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Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

old >>2493332

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This is the only 20 amp plug I can find that has the horizontal prong on the right side and the vertical one on the left. Every 20 amp outlet in my house has the horizontal hole on the left and the vertical hole on the right so wtf

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The outlets are NEMA 5-20, so 120V and 20A max. The plug is a NEMA 6-20, so 240V and 20A max. If you're trying to plug that thing in you'll need a 240V outlet. What does it go to?

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Table saw

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there are actual people in 2022 who still don't know how to search for the simplest information.

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Is this a bad idea?
Said they have a rental property that tenants trashed. Needs "cleanup, painting, etc."
Would anyone here go for something like this if they needed a truck?

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You might be able to rewire the saw for 120V instead of getting a 240V circuit and outlet installed. It depends on the motor specifically and whether the manufacturer included that option. My air compressor is swappable like that. You'd need a new cord with the NEMA 5 end at a minimum.

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More of an /out/ question but are these fucking insect eggs? I brought a meyer lemon tree in for the fall and winter and some of the buds have these dots. There are small number of ants on the plant like with anything you bring in but I've never seen anything like this.

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Those are poppy seeds, they go good on baggled

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No idea. Everything got dosed with neem oil though.

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Depends on price and what "minor work" it needs. I've owned two 4x4 Chevy blazers with that same powertrain. Great vehicles. Also >>>/o/

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So, I'm trying to replace my faucet.
After I turn the water off at the little disc feckers near the wall, test to make sure that water isn't still flowing by opening the taps very slowly, I can just disconnect them from the pipes and remove the nuts and bolts at the bottom to pull the thing off, right?
then I just need to put in another one, fix all the bits and bolts, and secure the water lines to the new faucet feed lines, right?
I got a book here that explains the fancier and fiddlier things (like what tool to use, use of plumber's putty, etc) but I don't have to do something I may be overlooking like replace the supply lines totally if there's no problem with them, right?

I only really have a problem with the drain (which I am also replacing) and the faucets which leak and are probably old enough that they need replacing any how.

Thanks for your time, fellas, sorry to blog.
If you have a reputable mechanic or someone who you trust to do mechanic work, make a condition of purchasing it an examination by them.
Sometimes the owners of these vehicles don't verify that no 'major work' needs done.
I would get this deal in writing since the handyman work isn't clarified in this listing. DO NOT agree to a verbal agreement or a vague written agreement, they can fuck you over because 'some handyman work' can mean a lot of things legally.

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Yeah man. Tighten the shut-off valve knobs, disconnect the water lines, remove the faucet/handles. Super easy.

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is this shit safe? can it really be so simple...

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I'm sure it has to pass some safety test, but I'm paranoid and wouldn't install it in any room people sleep in or that has carpet.

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Yeah this guy is giving short replies and I'm worried about the 'minor work'. Hopefully it just needs a fuel pump.
Good ideas. I was thinking about how to quantify the work for a written agreement. Never done that as I'm a wannabe handyman.

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I spotted a decent Full HD video projector at flea market today. The price tag said it's in working condition and 12€ including all the shit like cables and remote so I bought it.

And it indeed works nicely but when I brought it into my house, I noticed that the previous owner have chain smoked in his living room or so...

Any ideas how to get rid of the stink?

Yes, there are many devices which support both 125 and 250V (or 220/230 etc.). You should always check what the label says and some devices like pc power supplies have a switch you need to flip for different voltage

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>Yes, there are many devices which support both 125 and 250V
Ah so that’s what this is probably for. This table saw needs 230 volts…. so this would not be smart to connect to a 120v outlet through this adapter, correct?

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I'm not 100% sure since I have never worked with these american devices but I think it's meant to be connected between two 120v lines (L1/L2) so it can get that way 230V.

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You can use an air freshener near it.
If you have a garage or some sort of sheltered building you can leave open, airing it out will lessen the smell but it'll still stink when you get up close to it.

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Correct. It doesn't appear to have windings for 120V for an easy conversion. If you try running it as is on 120V, it won't run well. If you want to try using an adapter you can make one that plugs into a higher-amperage 240V outlet like the ones for dryers or ovens, if you have one in the vicinity.

This is correct, the saw needs a 240V circuit which is line to line instead of line to neutral.

