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So there it is. Only thing I don't like is the forearms plates sliding off if I don't tighten the straps properly. Maybe I can add a type of rubber cord connecting the upper forearm strap to the lower shoulder strap.

Missing gauntlets, hands feel vulnerable. No response from both youtube guys to make a test vid, shooting test panels made with the same method I did, a heavy and a light type of glass filament weave.

Just wanted to show results. Ask questions if you want. Will only post a new thread after this one if a test video comes out.

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>simply switched position

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Huh. Turned out mostly okay
Maybe shouldn't have given you much shit.
Good job.
Now have some turkey. Happy Thanksgiving anon.

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Based homemade armor enjoyer.

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How much does this whole set up weigh? Have you done any ballistic testing, or is this just for melee shit?

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Write a guide. But honestly, 3d print would make this way faster.

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>3d print would make this way faster.
No it wouldn't, his shit was made to stop small arms fire. It's his poorfag version of ballistic plates.

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3d printing isn't just plastic. People have been using it for carbon fiber for quite some time now.

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about 25kg. Can't test am german noguns fag, asked the youtuber techthisoutmeow and zna productions to test my method. Various types of glass filament layers with epoxy/polyester resin can be made into 3a armor. Still waiting for a response. It's good against slashing and bashing too. Doubt a professional samurai with a ten thousand fold katana can cut trough a full plate.
see pic rel for basic idea that applies to all pieces I made. I dunno how you would print that. Gonna paste my an explanation

It consists of a backer plate (9 light + 9 heavy layers), porcelain shards and a topper (3 +3) encasing the ceramics. Wanted to use 2 offset layers of ceramics, instead I placed the first and additional shards on what I deemed crucial parts of the armor.

This is the basic method for all armor parts I made, a full plate with porcelain for my mask, forearms and torso, the rest consists only of the backer type plate, 18 layers of sandwiched light and heavy glass cloth.

Made a visor from 1cm thick polycarbonat. Went trough some trial and error while attempting to heat bend it. Made a bubble free curved piece with our oven, the trick is to heat it up to 150c first and frequently open the door to let out steam, after a while turn it up to 175c. I want to thank thermoplastic anon for that info again. Another thanks to soap bar anon, scrub a bar of soap then wipe with a dry towel on glassy surfaces like glasses you don't want to fog up with your breath, it really works.

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looks about as effective as storm trooper armor.

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My first thought is that your chestplate seems low, maybe it's just covered by fabric or something but is there a really big gap around your collarbones?
For gauntlets, try looking at hema gloves. There's a bunch of different styles and will have different strengths but they're all generally supposed to protect you from fat nerds getting overexcited and smashing your knuckles with their shiny new feder.

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i hope you plan to paint these, you look like a splooge monster.

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You need to replace the very useless dick plate with some kind of cod piece. An attacker could knock you over and stab you in the dick until you die anon.

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did you just make this lmao

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yes https://mtgcardsmith.com/

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such a mask that sits straight on your face might be fine for smaller cuts and impacts but a serious blow is just going to crush whatever's underneath even if it doesn't penetrate.
i would have taken some inspiration from a houndskull bascinet and give it some conical shape at the front to deflect blows and some padding as well
same goes for your chest
but overall seems like it offers legit protection
also there are airsoft goggles out there that have a fine metal mesh to prevent small pieces of plastic getting through, maybe could be an option for the eyeslits and breathing holes. presumably better than nothing

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just noticed the mouth doesn't even have ventilation holes.
you're going to be out of breath very quickly

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It also doesn't have a tongue.

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My first thought too. Probably also the attacker's first thought as well.

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The 3d printer would likely be more expensive, but overall, with added in layers like you have, it would be hard as fuck with ceramic materials or carbon fiber. Also thinking about adding in hollow spaces to stop 556 rounds from going through, relying on them to shatter and break apart on the first layer and empty space.

