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Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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i had to replace a plug on an extension cord and i tinned the bare copper before i clamped them down.
how badly did i fuck up?

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Is it still possible to get large span windows like this or will it cost me a shit ton of money

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YUUGE amount of money
if you had a wall that was not already framed for it you will spend an insane amount of money
if you want lots of window put in 2 or 3 normal ones it will save so much headache and money

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thats what eventually happened. I just miss the large glass without 6" thick mullions ruining the view

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Moderately bad. Wires that go in screw-tightened connectors shouldn't be tinned because the tin can fail over time and come loose. Will this happen to your connection? Maybe not. Will it be a problem if it happens? Maybe not. But it is failure mode that you don't have to give it.

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Any recommendations for a 3-horsepower 240V cabinet saw with ~36" rip capacity? Price is not a big concern if a more expensive model has features that would justify it.

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so it would be a good idea to cut them back a little bit and do them bare?
i thought it would help prevent corrosion at the connections

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Probably. Depends a bit on the use case too. If you're running close to the cord's rated capacity, heat buildup will be an issue at the connections, which will soften the solder more and make any looseness in fit a worse problem. If you're running a cell phone charger, it probably won't be a problem regardless because the needed current is so low, even if the wire is loose and barely touching.

>i thought it would help prevent corrosion at the connections
Copper is already pretty corrosion resistant, and that issue is usually dealt with by using a waterproof enclosure. If it's not wet or exposed to corrosive chemicals, it shouldn't be a problem.

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i use it to run circular saws and shit like that, so heat will most likely be an issue.
i'll redo the plug tomorrow.
thanks anon

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I got lucky, neighbor was renovating and wanted it gone because birds kept flying into it.
Only cost me a few beers and a BBQ at our house the next week.
I'm worried that a tree limb will blow it up someday, or some burglar.

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Male plug & female socket
Female plug & male socket

The manufacturer sells both kinds.
Results from quick search didn't turn up any discussion about why you would choose one or the other, just more products.

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Is there much point in these aside from making "tangle free" earphones? I'm thinking about using them on my gamepad to fix the bending from how the wire is packaged.

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Power sources should not have sticky-out bits that you can touch and get shocked by.
Other than that, use whatever you like.

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How do i make a desk like in pic related? I want a big desk but i don't feel like spending lotsa monies

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>I want a big desk

Mine is about 10 feet long by 2 feet deep. 1/4" plywood about $30, 1/2 boards less than $20, screws and finish a bit more.

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and the lovely view underneath

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>1/2 boards

that should be 1" x 2".

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Picked up a zebra gc420t thermal label printer from an e waste bin at work. It didn’t have a power adapter but there was a dell laptop charger in the bin too. The printer needs 20V, the charger is 19.5V. I have to cut the charger cable and put a new connector on it to connect them, but before I cut it up, do you guys think it will work (with 0.5V too little)

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If the amps are good it's probably ok. Nothing requires exactly 20v.

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my dicks hard just looking at this image
so you then sanded the plywood and impregnated it? (I'm a tourist i genuinely have no clue)

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aside from /emt/, what other good resources are there for machining discussion and qa? i am sick of looking like a total retard at work. i can make parts, i am not a notradez untermensch who has never even touched a bridgeport, i work in a shop doing exclusively CNC turning at the moment. i really just want to know some generic tips or handy bits of math i can use to make life easier and part production a little bit faster. anything is appreciated, even if it's not turning related.

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>so you then sanded the plywood and impregnated it?

Didn't need to sand it, but I put a coat of mineral oil on just the top. It's pretty primitive but it's a great desk with lots of space.

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Does anyone know what the proper industry term is for a (springloaded?) analog electrical switch that can gauge force applied to it? Most common example I can think of would be the gas or brake pedal for a racing sim setup.

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Potentiometer / variable resistor / rheostat. What they actually measure is electrical resistance that depends on the position of the input mechanism, and the spring loading (if present) is to return that to a desired position when active input is no longer there. If you actually need precise force measurement, there are other things to use.

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Thanks, it works perfectly. It’s probably been used for 10 years or so at the office but the labels come out perfectly

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Europoor here. I want to touch up my interior walls in some spots but can't find the right colour white. I tried three samples: RAL9001 is too yellow, RAL9010 is too dark and RAL9016 is too white. What should I do to find the correct white paint?

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Fuck, its going to be RAL9003 isn't it?

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>RAL9001 is too yellow, RAL9010 is too dark and RAL9016 is too white. What should I do to find the correct white paint?

In america, we can actually take a razor knife and cut a 2"x2" section of the drywall outer layer and the paint store has a device that can match it nearly perfectly. If you can't remove a chip or sample large enough, you might need to just add a shot of black and paint the entire wall. (Actually nobody "touches" up an old paint job. You can touch up a new job that has smudges, but old paint needs to be painted properly, not "touched up".)

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All concrete, no drywall. A thing on the wall was replaced with a smaller item, revealing the previous paintjob in an area of about 4 by 12 inches. I'm just gonna gamble on RAL 9003 and see what happens.
>tfw not American

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>touch up my interior walls
you can't. i mean you can, but it will be very obvious that you touched it up, because paint changes over time. it's not just fade either, you can get an almost perfect match to faded paint with a spectrophotometer/colorimeter and the sheen will be different and then the whole wall looks fucked. the best thing you could do is repaint the wall.
>but the other walls will still be the same color!
call the new wall an "accent wall" and be done with it
>but the other walls need to be touched up too!
no, they need to be repainted as well
>but i don't want to drop that kind of money on paint!
too bad, it is what it is

now instead of just complaining, i'll give you some tips on the easy way to do this. you do *not* need to scrape the old paint unless it's totally and completely falling apart.. wash your walls with warm water and a SMALL amount of dish soap. use a sponge for this. afterward, let it dry completely. then you can pick a primer. as a yuro, idk what you have for paints, but look for something that has good hide and is meant for generic use. then you can pick your paint. if you really want to jew out, you might be able to get away with an extra coat of paint because your walls are white or off-white. once you've gotten your new paint, roll it on with foam rollers. you will only likely need one, but buy a second one because they're cheap and you might fuck something up (totally fine) or you can prime with it. then, follow the directions on the paint can (fuck what the wagie says, t. former wagie). it should come out at least serviceable.

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Take a pic of the wall with a white piece of paper as reference to compensate the colour balance of your camera and take it to a dedicated paint shop. They should have the means to match the colour correctly.
However as the other anon pointed out it's gonna look like shit in short order as the paints age out and discolour at different rates, just repaint the whole wall if blotches are going to annoy you

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>All concrete
is this a basement wall or above ground?
>revealing the previous paintjob in an area of about 4 by 12 inches.
you're not going to be able to touch that up. you might match the color closely, but that's big enough that it will definitely show if the color is not perfect and the sheen is not matched perfectly (this never happens). most color matching services are provided with the knowledge that it's going to be used in a dark place or used to touch up large portions of wall. i used to mix "touch up" cans all the time for people, but they really just wanted it to match the old color when repainting the whole surface. touch ups only work with newer paint that hasn't suffered much UV degradation. UV light takes good paint and completely shits it up: it makes the sheen different, it makes the color different, it makes the physical qualities different (this effects color). this is why my basement question is important, if it's in a place with no windows you may be able to match it near-perfectly and have it not matter. no UV, no degradation, and the new paint will be a near-perfect match in both sheen and color.

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>short order
short order for paint can be 3 months, it can be 3 years, it can be 30 years. if you paint over something with bargain tier behr, it's gonna turn to shit in a MUCH shorter amount of time than benjie moore aura will (aura is perfect).
>Take a pic of the wall with a white piece of paper as reference to compensate the colour balance of your camera and take it to a dedicated paint shop.
good idea, but idk how that would work on a color match. i never had to test a phone screen with my store's colorimeter, only paint chips. and let me tell you, paint chips can be either really good and get you a great result or they can be dogshit and yield dogshit results. if there's any way anon can take a paint chip that's a 1x1"/30x30cm chunk or bigger, he should try it. worst case scenario he gets a better reason to do it the right way be repainting the whole thing

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I have to sand some painted walls.
How can I make sure to not make a gigantic mess with all of the paint dust that will come off? Is there any (on-budget) way to suck ALL of the dust?
I don't want my family or pet to inhale that.

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they have universal sanding attachments for shop and regular vacuums. you stick it on the end of the tube, and then sand with the vacuum on. it's noisy, but it works. alternatively, you can sand and clean up after, and run an air filter in the room with doors closed for a couple days before entering it again. that's overkill though.

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Oh, I see. I'll see if I can find an attatchment like that since I don't have an air filter to go the overkill route.
Thank you.

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They’re fairly standard, all those vacuum hoses. Orbital sanders always have the little dust bag that barely works so I’m sure a shop vac on there instead of the bag will make a huge difference.

That router table I got has a little hood that fits my Ridgid vac perfect and it worked pretty damn good when I tried t out for the first time. There was still dust but like 90% less than running it without the attachment.

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What knot should I use to secure a hanging load onto a beam?

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What knot should I use to secure a load onto a beam? Assume the free end of the rope is really long.

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Taut line hitch, if the load is attached as in the image. It can be tied and untied under load without causing the rope to shift and drag around the beam.

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Taut line hitch using a bight rather than the free end, if the long end is impractical to manipulate.

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Thank you very much.

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What's a reasonable height and distance from the toilet for a toilet roll holder? I bought a holder a week ago but can't make up my mind about placement. Checking out friends' bathrooms didn't help at all since they all had their holders at different heights and distances from the shitter. One of them even had a floor-standing roll holder.

