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im a poorfag DIYer and im finally gonna cave in and start buying cordless tools. thinking about going with the dewalt atomic line of tools. inb4

>"just buy whatever is on sale and use a bunch of chinkshit battery adapters bro"


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>chinkshit batteries
Fuck that
I bought a 1/4" gun like that pic and I fucking love it, house renovations really got some good use out of it.

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I just bought the atomic impact a couple weeks ago, it's great

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Ryobi is patrician choice for DIYers. DeWalt is straight, and while you might be able to get the brushless Atomic stuff for $99 right now, adding bare tools and batteries in the future is going to cost more than Ryobi,

Also Ryobi has the brushless HP stuff if you want to spend a little more and get DeWalt quality stuff for certain high use tools, and then you can get the cheaper brushed models for those tools you might only use a couple times a year.

But if you go DeWalt, won’t be a bad choice. They have the best sales and prices across the contractor brands (Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch). That Atomic impact driver with that big 5.0Ah pack looks funny tho.

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No dont buy Dewalt or Ryobi or Ridgid. Use them everyday for work and you will regret it when it breaks and have to buy another. Buy Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch. Maybe its a little more expensive, but it will last much longer.

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Have not used that line , but historically, DeWalt has never let me down.

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>based on nothing, not even anon’s anecdotal evidence
The only one of those “don’t buy” tools that is built to a slightly lower standard would be Ryobi, and even that stuff holds up to regular DIY use for years and years.

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Its all pretty good shit. All of it is good enough for a homeowner. The benefits of the more expensive tools is a longer overall life and longer battery run time. If you are a pro that shit pays for itself. If you are a homeowner you probably would appreciate longer battery run time. But thats about it.

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milwaukee is cheaper than dewalt before it gets marked up 2000% for absolutely no reason

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Atomic is shit

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buy whatever's on sale but make sure its either dewalt, bosch, or milwaukee

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DIY use ryobi good for Johnny home owner
I’ve used Milwaukee, Rigid, Makita, Dewalt been in remodeling over 35 years. They all have certain features I like better than others. My moneys on Dewalt thank me l8r

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Most of my power tools are DeWalt and only exception is the (Milwaukee) m12 Cirular saw & 6" pruner hatchet, no complaints whatsoever. Virtually all my hand tools are Milwaukee.

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>>"just buy whatever is on sale and use a bunch of chinkshit battery adapters bro"

Except that actually works as I've done it both ways. I can afford any I want so not an issue. If it breaks, upgrade.

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>im a poorfag DIYer and im finally gonna cave in and start buying cordless tools.
I've bought corded for every new tool I can.
I understand the convenience of cordless, especially if using the tool frequently for work or on a jobsite.
But honestly I don't use them frequently enough to want to keep batteries charged and ready.
The inconvenience of having to find an outlet or manage an extension cord is outweighed by not having to think about batteries, battery charging, battery life, etc.

Recent purchases:
Dewalt drill (corded)
Makita impact driver (corded)
Bosch orbital sander (corded)
Bosch router (corded)
Makita track saw (corded)
Bosch miter saw (corded)

Am I crazy or stupid? Maybe.
But I figure these tools should still be working well and going strong in 20 or 30 years or more.
I don't know if I can say the same about their cordless counterparts.

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>thinking about going with the dewalt atomic line of tools.
Do it, dont listen to the Poorybi retards or the MilwaukeeYoutubeShill faggots
Dewalt in the real world is king

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Based cord chad. I'm building up a tool collection now and just pick and choose whichever corded model is the best for each.

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Dewalt is a great platform if, in the future, you can afford to do some of their buy one get one free tool deals. Easy way to build up your battery cache

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There's about 8 key power tools you need to be a DIY person and every big brand has a set.

Big thing I can say is: Whatever you end up choosing, buy all one brand with one charger. It's a pain having multiple chargers and multiple batteries around.

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My cordless impact driver will be working more than 50ft away from an outlet tomorrow, that’s what I care about. Can’t say the same for whatever corded version of that tool is still sold.

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>My cordless impact driver will be working more than 50ft away from an outlet tomorrow
no it wont you retard.

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I started buying DeWalt because I worked in an auto assembly plant and they were being used on the line to assemble cars, every day, 62 jobs per hour, every. fucking. day. I do not regret my decision.

