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Do you guys think a business revolved around drilling holes would be profitable? You can specialize in drilling all kinds of material. Different tools for different applications. I think it would be a overall good time.

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I drill your mom's hole for $350

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Exactly. Why have your neighborhood handyman fuck it all up when a professional hole driller can make it look nice?

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I'm a professional and I make a huge mess when I'm done, son

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you could drill a well, until you hit that sweet, sweet imitation crab meat.

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Yes there are companies doing drills like thick cement walls with huge hiltis. But why would you even consider doing such a shitty job?

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Construction fag.

No this is a terrible idea. Why would anyone call someone up just to drill a hole then leave. I have 5 different types of drill bits in my truck and can drill through any material that the job requires. Then I continue working on whatever the project is. Calling someone to drill a single hole is retarded

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Yeah, its called a machine shop

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If anybody needs a hole drilled I will undercut OP's rate per hole by 20%

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What if I need a hole filled? Can you handle that?

>sex jokes.

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>all kinds of materials
>different applications
There are companies that specialize in drilling, but they are truly specialized, like well drillers.
Microdrilling is very specialized, so much that companies may only deal in one or two types of material.
Companies like that may take in and process parts for other manufacturers and only do holes, but for fabrication purposes you have to consider that there's many other ways of making holes that are often faster, safer, less wasteful, more accurate, etc. so most things that need lots of holes are designed to avoid drilling them and cast or forge or mold or 3D print them into parts from the get-go, punch them, broach them. water jet and laser/plasma/edm cut them, etc.
Rotary drilling is better suited to the kinds of jobs that don't provide enough work to support an entire company, unless it's very skill/tech equipment dependent and highly specified


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Buy an EDM after surveying local machine shops. They can be a business on their own.

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yes. it is called a machine shop. i work in one. also, that pic is missing end mills (kind of a drill, sorta) and the shittiest fucking whore cunt bitch useless fucking shit drills ever which are indexable drills

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OP should specialize in glory holes.

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Yes there are specialist companies that core large holes through shit like concrete floor slabs for pipework and shit.

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I only see 9 types here

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How is a machine shop going to come to a client's house and drill a 6 inch hole in this stone....

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