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what's the best trade to get into if i want to drive around in a van and work alone?

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meth cook

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wet bandit

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Motivational speaker

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Truck stop prostitute serial killer

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okay forget the van. what's the best trade for an autist who likes to work alone?

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lock smith
mobile knife sharpener
private detective
dog walker

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>serial killer

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seconding locksmith
talked to one one time, nice guy, tried to poach me from my current job so he gave me some details on the work. just didnt seem like my thing though

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>I like driving van but some models make it difficult with the motor under there with little room
>but I don't want to touch the poo poo or mouse poo poo basement or the mobile home crawlspace
if you were also a pipe fitter you can get work at small towns when they dig up the towns utilities then you work with 2 or 3 of the guys from the streets and maintenance department to replace water mains or poo poo pipem

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sad clown
monster hunter

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Heavy duty truck mechanic. Not joking. Get ASE certified and get a 2-ton commercial van. Put up ads on local craigslist/facebook and park at the local truck stop. 90% of your jobs will be replacing brake hoses or tires. The other 10% will be shit like emergency head gasket or transmission swaps. This is a completely viable way to work, as many on-call emergency repair services operate in exactly this manner with or without a consummate fleet of tow trucks/wreckers to deal with accidents/spills.

It is also a horrible way to live but you will have every trucker sucking your cock because it's either you or their next paycheck.

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google street view mapper, pay is shit but they let you be on your own literally all day and nobody ever bothers other than the occasional boomer at the gas station or a corporate email wagie reminding you to keep your phone tethered to your car. google addecco street view. another bonus is you dont use your car or gas, must have good driving record and its only downside is that its a temp gig 3-6 months.

if you still want to drive a van i would get a ford transit connect and deliver packages for contract with other companies, ontrac, dhl etc.

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OTR trucker. People who can remain alone comfortably are ideal. Ask truckerfag etc on /o/ for current details.

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There's money there for sure as my truckmechbros are proof. Both used road service to get capital to start their repair shops which is even better and quite profitable. Operators beat the fuck out of log trucks and timber is booming in the Southeast so they always have work.

Be good with a torch (easy to learn but make the effort to learn how to wash a nut off a bolt without damaging the threads etc by practicing on scrap) and be a good stick and MIG welder and that's more money in your pocket. Get in touch with local welders to sub out what you can't or don't care to do.

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A buddy of mine is a courier for a small courier agency. He mostly delivers parts for medical and industrial machines. Occasionally its paperwork or something weird like an organ for transplant.
The way that the work flow goes is that he asks to be put on the "on-call" list with the agency and when a gig comes in, they call to see if he wants it. He already has it known by them that he doesn't want low paying local gigs. Only the better paying regional ones.

You can drive any type of vehicle as long as it's reliable, but a van or truck will sometimes allow you to carry a larger package and will occasionally get you a premium.

Usually the pay winds up around 1$ a mile oneway, so about $0.50 for each mile actually driven. He said he has to pay for his own fuel.
He often makes $200-250 for a ~400 mile ride. (that would be 400 miles total roundtrip, not 400 miles each way)
Sometimes he takes longer trips for bigger paychecks, but that turns into at least an overnighter so you have to figure that into the balance.

If you like going on weird random camping trips or if you have some major cities in a certain range where you have family or know people that you like to visit, then the lifestyle of this kind of gig can work out pretty well.

You wind up running a shitload of miles onto your vehicle though, so to make ~$50K you wind up putting almost 100K miles on the car.

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Mobile mechanic.
Just be up front and tell customers you are busy so you cannot chat until after work has been completed.

I do it full time @ $40/hr. Better be honest and better know your stuff though.

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>big, ugly A/T tires

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Carpet layer. You'll further fit the bill of child molester after doing it for a while. I did it in my 20's and every single one of those guys lived off cigarettes and alcohol, and let disgusting lives.

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HVAC service/repair man
Carpenter home repair/remodeler
Electrician residential
Appliance repair/service man
Tupperware salesman
Avon lady

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>OTR trucker.
already been suggested here - >>2508426

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An actual good post.

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HVAC is terrible. You have to interact with customers too much.

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>'hey guys i'm autistic what job should i get'
>recommends a job where literally everyone he encounters will stare at him until he leaves

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Does food service equipment repair/install fit into this category? I see a local company with a LOT of territory and contracts looking for trainees, but my "mechanical incline" experience is limited to working with wrenches exc. Anyone break into the field by just annoying them into taking you on as trainee?