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Fellow cordfag here. How do you like the makita impact? (Not that it really matters it's the only corded impact anyway).

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Make sure you buy 18v tools with 3Ah batteries. 12v are basically specialised small tools for when you know what you're doing. 1Ah batteries are a waste of time, you'll spend more time charging them than using them.
Anything more powerful than 18v is beyond your skill and use level at the moment.
An 18v combi impact drill driver set and a corded hammer drill will probably fit all of your domestic needs

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I can't find the kit I got like 3 years ago but keep an eye out on combo's


Mine was this, minus the blower, add an impact wrench & a radio that doubled as a charger. Shit's cash. The radio/bluetooth/charger is really good quality.

The kit I linked is probably better than the one I originally got, I hardly ever use the impact wrench. Also, fags whining about batteries are boomers that don't realize that they fully charge in 10 minutes. If you get 3 5.0Ah batteries you're fine. I got away with just two for years on site. The 6Ah battery is pog though.

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12v are for sparkies with limp wrists

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File: 34 KB, 615x615, 187662-milwaukee-12v-2-x-2-0ah-9-5mm-installation-drill-driver-kit-m12fddxkit-202b-hero_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I use mostly corded tools but I have been thinking of getting something nice like picrel or the Bosch equivalent and supplementing it with a dedicated impact driver

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That hand guard thing can be an obstacle more than a feature.

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It's good.
I've only used it a handful of times so far, but it has driven screws that my old drill wouldn't have. So I'm a believer now in using an impact driver versus a drill ... I get it. I'd never used one previously, so unfortunately I can't really compare it to other impact drivers.

My first reaction was "wow that's fast." It surprised me how fast it turns screws. But again I don't know if that's just my inexperience with impact drivers, but it's way faster than my old drill was and faster than I expected.

Comes in a nice plastic storage case that has plenty of space for a set of impact bits.
Cord is supple and flexible.
It's comfortable to hold and use, it feels balanced and good.
It's longer than the cordless ones, so it won't fit into tight spaces. That's the only downside I can think of.

Overall I'm quite happy with it.

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Thanks anon

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18 v. ? 2012 called
Negro 18v. is history

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This, the tripfag retard forgot he still needs to be within range of the outlet

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i use 1.5a for my drills and i have to change them out like once a month unless im doing a huge project with like 200 holes

Only common tool that really needs bigger batteries is sawzall / sds

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its 18v in europe

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Is there a place to confirm batteries you bought are genuine? LIke a serial code look up?

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>12v are for sparkies with limp wrists
So sparkies in general?

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Yup, it works. Didn’t have to plug it in at all as I was drivint some sheet metal screws into the cover of this utility box in my yard.

No extension corded needed.

Somebody loves AvE. That was among the coolest tools up there with the M12 right angle impact until he shat on it.

I like the 2.0s for certain tools. The 4.0Ah+ packs on drills and impact drivers are overkill unless I’m using hole saws a lot or a handful of larger holes in steel. Same with the compact 18V 3/8” impact wrench, and the hackzall with the 2.0 works well if I’m trimming a couple tree branches.

I recommend having a couple different batteries, I like how Ridgid’s brushless hammer drill and impact driver kit comes with their HO 2.0 and 4.0 packs.

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Anyone remember these fucking monsters?

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Makita and Milwaukee are also chinkshit, Bosch is decent though

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They were absolute beasts!
But heavy as hell due to all those Ni-Cad cells

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Milwaukee is still living on the reputation of the original company.
Unfortunately they got bought out by an Asian company called TTI.
This is the same company that makes Ryobi and Rigid (power tools only)
They license the Rigid name from the company that makes plumbing hand-tools.
Churning out all mediocre stuff. You can do worse. But you can do ALOT better

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Never had the pleasure of using one. Ok only picked one up once. I really really wanted one but they were like $800. So. NOPE. What a bummer.

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Well that sucks.
I always thought Milwaukee and Ridgid were high end tools. Ryobi has always been trash.
Goddamn they CAN'T NOT ruin fucking anything.

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Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Flex are contractor grade tools. They will all exceed your needs and you will not use them often enough for the differences between them too matter. Save your money and buy mid tier tools.

Ryobi if you have a Home Depot near you or Kobalt if you have a Lowes. When it comes to misc tools you don't use often buy corded.