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doesn't matter you can pull the toilet paper as far as you like. heck don't even install one, just stretch it from your neighbor's attic toilet that they don't use.

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>since they all had their holders at different heights and distances from the shitter
Did you try them to see which felt best to you?

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My dad passed away last year and I just moved into his house. It has a wood stove that he used as his primary source of heat. I know the basics of wood stoves, but as far as how to run it to get the most efficient burn, I'm a little lost. The only controls on it are the primary air intake on above the front door, and another knob you can turn on the side. The knob on the side opens a long, narrow door that runs along the ceiling of the front of the stove. I'm not sure what this does exactly so I'm hoping someone here can help.

The knob can be set to either keep that door completely open or completely closed, with no in between. When I have it open, the stove seems to be pulling in a lot of air and will give me a good sized flame, which burns the wood quicker than I think it should, which I don't think I want for efficiency. When I close it, it kills the flame and I end up with embers just smoldering, but they last for hours. The problem is that sometimes when I close that vent, I get intermittent "coughs" of smoke every ~5 seconds out of the intakes and some around the door. Sometimes it'll run fine for hours with no coughs of smoke, and sometimes it'll give me nonstop coughs until I open that long door up again. It also loads the inside of the stove with smoke no matter what and turns the glass on the door pitch black to where I can't even see inside.

Does anyone know what exactly that door does, or even the name of it so I can do some Googling? And when I get it running well with the door closed, do I want it to run like that so the wood is smoldering but putting off a bunch of smoke in the stove and out the chimney but not into the room? Is that my most efficient burn?

Picrel is that door along the top of the stove's ceiling I'm questioning.

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> I get intermittent "coughs" of smoke
may need to clean the chimney or you could have soot built up in the stove.
the stove at my parents has some sort of rock wool insulation inside the baffle that got all plugged up after 20 some years and i ended up having to take it out to get the stove burn correctly

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I was thinking about /diy/ing a lawn aerator. how well would a concrete cylinder with sharpened break lines going through it work for this

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Laundry room door (solid, not hollow) top hinge is separating from the wall. What kind of anchor should I use to get the screws to grip the wood?

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get some dowels and glue them into the holes and drive the screws into them.
if you're a cheap/poorfag, match sticks will do in a pinch

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How do I get better at spray painting? Every time I've tried to spray paint something I've fucked it up by making the layers too thick or some shit like that.

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sit on your toilet, reach out for some toilet paper, and mark where your hand went. done

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I've been thinking recently about my parent's house, and what I'll do when one of them dies and pass the house down to me. The house was built pretty well in the 80s and its my childhood home and all but honestly, its fucking falling apart. A lot of the floors are warped and the foundation is probably fucked, not to mention the backyard is infested with poison ivy. Would it bankrupt me to try and make this place livable in the future?

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or toothpicks

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What kind of plastic is this? Used in cheap detailed models. I always hot glue it bc I can’t figure out what else would even work.

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Get with a realtor and get a sense of what it’s worth now, what it would be worth fixed up, and what you’d need to do to fix it. Then take a decision.

>> No.2509970

>The house was built pretty well in the 80s and...its fucking falling apart.
Both of these things can possibly be true simultaneously.

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how do I cope with having saint augustine grass?

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An untouched 40 year old house can totally have deferred maintenance issues like described and be well built.

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I took apart my washer yesterday to clean out the tub since it was shedding a bunch of detergent gunk onto my clothes. It seems to work fine other than the fact that it sounds like a helicopter taking off during the higher speed spin cycles and shakes more. The machine is a top loading model. I checked the suspension tub mounts and the all seem to be installed properly. What else should I check?

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How do I remove the plastic lining from aluminum cans? Should I just burn it off?

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How would you 'fix' washed concrete garden tiles?
Currently on a budget, but I hate the look, would like to have an even finish on top. Google says to plaster them, then paint, but that seems too complicated. I think I will flip them around, the bottom should be even and without stones, should be good to paint. Any other ideas?

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Move out of the south.

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currently that's not a realistic option. I wanted to plant bahiagrass but my hoa wont allow it. could I get away with it in backyard without it spreading?

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How do I make a bluetooth jammer?

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Skim coat with thinset. Gonna be a bunch of fags that say it's the wrong shit But I did it years ago and it's fine.

>> No.2510375

I need to build a large workdesk where flatness is of utmost importance. Is mdf the flattest material i can get? And how do i stop it from warping or buckling? Its going to have some machines on top of it

>> No.2510441

I figured it out. I didn't tighten down the nut that holds the inner drum down enough so it was able to wiggle around a bunch and hit the sides of the outer drum. I grabbed my impact gun and used that to get it down snug.

>> No.2510464

>Skim coat with thinset
That might be actually less back breaking then flipping all of them. Do you happen to know what the EU alternative to this thinset substance is?

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Do you want to prevent your own Bluetooth device from working, or do you want to prevent everyone's Bluetooth devices from working?

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>flatness is of utmost importance. Is mdf the flattest material i can get?
No. Granite surface plates are the flattest commercially available material at reasonable price. You can get them in various sizes to a flatness of a micron or so. They're pretty stiff and stable, so they just need overall structural support to hold them where you want. For a "large workdesk" you might use a steel frame sitting on a concrete floor. Both can be purchased e.g. from https://www.mcmaster.com/granite-tables/

But if you're not running a metrology lab, you might not actually need "utmost" flatness. What's your actual flatness tolerance, weight capacity / durability requirement, and size needed? Float glass is pretty flat, and so are cast aluminum tooling plates. Something like a metal fab table may suit your needs. If MDF is your standard, plate steel may be flat enough.

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BTW, you should probably just build a plywood torsion box table.

>> No.2510575

used granite counter tops work too

>> No.2510603

If MDF is close to appropriate flatness, get phenolic plywood, the kind that’s made for concrete forming. It’s ply but with a phenolic resin layer on both sides which makes it flatter (as in smoother), harder and stiffer. And as other anon said, use a torsion box for more stiffness. Keeping it from sagging is just a matter of support.

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What's the best way to replicate a concrete plant pot?
Silicone mold?
Best place to get casting silicone in Australia?

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I have a Terry Cotton pads like this. What's the best product to "velcro" it to a piece of wood? Hook and Loop fastener?

>> No.2510650

The latter

>> No.2510665

Would these be useful on VR to keep the headset cord from tangling? What are they called?

>> No.2510698

Thanks guys, hadnt heard of these materials before

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Spark gap transmitter if you don't mind potentially having the FCC nail you for a felony.

>> No.2510816

how do you make these freestanding stone roofs

>> No.2510827

how do you fix a window or door frame on a dry stone wall? the wall is already up do you just slap mortar around it?
do you use those Z plate anchors along with erecting the wall? are you just supposed to seat it between the stones nothing else?

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I hung some drywall up using standard construction screws with torx heads rather than drywall screws. Do I need to add proper drywall screws and remove those other screws?

>> No.2510836

>he had never heard of granite before

>> No.2510839

Gsp. It reminded me actually ive got massive slab or marble that i could use, but fuck me id rather not cut marble. Seems like an absolutely bitch job to do

>> No.2510844

>Seems like an absolutely bitch job to do
You need at least three slabs to make a surface plate.

>> No.2510846

If by "flat" you mean smooth another option is Medium Density Overlay board that's made for exterior signs and uses a resin saturated overlay sheet on a waterproof plywood core with a high veneer count like marine and aircraft plywood. Very similar to the form plywood the other anon mentioned, this company does all of the above plus plastic overlay board-

Another really nice signboard for work surfaces for things like graphics and sewing and craft type work where you want a dead smooth and impervious finish that is virtually maintenance free is Omega board-


>> No.2510848

Pack the snow into the shape you want in the winter, place the stones on the snow, wait for the thaw and your new hut.

>> No.2510849

Not sure exactly what you mean but i think one side of it was done by the factory or whatever, its glossy not unfinished

>> No.2510850

A surface plate isn't a chunk of stone that gets ground flat by a precise machine which has been carefully calibrated for flatness. It is produced by grinding at least three surfaces against each other such that anything which is not an ideal geometric plane gets ground off. They are the primitive standards by which other references for flatness are calibrated. You can make them in cave by hand using stones you find on the ground, but you need at least three suitable stones.

>> No.2510858

Hmm, i guess i over estimated just how flat i need my surface to be. Essentially it needs to hold some heavy shit (100 kg m^2) in some spots and i dont want it to buckle like the shitty benches ive had in the past. Normal wood is also a pain in the ass to get flat and stay flat, and finishes like PU add to this issue.

>> No.2510883

>i guess i over estimated just how flat i need my surface to be
Do you have any quantitative figure on this? If you just want the desk not to visually bend, you don't even need to bother with purpose-made "flat" materials (like the tool plate mentioned above). Regular sheet materials (most any structural sheet materials) on top of a rigid frame would work fine for that.

>Essentially it needs to hold some heavy shit (100 kg m^2) in some spots
Is that 100kg spread of an area of 1m^2 for each spot, and a few spots like that spread over the desk? How many and how big do you want toe desk to be? What are the constraints on underside support considerations like leg locations or overall surface thickness?

But spitballing, a ~6" thick plywood torsion box would probably work fine. That's actually not much of a load by structural standards, and a relatively light wooden structure should handle it fine if the other parameters are reasonable.

