nearby. Get penetrating oil when you need it.

Silicone for when you need light lube like a bike chain.

3-in-1 when you want it a little thicker, squeaky hinge or something.

Red n tacky when you want actual grease like on your garage door.

4th one might be a tiny tube or can of graphite for locks because regular lubes will get that shit jammed up as dirt and grime get caught in the mechanism.

And then there’s a case to be made for penetrating oil if you’re actually DIYing stuff.

>> No.2523250
File: 329 KB, 817x1412, 0646F175-81DE-49CE-883B-035AEA7090B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have $100 to spend on Amazon. What should I buy?

There’s small drill presses for around $100. Or a gucci Mituyo calipers but I don’t really hate my $35 set. Or I was thinking 12” Cobras and these electical pliers.

Do they sell bad dragon dildos on Amazon? Are they >$100? Maybe they have a lightly used model for less.

>> No.2523454

Amazon basics motor oil. It was very competitive when tested by PF.

>> No.2523468
File: 256 KB, 1099x1077, amazon vs mobil1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its only 10 cents less than Mobil 1 at walmart....

>> No.2523477

real calipers are way better than a toy drill press

>> No.2523484

you don't put grease on your garage door, dumbshit. leave it to a tripfag to be a fucking know-nothing retard.

>inb4 le this isn't twatter1!11!
tripfag subhumans live for (You)s and I refuse to give it to them.

>> No.2523485
File: 131 KB, 920x1221, drywall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my garage has been unfinished for like 10 years and I've decided to finally get around to it now. by now there are sections of it that look like pic related, can I just mud over this fine and not have to worry about adhesion? I know I have to do a "skim coat" before primer and paint, is that something I can do myself with a bag of mix, a pan, and a taping knife? I watched some videos and it seemed pretty simple to figure out.

>> No.2523486
File: 60 KB, 582x1211, jamb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

adding onto this, there's a doorway to the smaller garage that has this jamb that looks like this all around. I also want to finish this, will new mud adhere to the old stuff or will it crumble off once it dries? what are my options here?

>> No.2523551

I was sure I knew what you were talking about and I found the guy I was thinking of at least

>> No.2523558

God damn those are some nice looking wire strippers, I want it, spring loaded too?

Come for stripping smaller gauges?

>> No.2523559

Is angle grinder useful for wood

>> No.2523560

Yeah dum ass way better than a electric wood saw of some kind

>> No.2523571

Let's say I buy some land and construct a bushcraft cabin to live in. Will such a structure increase or decrease property value? Assume the absolute minimum of permits are acquired.

>> No.2523619
File: 210 KB, 828x929, 54D350E0-E9E9-4F5A-AEE8-4DA53294A642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t think they’re spring loaded, although I don’t think nearly any of those electrician’s pliers are spring loaded because any similar design will have a crimper on the back.

Knipex has at least 3 different multi electrician pliers, I think that one I posted is a new design and it’s a lot like the popular Milwaukee and Klein designs. They have a smaller needle nose type set, it’s a 6” long 4-in-1, and pic related installation pliers, which looks like an older version of the ones I posted before.

As for smaller wire gauge, Klein has a lot of offerings, I have one of their Klein Kurves for smaller wire gauges, but those are the thinner stamped wire strippers, not like the more expensive forged ones with beefy pliers. Klein has a couple models of the forged ones though.

>> No.2523623

knock off any loose material, hit it with the sanding pole and carry on. mud will stick.

>> No.2523667

To be fair, Mobil1 isn't usually that cheap.

>> No.2523672

Yea that’s a good price compared to Mobil 1 at Autozone or something where it’s $35+, but as much as I hare shopping at Walmart, I go there a lot for oil since name brand full synthetic is <$30 a jug, and some decent high mileage syn blends are like $18 a jug. Motorcraft is cheap there too.

>> No.2523694

Exactly the guy I was thinking of, thanks anon.

>> No.2523755

Only reason to use an angle grinder on wood is with a wood disc sander for beveling deck boards an such

>> No.2523859
File: 572 KB, 1000x667, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since it's winter, I'm using my AC to warm up the place.
The issue is the outside unit is freezing (which is normal).
The issue is the water that get collected, and spill all over the place in the narrow walkway.
What can I do to make it neat?
Currently just have some buckets collecting the water.

>> No.2524128

Is there a good resource for learning about what makes good residential architecture in terms of strength? For example,
>using external render always seems like a bad idea because it cracks, gets wet and moldy, etc
>Gypsum ceilings always crack in time and look awful
>Boondocks protect the lower part of the wall
Basically trying find secrets to making a strong house that also looks aesthetic. But finding info on more technical stuff like
>Windows of x size decrease structural integrity
>Overhangs of y length increase tensile force and decrease roof strength
Are harder to find.