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>replace the supply lines totally

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Hmm opened it up and all the dust inside is colored brown due to tar. Eww. So the previous owner have probably got a 4k tv or so and then left the projector to the ceiling.

The plastic parts smell also but tried to wash the frontal plastic cover with mild soap and it's not bad anymore. Gonna get some brushes and IPA tomorrow and see how it goes and post some pics

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I live in a singlewide and there's a rear door, about 6ft tall by 30in wide.
Its like, a cheap fire door or something? At least I'm pretty sure why it's slightly small and terrible.

Anyways I want to stick something in the door frame as insulation because I swear to god I can feel the heat in here getting sucked out right through it. My landlord is reasonable but due to fire codes I doubt he's gunna officially allow anything, so I need a non-permanent solution.
Any ideas?

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you could hang a blanket over it, put it on a curtain rod if you use the door often
t. lives in a shitty doublewide

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I've never once used it, it leads to a tiny fenced off strip of nothing. I found some "door blankets" on Amazon but didn't want to piss $40 on a cotton sheet that might do nothing.

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go to a second hand store and pick up a heavy blanket or curtains that will cover it

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Wasn't sure about making my own thread about it and this is gonna make me sound like a complete fucking retard that has no idea what they're doing so it probably fits.
I'm attempting to build essentially a mobile screened in porch.
It sounds kinda stupid but it's what I'm trying to make but I'm stumped on how to put a roof on it.
The trailer it's on has a bed that's 6.6 x 18 feet and I currently have the walls built up 4.6 feet tall and was trying to figure out how to put a roof on it while keeping everything else essentially just screened in.
Any idea?

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>zr2 with obvious lift with old small tires slapped back on
>"needs work"

Its got a bad tranny, I guarantee it.
Post 1998 S10s, both the 2.2l and the 4.3l engines were reliable and had all their kinks worked out.
The 2.2l in particular (with the 5 speed) were bulletproof trucks.

They got garbage gas mileage, 4x4 and extended and automatics especially. Talking ~16mpg with a 4cyl and ~14mpg with the 6cyl.

You may say "Thats how much a full size truck got in city MPG!"
Well those S10s are ~3500 pounds when a full size silverage were like ~3900pounds
At least the full size trucks got v8 options where it had the power to pull itself, the S10s were extremely underpowered for their weight.

Yes you should try and get it, it will need a transmission (or a headgasket if its the 4.3)
But thats the price you pay for cheap.

>t former 99 ZQ8 S10 and 01 Z87 Blazer owner who played around with them in their heyday

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>a non-permanent solution.
bubble wrap sheet and duct tape

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How do I make a strong electromagnet at home, because they're fucking awesome

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maybe this deserves its own thread but im calling a plumber tomorrow so i dont really need an answer just thought I'd share this.

i have a steam boiler, takes about 15 minutes to get hot, and then another 10-15 to satisfy the thermostat, but it doesnt reach the temperature and turns off because the pressure gets too high, it maxes out the gauge. It then short cycles every 2 minutes until I turn the boiler off. I checked all the radiators and they do get hot except for 1 that never gets any heat. I assume this is the culprit, it's a single pipe cast iron baseboard radiator with a varivalve, the valve is all the way open. I assume air is getting trapped preventing the steam from heating the radiator but I don't know what needs to be fixed.

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I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.
I don't think anything will happen because the guy is retarded or pretending to be retarded to keep things vague.
I'd rather have a regular cab 4cyl manual anyway.

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I recently discovered mixing lye crystals with a sugary drink creates a spectacular source of heat. How could I utilize this to create a self heating coffee cup?

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Uncoated copper wire and an iron rod. The bigger the magnet and the more power, the better. However too much power will create inductive friction and heat it up like a stove top. If you can attach the rod to a drill or lathe you can wind it with wire very quickly.

Otherwise you can source transformers. Cars have big electromagnets, you can scrounge your local junk yard for one.

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How do I find a /diy/ gf with crafty hobbies?

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how to remove this? never seen a plug with the screw still inside, plus the head is stripped

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Start shitposting on pintrest instead of 4chin

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what do they use to make floor between two levels of stone cabin? is it wood how do they lay it
google is just giving me rental and property links

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Question 1:
Electrical wiring in my flat is mostly aluminium but I had to extend it with a bit of copper wire in my living room si it can reach my ceiling light.
How fucked am I?

