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Bought a yard stick for a very specific one time application
Is there any reason to keep it in the garage or is it completely inferior to a tape measure?

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describe the one time application you stupid fuck

>> No.2508683

Put it in your ass.

>> No.2508687

There are better ways to get 3 feet up your ass.

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Keep it. Can't beat it for insertive measuring.

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I'd hang it on the wall. They don't come in handy often, but you already own it.

>> No.2509042

i keep one in the "this is exactly how long my penis is measuring tools" room.

To remember the length of my penis.

>> No.2509045

I use them to make long straight lines but I am certain that there are better tools for that.

>> No.2509062

Do you have children? If so they’ll find plenty of uses for it from toys to crafts and school projects.
If not, have sex.

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my grandma would smack us with one when we were bad
oil level in oil tank probably

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Better hang on to it, you never know when you might want a rigid measuring tape that is not actually straight and is dimensionally unstable as well

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