>> No.2524150
File: 195 KB, 574x1020, IMG_20221218_105214826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have this old tin of acrylic paint from 2018.
It's meant to be a sort of off-white, but when I opened it up it looked like this.
It seems okay once I stir it, but is it still okay to use?

>> No.2524153

Thats the pigment...

>> No.2524174

Okay, thanks. I just wanted to check that it wasn't mould or something, since it looked splotchy and was a bit lumpy. Either way, it's on my wall now, so I'll have to live with it.

>> No.2524177

Hmm, maybe next time try putting it through a strainer given the age, but if it looks good then your g.

>> No.2524179

Good tip, I didn't think of that.
It was just for a small patch so I didn't bother pouring it into a tray, I just brushed it on and ran a mini-roller over it for the texture. So the lumps got wiped off the brush before they made it to the wall.
If the colour's too far off and I need to paint the whole wall I'll try out a strainer. It's my first time ever painting anything, so it's all a learning process.

>> No.2524182

If the colours off its probably because the paint on the wall has been sunbleached (uv breaks down colour pigment). If you do need to paint the whole wall my process is
1. Sand
2. Sand
3. Tape up
4. Sand
5. Cut in corners with brush
6. Roll on as a V then dip
7. Even out with roller
8. Mini roller the edges
9. Wait 2 hours
10. If theres no rough spots apply second coat
11. If there is wait 24 h and sand

Idk if its the most efficient, but it gets the best results short of using a spray gun

>> No.2524194

My bedroom door has shrunk over the years and it's left a gap where the door closes. The gap starts at the bottom and starts to close. The biggest gap is near the bottom and comes out to 3/8" so I bought weather stripping made of sponge material that fits 1/4" - 3/8" gap but I guess the sponge material was too thick to allow for proper closing. Before I spend any more money, what is the best solution at closing this gap? Sound proofing is a priority

>> No.2524196
File: 35 KB, 554x554, images (62).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you say soundproofing i need to know how serious you are, because proper soundproofing means a completely new door.
If you just mean good enough, you could consider a draft guard. They block out a decent amount of noise because the foam naturally dampens sound.
Youre mid range solution is going to be an automatically declining seal but theyre annoying to install

>> No.2524201

Ok yeah not that serious, I just want that gap closed I can feel air coming through and it allows noise in. I have something like that for the bottom, I just need to close the gap where the door hinge is.

>> No.2524202

>Wooden doors

>> No.2524212

>room is cold
>losing tons of heat through the window
>barricade the window using a bunch of boxes stacked on the interior window sill
>heat loss greatly reduced, but now the space between the window and the boxes turned into an aquapark because of all the condensation
>realize the only way to avoid condensation is to add insulation on the exterior side, not interior
Okay, so here's an idea. How about I get a big polystyrene board, cut it to the size of the window pane, and attach it from the outside? That should work, right? Or am I crazy? How durable are those things anyway? Will the elements destroy it?

>> No.2524213
File: 1.16 MB, 943x645, Screenshot from 2022-12-18 18-23-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I want to emulate this aesthetic, should I just put the bricks directly into the dirt?

>> No.2524276

Really depends on your soil if just cutting them in would work. I would dig and put in a base like normal pavers and then leave the cut blocks out. Landscape fabric out to control weeds but plant plants too close to the path to get the overgrown feel. Also, make the path wider than you think

>> No.2524279

This is why they make the heat shrink stuff for windows. Any window should stand up to moisture just fine.
Put on the plastic, get it sealed and then insulate inside.
Putting random insulation on the outside is janky af

>> No.2524287

Oh at the hinge, get a piece of 3m foam
Solid wood doors are good for sound insulation, i dont get your point?

>> No.2524290

If it's an area where you just say you're building and they add it to the assessment, it will add value
If you're supposed to get new structures permitted, it won't add any value without inspections and permits

>> No.2524312

If you're worried about adhesion due to oil spots or whatever, grab a quart of BIN primer (the actual Shellac based one) and brush it on after removing all loose material with a blower or broom

>> No.2524313

Walmart sells full synthetic for $17/5 quart

Don't know why you'd use anything else.

When I buy traditional, I'll buy a brand name but it's dirt cheap anyway

>> No.2524425

Supposed to be. It's also supposed to have a valve

>> No.2524430

Drill a new hole obv

>> No.2524431

Should have bought a rampage

>> No.2524435

>Don't know why you'd use anything else.
I don't use full synthetic on cars that didn't use synthetic coming from the factory. The engines weren't engineered and tested with synthetic in mind.