>> No.2510915

Needs to be 1 x 4 m (3ft by 14 ft or thereabouts) and have room under it for chairs to slide in. Will have equipment that vibrates a bit on top do i dont want any resonance too i guess (apart from isolating feet not sure how to counter this). So i guess total will have up to 400kg on it but at different times and jot always even.

I will probably build a second one thats 1x3m to put next to it as i scale up.

>> No.2510961

I recently moved into a newly built cuckshed apartment and need to wall-mount a towel rack and some other stuff in the bathroom, which has waterproof wall panels around the entire room. I assume it would be best to completely avoid screws in any region that will be regularly splashed with water, like inside the shower area. Is there anything else I should be aware of before putting screws in the bathroom walls, besides not screwing or drilling into pipes or wires? I've never installed anything with screws in a bathroom before, only used epoxy glue to mount towel hooks on tiles. Kinda paranoid about making some retarded mistake that will lead to moisture damage over time.

>> No.2510966

Use screws into studs or something like Command strips depending on the situation.

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If i set my thermostat to a temperature and the furnace shuts off before it reaches that temp is it a calibration issue or something wrong with the furnace? When I took this picture the furnace was off and the air temp was 70f even though the dial is set to 72f

>> No.2511040

Ours was like that, but a bit worse. We froze our asses off for years until my father in law suggested we just turn it up more.

>> No.2511043

sure i can just set it to 78F if I want to be 74F in the room but if its a furnace issue i'd like to check it out before it gets worse. its a 90s Goodman furnace so its up there in age

>> No.2511048

that's not how it's done

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So to install baseboard in a brick and tile room i just need to use this stuff (liquid nails)? Its going onto paint an issue? After installing it ive heard some people say you should caulk the top with silicone before painting, but is it really needed?

>> No.2511069

yeah thats an option, personally if I was going to use construction adhesive I would sue loctite pl3x. Liquid nails is dogshit.

Here's a tip put a nice bead of the adhesive on the wall, then go to install it and as you install the piece put a nice blob of hot glue every foot or so, use the flexibility of the trim to your advantage in this situation. hold for 30 seconds to let the hot glue dry and then continue.

caulk the top? yes or no depending on taste, but usually yes. DO NOT USE SILICONE. use painters caulk.

>> No.2511076
File: 96 KB, 600x600, 667fc1af-d640-45eb-8887-db86b6302d14.jpeg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the tips, cant find loctite locally though, basically sika, selleys and parfix (and bostick lol, thought they only made kids glue).
Thanks for the painters caulk tip, ill see how it looks and go from there. Edge types goin to be colonial style

>> No.2511080

well what you really want is a polyurethane-based construction adhesive, which pl3x is, but liquid nails does actually make one and it has the super original name of "liquid nails polyurethane" that stuff is actually ok. I just hate liquid nails brand cuz everything else they sell is trash. Those other brands probably make a poly-based adhesive as well.

>> No.2511090

I want to build a small, climate-controlled greenhouse that can hold 2-3 tomato plants for year round goodness. I know fuck all about trying to climate control a small space. Is this feasible and not cost prohibitive?

>> No.2511092

that really depends on if you can do it and how expensive it will be.

>> No.2511114


>> No.2511127

You just order the double/triple pane glass panels from a glass distributor(they'll know what thickness you need based on size) and then block the panels in with trim inside and out. Silicone around the edge before putting the other side trim on.
If you want the outer widows to open, you replace those separately

Straight glass panels are not very expensive but you'll have to pay to get them to the house at minimum or build a rig for your truck

Why didn't you just use countertop brackets? That's shit floor function
Rent the vacuum sanders and the vacuum

Just be patient
Do 3x as many coats at 1/4 the thickness you want to

Styrene or xylene bath

>> No.2511162

Honestly that looks better IMO

>> No.2511163

That math don't add up buddy.

>> No.2511166

There's a drawer full of files at work. For all I know some of these have been sliding against each other and banging around for the better part of a decade. Some of them are still in functional condition, but more, especially the larger ones are in atrocious shape. Is there anything that can be done beyond acid etching, short of sending to a sharpening service?
Anyone know of good sharpening businesses, especially in the northeastern US?

>> No.2511197

Files are not valuable or worth sharpening. Most wear is from being dragged back across the work by idiots. Keep what works, scrap what doesn't. Trying to save trifles is a waste of effort. (You can make knives from them if bored.)

>> No.2511225

I was planning on turning the unsalvageable ones into scrapers or knives, but some of these are quite large, 16"+ pieces. I found a business that charges $0.25 per inch for sharpening, which is significantly less expensive than buying new, but being located in CA the shipping would probably nullify most of the savings.

>> No.2511238
File: 1.15 MB, 2274x1995, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can you eliminate the dangers of liquid load if you fill the tank to the brim to prevent liquid sloshing? I need to transport my gas to my farm.

>> No.2511241

That's a myth and you're an idiot, it's more efficient and less destructive to drag it backwards. It is detrimental however to let files smash together for a decade.

That being said I do agree sharpening files is retarded.

>> No.2511243

how do they ensure that the bulkhead ones stay somewhat clean and don't get contaminated? Do they flush them with solutions after every use? Also, is the only way to get the cargo out from the top with a vacuum?

trucking has always interested me. Sometimes I wish I was single with no kids, and could just get on the road and drive with no house or apartment to worry about. My wife and kids are probably better than the lot lizards and meth I would spend my money on trucking.

>> No.2511244

I literally wash down the dirt and sand with fuel. fuel is cheaper than cleaning chemicals.

works fine.

>> No.2511251

what if you need to put cargo in after you wash it out with fuel? Won't it be tainted with smell from the fuel, or contaminated in another way?

>> No.2511253

>How do I get better at spray painting?
>Just be patient
It's really the only way.
Light coats.
"Start" the spray off to the side, then pass over the work piece.
Even strokes, slightly overlapping, moving quickly enough that it doesn't seem like you're laying down enough paint for a full coat.
When you're done with a coat and think "it looks good but I can just put a little more paint right here," stop. Don't. Just walk away.
It's ALWAYS better to say "that's good enough for this coat, I'll come back and do another coat when this dries" rather than adding more paint.

>> No.2511260
File: 2.45 MB, 4032x3024, tranny-surgery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need some kind of temperature sensors for the drivetrain of my school bus motorhome since the gauge cluster is not working and it only displayed oil temp anyways.
as you can see in picture the transfer case is turned 90 degrees and its a real concern that the fluid might not reach the gears or not splash enough to keep them cool/lubed.
only the rear diff is oem, the rest of the drive is from a 7.3 psd

idealy there is some kind of temp monitor with 3 channels (tranny, transfer case, rear diff) or more (oil, coolant) all in one screen and not costing a shit load of money

>> No.2511282

How to sell stuff?
I keep seeing ads for overpriced spare parts and junk that sell, but I can't seem to give away anything, even a few new things I accidentally ordered.
I don't want to pay to dump usable stuff but I don't know what else to do.

>> No.2511284

If it's covered to the point of running, he has too much paint on soooo it actually does lmaooo

>> No.2511292

I would ask /o/ and look at ""racer"" mod sites for something that will work
There's all kinds of aftermarket gauges and stuff, I can't imagine it's too hard to find

Better pics, original marketing pics, using all marketplaces, sounding not autistic

>> No.2511296

Do you have some kind of OBD2 or JPRO plug or whatever under the dash? If it were a car made after 1997, I would tell you to get a $25 Bluetooth OBD2 dongle, a cheap tablet, and an app like Torque Pro or whatever is out there. You could mount the tablet and set up a custom gauge cluster assuming the sensors are working.

>> No.2511313

Welp, I guess stuffs going to the dump then.
I can't afford a new camera and I'm not using Facebook or Paypal. I guess "For sale *Item* *Price*" Ad's are too autistic? idk I fucking hate people.

>> No.2511325

What is the simplest and small setup for a 3.5mm condenser mic to pick up sound and play it in a 3.5mm headphone? like a stethoscope/hearing aid that you can monitor the audio immediately.
Phone and computer always have single jack and cunt driver that exclude one from another(Oh you put mic in, im gonna mute the speaker and you have to make a recording to check audio after you unplug).
Bonus point if multiple microphones are allowed, works with action cam, and recordings can be made.
I think what I need is a recorder.

>> No.2511335

>Phone and computer always have single jack
If any at all. But my decade old toaster has seven, lmao.
One of those cheap sound mixer board's streamers use might work, or diy one if you just need audio out and don't want rgb everything.

>> No.2511420
File: 191 KB, 1200x693, angry cookie king.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to figure out how much to water my plants, and I swear to God cannot find a comprehensible guide anywhere.
What kind of retarded moron started this ungodly idiocy of measuring water in motherfucking LENGHT???
What the actual fuck does stuff like "2.5 cm of water" even fucking means???
Is that a short for "2.5 cm^3"? Is that a short for "(2.5 cm)^3"? Is that the equivalent of flooding your whole soil for 1cm of height? Is that the equivalent of a bunch of water droplets lined up over a 1cm row?
Have anyone ever heard about something called "liters" for God's sake?

>> No.2511445

>What kind of retarded moron started this ungodly idiocy of measuring water in motherfucking LENGHT???
People who measured rain, which covers arbitrary areas to a particular depth of accumulation.

>What the actual fuck does stuff like "2.5 cm of water" even fucking means???
Apply water to the area in question equivalent to a depth of ten hairs less than an inch.

>Have anyone ever heard about something called "liters" for God's sake?
Applying a liter of water to soil will produce a varying moisture content depending on how wide an area it covers. Water depth equivalent is what matters for ground water balance.

