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can i make my own cold sorage like Trezor or ledger ? If yes how do i proceed for make one cheap ?

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>can i make my own cold sorage like Trezor
according to their website, it's open source hardware.

also, I used to hate the "it doesn't matter. you won't do it anyway" guy but after time has gone by, I have to admit that he's right 99% of the time

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>spends their life savings on crypto
>wants to diy a cryptography device
i'm sorry (in advance) for your loss

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Depends what you are trying to make, probably the cheapest option is using an old android phone or a raspberry pi as your base.

Cheaper option would be to buy a device.

Cheapest option is just write it on paper and hide it somewhere.

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write what ? i want to sotock the crypto in wallet

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oh ok... i understand now..

well i guess i'll use a paper now ?

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Write in on paper, put it in a wallet from the corner store for $2. Done.
Never trust your fuking life savings to technology are you crazy. Crypto is going to moon and your wallet is going to break, batteries explode, memory fails. Fuck that.

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yes I understood,

but I did not know at all the existence of the paper wallet. I also thought that the most secure were usb keys for crypto

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Buy old laptop
Buy 4 usb drive 8gig
To drive 1 load TAILS with etcher
To drive 2 load iancoleman bip39 mnemonic tools and other wallet you want (xmr for example)
Boot your laptpop with drive 1 TAILS
Disconnect wifi/bluetooth
with drive 2 copy/paste files
Unplug drive 2
Generate all the mnemonic seed with the iancoleman’s tool and copy/paste them in a KeepassXC file (it’s encrypted)
Write or qrcode with your phone the 1st public address of the BIP44 Wallet for each private key you have
Copy the keepass file in drive 3 and 4
Send small amount of coin on the public address, verify on the blockchain explorer
When you want to spend the coin just use a wallet bip39 like trust or coinomi
Recover you seed
Throw the account and never use it again

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What the fuck am I reading

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it may work... i have an old pc on me at the moment but only two usb keys

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a non-hardware cold wallet (paper or otherwise) is only secure if you generate and print it on an air gapped un-compromised machine.

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>hide it somewhere.
But if they find it, they'll know where I store my loli pictures.

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Gonna go out on a limb and guess that you're autistic?

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It only sounds like gibberish if you don't recognize those are all software names. He's basically saying to use a temporary OS (Tails) to encrypt a secondary hard drive with your wallet, while the entire system is disconnected from any networks.

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If you don't understand tech terms why are you here? Go play with rocks and mud instead.

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imagine if phones were this cool

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But this is /diy/, the place to play with mud (earthwork, pottery, brick) and rocks (masonry, gravel).

You are lost on your way to /g/.

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