Question 2:
My furniture block one of the light switches. I was thinking about going full smart home shit and be done with it but I'm afraid of having a nonstop closed circuit with the Al/Cu wiring... What do you guiys think?

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so i have this license plate bracket and i need to increase the angle of the actual mounting plate from 90deg to ~120deg.
doesnt have to be exact, but has to be done.

sharpening the angle would be easy, just lever it with a door+frame or whatever, but how the fuck do i make it more shallow?
i'm currently thinking about vice and plyers.

material is 2mm thick steel.

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Anyone has experience with building a snow globe? Any pointers?

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Screw some thick timber both sides and use them as levers.

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Pintrest can be used to shitpost?

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Have a motorola xpr 3500e that randomly turns off and on by itself, no more than a few years old and the service life on the battery is 73%. Couldn't find anything useful online, batteries don't hang loose.
Any anons have any idea how to repair?

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What is the best guide out there for making a yumi bow, considering I've never done any real DIY before?

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>removing old wall paper from bathroom using a steamer
>find second layer of old wallpaper beneath
>steam it off
>find third layer of wallpaper beneath and steam that off
>sheetrock paper peeling

Can I patch it up with mud or should I just get new sheetrock?

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try smoothing it off before you put on a new wallpaper

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ahhh I'm dumb and forgot about the sticky. Please don't ban me I didn't mean it

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Not putting on more wallpaper. I put mud all over and now I'm going to sand it down and paint it. Just seeing if I'm wasting my time

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Does this burner need to be replaced? I put a new injector in it but the spark leads look like they've seen better days

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How worried should I be about live wires when putting in some burglar bars? Pic related is about what I'm working with. I know that coming from the front should be fine, but I was thinking about installing the bars in the windowsill, so the screws would be coming at it sideways.
Also, one ways screws are a scam, right? I feel like I can just ruin some normal screws for 1/10 the price

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Windows rarely have live wires next to them in my experience. Check if there is an outlet below the window and if so, then I'd be a little more cautious.

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Sorry if career questions aren't meant for /diy/

29 year old boomer looking for a change in career. What trade gives me the best chance of being able to work 30 hours a week and won't destroy me physically and mentally? I'm okay to do whatever training it takes but I'm really dead set on getting something low-stress with fair pay.

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what is wrong with his shoulder?

also what trade would have me working 60hr weeks during half the year and no work the other half the year.... even better if i could work like 1/3rd or 1/4th the year

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It's the wire to an alarm I can see in the windowsill, probably should have mentioned. I followed it with a $1 detector. There is an outlet to the bottom right as per my totally accurate diagram, about 2 feet down

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>need to weld 2 steel pieces so i can drill them together and precisely
best welds ever, nice and shit, too bad I have to grind it off.
>need to weld in exactly the same position same metal pieces but for permanent mounting
slag inclusions, porosity and shit weld, i have to grind it off.

How does this shit fucking works? Same rods, same current... Same welding hood same amount of blood alcohal

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Yeah. You got a problem with that, faggot?

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This is a 16 head indust. embroidery machine. Weight w/ stand is ~270-300 lbs.

Im on the 3rd floor of an apartment and this thing vibrates the floor to the point that it is audible in the tenants bedroom under me.

I went down there and heard it, and I feel like it can be eliminated.

Normally, im good at retrofitting and jerry-rigging shit like this, but i dont even know where to start.

Ive already spent 100+ dollars on random shit (pads) trying to fix this, and Id rather have some direction than taking shots in the dark.

Any ideas here?

Looking to keep the eventual solution to this in a 4'x4' area and not going higher than 10 inches if the machine needs to be elevated on something.

TL;DR - Were looking for maximum vibration reduction on heavy industrial equipment.

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I have a Shapeoko XXL CNC machine that I'd procrastinated assembling because I was always tired from work. Now I'm procrastinating assembling it because I've been unemployed for a long time and I'm afraid I might be forced to move. I'd really like to finish it while I have the free time.

How do I move something like this down a flight of stairs without completely disassembling it?

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what does /DIY/ think about the DIY anime? I just started watching it after getting my ass kicked by an exam earlier today. How does it feel to finally get some weeb representation.