>> No.2511481
File: 268 KB, 558x595, Screenshot from 2022-11-27 11-44-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are there so many different kinds of drills?

>> No.2511489

I like that you have a nice spot to do puzzles :-)

>> No.2511499

is there a support # for dewalt to call in serial numbers? I bought a battery on ebay and just want to make sure. The seller said it was genuine so it must be right??

>> No.2511500

probably brushless/non BR, hammer, impact, SDS and different voltages? Probably throw in a mix of "upgrades" for consoomers too.

>> No.2511509

>Apply water to the area in question equivalent to a depth of ten hairs less than an inch.
So basically is the 3rd one I said?
soil area * given cm?

>> No.2511518

Yes. Ever seen a rain gauge?

>> No.2511519

Depending on the transfer case you might be able to find something that will plug into a speedometer hole or something like that, go with >>2511292

I think you're likely to run into lubrication issues with the transfer case clocked like that. I have two questions - first, can you rotate it so that it does sit in a more normal orientation? And second, why do you even have a transfer case? That front end doesn't look like a drive axle from the picture.

>> No.2511524
File: 42 KB, 500x316, cheapo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need to automatically print things onto wood. Whether it's burned or carved doesn't really matter. That being said I'm considering a low end CNC router or laser printer. Is there any major reason to go with one over the other? I'm talking about the bottom barrel ~$100 ones for doing extremely basic stuff.

>> No.2511530

Piggy backing off this anon
I've got some larger windows similar to this, I think 96" wide with those crank windows on the sides. So the framing is obviously there.

The glass itself is in pretty good shape, just some shitty siding and trim work and the window cranks are shot. Is it common for those window cranks to be serviceable or replaced? Trying to avoid replacing a mostly fine window.

>> No.2511546

the t case would not fit horrizontal with the bus frame in the way and also would not fit when clocked at 45 degrees
I filled the case with atf from the sensor plug which is much higher than the fill/drain plugs and when switched into 4x4 it should splash a bit more oil

the reason for having the t case is that swapping the tranny to a 2 wheel output shaft requires a full rebuild and the bus drive shaft would be too short at that point to fit (its already a 3 piece shaft)
as a bonus I can now hook up a generator to the second output shaft and charge batteries while driving

I ordered some cheap outdoor thermometers on amazon and will fasten them to the tranny/t case which should be better than nothing

>> No.2511684

what kinda board is that

>> No.2511685
File: 140 KB, 1297x973, IMG_1911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have these metal sections (similar to box gutters) running through my conservatory, they're gathering a lot of condensation now that it's colder.

What are my options for covering and insulating these to have it stop?
I want it to look decent.

>> No.2511689

no clue

>> No.2511690

Found this

“ The reasoning behind not tinning the wire is, if the wire is tinned, when the screw closes down on the wire, it would break the solder joint and leave an opening within the strands, which can be susceptible to vibration, loosening and corrosion. By not tinning the wire, you can get a better gas tight joint.”

>> No.2511694

Landscaping crew put a ladder through my friends =(

It should be fine, the bigger issue is that I think the GC model is only designed to be used at Walgreens or has some other kind of weird limitation. It’s not the same as the GX or GK models but don’t remember how.

>> No.2511699

I’m wrong Gc should be fine

>> No.2511713

can you make a roof with hollow aluminium bars

>> No.2511723

Yes absolutely.

>> No.2511725

so you just braze it or what
is it cheaper than wood

>> No.2511728

Wood is basically free so no way it's cheaper. How you attach it to itself is up to you. You could get round tubes and cut them lengthwise and flip them on top of eachother like tile roof. Or stack L's.

>> No.2511729

>Wood is basically free
it's $20 a pop dude

>> No.2511734

Make friends with people who own land wood literally just springs up out of the ground. No need to dig a wood well or make any complicated wood extraction machines.

>> No.2511743
File: 411 KB, 1928x2294, 81H-NTUja1L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recommend me a label printer like pic related that plays well with chink cartridges. I heard some new ones have DRM.

>> No.2511771

If you don't have any specific requirements just get a cheap dymo. If you mean drm chips on cartridges, I have never seen one, have used Epson, dymo etc.

>> No.2511787

Yeah, chips in cartridges. I don't wanna end up locked into buying original only.

>> No.2511973


>> No.2511974

>or make any complicated wood extraction machines
But that's half the fun of working with wood!

>> No.2511980

Kek look up aluminum prices lmaoooo

>> No.2511981

Absolutely nothing
The way aluminum changes temp, it'll still get condensation on it even covered up so it'll mold below
Next summer, just prime them with auto primer and paint them white

It doesn't matter if it is or not. As long as the wattage is in the acceptable window, it's fine.

>> No.2511983

I would open it up and check what cells are in there. Also see what the plastic is made of. If there’s 2 things a fake battery would do differently, they probably have shitty plastic with no fibers in there and they would be no-name Chinese cells instead of Samsung or Sony or LG or something.

>> No.2512044


>> No.2512061

what's the acceptable window?

>> No.2512085

Glass masters window

>> No.2512132
File: 15 KB, 152x254, sickos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2512219

whats the point of a label printer you can just write with your hands

>> No.2512231

if i put cocoa powder in my steam boiler will my house smell like delicious hot cocoa

>> No.2512244

maybe he doesn't have hands

>> No.2512258
File: 15 KB, 326x524, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know if something exists like pic related, or could be feasibly assembled? Basically a cylindrical hollow metal slot with an internal magnet and an associated piece which has a magnet with the opposite polarity. Ideally the top piece is threaded for an M3 screw and the bottom piece exposes an M3 threading. I want to magnetically slot two small cylindrical pieces of metal together for easy assembly/disassembly. Exact cylindrical dimensions would ideally be similar to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTC40YU

>> No.2512396


>> No.2512399

I need to make some cash really fast and I can't go back to bartending. What kind of no experience needed handyman services should I offer to the retired old birds in my neighborhood? I'm considering just pitching a bunch of easy shit like painting, moving heavy stuff, building mcfurniture, etc. I have some basic power tools and hand tools but nothing fancy.

>> No.2512413

I hear cheap adjustable squares aren't worth buying because the movement will eventually cause enough wear to make them lose their squareness. Is the same true for try squares? I figure if it's just a hunk of steel it should be fine for hobbyist purposes.

>> No.2512457
File: 41 KB, 500x500, us_QCKTZKB3CFM1-4J5TV3_goods_img-v10_vacuum-pump-kit-m100-1.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do i choose a vacuum chamber (in Australia)? Its going to be used a shit load so i dont want it failing on me

>> No.2512462


If it doesn't collapse on the first use, it's not going to fail. The only wearing components are the gasket (which should take a very long time to wear out, and, at a stretch, the valves.

Your much greater concerns are your actual vacuum requirements (are we talking fractional PSI or millitorr?) size, and if you need to meet your specified vacuum in a short time.

My guess, if you have to ask at all, is that you probably want it for degassing resins or silicone for casting. If that's the case, the cheapest thing you can find will work fine.

Personally, I'm using a 3/4" thick piece of acrylic and a paint pressure pot. Probably more expensive than necessary, but I already had the acrylic and I needed the pressure pot anyway, so...

>> No.2512473

Yep , degassing silicones for pouring into moulds (sex toys).

>> No.2512475

>could be feasibly assembled
Depends on your resources and skills. Easy on a lathe, but not everyone has one of those. If it doesn't have to be metal, a 3D printer could do it.

>> No.2512481
File: 1.31 MB, 2048x1152, 1646475453517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

asked on /g/ as well but my laptop carcass got hit and chipped on one edge (red), works fine, how do I close it off?
the hinge (green) is a bit loose but only in that part, not a priority but what do i do about that

>> No.2512492

What is a good adhesive to use that works with a thin layer/doesn't expand and can be easily removed after several months or even up to two years? Doesn't have to be strong.
Will be used to attach a polycarbonate pad to a melamine surface.

>> No.2512508

Rubber cement.

>> No.2512524

this actually looks perfect, rubber cement is not common here but I had a mental image of it being a thick paste but I looked up a video and I was wrong. Thanks!

>> No.2512525

Silicone stuff comes up pretty easily too.

>> No.2512569

How do I saw big (4” thick) chunks of candle wax into smaller pieces? I used to get pellets from the supplier but accidentally ordered a solid chunk this time.

>> No.2512571

Hot knife? Serrated bread knife?

>> No.2512576

the wood posts that are burried in ground don't have a danger of rotting from moisture from ground?

>> No.2512582

do we have a new dick farmer?
i miss dick farmer

>> No.2512585

>idealy there is some kind of temp monitor with 3 channels (tranny, transfer case, rear diff) or more (oil, coolant) all in one screen

>and not costing a shit load of money

>> No.2512586

Not familiar with this guy

>> No.2512592

How do i figure out what sound conditioning a room will need? I dont want to stick up those shitty looking foam panels, i would rather a nice looking setup that doesnt take up too much space

>> No.2512593

why is everyone using such thick lumber for roof rafters and placing them so close together even for a tin roof
is it some regulation business

>> No.2512594

They do
That's why foundations should have concrete in the ground with brackets lifting the wood up out of the water

Fences are supposed to be built with ground contact green treat with concrete around them but water still penetrates and rots

Only triangles/speed squares stay square long term unless you're stupid careful

Feel out your market

Each tool should say right on it on the little sticker with all the numbers

>> No.2512595

Do you not talk about the product?
Do you know the number of scams on residential marketplaces??

