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dont go to the hardware store tomorrow...

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It's closed and I need 1x4s and a new battery. Now I gotta drive 40 minutes to home depot.

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Why do mass plungerings only happen in America?

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Are Swedish pipe wrenches a meme

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Dunno, I have a Lux

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someone arson'd my local hardware store a few days ago and it's closed until further notice
It was just a big chain store so no real tragedy but man it's inconvenient, none of the other ones have half the selection.

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Fuck cremation, I want to be put in that thing after I die

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Nah bro don't do It, let's build a shed instead :)

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No, but they're just another pipe wrench.

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Fully auto all you can eat buffets at every corner

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your body will make an excellent protein shake for infants in AI dystopia

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