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yes breastplate and upper legs are bit low, didn't tight them properly. Said to my wife to take pics. For gloves I think I got it now, simply the work gloves with cut off fingertips and above that my welding gloves. Should be good enough to hold my polehammer and still offer some protection.
I can breath just fine, two holes for nostrils. Can also breath with mouth (yada yada I'm a mouthbreather) as air comes in/out trough eyeholes which was a problem itself as it foged up my visor, got it fixed with soap.
show examples of how this could be made, 3d printers are definetevly cool, but I noticed a trend where people will simply assume that a printer can print anything. How would you measure out your face this way? I did with simple gypsum bandages. And then print it how? Carbon fibres? For costs, a 33cm x 33cm rectangle plate costs about 15€ in material costs, the groin plate has this size. thats 9 + 9 patches of the heavy a d light glass filament. 1m2 can be cut into 9 patches. 1m2 of glass weave costs about 3-5€, so about 3 for the light and 5 for the heavy, 8€ total for the weave. Epoxy resin can be expensive, cheapest I found was 11€ per kg. for a 33cmx33cm plate with 18 layers of mixed weaves I needed 750g of epoxy, so about 7-9€ or something. Now you got a basic plate for what 15-20€. Porcelain is the best worst ceramic for balistic protection, you can source that for free. Add another glass weave for spalling protection above that to stop porcelain fragments from flying everywhere and boom you got a decent plate I'd say. 25€ max.

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I imagine you can just scan your face and fit it to you personally with cad programs. Solidworks be like that. Now, some of them are brittle, which makes it shatter, which is useful when dispersing forces like being struck by bullets.

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aero space grade filament costs 600$ per kg, dang

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Don't worry, we have a substitute made out of cum socks and super glue.

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can't wait to see you in the news

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i just want to survive the german winter blackouts. raiders gtfo

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just burn the Middle Eastern immigrants if you need fuel. Two birds with one stone.

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Where are you located? PLZ 73XXX here. Will shoot your shit for free lol.
Pretty much any caliber possible except 50 bmg

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>I can breath just fine, two holes for nostrils. Can also breath with mouth (yada yada I'm a mouthbreather) as air comes in/out trough eyeholes which was a problem itself as it foged up my visor, got it fixed with soap.
you've never played a game of paintball or airsoft have you? just put on your corona mask and try running 3-4km and see how difficult it gets. i've played a lot of paintball and even with the properly ventilated face masks they provide i got massive headaches after a while
don't want to imagine the horror of having to breathe through eye slits and two tine holes near the nose

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das cool, I live near munich. Can you film that and post it somewhere? Do you think a small sized panel will suffice? I'm thinking about making it 15cm x 15cm, two types. One backer and one full plate. Is 20€ enough for ammo costs? What could be a good approach, shoot both with 9mm until it passes trough and then shred it to pieces with increasing caliber strength? Do you've a burner email or something so you can tell me where to send it to you?
wrote this before, I'm not intending to wear this and run around tacically trough the wasteland with a bunch of operational mall ninja gear. We'll just bunker down during the blackouts and if it turns out evil people have become desperate enough to raid the neighborhood, I'll gonna put the knight's suit on during the days. All pieces can be worn individually. I could put on the torso, arm and leg plates and probably sleep in it even.

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really do yourself a favour and cut a hole where your mouth is. doing any activitiy at all over a longer period without proper ventilation sucks very bad very quickly. it's not like i was rushing everyong doing 360° no scopes all the time when i was playing, eventually just walking got tiresome. or put on your mask and do your everyday life at home and see how long you can take it.
i'd suggest to get a riot helmet and a ski-mask if i want to stay anon
your chest plate isn't the best design either but presumably you put a lot of time and effort in it and don't want to rework it and it might work just fine

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i don't totally agree with how the things were done in these videos but at least it's a clear demonstration of what the difference of the shape of armour can do.
flat piece of steel the arrows when through it like butter, a rounded shape like the chestplate and they didn't do shit from any direction.

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Lmao the dick shield is killing me

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If your endgame doesn't result in lengthy news coverage I'm going to sorely disappointed.

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You made that cod piece but no tongue?

I demand the tongue or I damn yor armor in curse to ineffectiveness

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You can find me on discord:

Testing would better be .22lr pistol .22lr rifle 9mm 4" barrel, 9mm 16" barrel then 7,62x39 and maybe a buckshot.