>> No.2512597

is this /diy/ or is this /g/ ?

>> No.2512599
File: 498 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20221130-170605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a few 18650 scavenged from drill battery's and i want to have a way to input/output energy from them. Was looking at one of picrel. But is it just me or wouldn't it be a really big fire hazard to put 21 18650 in parallel without any balancing? Or isn't balancing important in this situation?

>> No.2512604

idk seems about the same
i'm assuming a smaller size aluminium bar has similar strength to a slightly larger piece of lumber and lighter

>> No.2512629
File: 327 KB, 900x828, Rolling-Miter-Saw-Stand-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a stupid idea for a mitre stand? My sheds too small to set one up permanently so im always chucking it on the patio table. Any better designs?

>> No.2512636

Parallel keep voltages low. What are you suggesting, better to wire in series? Ya idiot.

>> No.2512641

I love the single axel - all of the shit in my workshop is on casters for easy shuffling and its a huge pain when things shift at inconvenient moments because the cheapass brakes didn't hold,

>> No.2512649

Yeah I know, but won't 18650 go nuclear if you don't balance them correctly?

>> No.2512666

It's to support what could be on top of the roof.

>> No.2512667

I don’t think parallel cells need to be balanced, they will balance themselves out. Figure out a way to test the cells though, I still wouldn’t parallel cells that are in differing conditions or capacities.

>> No.2512678

Serrated bread knife gets stuck after an inch or so. If I heat it, I need to reheat it every few inches because the melting wax takes the heat out. So far I’ve been making small cuts with Stanley knife and dropping it on a piece of wood which seems to be the fastest way albeit messy. For smaller pieces a chisel works too

>> No.2512684

make one of those foam cutters with an electrified wire

>> No.2512687

I'll use one of those Litokala chargers with test programs. And probably keep a bucket of sand close by

>> No.2512695

How can I move a water tank if there is no pulley? How can I make a couple of threads to use as a backpack, so I can use a ladder?

>> No.2512700

try a cheese grater

>> No.2512701

instructions unclear
dick stuck in toaster

>> No.2512728

Yeah, You are right anon, I have a 750 L plastic water tank that need to be moved to the roof but there is no way to get to the roof from inside/outside only a couple of hand holdings like 5 meters above the ground on site. Ithere is no place to put a pulley and the only thing I made of my mind is try to use a rope to wrap and tie the tank and use a couple of diy suspenders to take the tank like a backpack. But I don't see another way to do so. Thanks

>> No.2512743

a quick google search shows that the empty tank would only weigh 55 pounds empty.
there is a company that makes webbing to use a 55 gallon drum as a back pack but i can't find a pic right now.
it should be simple to wrap some webbing around the tank and attach some shoulder straps.
do you have to go up a ladder, or is there a man lift or something?

>> No.2512793

something like this

>> No.2512805

Yes I have to accomodate the ladder in some unusual ways to make it fit, but stable.
Great idea, but the tank I need to carry is more like this
and the diameter is 110 cm (almost 4ft), but I have and idea.
Thanks for you time and the page, it seems the name fits the site, but it's a good one.
Thanks anon.

>> No.2512808

If I commit suicide will the police look at my internet history?

>> No.2512833

If the police look at my internet history will I commit suicide?

>> No.2512839

you're welcome, anon. be safe on your ladder.
you could probably jerry rig a strap system out of ratchet straps, they would most likely cinch up tighter around the tank than, say, rope. then put some more straps to go over your shoulders

>> No.2512841

might do

>> No.2512843

also, i would like to see what you come up with for future reference

>> No.2512936

Can someone recommend an HD amplified antenna? The nearest stations to me are ~32 miles from my place.

>> No.2512948

The fire alarms in my house started beeping. I did the normal swap out the batteries thing but they kept beeping. At this point I figured I had a bad detector. I took it down and put it in a closet to see if it muffled the sound. I still heard it and I took down another putting it in a closet. I took down every alarm in the area but there's still a beeping. I took off the base plate and there's nothing but wires underneath. The beeping is still there and loud AF. WTF IS ACTUALLY BEEPING!!! I feel like a jackass

>> No.2512953

What could be on a tin roof? Many feet of snow? What if I'm not expecting more than an inch or two? How do I know exactly what thickness i need assuming it's pine

>> No.2512990
File: 54 KB, 600x400, sba61al-b-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are these strap clamps any good?

>> No.2513007

in a principal purlin system in which purlins rest on the side walls does the load stress mostly point downward on the sidewalls instead of sidewards stress in a principal rafter design

>> No.2513120
File: 54 KB, 1200x1200, hot knife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A "hot knife" is pic related, an electric tool with a heated "blade" that can melt its way through difficult-to-cut-cleanly things like foam or wax. A serrated knife gets stuck because it's built to wedge itself into flexible material, and the stiff wax binds on it. A saw would work because it removes material from its path. It would be messy though. A hot knife would make a fast, clean job of it.

>> No.2513122

>What could be on a tin roof?
All sorts of things. At an absolute minimum, a tool-laden person with bundles of roofing material to build it in the first place.

>Many feet of snow? What if I'm not expecting more than an inch or two?
It doesn't matter what you expect. What's the 100-year max accumulation in your area? Then add some rain on top of that for an idea of what a roof needs to handle to not fall down on people due to normal weather. The roof also needs to withstand wind loads and debris impacts, especially if there are trees nearby.

>How do I know exactly what thickness i need assuming it's pine
Actual engineering. Or you could just build to local code.

>> No.2513123

Situationally, yes. Do you encounter that sort of situation much?

>> No.2513125

Depends on the design. Ideally, the roof structure wouldn't apply lateral loads to walls due to its own weight, but it's possible to set it up so that it would.

>> No.2513131
File: 10 KB, 300x300, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is a good rule of the thumb when deciding on what fan to get for a bathroom? Currently I have a ~95m3/h Bosch with humidity sensor in a ~4,6m2 bath, but it's underwhelming. Was researching for a stronger one, but I guess all 100mm ones would be around 100 m3/h? There's a stronger version of my model, but it's 125mm and this would require some modifications.

Also, is a vent in the door a must? Just remembered that I didn't install one after changing the doors.

>> No.2513134

>Also, is a vent in the door a must?
If you want to vent air, there needs to be a way for replacement air to get in.

>> No.2513144

Yes fair point, stupid of me for not seeing this earlier. Will jump to the hardware store later.

Do you otherwise the sizing of the fan to the room fits?

>> No.2513148

You don't need a door vent if there's an air vent or if the door has a decent gap under it.
The best fans sit in the vent line away from the bathroom but I always put in the quietest fan that's rated for way more sqft than the bathroom

At home I have a light commercial vent fan in our bathroom because I'm mildly autistic about it

>> No.2513151

New ones know when they expire
Smoke detectors stop being reliable after so many years

>> No.2513155

Also thought about this, there is barely any gap beneath it.
Besides the door and the extractor fan, there aren't any inputs or outputs.

>> No.2513171
File: 3.25 MB, 4000x2352, IMG_20221201_1353115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are these spots that have fucked up the glass in my windows? There are tiny pinpricks in the middle, surrounded by a translucent light circle. Can't get that shit off.

>> No.2513180
File: 1.67 MB, 2160x3840, IMG-20221130-WA0005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm repainting these metal chairs, I managed to strip about 80% of the paint. Should I keep peeling until my autism says so or I'm good to start painting?
I used a paint striper that looks like a white paste, kinda shitty cause you have to aply the paste and wait 3-15 minutes and them scrub really hard with a metal brush. Do you guys recommend another kind of paint remover?

>> No.2513186
File: 187 KB, 1125x738, wire wheel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Knotted wire wheel on an angle grinder. Wear face shield, goggles, and respirator. Wire cup/brush in drill (or preferably die grinder) for tight spots.

>> No.2513191

there is no local code but people traditionally have used a very closely netted system but it was because it carried stone tiles
people on the web using big lumber like 2x10 2x12 and recommending to place them <1ft apart lol i'm not placing this shit closer than 5ft

>> No.2513199

>but it was because it carried stone tiles
No, it wasn't. A stone roof is much lighter than the lightest code allowance for live loads.

>big lumber like 2x10 2x12 and recommending to place them <1ft apart
Whether this is appropriate depends on factors such as the span and load. You can do the math to check that if you want, but from the conversation so far you're probably not familiar with how that works.

>> No.2513210

Basement is waterproofed unfinished. I want to put cedar siding down a side of the wall (not load bearing of course), am wondering if the frame, siding, drywall can be under 2inches without it falling apart

>> No.2513243
File: 291 KB, 727x969, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I end up installing grilles, should help if the fan is strong enough

>> No.2513253

stone slates are definitely heavier than tin sheets for an area of coverage
i only need to see how many supports does a sheet need to successfully support a person standing at a point whats the point of a calculation that is more convoluted that the problem it's trying to solve

>> No.2513259

I'm 29 with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering but no experience in the field. What should I read/study to prepare myself to an interview with a company that works with Air conditioning and hvac stuff. I didn't completely forgot what I've learned but since it's been years since I pass the exams I am not prepared.

>> No.2513402

Box and cabinet making i guess? Moderate amount

>> No.2513409

Hoe complicated is troubleshooting a broken music keyboard? Someone near me is giving away a really good one for free but says it won't power on.

