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Been innawoods hunting, and of course your hands fucking freeze off. Using hot hands hand warmers works ok, some packets work better than others. Was thinking about making my own little hand warmer with a 9V battery and remembered I have this battery (pic related, coins for size) from an airsoft gun. Was thinking about using one of those heating stickers that you put under a 3d printer base. Think that would work? What kind of components would you recommend?

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just take a paperclip and short out the leads
make sure to remove the clip when the battery starts to look like it's getting low or you can kill it

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I fucking hate you guys

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That pack is puffed boy wonder
You left it full charged….big no no
You go pulling on that thing with un balanced cells
One is going to really warm yer giblets.

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Get better gloves and keep the blood flowing.
>cant keep moving, tree stand
Sucks to be you. Will never understand why people hunt from tree stands, seems like hell. Glad I grew up hunting on the ground and not just sitting and waiting in a tree all day.

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The concept works, but you have to regulate the thing somehow so it doesn't reach 100C. One way of doing that is doing ohm's law and guessing how many watts you might need. You could maybe use a 4V battery on a 24v heating pad, or a 12V on a 220V AC one. Alternative to that is having a PWM driver, which is cheap and relatively easy to add, but it's an extra component you have to drag around.

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Just a gut feeling but since heating is very power intensive I don't think you'll get hours of substantial warmth from a small battery
Like another anon said just get better insulated gloves like ones people use for snowmobiling, if they can keep their hands warm driving at speed through wind and cold temps then you likely can too

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