Drills, Impacts, Recips, Circular saws, and oscillating saws should be cordless. Don't fall for the wormdrive circular saw meme, you don't need that much power. Mitre saws, palm sanders, angle grinders and other tools you probably aren't using outside of your shop/garage don't need to be cordless.

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Milwaukee got bought out in 2005, so they have been made in china for 17 years.
17 fucking years.
Anyone who says they are "living on the reputation of the original company" is a complete fucking retard.

People act like they got bought out a few years ago, when in reality some of the chinese tools are months away from being able to legally buy cigarettes and lotto tickets.
It wont be long till there are guys on the jobsite who werent even born when Milwaukee was made in the USA.

The spectacular reputation of milwaukees lithium powered cordless tools has absolutely nothing to do with their reputation from 30+ years ago pertaining to corded tools.

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>The spectacular reputation of milwaukees lithium powered cordless tools

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Im also about to Buy my first cordless tools, but my question Is
Makita or Bosch?
I already own some corded Bosch tools, and I love them.
But, not now, in some years I want an electric chainsaw, and Makita Is the only brand I Trust that makes them.

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They're the same thing.

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Well, if you're set on the chainsaw, it looks like it needs 2 batteries to really be useful so at that point you might as well go Makita for cordless and Bosch for corded.

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My Makita got a shorter bar (long bars are a waste of power unless you genuinely require the reach so set those aside) and I've dropped and limbed many trees up to about a 16" thicc with it.

Would buy again. My gassers including a nice Echo sit as backups. If I were harvesting wood that would be different but I'd still limb with the Makita.

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Kobalt is best value, desu.

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That’s a very simplistic view.

A Porsche 911 GT2, an Audi RS5, and a VW Jetta are made by the same mega corp and aren’t the same thing.

Ridgid and Kobalt both give you a lot for the money but don’t have the most extensive lineups.

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Ridgid is the best midline set there is, doubly so when considering the price point. It's not Milwaukee but a self described "poorfag DIY'r" definitely doesn't need to spend double for 10% more tool.

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I don't consider Makita to top tier so I'd say they're the best midline set

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ridgid is a half assed spinoff with shit tool availability. Never invest in a battery platform that doesnt have all the tools. Now, if they made the batteries interchange between ryobi-ridgid-milwaukee, there would be no reason to buy anything else.

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Ryobi is good for the drills and impacts especially with their newer models. They're less good the more you branch out. When you're doing hard work or highly accurate work having the cheapest tools with a handful of minor issues is too much.

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DeWalt sucks now?? The fuck is happening?

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Ryobi is garbage dude. It just is.

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I am a cord guy. That's why I have a shop. Like air tool still too. Only cordless I have are a 1/2inch millwaukee impact and 1/4 impact driver. Both fuel. They work great. Any big name brand will work well.

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Its ok anon, its you against the world isnt it?

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Ryobi is the best brand for broke bastards that want to get into power tools. Their One+ line is the one you need. Make sure theyre Brushless and that they include the battery and charger. Theres a Youtube channel called Den of Tools (Hes a bear) that always lets you know the best deals. Good luck.

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>Churning out all mediocre stuff. You can do worse. But you can do ALOT better
like what?

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The brand thats Made In USA

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>both fuel

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What the fuck man.

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Ryobi is dogshit. Their batteries cant hold a charge.

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I can recommend dewalt. I use the 20v hammer drill mostly. I go through 4 or 5 batteries a day. The one I have now has lasted 3 years. I have broken one, but it was kinda my fault for not using the attachable handle. I have to warn you the motor is TOO powerful. If it's on 1 turning as hard as it can with no give, it can actually snap off the handle which is only attached with 2 rivets.

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Dewalt still has made in the USA tools
What the hell are you doing with that hammer drill that it snapped the handle

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using an auger to soil through a 4" hole in a concrete slab. Making a bigger hole wasn't an option this time. It was taking forever and I was applying full power. Finally felt like I was going to get this rock out of the way but it snapped. Oh well.

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That's actually pretty fucking impressive it managed to do that, how deep did you get into it? Also which model number was this, I want to upgrade my drill now

>> No.2512411

20v max xr i think. it has 3 speeds, hammer, and 11 clutch settings. I don't think the depth particularly mattered, it broke because the auger got wedged between two rocks and I was holding the drill so tightly.

