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Ive always seen this as a bucket with something in it causing explosions. Ive heard carbide cannon but am unsure as it seems like something else. Very popular in slavic countries. Any ideas?

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>doesn't link to video
Nerve gas.

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dont have the video

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Could be carbide or fueled with something like lighter fluid, my guess is it's something like the old tennis ball cannon, in the days of steel beer cans people would make them at just the right length/bore ratio and they'd loud AF

This is a shorter version that doesn't have the same back pressure, she shakes it to get an explosive fuel/air mixture-

Never seen one thatsxwashtub shaped, but a shallow tub will definitely act to focus and amplify sound waves from a small explosion inside it.

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yup it is carbide
it is also a lot of fun

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popcorn maker

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When carbide is wetted it produces acetylene which is fun to play with but butane from the usual stoves or LP works fine too.

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Sure, let me use an ungodly dangerous pressure vessel made of the most chink pot metal to make some popcorn at home

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Those niggas went full Serious Sam

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>Very popular in slavic countries
Yes, we do this on Easter for fun. I think Dutch started this tradition using calcium carbide and milk canisters for new year's celebrations and then the practice spread through Europe. Basically you get a container and throw in some calcium carbide and water, which releases acetylene which you then ignite for big booms.

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it's a street food vendor gimmick to attract customers.
you severely overestimate the amount of pressure popped corn can exert.

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reminds me of that dumb shit coffee fags do

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