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r u tarded
codpieces were always a part of good armor

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a shield for killing? That would be cool, maybe I should add some rusty nails on it, like on the legs and arms.
life is sometimes dissapointing
tongue anon, I repel your curses with bible qoutes scribbled on the inside, don't you see the irony? You're speaking in tongues yourself
man... discord...
It's not like that, it's a groin plate like carriers have, I just didn't cut it in triangle form

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I mean if you think about the time and production costs, and if you do other things with this 3d printer to make money, it might be more economically viable.

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wrote you, using discord website in desktop view on my phone fucking sucks. Page takes ages to load and every word doubles for whatever reason. Sent you my email in the chat, pls no glow shit and doxxing.

while on there I checked techthisoutmeow's channel, man ppl treat that like alternate facebook i swear...

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side plates and a gorget would make it pretty much complete

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Is there a reason why the faceplate need to be contoured that way instead of just a flat (or maybe slightly curved/angled) plate?

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signaling of intent

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I should've put on the torso plates correctly for the pic, front plate sits higher and back plate lower. There isn't much room actually, my mask's chin is in contact with the top edge of the breastplate. Looking down is difficult this way. For sideplates, I feel I am at a limit with 25kg already. Walking around like a clunky knight, every step makes 'clank' from the groin plate slamming against the leg plates. Maybe I gonna make some simple side plate pieces and use looped straps, looping them in the strap of the backplate. Similiar to the groin piece
admittatly, I've no clue. I just thought I need a form of my face, did that with gypsum bandages. Then I used that gypsum mask as base for the woven glass filament. It has padding on the inside on the chin and forehead.

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the sides only need to deflect, not absorb, impacts. they should be cut resistant. the only blows they realy need to be able to take are punches or handheld weapons stabs.

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also: invest in some orthopedic knee sleeves and orthopedic lumbar belt. it stabilizes the joints and helps to keep posture, even though it can be a little stuffy. it greatly reduces the risk for injury when wearing heavy plate though.

and look into how medieval armors straps and contact surfaces are placed. they had weight distribution down to routine. like letting the chest plate rest on the hip supported belt instead of solemly on the shoulders, and letting the shins rest on the boot.

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And tongue plate

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>Ask questions if you want.
Why did you do this? I do not understand.

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that seems true, maybe I should consider making thin plates with few layers. Maybe 8 layers or something.
good info, didnt consider these orthopedic products yet. Somewhat similiar thought I had was, you could stud protective gear for skateboarding etc. with the glass filament. I did so with the helmet.

The torso plates connect over the shoulder and sideways like a belt, I can let one connection stay open and it still fits. Shins also slide on boot unless I tighten the straps too strong, if I'm not wearing high shaft boots, it's uncomfortable to wear this way.
winter blackouts in germany, oportunistic low life criminals roaming the streets, once the unprepared realize in what situation they found themselve in, it will be too late to prepare anymore. You won't be able to call the police. We just had a case here in bavaria, telephone lines didn't work and some assholes stole ancient gold coins from a museum. Now what do you think will these criminals do once they realize they don't have food at home?

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the protective gear part is a different beast. the orthopaedic gear is to prevent knee injury from missteps or non optimal posture. same goes for the lumbar belt.
even the cheap aldi versions do their job.

joint injury is the number one eliminator of modern troops.

for the fit: add a padded comfortable belt strap with some semi-rigid plate support. this way you circumvent the spine being loaded and free your lungs more. putting padding on the shin lower side, so it rests better on the shoe, can make the bug a feature.

some light knee pads could help with the armor and hard knuckle or sand gloves would add some necessary hand protection.

for the groin plate: try to cut it int an inverted trapezoid (basicly upside down chest plate shape). then it moves more easily when walking. the two removed pieces can be added as belt flaps/ armor skirt pieces.

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The obvious thing that you're missing is to decorate the armour like you're Gimli from LOTR, then you can strut your stuff in public and say you're an eccentric cosplayer.

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Did you have your mom take those pics of you?

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>Now what do you think will these criminals do once they realize they don't have food at home?
Knock your fat ass over even with your LARP armor.

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I'm more of a dwarves from dwarf fortress enyojer
rip and tear

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What are you gonna do when someone shoots you in the chest or whacks you with a steel pipe? That shit isn't gonna do anything to divert all that energy from completely fucking you up. A bullet doesn't have to penetrate your armor for you to be on the ground gasping and disoriented as a group of people best you to death. Fucking retard.

