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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree he is the undisputed king of /diy/?

>Does actually build anything
>Tons of expensive tools and equipment he doesn't use
>Hates women
>Always forward thinking

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You had me at
>hates women

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>can we all agree he is the undisputed king of /diy/

can we all agree that OP is the undisputed king of retarded posters.

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Not being a dick. Your description makes me want to know.

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I'll admit that his content/knowledge is interesting.

I just can't not hate faggots. The fucking bandana makes me cringe at a spiritual level

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>The fucking bandana makes me cringe at a spiritual level


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Did he get cancelled or something?
Was following his videos for a few months until he did one which was civil unrest/ anti police adjacent and I assume he got shadowed banned?

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No he just keeps saying he quits YouTube then makes another video. He's a click bait gifting douchebag. He still gets recommended to me

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no idea who that is.

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>. He still gets recommended to me

In my youtube home page, if I hover over something like pic related, three dots show up over on the right below the image, and one of the items is "Don't recommend this channel to me".

It's one of my most used youtube items.

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His videos turned to shit about 5 years ago when he stopped being about homesteading and started whining about people calling him gay in the comments, shilling for tools, and "Forester approved way to take a shit" and garbage like that.

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Love his forest fire videos but I must admit, he puts a tad _too_ much attention to his clothing details. He must spend quite a lot of time in front of a mirrorxw2ar0

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He's a massive faggot who does nothing but try and sell you shit

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>OH no someone is trying to make a living, call the boomer police!

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>shilling all kinds of *product*

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he looks like he was just fucking decapitated on the thumbnail

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Isn't this the guy who calls his wife tradcon? If so then yeah definitely lmao

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>undisputed king of /diy/
Only AvE is more cringe
But you were close enough

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I miss AVE’s older videos where something was accomplished without all the bullshit. He used to speak in a coherent manner and the videos were informative compared to what he posts now. His channel, his choices but damn it went downhill.

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If Cody ever got in my face, I'd tell him to fuck right off.

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Lol me too

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He also calls himself a professional homeowner.

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Really? Lmao

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Well, he earns his living by living in a home

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He Is the king of consoomers

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So much this. They used to be interesting and now he spews out incoherent words and sounds like a drunkard schizo telling you about his cat collection.

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I think that's the main reason people watch him. Gotta cater to your viewers.

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Remember when he used to sell Jeep parts and scammed a bunch of people in the hero community before changing his username?

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It’s unfortunate, used to be him explaining something and throwing in a joke here or there. Now it’s centered around the same tired schtick with maybe a little technical nugget. Got to keep YouTube and reddit happy I suppose

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>pays mexicans to do everything off camera
>actually is a push over with his wife
>spends entire video trying to sell his beta male fan base a 30 tool dewalt set that comes with 2 batteries
>still has no idea how to do anything properly
He's a fake like every other jewtube celebrity

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The Mike Rowe method

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Based boomer

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>I miss AVE’s older videos where something was accomplished without all the bullshit.
People say this, but newfags wont even understand what you are saying

AVE went through and DELETED over 100 of his original, really good videos the second he got famous and got on Patreon.
Its been quickly downhill since then.
If you have watched a single one of his videos in the last 2 years, you are a retard.

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Once in a while I will sit through a short video of AVE's to see if the situation has improved and I'm always dissapointed by the sheer amount of Canadian baby-babble...

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guys a complete fraud retard lol

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but he gets the bill for that.

all the videos that got 3 or 5 M views are like 5 years ago.
his recent videos all go in the 250k view ragne which is pretty low for someone with 1,4M subscribers.

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That’s what pisses me off, there was actual interesting content on his channel before he deleted a good chunk of it. I get it, he can do what he wants but the fame really went to his head.

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he only needs one in fifty of those being a simp to make a more than comfy wage

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Moved from new York to Oregon is the most interesting part, but not going to do more actual FBI work for the diversity FBI here ..

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The bandana really threw me.
Looks really really fucking gay.
But then he goes on to mention his wife and his children so.... ???

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He's overtly and militantly christian which usually means he's gay or a pedophile and trying to hide it.

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>not Mr Essential

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oh shit I remember this guy. i got into him like 3-ish years ago and then he had some video where he was so fucking retarded trying to do something that I just couldn't watch him again.

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why are there so few diy related written articles and when will the interest for them get attention here on /diy/?

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You can't beat my champion

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Was it making a mailbox? That's where I lost him.

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>Tips fedora

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After this one post, I might leave 4chan forever. Watch to the end to see why

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if you call your wife a "tradwife" in real life, you're mentally ill

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You deflect because you know its 100% true

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Does it serve any purpose or is it just a style thing?

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The purpose is to subtly signal other queers that he will swallow cum.

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