1)check if its the power cable
2)unscrew and check for loose connections and buttons
3)check caps

>> No.2513425

Yep, thanks again. I could carry halfway, since I have no ratchet straps at hand I just make it ropes tight as I can, but the problem now lies theres is no space to give a strong pull towards the end. And the roof is all cramped and there is no room to take a a pulley/pulley like or pin to support the tank.

Yes, I'm in that idea too. But if someone like to know, the ratchet straps are the way to go, for this kind of situations overall.

Since there is space only to walk one feet at the time, I was thinking to clim to the roof and give a strong pull, this has the downside it can fly to the street and other roofs, or it can damage the tank.
And the other is to hold it for a couple of meters to some part of the building clearer so it can be less stress but you have to hold for yourself first for a couple of moments before to pull it up.

Nobody cares for the roof designs...

>> No.2513454

not to sound like an asshole.
you could probably google the brand and troubleshooting and get some answers better than someone here would have

>> No.2513456

is there a second person who could handle a guide rope at the bottom and stop it swinging around wildly?
then one person could stand at the top and pull it up while the person at the bottom stabilizes it, it's probably light enough you won't need a pulley

>> No.2513514

A family member have gave me access to an empty garage that have been without use for decades.
Really full of dust and shit, there is no electricity or water yet there, so no vacuum cleaner and every time I try to sweep it I only manage to move dust from one place to everyfuckingwhere. The floor is irregular unfinished concrete, how should I clean it in a non masochistic way?

>> No.2513559

With a hose or Hosé?

>> No.2513747

Carpet beating >>>> vaccum cleaning

>> No.2513760

Found a bunch of free vents and ducting on CL, what're the odds that they're riddled with asbestos?

>> No.2513774

The thermostat is what controls when the furnace turns on or off. If it's turning off too early, it's likely a thermostat problem. They are pretty cheap so just get a shitty digital one and see if that does any better.

>> No.2513777

Seeing as all the batteries on are one plate, they will kinda self balance. It'll all be low voltage so it should be relatively fine. I would worry more about the chink pcb than the batteries themselves.

>> No.2513820
File: 10 KB, 530x530, DWHT83187_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have these extra big ass bar clamps. Both ends can be detached. Is there a specific name for the metal bar so that i can get a shorter one? One end has a hole

>> No.2513828

How do I keep my pieces stable when using a circular saw? I need to rip a bunch of boards but the cuts have to be perfect (and angled).

>> No.2513841

No water there, seriously how the hell should I clean that garage?

>> No.2513848

Shit bring a jerry can then?

>> No.2513866

Can I forgo LED driver? Powering LED straight from battery - I just need to regulate the voltage and have a pwm for dimmer right?

For a 100W LED chip

>> No.2513867

With water or electricity, preferably both. cheap power washer.

>> No.2513874

>stone slates are definitely heavier than tin sheets for an area of coverage
But they're a fraction of the weight of the lightest code requirement for live loads. We're back to >>2512666
>It's to support what could be on top of the roof.
You understand this conceptually, right? It's just that you don't like the implication that you should spend more on structural materials than you anticipated, right?

>i only need to see how many supports does a sheet need to successfully support a person standing at a point
If the roof will be enclosed within another structure, sure. Real buildings outside need to handle wind, snow, and other stuff. Roofs in places with no snow at all are still typically required to handle 20 pounds per square foot live loading (snow loads go up to 100 pounds per square foot in the contiguous US). With your proposal of five feet between supports, a ten foot span would require each board to support a thousand pounds in addition to whatever the actual roof weighs in order to meet that standard. Have you ever flown a kite? Wind loads can be significant on their own.

>whats the point of a calculation that is more convoluted that the problem it's trying to solve
Calculations like that are cheaper than someone being killed or maimed from a roof falling on them. They're even cheaper than the materials that would go into the roof. If you don't want to follow the building codes which are designed to give a ready answer that will work, you have the option of doing the math to get it right, or of maybe facing a negligence lawsuit.

>> No.2513876

Leaf blower for initial rough cleaning. Shop vac for cleaning up residual mess and project messes.

>> No.2513878

>Is there a specific name for the metal bar so that i can get a shorter one?
Except for the kits where the manufactured clamp fixtures attach to a piece of pipe you supply yourself, those bars are custom profiles that the manufacturer uses specifically for those clamps. However, clamps like the one in the pic come in a variety of sizes. You can also cut down the bar if you want.

>> No.2513879

Clamp the piece to be cut to a table / saw horses, and use a fence or guide board to keep the saw straight as it cuts. However, a table saw is a better tool for that job if one is available.

>> No.2513900

I an trying to figure out the appliance load for a 20 amp house circuit. Do I use VA or RMS values for the appliances and the circuit breaker? Are appliance label ratings VA or RMS?

>> No.2513903

Nah cuttind down no option since its a good bar for furniture and stuff. Ay for more propietary shit

>> No.2513914

>Are appliance label ratings VA or RMS?
Yes. RMS is a way of expressing the attributes of alternating current. It's the common convention for mains power.

>> No.2513915

I started sweeping, which displaces most of the shit and is not as disgusting as before, but there is so much dust that is fucking impossible to clean, there is always a 20% left of the fine dust that still goes everywhere.
I'll try to get a generator and a shop vacuum cleaner. I suposse that shop cleaners are like the consumer units and they are prepared to be used as leaf blowers just changing the tubes no?

>> No.2513918

>I suposse that shop cleaners are like the consumer units and they are prepared to be used as leaf blowers just changing the tubes no?
Kind of. They're not optimized for blowing. A proper leaf blower can blow dust from across a decent sized room, which is the reason to use it for roughly blowing stuff out of the garage.

>> No.2513920

Ive cleaned some pretty horrific scenes. You gotta realise that cleaning isnt so easy as to do it once for these sort of things. Think of it as "each time i remove 90% of the crap that was there". Question is will you stop at 90, 99, 99.9 ...?

>> No.2513921

Oh I cannot throw shit out anyway, its in middle of one of the main streets of my city.
So it will be better to use it only sucking dusk, meh, it would be more work in some places, but not a big deal

>> No.2513928

No, what I mean is just sweeping due how irregular is the concrete and how fine is the dust there is a non small amount that I just cannot sweep. A broom with more fine filaments would work but would be destroyed fast here. I was looking for some alternative to a vacuum cleaner

>> No.2513930

What's the best readily available lubrication for rubber oring piston? Like those in solder sucker and bb guns
I've been using vasline

>> No.2513935

can you make a hole dug in the ground retain water with just stone?

>> No.2513937

Yes, if you place a watertight stone bowl in the hole.

>> No.2513947

what if i place a vinyl barrel will it collapse from the dirt pressing in?

>> No.2513949

Insufficient data to give meaningful answer.

>> No.2513951

100L empty barrel buried in the ground
does it need to be filled at all times to not collapse
also how long will the material last just buried in the soil

>> No.2513991

You need to just buy the clamps that connect to 3/4" or 1/2“ pipe

>> No.2513997

Next time i think i will

>> No.2514023

How do I clean and disinfect microfiber cloth or towel that has recommend temperature at only 30-40 degrees Celsius?

>> No.2514026


I went on a rant about it recently. It’s based for rubber o-rings and it’s the same shit as dielectric grease so I put the stuff on electrical connections that get crusty. I just used it replacing a shower cartridge, and I use the stuff on the o-rings and other seals on my pressure washer hose and gun.

Home Depot has a little Oatey brand container in the plumbing department I believe, look for “silicone plumbing grease”, comes in a small jar like some solder flux.

>> No.2514043
File: 369 KB, 1280x958, 918CE9B4-7140-42BB-9FC4-62F64609ABF8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2514057
File: 3.23 MB, 2835x3780, 20221202_191607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was an old cable running through an exterior wall of my new apartment, and I wanted to replace it with another one. So I pulled it out (should've attached my new cable to it...), but now even when I try to poke a metal wire through it, I can't reach the other side, it just gets stuck. Seems like the hole is not straight. I also tried a trick with attaching a string to a plastic bag and vacuuming it from the other side, to no avail.

How would I go about pulling a wire through it?

>> No.2514065
File: 319 KB, 406x546, 1473336969801.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2514089
File: 68 KB, 790x628, S012c9e788bde465781bf47e7f7e24d401_jpg_92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone used these bellows type hoses for a shower? I've got a short run to fill, and these are cheap.

Is the internal rubber hose design just better than this full metal one? Last hose failed at the connector which was cheap plastic with chrome paint.

>> No.2514113

problem with the vacuum is the wall is hollow inside
if the holes are reasonably close you can use steel ball chain on one side and a magnet on a stick on the other side. i know these might be obscure materials for some people but they are usefull addons for wire fishing rod kits, my #1 for awkward pulls

>> No.2514132
File: 2.32 MB, 4000x3000, 1641345572346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

theres some rodent living inside the walls of my attic. how do I get rid of this fucker besides doing pic related

>> No.2514138

Cheers mate, I'll give it a go tomorrow.

>> No.2514174

Block tumblr from your wifi and your exwifes son will come crawling out

Beware that her new man might kick you out for pissing her off tho

>> No.2514204

Depends on what you want to disinfect it from, but soap and water will kill most microbes.

>> No.2514235

Depends on the barrel structure, kind and preparation of dirt, ground water content, actual material used ("vinyl" is a broad category), and local climate.