>> No.2524448

Just talk about how you know quite a bit but always check codes and reference materials before doing anything

Sliding door or accordion

Just make sure it's a 14guage or bigger (gauge works in reverse so 10, 12 or 14gauge)

If it's in a cold garage, it's the temp change
Swap the other 2 bulbs regardless

It's really hard to hurt cats
I would just copy existing designs and not worry about it

The fear surrounding asbestos is largely unbased.
Anything paper-fiber-y can get stuck in your lungs. All you have to do to negate these effects is to do some hard cardio (20+ minutes of high intensity) 3-5times and your lungs will eject the crap. Sex/fapping obv doesn't count for this cardio

>> No.2524451

Synthetic outoerforms traditional

The only time it's worse is if your car burns oil. Synthetic is smaller molecules and leaks faster into the chambers

>> No.2524455

Pics of junction box splice or they use ruggedized APC ports like every other install.

Source> I've I installed more FTTH pon terminals than you.

>> No.2524478

The pump was short cycling on and off when water was running, i know it had something to do with the pressure switch sticking and so I tried to fix it, long story short I changed the smaller nut, the cut off psi. I then read that you should basically never change it and that it's impossible to get it back to the factory set 20psi differential.
Am I fucked? Does it being an exact 20 psi differental matter? It didn't even fix the problem ffs. I tried to lower it back to the original 40 psi but I think I'm still off.
Fuck the plumber showed me what to do last time but I forgot. There is only so many things to adjust or tamper with in there and I know it wasn't an electrical problem issue. Damn

>> No.2524505

Nah, Mobil 1 is usually around that price at Walmart. It's AFAIK usually the cheapest place to get it.

I hate walmart, but I go there for the Mobil 1

>> No.2524513

Usually a short cycling pump means that your diaphragm tank is compromised.

>Am I fucked? Does it being an exact 20 psi differental matter?
No it doesn't matter if its an exact 20PSI differential; a more narrow differential will increase the number of pump startups whereas a bigger differential will cause a larger variation in water pressure during use.
20PSI is just chosen as a compromise between these two situations. Also, you can get pretty damn close to the 20PSI differential just by adjusting the switch while looking at a pressure gauge. You can adjust both the cut on and cut off pressures via the 2 nuts.

>> No.2524598

My fridge making some annoying sound when opening it
I dont know its the vaccum that makes the sound or should i use w40?

>> No.2524609


>> No.2524750
File: 736 KB, 2372x2280, Screenshot_20221218-182359_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why on earth would people pay so much more for items on amazon when you can literally go down to walmart and get it for significantly less? Do people really pay these over inflated prices "for convenience"? it's a 2 pack, obv, but each can would be 3x as much! Smart money management says save money...

>> No.2524763

For me, it's ebay.

>> No.2524764

Smart money makes their own carpet cleaner. It's really simple, and cheap - vinegar, dish soap, and iso alcohol/hydrogen peroxide for specific spills/stains.

>> No.2524786
File: 330 KB, 1440x1885, jlafmtmb4d071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do any anons know a website where companies or people request for parts to be made at a low volume?
I want to have a backyard business and my training is in manual mill/lathe
Any one know where to get cheap lathes and mills? I can get an adaptor for single phase to 3 phase

>> No.2524794

hey I might try that. That aside, what do you call people who spend 3x as much (each) for the ones on the left?

>> No.2524796

ebay works too! I'm sometimes skeptical of the warehouses and oddball places stuff might be stored (or for how long) but I guess that's no different than amazon, wally world, etc

>> No.2524843

Often the household stuff that's expensive on Prime is regular price on Amazon Fresh ...
you just have to buy $35 worth of Fresh stuff (e.g., groceries) to get it at that price.

If you've got other things to buy anyway, it's not bad.
Not any more expensive than any other grocery store, plus they deliver.

>> No.2525059
File: 916 KB, 2477x1815, 20221219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the best way to seal this kind of solder?
>duct tape
>PFTE/teflon/plumber's tape
>cover it all in silicone gel

>> No.2525082

There was a light flickering in the bathroom, so I turned off the lights to unscrew it and put in a replacement.
Unfortunately, the light wasn't screwed in properly the first time, and the entire fixture couldn't handle the torque of me unscrewing the improperly seated bulb, so the actual socket the light goes in was sheared off, and when I felt the light come loose without actually popping out of the socket, I stepped away and tried turning on the remaining lights like a retard only to immediately blow the fuse for the bathroom.
Anyway, what do I do about the (now-exposed) wires that were originally connect to the lightbulb socket inside the light fixture (it houses multiple bulbs)? I can't reach them to do something like solder them back together, but I'm assuming the light would just short again if I tried using it with the exposed wires (disregarding how dangerous that might be). I don't want to buy a new light fixture right now .