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How do I fix this toilet?

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>the DIY anime
You wot?

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Looks clogged m8, just remove the obstruction

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I cant help but notice neither guy has a hard on.
Interesting, where is the sexual gratification here if they arent even erect?

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When I turn on the electric shower at present all the lights noticeably dim. Does this mean the power supply to my house is insufficient?
I'm building a cabin in my back garden which will also be drawing power from the house.
If I don't get enough electricity supply to power this what can I do? Is there a way to upgrade the supply to a domestic property?

>> No.2500728

fun fact sexual gratification can come from places other than the penis

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>the electric shower

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My bathrooms all have these kind of spring loaded push plugs, and after a couple of years since installing them most of them have seized up, what sort of products should I use to un-seize and re-lubricate them so I can use them properly? At the moment I avoid closing them and if I do have to close them I have to completely unscrew them to empty the sink afterwards.

>> No.2500740

Unscrew. Disassemble. Clean all mating surfaces with oil or something. Put it back together. Test operation

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I watched on YouTube people making pattern welded steel from steel cable, when they etch it in acid it shows a pattern. I don't understand something of the process, I thought that the pattern formed during etching because the different types of steel welded together would corrode at different speeds, but if it steel from a steel cable there is only one type of steel in the billet, so how does the pattern form?

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It's a real thing!
I'm from Europe. It's a self contained unit that heats the water quickly.

>> No.2500796

It’s cute girls doing dangerous things. It has lots of charm and is well made. Cat girl is better than serufu in almost every regard.

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Do it yourself!! its CGDCT with DIY. I figured /diy/ would be happy about it considering its 4chan and all

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i had one of these strobe lights that plug into my cigareete lighter. i accidentally ripped off half the cord.

can i just splice this with any scrap 'cigarette socket connection thingy', since they should al be 12v? or is there like a transformer in the 'cigarette socket connection thingy' that would be specific to this device's needs?

>> No.2500828

Open the plug up and solder new wires to the power supply. Or if you have enough wire hanging onto it just reconnect the wires with crimps or even electrical tape lmao.

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What kind of ladder should I use to clean gutters if I have a one story house? It's maybe 10-12 feet tall

>> No.2500870

would polyester resin melt xps foam?

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Little Giant knockoff from Harbor Freight

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what do numbers mean on my ryobi drill?
i read the one and two switch means
>1 = low speed, more power
>2 = high speed, low power
but what a out the rotating setting on the drill shaft? it looks like the drill symbol is there instead of the number 1. wouldnt drill setting imply fast speed, low power? so what happens when you rotate the setting on the shaft to a high number? is it even higher speed and less power?

also i have three 2nd hand ryobi drills. how do i power test them? find hard wood and a big screw and see which ones fail to get the screw in first? what settings would i use for the test? maybe one run at drill setting and another run at "20 setting"? should i do both those tests at one and two settings on the switch as well? for a total of four screw test per drill?

>> No.2500880

It's worth maybe 3000 (likely less)so I'd put a firm cap on the time. (5 days)
You'll have to really make a show of showing up and working but that's business

>> No.2500883

I have an 18ft extension ladder but it's recommended not to lean them against gutters and to get one of those top stabilizers to keep the ladder off the gutter, which I don't have yet. I don't think the ladder on the gutter for a few minutes will hurt that much in the meantime

>> No.2500884

2 cups with just enough room to slide hand warmer packs in between
You want hand warmer packs because that's the cheapest exothermic reaction

>> No.2500890

Use a stripped screw remover

New stone homes are wood framed, stone fascia
Old actually stone buildings had the first floor walls thicker and step back for the upper wall to you could set the floor framing on the wall
In actual full brick buildings, they step like 7 bricks out a little bit from the next so rim joist set on the bricks that gradually came out from the wall.
This old house "how to repair old brick walls" shows the step thing with what they set the roof beam on

You're supposed to use dielectric connectors but if you just used push connectors or the lever ones it's fine
A wirenut might fail over time due to electrolysis
The white trash hack would be using the grease they lube main lines with before putting them in the electrical panels then using a wire nut lmao

Buy a wireless remote light switch. I did this in my basement when I wanted a switch right on the brick foundation wall

Just use a hand break

You should have skimmed with plaster of Paris or setting compound

You'll have to prime with shellac based primer or shower waterproofing membrane to give it the best chance of water not penetrating and blowing it apart.