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There are no Made in the USA power tools, they virtually dont exist and havent for a long time.
The united states doesnt produce consumer electronics, they dont produce lithium cells, they dont produce small motors or switches, jacobs doesnt even make chucks in the USA anymore, there is no suppliers to piece out and build tools even if you wanted.

Dewalt has a grand total of 0 power tools that are made in the USA
They have "built" AKA assembled in the USA tools. There is a very clear and legal distinction.

Dewalt is StanleyBlackDecker.
They use chinese parts from their chinese factories, the same factories they own that make Black and Decker, Porter Cable, Craftsman and others chinese tools.
They ship the parts to a USA factory filled with illegal mexicans making minimum wage, who take the chinese parts and screw them together.
Wa La!
Built in the united states of global materials!

Its a way to skirt tariffs, and a big fat marketing gimmick to put an american flag sticker on the box.
And quite frankly, only someone absolutely fucking retarded would fall for it.

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> "Built in the USA with Global Materials™"
Kek, I just realized they trademarked the phrase because its a marketing slogan not a country of origin declaration.
Next time you pull your drill out, thank Juan for putting your drill together.

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If you're a poorfag then just go to pawn shops. You might be able to find milwalkee or makita tools

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Holy fuck I just checked mine, it's fucking real.
Guess that makes me a retard.
Yep. I feel pretty retarded.

Why is everything BRUSHLESS now?
I get not having to replace them is nice, but does that make the motor any better, or worse?
Christ I used to have 3 of those old 18vlt jobbers, lost them all in a structure fire, one I had for 13yrs, used it in contractor type settings and all this, never had to replace the brushes.

>> No.2512487

Also this OP. Used tool places are often filled with cheap treasures.

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What a fucking bummer.

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Don’t know what’s wrong with your batteries, but my Ryobi batteries hold a charge just as well as other brands.

Just ordered me some more Ryobi last night after my 2-smoke weed whacker bit the dust. After the cordless blower and hedge trimmer and chainsaw, I’m not going to spend money fixing a cheap gas weed whacker when the cordless ones are so good.

Also Ridgid just sent a teaser email that they’re finally releasing one, but it’s not out yet and I really need to finish mowing the lawn within the next week.

>> No.2512526

I have had to stop my elderly father from using conventional gas chain saws because he looks like he is just going to fall over at any moment.
He went out and bought a Ryobi battery chainsaw. It is probably 6mons old and the battery WILL NOT HOLD A FUCKING CHARGE.
I have only ever had disappointing experiences with anything Ryobi. They suck.
There is a reason Home Depots padlock Ridgid/DeWalt/Makita etc and leave Ryobis unlocked. THEIVES WON'T EVEN STEAL THEM.

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File: 359 KB, 1280x958, 97EABD53-FD25-4E34-A76C-83DCA3DCA138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 4 Ryobi batteries and haven’t had an issue on any of them. You should warranty that bitch, you must have a bad cell. I just used my hedge trimmer a bunch yesterday with a 4.0Ah pack, it was still at 4 bars, last charged a couple weeks ago, ran down to 3 bars after trimming a handful of bushes in the front yard, zero issues.

Also different Home Depots lock up different tools, the pawn shops in your area must not be paying as much for Ryobi but around here the stores with Milwaukee and DeWalt locked up have Ryobi locked as well.

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>And quite frankly, only someone absolutely fucking retarded would fall for it.
so 75% of trades boomers?

>> No.2512668

They make sure the stars and stripes are very prominent on the US-made stuff.

A few years back during Trump there was a lot of talk about SB&D bringing more Craftsman and DeWalt into the states, I think they were building a big plant in TX. I wonder what the status is with that after Covid and Bidenomics.

>> No.2512705

i've got a ryobi battery that lives in my garage in Alaska, it's still fine after 3 years.

>> No.2512715

The plant in Texas is going to be more of the same Built with global materials ratchets and hand tools with Craftsmans name on them. Its already confirmed the whole ratchet and pawl system is straight chinese, we dont know if the bodies are forged in the USA or not either, but I doubt it.
In other words, its the same craftsman trash you see at Lowes already, put together in a different factory.
Shouldnt have held your breath that Stanley would do anything worth a fuck.

If you want some new actual Made in the USA tools, Milwaukee is building a factory too.