>> No.2525088
File: 1.59 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any of the above. There’s also that tape in a bottle, picrel.

Replace the fixture

>> No.2525090

>Replace the fixture
Dammit and I was going to buy a new ceiling fan this week, too. Fuck it, squeaky fan's hanging in there a few more weeks, I guess.

>> No.2525095

I don't mind doing any of them, but what would be the most secure and waterproof method in your opinion?
The enclosure would be outdoor, and while it's would be in weatherproof, I want to make the wires secure as possible just for autism's sake. Tempted to go with plumber's tape as I've never used a roll since ever I've bought them.
Interesting, it seems Plastidip/Performix would add applicable rubber or plastic to anything.

>> No.2525100

I mean light fixtures are pretty cheap. I just woke up and half read your wall of text, but as much as I like nig-rigging stuff, it’s not worth doing it on a cheap light fixture in your house and risk burning the place down.

If it needs to be waterproof, I would do one of those marine grade heat shrink splices, but you need to rip the T thing apart and wire it straight, like 2 wires on one side and one wire on the other.

>> No.2525119
File: 418 KB, 1080x1829, 1670559708916274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What software do you guys use to plan out woodcrafting projects?
Preferably something free

>> No.2525129

any reason a geyser would leak from screw holes only leaks from two
it did have the fusible plug blown recently

>> No.2525148


So I bought those 2 things, and a couple adapters to split the cold water line for the faucet. I bought a 1/4" to 3/8" hex bushing thinking I could just thread it onto the faucet and lock on the 3/8" compression from the filter, but I'm dumb and the outer diameter of the faucet stem is 7/16", the inner diameter is 1/4". What would I need to buy to convert the faucet so I don't need to use plastic tubing and connectors, and can just directly connect the 3/8" compression fitting line from the filter?

If you're curious, I wanted this filter specifically because it's a single unit, and has scale inhibitor. I'll be using the water for coffee, drinking, and boiling food (potatoes, pasta.)

>> No.2525165
File: 339 KB, 1366x2048, 20221219_011815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking for guidance.
>Buying land with fan, probably western mass
>Planning to build an aesthetic "wellness retreat" for yuppies
>Never built anything before in my life
>cob house? Log cabin kit? Cheap old cabin I buy to polish up?
Where there's a will there's a way.

Maybe my question should be "how would you go about doing this?" because this is a huge enterprise.

>> No.2525166
File: 169 KB, 756x1116, 71Sk4M6YUDL._AC_SL1500_03013ff2-9fb7-4e30-a678-faa9938ff651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buying land with my family*

>> No.2525185

No one wants to stay in an actual log cabin. They want to stay in a 3000sq ft mansion with log cabin facad and wood panelling interior

>> No.2525191

If you want it to be waterproof, I'd go with something liquid/putty that cures solid like silicone/plastidip/flex seal/etc.

>> No.2525252

I gotta split a 1000ft spool of cable into 250ft lengths. Thinking of getting those measuring wheel things that count feet and inches and just pulling cable across it

Any better options anons?

>> No.2525358

new thread
new thread
new thread
new thread

>> No.2525503
File: 461 KB, 1099x2235, 167142424657199991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have this stupid fuckin retard ass neighbor who made armor out of some plastic mold looking shit and medical bandages like gauze

He keeps parading around in it naked and has started coming onto the streets harassing people like a fucking autist.

What is the easiest way to melt the plastic without doing bodily harm? I will load paintballs with a shot of black and whatever substance can melt this abomination without causing harm to said individual. Firearms are illegal in my country so please do not recommend this.

Pic rel - it's my neighbor probably would be scarier with a tongue or something

>> No.2525557

Honestly, I would just cut the joint out and put in a connector.

>> No.2526224

With a draft guard would the seal be airtight?

>> No.2526269

Acetone (nail polish remover) can soften or potentially dissolve plastic, but I'm not sure a splash of it from a paintball would do much to a sheet of plastic.
Aside from that, you're out of luck. Any source of heat hot enough to melt plastic would cause burns.
Better off just telling the police he's harassing people or something.

>> No.2526946

Going to share an apartment, how do I make a decent doorway that isn't permanent?

>> No.2527150

Do you mean making a rough model? I suppose blender is your best bet

first video that showed up in search: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bMxmDwvxiM

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