Usually there isn't that much paper on actual drywall. Are you sure it's not plaster??

Part time is going to be impossible to find

Seasonal shit, obv

Check all the connections and then if you can't troubleshoot, call a sparky

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screw test was inconclusive, all drills ran screws through 2x4.
note: drill #2 started smoking motor at switch:2, shaft: 1/drill setting
i kinda stopped and didnt bother with 4th test of switch:2 , shaft:20

before i had impact gun, i used to dry and drill pieces of wood together with these big grey screws and they would almost never screw all the way in and the screw gun would start going "click click click" what was this click click click? some sort of clutch or gear slipping?


>> No.2500896

what about those stone buildings that have lumber in between the stone wtf is going on there
how do you anchor in a dry masonry wall

>> No.2500949

Buy the ladder thing that makes it so it doesn't squash the gutters

If you want one of these at least buy the Cosco brand one from Walmart
All the other knockoffs have shit capacities and/or they weigh a fuckload

>> No.2500951

Obviously yes
Polyester resin will melt most plastic -esque things and foam is the most meltable

Plz leave

>> No.2500952

okay, so no issues with transformers having different electrica voltages or amps or antyhing like that?

>> No.2500979

Unless you really know cars, I would pass. "Needs minor work" to me says it has a cracked block or needs a head gasket, or something serious in the transmission that they don't want to pay for.
If you want a project truck, and have some free time (I'd want to know what they want in exchange), whatever. It's basically a free truck. Luckily, they'll have the title.

>> No.2500980

For electronics, iso alcohol and a lot of qtips. You'll have to dissassemble it completely, because that shit gets in everything. (Ex smoker, I know)

>> No.2500983

Standard doors are 30" wide, it's just shorter than a standard. And yes, it's for using as a fire exit.
Go get a moving blanket, and hang it over the door way, or staple it over the frame.

>> No.2500985

Learn what a ledger plate is.

>> No.2500988

Mud doesn't fix delaminated sheetrock paper. You need to replace it. You impregnated it with all that steam (which is why you shouldn't use steam for more than one layer), the damage is done. It will never be stable again, it will peel, bubble and warp from now on.

>> No.2500989

thank you master

>> No.2500991

>30 hours a week
That's part time, in the trades. Plan on 60.

>> No.2500993

Fishing. Go sign up on the salmon/crab boats in Alaska, you work the seasons and fuck off back home the rest of the year. Oil field work can be seasonal too - but going by your demands and requirements, the trades are not for you.
If you want low stress, get a job guarding a warehouse at night.

>> No.2500996

By having a friend come over, and two people moving it. You do have friends, right?

>> No.2501006

You're getting 12v from the fuse pane, your entire car's electrical system is 12v. If there's any step down happening, it's in the device itself.
Why wouldn't you just reconnect the wires? It's a simple thing, in the outside chance a cheap piece of Chinesuem crap has any actual circuity in the plug?

>> No.2501013

so it's just a piece of wood that runs outside holding the fastener to the piece of wood inside that will support the floor?
interesting but they didn't have fasteners in old times

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I have a faucet that looks very similar to this one. I've flushed both knobs out, but the water pressure is still not where I'd like it to be. The issue is most likely in the middle section where the water mixes before coming out, but I have no idea how to get inside to that area to clean it. Does anyone know?

>> No.2501024

In old times, they would seat beams in pockets in the stone, or so what the other anon said and inset walls for beams to sit on. Go look at photos of old castles, you can see the pockets where the floor beams were.

>> No.2501028

can you just put plyboard on the beams for flooring?
can those pocket seated beams even support a deck on the outside

>> No.2501031

Yes, they used massive beams, and laid solid wood planks over them, often inches thick, and oak.
For a modern application, you could run normal floor joists over a beam, and then normal plywood, like any other house.
They used to add wooden walkways and parapets to the sides of castles that held many men in armor and barrels of oil to pour down on invaders, it would be find for a deck.

>> No.2501054

Faucets are really cheap. Just replace it.

>> No.2501056

try removing and then cleaning the screen/aerator. It just unscrews from the end of the nozzle.