>> No.2512723

>I bought a 1/4" gun like that pic and I fucking love it
I own the one in OPs pic, and it sucks. You need to have extended length bits for it to reach anything which nullifies its compactness it's sold on. This is because the battery sticks out too far.

>> No.2512734

To be fair to them, they released those tools with the Powerstack battery. I would definitely try to jump on those batteries when they go on sale for the tiny Atomic tools.

>> No.2512747

I've used corded tools mostly, but I did buy a set of Bosch 12v drill/impact and I really.like them. They have a small battery that really makes it less clunky and able to fit easily into small spaces. The batteries last for a long time for general household/garage use, I did try and use one to drill a doorknob hole through a solid wood door and I did make it through but it ate up the battery charge. Other than that I would really recommend the Bosch 12v drill/impact set there's hardly anything normal they can't do.

>> No.2512760

Well, yea, if it it used a battery like Milwaukee M12, but full voltage, then it would be awesome.

>> No.2512768

Here in Europe they are all made in China

>> No.2513016

Pawn shops sell used tools at 85-95% of their retail cost but with no warranty and no returns.

>> No.2513053

Ryobi. Cheap, warranty, and they work. They tend to be on the lighter side too which is an added bonus.
>Corded drill and impact driver
Enjoy dragging around a power cord and finding an outlet every time you need to use one.
The other tools are primarily for bench work so corded makes a little more sense.

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File: 2.99 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20221201_103436903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>Enjoy dragging around a power cord and finding an outlet every time you need to use one.
Yes, I understand what "corded" means.
I've never found it to be a big inconvenience at all.

>> No.2514860

Bosch makes fantastic tools. They won't be the strongest but they'll last the longest

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File: 40 KB, 503x503, th (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How good is this brand of battery tools

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File: 436 KB, 960x1280, FA6075FD-406F-4863-88FE-BC5F45112C50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It doesn’t seem that inconvenient until you go cordless. Trying to work around 4 wheels of a car, or making cuts with saws and having to keep the cord away from the blade, and the worst is corded OPE, like the corded hedge trimmer and that shit is constantly getting tangled in branches.

Also popping in a battery is way faster than unraveling cords, saves you 10min before and after any jobs.

It’s fine for weekender stuff.

>> No.2515372

milwaukee, ryobi, and rigid are made in the same factory in taiwan now. (by the same parent company, milwaukee sold out years ago)

at least dewalt is “assembled in the USA” whatever.jpg,

anyway, I’m a contractor, if you want something to last, milwaukee, makita, or dewalt or Hilti is the way to go

that being said, i bought the HYDRAULIC ridgid impact- it’s quite imprssive. More torque with no hearing damage- very impressed with it.

makita makes one too- like 400 bucks though.

>> No.2515376

home depot had the atomic line on sale earlier this year, got the stubby 1/4” impact with 2 (two!!) 5 ah batts for 199
bought two because i needed batteries- this

also got the atomic mini band saw with 1 5ah. batt also 199

3/8” impact with 1 5ah. battery 199

the mini band saw is one of the handiest tools i ever bought. (solar contractor)

all brushless.

>> No.2515402

Reasonable option if budget is very tight for hobbyist. If you are using your tools to make money you'll want to invest in better stuff but if you're just assembling some mcfurniture and maybe doing some small home improvement projects they'll do.

>> No.2515410

I've tried the hilti hand drills, they seem like absolutely nothing special, fine but not worth a higher price than dewalt or equivalent.

I have a hilti rotary hammer that is amazing. Been in service since 1995. No maintenance whatsoever except regular grease. I've used it to cut through stone walls many times. It makes clean holes and faster. Earlier this year, a coworker using a makita rotary hammer was trying to get through a stone wall and got about 4 inches in an hour. I swapped to my hilti with the same core bit! and in another hour had it through the 2-foot wall.

>> No.2515412

Get the m18 unless you have a very specific reason to get the m12.

>> No.2515414

You need to have a meth problem to use those tools

>> No.2515581

HART from Walmart has some good sales right now check em out. Same TTI manufacture as Ryobi

>> No.2515631

It's a weed whacker engine strapped to an M18 fuel for the purpose of BEANS. It delivers.

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File: 33 KB, 477x500, worxx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I bother getting this? I just think it's cool.

>> No.2516070

See >>2515414

Meth anon

There’s a handful of meme drivers like that and they always seem to have issues loading bits properly.

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