>> No.2514243


>> No.2514244

Buy a longer drill bit and drill another outside hole.
Patch the old

>> No.2514248

Your lights might dim as the battery loses voltage, they might not work at 50% charge, it really depends

Asbestos is just hair like fibers
Blow them off with a blower if you're that paranoid

>> No.2514250

Bring water, dump on floor, squeegee out

>> No.2514252

Unless they manufacture, you just need to prove you're not an idiot
If they do manufacture the actual coolant systems and furnaces, you just need to read about how those work and basic specs of the latest hydrofluorocarbon

>> No.2514253

This old house has a video
Glue the thinnest pink fanfold foamular insulation to the wall for moisture+ insulation
Run 3/4" plywood strips horizontal drilling into the concrete then strips vertical outside of that.
Code requires an outlet every 8' so this will allow you to do that and give you a way to attach the drywall and siding
The thinnest foam is like 1/2" +1.5" in plywood strips +1/2" basement drywall so like 2.5" + siding

>> No.2514254

Looks like someone shot your window with an airsoft gun or something

>> No.2514257

How do I know what size air compressor to get? I've used them at work and on other farms but I just used the ones that were there, never really learnt about them. I want to be able to blow crap out of tools (cleaning), fill car/truck/tractor tyres, maybe a couple of air tools but not sure if I'd be better off just buying cordless equivalents these days... not a huge set of requirements, but I still have no idea how much power/volume/flow I need.

>> No.2514279

Biggest one you can afford that has enough CFM at 90 psi to run the most demanding tool you want to get.

>> No.2514280

>I want to be able to blow crap out of tools (cleaning), fill car/truck/tractor tyres,
1-gallon or other small compressor of reputable quality. Larger will make filling tires faster.

>maybe a couple of air tools
Depends on the tools, which will have listed specifications for their air requirements. The tiny compressor mentioned above can run trim nailers just fine, and framing nailers intermittently, but most air tools need more than that. 20CFM is in the range for small but decent grinders or other tools where the air spins a motor, and the air tank needs to be big enough to cover typical continuous cases (the compressor doesn't need to deliver 20CFM continuous). But air tools can go a lot bigger than that. A big blow gun might use 50 CFM, and the larger grinders I use at work use 80-125 CFM.

>not sure if I'd be better off just buying cordless equivalents these days
Depends on the tool. Air is nice for shop work but not very viable for field use without a mobile compressor (which is an expense and hassle on its own). For things like drills and grinders with good electric options, electric is probably the way to go for home use. Air blow guns are nicer than electric, generally, but electric blowers can work well. Some things absolutely require compressed air, like plasma cutters. The more precisely you can nail down your expected uses, the more precisely an air compressor (if one is warranted) can be tailored to your situation.

>> No.2514281

Well, barrels can be thin and flexible, or thick-walled / structurally reinforced and stiff, and this relates to the material they're made from. "Vinyl" us usually pretty resistant to sun, but depending on its formulation vinyl can vary from very soft rubbery material like a baby's pacifier to the hard material used in PVC pipes (some of which are made for use outside). And different soils behave differently. Some can be packed into walls that last centuries, some crumbles apart and assumes its slope of repose easily. And if the water table is above the bottom of the hole, a container will float out unless it's weighed down. Climate affects much of that.

>> No.2514372

Is hydraulic lime from fertilizer shop same one used for mortar

>> No.2514381

Check the actual chemical ingredients.

>> No.2514393

Lipo batteries, should be fine. 4.2v to 3.2v per cell range. If voltage is regulated it shouldn’t. They can more than keep up with the current draw.

>> No.2514395

If you fill a lot of tires, you want a bigger one. The expensive, quiet small ones are fine for light duty pneumatic work, but if you want to do roofing and big tires, I'd buy a big one

>> No.2514431

it doesn't state ingredients but it does say hydrated lime with carbonate
i have a bag of non hydrated lime but idk what it is exactly either

>> No.2514435

Nope, it's different.

>> No.2514485

What type of lime is fertilizer lime
Can you use random lime to make mortar i read somewhere you can it will just take long to set
Does hydraulic lime CaO come in solid form like rocks and degrade quickly into powder form hence the term quicklime
What is white powder lime

>> No.2514535

its all burnt limestone, from a basic viewpoint they start out the same. But then they add shit to it. To make it more suited to its particular use. If you want to try some interesting science take a propane torch to seashells and turn them into ash. and then add water to it. blamo, you got lime putty.

Its also slaked (or soaked in water) for different amounts of time and then dried to different moisture contents.

What are you trying to do? Check out tadelkat, its made by poor people with basic ass shit, so you can probably find a mix design. Just stay away from all the inevitable white bitches on Instagram, and faggots on youtube talking about it, Im sure they will find a way to overcomplicate what is essentially burnt rocks and water.

>> No.2514540

BTW cement is just extra burn rocks, they add some shit to it as well, some iron oxide and melakaotin.

Which is just fancy fag talk for burnt rocks, plus rusty rocks, plus really fucking tiny rocks.

LOL the words is made of rocks.

>> No.2514541

Fellas whom take apart your cell phone to do repairs on it: what do you do once the adhesive that holds the screen in place starts wearing out?

>> No.2514555

I'm trying to make mortar what if the kind of lime I have is the one used for whitewashing walls
is that slaked lime as in Ca(OH)2
Sine you put hydraulic lime in water to make slaked lime does that mean I can use this straight away to make mortar

>> No.2514558

I think it needs to age or some shit. I went way down this rabbit hole years ago and couldnt find any legit answers. I think I just ended up using thinset as stucco and left it at that.

>> No.2514561

CaO needs to age in water to become Ca(OH)2
which goes in mortar and then sits on the walls to become CaCO3 after absorbing CO2

>> No.2514786
File: 39 KB, 1328x533, 2022-12-03 16_54_36-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which layout would you prefer for a gamer/maker space?

1 is main floor
2 and 3 is second floor attic space (walls not full height)

using multiple rooms is a possibility but it feels like an extravagant use of space

>> No.2514787

What's a reputable brand? I'm thinking of getting


What's considered little or big? As above I'm thinking of getting a 30L (~8 gallon) one.

>> No.2514788

whatever has the maximum volume

>> No.2514806

>What's a reputable brand?
Rolair and Ingersoll Rand come to mind, but most DIYers would have better economy from a cheaper brand, and the reasonable options vary by location. I'm not familiar enough with AEG to comment. You can check reviews for that and other models to see if people are generally satisfied with their offerings, or if there are recurring issues.

>What's considered little or big?
~1-5 gallons is little for a portable compressor, and can typically be picked up with one hand and carried around. ~10-ish is medium, and often comes on wheels to cart around easily. 20-30 gallons is on the larger end of what is made to be moved around by hand but is small for a fixed shop unit. 60 gallons and 2-3 horsepower is medium for a shop compressor, and 80-100 gallons and 5hp is on the large end of consumer air compressors. An additional option is auxiliary air tanks to increase the system's stored air capacity. I have a semi-mobile shop compressor that can run a plasma cutter at 100% duty cycle, and some air tanks that allow reasonable run times on big blow guns and small grinders.

>> No.2514932

Where would I ask about making my own antenna for frequencies used by mobile phones? Is DIYing such an antenna feasible? Like a rooftop directional antenna, to be mounted where an old TV antenna is for use with a signal amplifier

>> No.2515211

Are there any US-based DIY forums (not /diy/ or reddit) that are active and have a somewhat based user base?

>> No.2515275

The hinge on my casement window is rotted and doesn't close properly. I don't know a hammer from a wrench but I'm confident enough in attempting to replace it.

What should I know before attempting this? Are there different sized hinges? Do they fit all casement windows?

>> No.2515290
File: 109 KB, 264x381, hinge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's specifically this part that's rotted I can't find what it's called but I assume I can't just by that part alone, I'll need the whole hinge

>> No.2515304
File: 100 KB, 577x1280, wndw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Took a picture. IDK the condition of the window, It doesn't look bad under there, just this part is rusted off

>> No.2515307

How do you go about cutting marble slab to size? I have a few engineered slabs left over but cutting them seems like an absolutely awful job to do. Is renting a wet saw the only way? How do i even make cuts with one when the slabs 3 meters long?

>> No.2515385

I've used a circular saw with a masonry blade
Just support it everywhere around the cut, put on a mask and go nuts (outside in the wind preferably)
Tile guys use wet sponges to minimize chipping which might help with dust suppression but the marble should cut cleanly. Only thing I'd worry about would be improper support and breaking at a vein

>> No.2515390

Best way to support such pieces? The thing is heavy as fuck, i can barely lift it with the helf of a friend. I feel like laying it down and digging a trench under the cut could work as retarded as that sounds.

>> No.2515422

So I'm starting at Roto Rooter, and I'm a bit concerned.
Is working for only commission and having to buy your work vehicle a trades standard?

>> No.2515502

Rigid foam on top of loose sand.

>> No.2515510
File: 28 KB, 403x478, LED Pin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought this switch in the picture (Spdt) and I wanted to power a single LED from a 9v battery. I'm an idiot and the switch does NOT turn the LED off. I used both pins on the outside. Do I need to use the middle pin?

>> No.2515516
File: 38 KB, 450x240, spdt-on-on jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2515517

I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I didn't mention that I only have 2 working wires from the LED to the 9v battery. Did I fuck up even worse?

>> No.2515519

Use the middle pin and one of the outer pins (doesn't matter which).

>> No.2515521

Thank you, so very much!

>> No.2515627

4 sawhorses on concrete

>> No.2515665

Fixing up an old typewriter with some steel hardware, screws and such, that are already extremely rusty. After cleaning them off, what's the easiest way to rust-treat them? Cold blueing?