Also how the fuck do you get into locksmithing? Indeed doesnt list much and the ones they have make it sound like you have to be some spy agency professional to work for them.

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Don't do this if you live in areas that get cold. I watched one of these poor bastards replace a broken tire on a tractor trailer rim in a blizzard outside my house once, took the guy an hour and I'm sure he was pretty happy about his life from all the tools he was throwing

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Buy a few vending machines and put them up in local businesses then drive around and refill them

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Handyman / renovation. Only really need the tools and an llc. And leads/connections of course.

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youtube vlogger

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just wear more clothing? fucking idiots man

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they already do that to me, might as well get paid for it

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>i want to drive around in a van and work alone
Obviously it's Van Driver.
All these other ideas are stupid, and involve doing other jobs and sometimes driving a van to and from a jobsite. But most of the job isn't driving a van.
If you want to drive a van, get a job driving a van.

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>tried to poach me from my current job

you're not that important

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Become a bird watcher

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this sounds like you'd barely pay for your gas nevermind your vehicle/maintenance/insurance

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imagine thinking that getting a low level job offer is a remarkable event

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i didnt mean it in a prideful way. i called them because i locked my keys in my work truck on a job. he was probably just desperate for new hires that were somewhat competent
>inb4 locking keys in work truck at customer's house is considered competent

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meant for

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I'm not actually autistic I'm just an asshole. I can tolerate people in small doses.

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>just wear giant gloves while also needing your fingers in - 25 degree celcius blowing winds duh
Do you know what a blizzard is?

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How much does this pay?

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Blowjob Practicioner

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kidnapping children?

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>$0.50 for each mile actually driven
>IRS standard mileage rate is $0.56 per mile
>literally losing six cents per mile

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Van driver.

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amazon delivery driver

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You can get tax reimbursement for the difference

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Free Candy donor.

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I Work in IT and because most of my colleagues are lazy as fuck, its my job to go out in the van, collect, replace, dispose of old kit.

I absolutely love it. I prefer it far more than being in the office. Radio on, no hassle, do what I need to do and not rely on someone else to do the job. Best thing

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Yea because doing a transmission swap on the side of the road on a gigantic commercial vehicle sounds like so much fun. Even a car transmission could kill you if it slips off the jack and drops.

You clearly have never had to repair a vehicle in the freezing cold in the dark. It gets miserable fast, the cold combined with the stress of not knowing if the job will go well and the time crunch, it's enough to make anyone miserable. No matter how many lights you shine it's never enough, you are laying on your back in the snow, you can't even find your tools or socket because they are in 3 plus inches of snow.

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suicide fuel, did this in arizona for a couple months and you have to be a next level sociopath/suck up/shitskin to make it work

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They wonder why we drink
Many times I laid under a vehicle wet muddy and miserable because I was young, struggling to keep a roof over my head. Being a man isn’t fun…something these zoomer / millennials will never know

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That sounds horrible

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How about one of those mobile techs that services farm equipment? The work itself seems hard and heavy but at least you don't have to do it in awful weather since most ag machines can only do their job when it's relatively warm and dry.

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Cleaning and janitorial work

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I'm technically a millennial and i hate this generation. I bought an obscure ass dual sport (2009 klx250s) with hardly any aftermarket support and I bent the handlebars in a slide off road. Now Im banging my head into a wall because they no longer make the stock width handlebars so I either need to buy extended clutch and throttle cables, also unobtainnium, or cut the 100$ aftermarket handlebars down in width and hope to god theres still room for the controls and that the one singular chance I get at the cut I make is clean enough that it won't start filing away at my grips until they rip open while riding. I guess i should have bought a Harley so I can be like evry other redneck

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Tons once you get caught, write a book, start a podcast, and bang true crime groupies on visitation time until you get stabbed in the shower by another inmate. Moderate initial cost.

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Simple as, these contractors foe Amazon hire absolutely every where for van drivers,

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Geek Squad tv installer.

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Candy delivery

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Sex trafficker or just selling off your body. Why not both?

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Do Highland's Ability Battery. Analytical results in real time created for matching natural aptitudes to capitalist wage slavery, CCCP politbureau service, etc. Cost about $500. Good time and stress saver. The basic principle of tHAB is that you were already doing what you were good at when you were a wee lad but it was overlooked or destroyed by advanced judaism social engineering programs, culture terror and counter-productive adaptation to 'profit' labyrinths.

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be a courier for me