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I'm looking for a decent flashlight to look at the things I'm doing myself. I have been browsing for a while and it seems like most flashlights are trying to be super tacticool with 500 different functions, and they're also super small for some reason so they probably overheat. What are some decent flashlights for the working man?

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>doesn't mention budget
>doesn't mention typa battery preferred
>doesn't mention kinda activities that need illumination

Go massage your prostate with a 5D maglite plz

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You are right.
up to 65-70$
>kinda activities that need illumination
my computer repairs and my aging father's indoor activities
>typa battery preferred
If I knew that much I wouldn't have to ask for advice.

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Get a big one

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Fenix T-30

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LED headlamps and not expensive ones. Holding a flashlight is like losing an arm. Whatever gets good ratings with a few thousand buyers is worth a look. I use them for task lighting all the time on vehicles, in my shop and home. I often don't bother turning on my garage light if I need something at night since I'm already wearing a light.

Multiple cheap LED lights beat single expensive lights when the battery discarges because I've many cheap lights scattered in my vehicles, home and shop. When I ceased overthinking light buys I got better and more lights.

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Just get one of these, you use your power tool batteries. If you can't find one cheapo with your battery-brand just get adapter for your batteries.

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If you want easy to source common batteries, stick to AA and buy an Nitecore MT2A or one of their USB rechargable lights with a built in battery. Nitecore is much better than Fenix.

If you want to upgrade to lithium, spend a little more on a light that takes 18650 batteries. Never buy or use unprotected batteries. Invest in a good charger. Nitecore P10 is a good example.

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>Nitecore is much better than fenix.
Streamlight is better than both.