>> No.2515708

how come i always see houses with carpet on the floor but i never see it on the walls or ceiling?
like wouldnt that be super comfy to have a fuzzy room, wouldnt that be the warmest place ever in winter

>> No.2515709

slavs love carpets on walls
it's good insulation in a soviet built apartment block

>> No.2515718

which plumping plier/wrench is most versatile

>> No.2515726

I'll have to greentext this sorry since it's just faster to write this way.
>Have newly built home
>Builders are retarded and dug the house in quite a fair amount because.... Honestly, I don't even know why.
>This means the backyard is always tilted towards the house
>This also means rain water tends to pool around the houses foundation
>Mom worries daily because the foundation could crack and the insurance doesn't cover it and yadda yadda
>Wonders for months what she's gonna do, just keep telling her she can either; live with it, put a drain around the foundation, or dig in the whole backyard so that it's lower than the neighbors but she can put a raised flowerbed around the fence
>Gets 5 different people to come give her ideas/quotes
>Low and behold, it's the same ideas I told her months ago but whatever
>She decides to dig in
>Pays for a contractor to do it
>Guy does a nice job but clearly cuts some corners towards the end (e.g, refused to pack the soil)
Anyway, all's nice and well until
>Neighbor finally gets their yard done today
>They have theirs packed REALLY high on all sides
>This means all 3 houses around us have backyards higher than ours
>Mom isn't here but was counting on that house's backyard being the same level as ours so we can have a runoff
>Nobody lives there yet
>It's night time
Should I just hop next door and scrape away some soil? or is there nothing to really worry about?

>> No.2515740

>or is there nothing to really worry about?
A lawsuit.

>> No.2515747

I meant is there nothing to worry about in terms of being sandwiched in by higher yards.
Also it's only illegal if you get caught, which I won't since nobody lives there yet.

>> No.2515751

>I meant is there nothing to worry about in terms of being sandwiched in by higher yards.
Depends on how your mom's yard is set up. You haven't explained how the recent landscaping is supposed to have helped, how the corner-cutting may have inhibited that, or how the neighboring house's landscaping affects that.

>> No.2515755

Ah my bad. Initially the yard was tilted towards the house causing rain water to pool around the foundation. She contracted some landscaping to dig in that land making it flat in line with the house, meaning rain water now just pools in random places in the yard away from the foundation. Because all of our neighbors haven't dug in their backyards (so water is most likely pooling against their foundations), it means our backyard is inherently lower than everyones. Mom alleviated any of their run off by putting a raise garden around the fence higher than 2 of our neighbors yard. Except on one side because that's where our run off was supposed to go, but can't anymore since that neighbor just had their landscaping done and it's higher than our yard. This isn't our contractors fault at all, it's the neighbors for having an enormously high yard (I checked it 20 minutes ago and it's so high it's actually tilting towards their own house). I'm shit at explaining but I hope this paints a better picture.
This just means we now have to put another raised garden but on that side, or I can jump over and just scrap some of that shit away so that it's actually flat.

>> No.2515796

>carpet on the walls and ceiling
Carpet burns easier than drywall, and definitely easier than brick or some other material.
I agree with you that it would feel comfy, though.

>> No.2515798
File: 260 KB, 400x300, s-l400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When was this Mitutoyo logo in use? I'm looking at an "old new stock" caliper (not pic related but similar, it also has inches) and it has this type of logo and I can't tell how old it actually is. It seems brand new but could be 50 for all I know. It's 5 dollars so seems like a good deal.

>> No.2515802
File: 68 KB, 505x882, mitutoyo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2515808

Damn. It is at least 60 years old then. Should I avoid? It's still sealed in original packaging from what I can tell from photos. For the equivalent of 5 USD this can potentially be a good deal, no?

>> No.2515814
File: 437 KB, 1160x617, 1641088699656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found a listing on ebay for the exact same model which goes for 82 dollars lol.

>> No.2515844

What rgb dimmable (not by switch but by remote) smart bulb should i get? Needs es/e27 mount. The bulb must absolutely not require wifi or a botnet app to operate. Apps are ok as long as theyre not shit. Ideally something above 12.5w, preferably one that can get really bright.

I need to view objects under pure red light as well as normal light, thats why i want a smart bulb, but its in a shed with no internet.

>> No.2515864

could powder white lime carbonate just being in it's bag? how do i tell if it's carbonated

>> No.2516008

Can I put a towel over my pilot light without causing a fire?

>> No.2516098

i want to attach a towel rack to a door, but it's made of cheap pulpy composite material that doesn't hold the screws at all, even with plugs. is there some fix for this? maybe fill the hole with wood filler and screw them in when dry?

>> No.2516156

drywall anchors if you can find any short enough, there's a lot of designs so some might work

>> No.2516165

I wanted to follow up and say thank you! That did work. Appreciate you.

>> No.2516329

How do I get into IRC chat ? How do I make sure I dont get fucked over by someone doing a WHOIS and doxxing me ? What are some good places to hang out and chat - dont care about politics, just want to hang out.

>> No.2516396
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Let's say I want to buy some land and build a dwelling. How do I go about budgeting my /diy/ cabin? I plan to largely do the work myself, and the property would have a good amount of trees for wood. I have access to a large variety of tools, so I will likely have most of what I need without purchasing too many new things.
>inb4 life isn't minecraft
I know, but all those shows about people building their homes innawoods make it seem fairly straightforward. The housing market is expensive as fuck, and building my own home (with the help of a couple friends when needed) sounds like a worthwhile experience with the benefit of not paying a gorillion dollary doos a month for a basic bitch house. Tradeoff is naturally some modern amenities, and likely a shit resale value on the property if I later move.
>bonus meme:
I'm interested in homesteading as well
>Extra spicy meme
Am single and realize that being "that guy who lives in a cabin" will likely nuke any chance of ever having a gf

>> No.2516776
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I have a strange plumbing issue that I can't figure out.

>turn on water, hot or cold
>drip sound in wall starts to form
>speeds up as faucet is open
>slows down after faucet is closed
>no water in basement under wall
>not drain related
wtf is going on? If it was a leaky pipe, why do I only hear a drip after opening the faucet? My next test is to leave the water on a long time and check the basement again but I'd still like to hear if anyone has any ideas.

>> No.2516806

leaking at the mixing valve or faucet cartridge?

>> No.2516839

i dont think so, doesn't matter which faucet i use in the bathroom or the kitchen (same wall)

>> No.2516843

hey frens, I want to make a cat tree and I am very beginner and would appreciate input. I'm at the design stage now.
I want to attach all four of the 1'x1'x.5" plywood platforms to a central post that is two 2x4s glued together. The tree will be about 4' tall and will be secured to the wall. I do not know if it will be on a stud as the location is fixed.

My main question is, can I accomplish this without needing ancillary vertical 2x4s for platform support? How would I need to go about reinforcing the base? Other advice would be appreciated as well, this will be the largest project I've ever done and I'm slightly nervous.

>> No.2516845

there are cabin layouts available online. If you can process your own trees then that will obviously cut down cost, but depending on the size you're looking for, you can build a simple a frame for pretty cheap, I see them all over in the tiny house world.

I'm more concerned about permits, I think that'll be your biggest obstacle depending on where you live.

Also in case you haven't before, try and actually live without all of the amenities you're looking to go without before you actually commit so you can know what your wants vs needs are.

>> No.2516851

euro walls are made of concrete anon, and they don't have basements (that I've ever seen) so UV is probably going to be a big factor.

>> No.2516856

who cares you'll be dead

>> No.2516863

they have no kill traps anon

>> No.2516939

What are the union positions called when you're not an apprentice or journeyman? They're usually just shop helpers or drivers but I am blanking on the name for some reason.

>> No.2516951

house nigga

>> No.2516957

they will resurrect him just so they can punish his degenerate deviance

>> No.2516958

why bother with a no kill reap?
it's entered the home, the NAP has been violated

>> No.2516991

I think CW is what I was looking for.

>> No.2516997

I have a sink drain where the pipe under the sink (before the trap) has rotted away to the point that it is too short to connect to the drain (and, of course, it shifted so water mostly doesn't get in the pipe).
Could I just replace it with schedule 40 PVC (the trap is made out of PVC so I'm not really sure why a PVC pipe wasn't just used to connect to the drain anyway) and not disturb the trap if I'm willing to take out the drain?
Would that be a terribly complicated job for a layman?

It seems simple in theory, long as I cut the PVC right.

>> No.2517038

My penis is thick and long, and my wife is a petite woman (we are both White).
What is the best way to "soundproof" an internal door so that we can freely and enthusiastically do the natural obligations without disturbing our children or guests?
Our walls are already thick and little sound gets through them, the door is the weak link.

>> No.2517141

>my wife is a petite woman (we are both white)
Fucking liar you got yellow fever.

>> No.2517201
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Need a magnifying lamp with clamp for the desk. Anyone got any recommendations for a bright and sturdy one?

>> No.2517287

do you know how many female orbiters forest anon has

>> No.2517290

how hard is lime mortar supposed to be after setting as a reference? i left some out in a loaf of bread form and after 3 days it breaks like a piece of cookie
it's a little harder than something made of uncooked dirt though

>> No.2517393

The only real way to solve this is to set up your French drains to drain into the street, if you have a storm drain anywhere near you punch a hole into the to the side of it so you get enough drain pitch.

>> No.2517404

Send me a video of you fucking your wife so I can analyse the acoustic profile and give you the best advice on soundproofing.

>> No.2517461

Looking for a recommendation for a toolpouch or bag or something for carrying an impact driver and a bunch of screws while up a ladder.

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