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I work at a big industrial facility and routinely have to open old and rusty valves. I’d love to rig up some attachment with an impact or similar to open these quickly and easily. Anyone have any ideas or have seen anything that would beat a pipe wrench?

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Maybe a sturdy 2x4 with two nails/screws in the end on a diagonal? Hook the points around one of the supports in the handle and push until they lock against the sides and begin levering it open.

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we used to use a hole hog that had a wheel nigger rigged to the drive. and just held it against the handle. This only works if the valve is not seized up at all. but we operated daily so that was not an issue. except that one. fuck that one.

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Do you already use valve wheel wrenches? Get the single headed variety and bring a cheater pipe. The big industrial suppliers sell them.


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F wrench buddy

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Interesting. The place I work just uses big ass pipe wrenches

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Hahaha, amazing. I made this >>2509027 up on the spot and of course it's a real tool already.
"F Wrench" eh? Filing that away in the mental encyclopedia...

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>open old and rusty valves
Probably not the best idea.

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Stick your iphone in one of the gaps to give you leverage.

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why not just use a pipe wrench though?

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Lookup "portable valve actuator" and really think about what you're trying to do and what effects it could have if it goes wrong. Opening/closing valves too fast, not knowing valve gate position, or not being able to close a valve once opened, have contributed to killing hundreds of thousands of people globally in industrial accidents since the industrial revolution. If your valves are old and rusty I'm thinking your work site doesn't have adequate facility maintenance and therefore safe practices might be lacking or absent.

I am a system safety engineer, trust me when I say you wouldn't believe the seemingly benign shit people do that ends up being the first domino that triggers catastrophe. Good luck and be safe.

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We usually use 18 inch aluminum pipe wrenches and that will let us open just about anything in the plant. I just want to rig up something to have for shutdowns and big system lockouts to get shit done quick and return to the control room to return to shitposting ASAP.

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Good point, my friend. Vast majority of my valves are steam/feedwater valves and I’d only use my setup for isolating systems already down. All startup and line warming activities would definitely still be done manually. We are doing a pilot on one of the fancy powered systems like I’m trying to make a rig to copy, but not on any of my units.

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Tell the owner to buy a fucking Actuator and pay an electrician to wire a control panel. Also tell them to exercise the fucking valves like the O&Ms tell them to do.

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Hey USCSB, include me in the screen cap

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If the valves don't have stems you can use a pneumatic valve buddy

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Just get a bigger pipe wrench.

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One of my favorite YouTube channels.

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Grow some fucking balls and just open the god damn thing you lipstick wearing panty wearing spaghetti armed cry baby bitch

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Idiot detected. Wearing out your joints forcing shit causes damage you may regret later in life and shoulder replacements aren't fun. Go spout ignorance elsewhere.

Like the facility will replumb for a trifle like that. Where the fuck do you people get your ideas?

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just get one of these, most of the systems valves like that are installed on do not want valves opened too quickly or abruptly

alternatively a piece of 1" steel pipe with two 5/8" bolts welded 4" or 5" apart on the end will work too
longer the pipe the more leverage

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You fucking pussy…I might hurt my shoulder
Then use plan B…have mommy open them the cum guzzlin bitch still does your laundry bitch

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