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Is this the goober thread?

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thread theme

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That's not really how it works, but thanks for playing.

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Lmao fantastic

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is this the autism armor anon ive been hearing about?

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do you know how thick the plates have to be to stop stabbing weapons?
I wanna make a brigandine with non-metal plates

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the force of a bullet spread over a whole chest is not an issue. the only reason bullets are so deadly is that they concentrate all the force on a small area, creating preasure that rips through objects.
the force of a handgun bullet is identical to the felt recoil, but basicly put into a nail instead of a hammer grip.
people only fall over when shot in the breastplate because they get jumped from the sudden impact, noise and realization.
soft armor leaves bruises, hard armor does not unless it bends severely.

shotgun slugs have more impact punch, but less penetration due to wider projectiles. they can knock your wind out like the recoil can hurt your shoulder when held improperly.

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Is this nigger for real

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nah, he's right. I've worn a lexan plate that was hit with a 9mm. It caught the slug and and wasn't even enough force to push me off balance.

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That's absolutely how it works, according to everyone. What are you gonna do when you're on the ground with major bruising, possible broken bones, and armor that no longer effective? How well are you going to fight back with poor visibility, all that shit compromising your movement, and chest injuries? People shooting cops don't stick around to wait for their backup, they take the fuck off because they know they're fucked if they get caught. A group of people attacking you in a fantasy scenario will just keep attacking you. What happens when they shoot you 4 more times in your now compromised armor? Or shoot you in the head? Do you think you can just walk off a hammer blow to the skull with zero negative effects? Are you actually retarded?

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so your telling me if I super glue a bullet to the hand of a pistol and hold that pistol by only that bullet and then shoot that pistol I will be getting shot?

I know you think you are a genius with all that equal and opposite reaction shit but you are missing at least half of the picture here.

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do you have any idea how much fuel it takes to burn a body?
i'm sure the german, armor anon does

>> No.2513690

start going for runs in it or get a stationary bike to train up your cardio for extended high-ish activity wear

>> No.2513742

Go 3D print a plate out of this carbon fiber filament and shoot it with any pistol caliber.
Also please make sure to wear said plate while testing it so we won't have to read your retarded "contributions" anymore

>> No.2513865

good question. A knife is easily stopped for sure, I tested that. But dunno how many layers I could decrease of my armor to still achieve this. Then again, this is something knights had to face, glaives and other pole weapons with a pick, raven beaks, crossbow bolts. Such puncturing weapons would still punch a hole into plate. In some ealier thread I linked a work of a cosplayer who made a stab resistant batman suit in a similiar fashion. Got lots of good ideas about moddeling armor etc. from cosplayers and furries, not that I like this kind of hobby.

Brigandine is put on like scales, no? I woukd think you need somewhat thin pieces so it doesn't lift up too much.
already doing manual work, drive with bike everyday

>> No.2513889

Just cut and burn the fatty parts. Feed the rest to the dog or his obese wife.

>> No.2513936

>drive with bike everyday
in your armor?
gotta train in your armor to acclimatize yourself to strenuous physical activities you may encounter while wearing it

>> No.2513938

only if you eliminate the weight /innertia of the pistol you use. otherwise the glued on bullet will be slow enough (due to the preservation of impulse) to just push your hand away and give you a bruise instead oof penetrating your hand.

if you're alone, that would be that. but if you have allies, you are now a hospital case instead of dead. much better. and small things that would cause non deadly but debilitating injury become irrelevant with armor.

a rifle caliber round has the power of a sledgejhammer concentrated into a small object. i named shotguns for the same effect. and i named pistols for the smaller effect.

>> No.2514224

>the force of a handgun bullet is identical to the felt recoil, but basicly put into a nail instead of a hammer grip.
you're confusing force with impulse. a bullet accelerates through the barrel while the time involved for a bullet to hit an object is way shorter. F=dP/dT
force of impact is way higher but impulse remains the same. so you're indeed correct that getting hit by a bullet isn't going to knock you over

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These are all based on coos from the 80s reporting getting shot with kevlar vests. Not a ballistic plate spreading it out over his whole chest.