>> No.2501076

>but going by your demands and requirements, the trades are not for you.
I dont get why wanting to bust my ass for a breif time and then vacation a lot would mean the trades are not for me? should i want to grind away my youth, health and freetime to be a tradesman?

i did fishing for a few winters and it was fun and all but i need something in construction (relevant to my education)... or even any sort of lab or machine shop technician.... any specific unions that would only have me working peak season in summer? ... im also very open to travel, but you never hear about these travel jobs cuase the guys doing them are never home.

>your demands and requirements,
uggghhh i dont wanna work in a lab or oilfieild/refinery around heavy chemicals either.

>> No.2501077

what auger should I buy fellas? need one to dig about tree fiddy posts through rocky West virginian soil

>> No.2501087

Demolition hammer

>> No.2501092

This. Had it turn the faucet at the last house into a trickle. It was also a couple weeks after I cleaned out the water heater and knocked loose tons of calcium and crap.

Only other thing would be if it has those gay cartridges, but they can be nearly as expensive as the whole faucet and a pain in the ass to pull after years of water.

>> No.2501096

it's not THAT rocky
but seriously though, can a demolition hammer drill 6" wide and 36" deep holes for poles? need a proper auger I would think

>> No.2501106

Done that many times, but it's still not the main source of low water pressure.

This sink does have those knob cartridges. I've already inspected them and they aren't the issue either. I've also taken the cartridges out and flushed the hot and cold water lines that lead to the knobs themselves.

>> No.2501209

is torx the go-to replacement for Philips head screws? is there a better option for resistance to stripping and camming out?

>> No.2501229

Idk I just watch a guy on youtube in arizona who used a demo hammer for fence post holes. I've dug a lot with pickaxe and shovel in WV and it is that rocky on this lil mountain. Maybe an auger could handle it.

>> No.2501241

T25 torx is the future, I have never ever had one cam out and the bits in my impact last hundreds of screws before they start to get a bad twist in the spines.

The only thing I wouldn't get in torx is drywall screws.

>> No.2501253


>> No.2501272

Should I shoot for industrial electrician or electrical/instrumentation? Can't decide.

>> No.2501275

where do you think we are?

>> No.2501407

I like Robertson better but I'm very happy with torx as long as we can get away from fucking Phillips and pozidriv

>> No.2501424

what if you want to have walkways on all sides do you run the beams both ways or just nail lumber sticking in through the wall to the closest one and then support it from outside

>> No.2501462
File: 93 KB, 750x695, DBC77758-9F2D-42C7-B043-BB2013B1E87F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got two of these wired to a wall switch in my kitchen but we never used them and one of the bulbs was missing. Replaced a bulb and what happens is:
- Switch off they glow dim
- Switch on they glow bright
- After 10 seconds, smoke appears from one of them

Obviously something is fucked, but also, afaik these are always 12v. There must be a 12v adapter somewhere in the wall that is broken right? Or could it be something else

>> No.2501467

You have wiring issues, but the smoke is likely dust/dirt burning off of the reflector.
Those 12 volt halogen bulbs get hot.

I would look for the transformer near the fixtures.I've seen there mainly used as undercabinet lights, so start there.

The switch is likely 110V, check that at the switch with a meter.

>> No.2501477

> The switch is likely 110V, check that at the switch with a meter.
It’s 230V as it should be

> I would look for the transformer near the fixtures.
The cable feeds straight into the wall and the 12V cable comes from the ceiling so finding it won’t be easy, that’s why I wanted to be really sure that it needs replaced or rewired. They are under cabinet lights indeed.

> but the smoke is likely dust/dirt burning off of the reflector
I thought so too but I pulled one of the bulbs while it was on and both legs had this long string of molten plastic attached to them. Maybe the smoke goes away but then the problem remains that they won’t turn off

>> No.2501482

Oh dear. Yes, I was not aware the teeny halogen idiocy had invaded Europe.

Anyhow, check the switch and make sure it's doing what it should, as it sounds like you're getting some, albeit reduced, voltage to the transformer. Then check the voltage at the fixture.

You should see ~12V at the fixture, at max maybe 14V.
Depending on your wall construction my may be able to trace the wires and find out where they stuffed the transformer with a non-contact hot-wire detector.
Either way, it should not be very far away from the fixtures.

