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not my problem

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Stupid post not DIY fuck off idiot summerfag.

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If you don't let water run, it will be wasted in the river. You can't waste water. It's always H20.

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I do not shave my teeth

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I sleep better with the sound of running water

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Do people actually leave the tap on when brushing their teeth? Shaving I can kind of understand, but who rinses their toothbrush multiple times while brushing?

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I do? After every rinse and spit i put toothpaste gain and brush further. You have to brush 3 teeth max with one brushing with one dosage of toothpaste.
And later brush again with just water and no toothpaste.
Kids know this shit.
What the fuck bro?

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Have fun with your water bills ig summerboy
Rinsing multiple times is normal but letting It run for no reasons during It will make anyone (in their right mind) who values their cent money or water storage angy

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>save the trees
>wipe your ass with your hands
these people deserve the rope

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Imagine just not letting all water fixtures run full blast 24/7...
>t. apartmen covers water

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it's something boomers used to do when water was free.
this mentality was present at every scale. you'll notice a lot of older buildings have water cooling systems, and they just pipe in city water constantly only to drain it back to sewer at the other end.

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