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You should put spikes on it so people can’t grapple with you or try to tackle you

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your still missing it bro,

energy conservation is a bitch and you clearly have no idea how it works.

Dont feel to bad though its not a simple subject.

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You’re not the Killdozer, Anon. Composite armor is for tanks. Not people.

If you get shot in the face you’ll break every bone in your skull, but hey, at least the faceplate won’t puncture.

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holy shit my sides

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I'm a noguns fag, but after seeing some tests like this, I'd say they're using underloaded cartridges with non ap projectiles ofc. I'm not saying they lie about the rating (lol RMA 1192) but these vids are for show. /k has great threads about armor


yes see pic rel, at first I wantedv to integrate the nails trough the cloth before applying epoxy. Didn't work. Instead a strap of steel mesh, nails trough openings. 10 nails on both forearms and shins. I oxidised them prior in a citric acid solution but they started to rust actuallly.

+17 poison dmg on armor

>> No.2514577

how would a chainmail shirt affect the usefulness of, say, a tazer?
would it act like a Faraday cage, or would the electricity still be able to jump through to skin?

>> No.2514804

sounds like they're more concerned with penetration and fragmentation, not shit like bruises and broken bones like retards think is going to happen, which i was trying to show with that video the guy getting shot at isn't getting thrown around the room

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As someone who's made a lot of cheap plastic armour, this is honestly pretty shit.
What are you planning to do with it? If you're actually planning to get hit by anything with some force, check out how people in the SCA make their armour. Pic rel is a really common example.

Or even easier, just buy a full-coverage zoombang and layer up some hard armour on pointy bones. It also scales well if you want to put a ballistic plate on your chest or back, depending on who you're planning to fight.

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Was wondering how this would turn out.

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>t. Doesn't know how tazers work

>> No.2515266

i do know how tazers work, i know that a coat could possibly foul the barbs enough to prevent a good arc to flesh.
what i want to know is, if i went to the effort to make a chainmail shirt would it increase the likelihood that a tazer would be ineffective.

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thick leather can stop the taser barbs from touching skin. From the recent todd's workshop vids I'd say chain mail sucks anyways.
I don't understand some words of yours, SCA, zoombang, pointy bones. I already told my intentions a hundred times, I want to survive the upcoming german winter blackout anarchy phase when oportunistic looters roam the streets in search for beans, delicious beans. Hit some armor parts with my hammer a few times, they hold up well.

>> No.2515368

SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism
larping knobs the lot of them, you may glean some useful information, but i would suggest avoiding too much time associating with them.
HEMA fags are slightly better, but also lean into autistic larp nonsense

>> No.2515404

the energy the pistol withholds and then releases as recoil into the hand of the shooter is equal to the energy of the bullet. its just spread out over a larger area and, due to inertia, time.
what makes bullets so devastating is the pressure spike they cause.
a material that can resist that preasure, spread it ove an area, and has acushion zone that spreads the energy over time has the same reduction effect as the felt recoil of the pistol.

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No but thanks for trying

>> No.2516127

You are a fucking retard, classic tripfag moment

>> No.2516130

Why would you spend all this time making crazy cum armor but not a distance weapon? I know you're a eurofag so guns are hard to get but can't you acquire a dartgun, crossbow, rubber powered weapon, or some kind of jorgesprave DIY ninja weapon? If I was forced to fight a horde of rapefugees on the streets of munich I'd much rather have a crossbow that a 25kg cum carapace.

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Gimme a break, I just literally did pic rel
>machete blade
>bed frame pole
>screwed on ball ornament
>about 175 cm total length
punched wood into the openings of both sides to set the blade straight. Need to spot weld the blade and ball

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want to decorate it with red horse tassel, also add a large ring into to hole om the machete to give it this chinese weapon look.

>> No.2517143

For maximum efficiency, cut the fat out and chop it into ~1cm cubes. Put it in a pot with some water to cover and heat it to a simmer. After a few hours all the fatty acids will be rendered out of the tissue, then you sift the chunks out and let the liquids harden. The fat layer separates and floats on the water. To clean it just scrape the grimy bits off the bottom of the solid fat layer and put it back in a pot with fresh water and a generous handful of salt, bring it to a simmer and stir it a bit, let it cool and repeat until pearly white. Finally melt the fat down and insert a wick. There you go, odorless human candle.
Human fat is about 7700kcal/kg which is a lot better than wood pellets which generally sit around 4300kcal/kg. You only need a small fraction of that energy to refine it.

>> No.2517206

i thought for a second that you were going to tell me to make candles out of the fat.
not disappointed though

>> No.2517247

can you post the correct description of bullet phsysics and how bodyarmor works and how a pistol does not break the shooters wrist then? i'm fully willing to learn.
please you your own words.

>> No.2517250

you could also go all Fight Club and turn your assailants into soap

>> No.2517307


>> No.2517333

btw you're also an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about
it's like no one on this board ever had high school physics

>> No.2517351

A bullet proof vest and a plate carrier are two separate things. A vest will bend and absorb a lot more energy, while a plate carrier and other hard surfaces like OPs will not. When I was in Afghanistan I did get shot, It didnt knock the wind out of me, I can't say it felt like a sledgehammer because I've never been hit with one but it was pretty hard. Also depending on round and what type of armor, be it ceramic or steel, the Cermic can take several shots before its fully compromised, a steel one can easily take more unless the round is a very high velocity round.

>> No.2517591

Groin plates are just modern cod pieces
>change my mind

>> No.2517621

i don't think your foes are going to be intimidated and shamed by your dick plate, also there is no room in the cock panel for padding to protect your diseased dong

>> No.2517655

So after readingg this thread I revisited my desire to make some ballistic plates. After watch a few I found linkrel and decided that this was going to be the method I would use. But I'll ask /diy/ this first, do you think I could make some comparative level iii+ or even level iii plates by using alternating layers of Teflon and fiberglass and instead of fiberglass resin using bedliner like rhinoliner and making 5/8 or 3/4in thick?


>> No.2517657

>or even level iii
level iii plates

>> No.2517667

To make soap all you need to do is weigh your human tallow, then bring it to about 50°C. Take 26.82% of your fat weight in distilled water and 13.41% in pure lye and dissolve it in the water (do it with good ventilation or die). It will heat to almost boiling so let the mixture come down to around 50°C also, then dump it in the liquid fat and blend it with an immersion blender until it turns into a sort of paste. Scoop that out into whatever mold you like and let it sit for a day, then demold it and let it air dry for 2-4 weeks.

>> No.2517674

Why teflon? Why bedliner for bonding? Line X actually is bombproof, mythbusters made a vid about that, discussed this in thread #1 or 2 I think. The company by the same name actually has a specialized type of coating called pax- something. They use that for bombproofing government buildings. But you can't simply buy either of these products in a can. A shame. Only certified paintshops who are in contract with Line - X get that stuff and are allowed to coat projects wih it.

For the teflon, I just don't know what it would acclompish. I've seen a vid where a dude made a pauldron with glass filament + carbon fibre layers. But carbon sucks. Glass fibre cloth is simply the cheapest.

I wrote ZNA productions and techthisoutmeow multiple times, donated to their patreon. Wanted them to build and shoot test panels with my method. Mentioning it again, 9 light + 9 heavy layers and additionally porcelain + another 3 heavy and 3 light ontop. No further responses for about two months or so.

But thankfully a german hansguns offered to test it for me, I'll be sending him 2 such testpanels after xmas. I've gained some doubts of the success of my plates delivering what I hope for, because I did something different. I didn't vacuum press the plates during curing. My theory is, the epoxy itself should stay where it is and not be pressed out excessively. Further, I think a pressed conventional plate has it disadvantages too. The layers are already then pressed together and it' s maybe easier to penetrate them this way.

Only live tests will show if my theoretical method has advantages over singular type of weave pressed plates. If I had something like military interest funding, I'd research this matter more troughly, but I'm a literal neet lmao.

lol HK hire me as body armor scientist

>> No.2517684

thats retention of impulse. it lacks the inclussion of area and, through a lack of an inclusion of the time needed for the impulse to be transfered, does not give force or pressure results.
pressure is required as a mathematical term to deal with material stresses.
inertia assumes an undeformable solid.

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