>> No.2501501
File: 62 KB, 1500x2000, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The place we bought ~1 year ago has almost all walls covered/sandwiched between particle boards. I guess they used them to pour the concrete but then left them like that. On some place you can see where the wood has been moving with time and it can be seen. Pic rel is the kitchen ceiling where my ex handyman taped and plastered it but pic rel happened soon enough. I guess more flexible mud needs to be used, he used knauf f2f.
In the bedroom, there is a ~5mm gap which has been filled with acryl before and looks decent, I think this is the correct way. For the kitchen I think I will cut out all the loose stuff, sand down the edges, fill the gap with acryl and paint over.
There are also couple of smaller places above some door frames where cracks under the plaster are visible. Tips how to fix this? Removing the wood or covering it with plasterboard is not an option.


>> No.2501502
File: 418 KB, 997x1329, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bedroom, currently working on it, will make everything level

>> No.2501517
File: 218 KB, 1280x958, 102D9484-880A-4920-A818-F0DE57863B53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The outlet seems fine, incoming wire is 230V vs ground. But the black switch wire is 180V when off, 230V when on (versus ground and neutral).

>> No.2501543

Just tack on big wide 1x8 boards and claim they're exposed beams

How about you start with a job and go from there

>> No.2501549

kek, the previous old couple had covered everything possible with wood, even the bathroom, we hated the look

but a good idea, not gonna lie

>> No.2501557

Oh yes, that's not right at all.
That is one of those odd combination switch/receptacles, isin't it. I would check how that is wired, as IIRC some of those the switch controls the receptacle, and some, the receptacle is divorced from the switch.

it may have been wired wrong.

>> No.2501585

Could it be that I have to switch black to the neutral wire instead of live? I found the transformer, but I can’t see which of the leads is connected to the switch

>> No.2501616

I could not tell you that without a meter.
In the U.S. the black is usually the "hot", not the neutral.

>> No.2501658
File: 894 KB, 2000x2000, haha stairs go uppppp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do these attic stairs all have a rough opening width of 25.5"? Aren't the ceiling rafters spaced on 24"? Doesn't this mean I'd have to cut into the rafters and frame in new ones?

>> No.2501667

How much gasoline should I be storing to run my generator during the collapse? What’s the best fuel stabilizer? Is ethanol-free gas significantly better or is it just a meme?

>> No.2501672

Take a tape measure and check. My rafters were right.

>> No.2501681
File: 35 KB, 368x1000, 01-0575-120__hpl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You have wiring issues, but the smoke is likely dust/dirt burning off of the reflector.
More likely oil, from fingers. I did theater lighting in college, and the bulbs we used had to be installed wearing gloves, because one fingerprint would burn the glass and make it pop. The ones in spotlights were expensive as fuck, too. Dust wasn't an issue, oil from fingers definitely was.

>> No.2501688

>Aren't the ceiling rafters spaced on 24"?
No, not always, and it's joists, rafters are the angled beams that make up the roof structure. They can be 24", but if the builder intended for the attic to be used, it's 16" on center.
>Doesn't this mean I'd have to cut into the rafters and frame in new ones?
Yes, and you can do that, if you know what you're doing. If you're calling joists 'rafters", you don't. They sell 22" retractable ladders for 24" spaced joists, with enough room to frame them properly without having to cut anything.
I wouldn't walk on a 24" spaced ceiling much, or store anything, I'd be installing more joists if I was going to use the space. If it's just for access, it's fine.


>> No.2501770

I'm looking to build an air rifle shooting backstop. My plan is to build a T footed frame with plywood for the center . And with carpet to help deaden the impact. I can do a 10000 hour mspaint masterpiece if no one gets what I mean. But has anyone got any better ideas?

>> No.2501773

The only points I can measure are those on the switch itself. My reasoning was that if the black wire has 180V vs ground when it’s disconnected, the transformer must get its live wire from elsewhere, and as such the black wire must be the neutral of the transformer. I could verify this by cutting the cable to the transformer and then measuring, but I would like to avoid that since I would need to remove part of the ceiling to reconnect it

>> No.2501774

the negative effects of 10% ethanol are highly over exaggerated by people who are looking for something to blame their problems on

>> No.2501821

Can you explain this further? I have a lot of regular unleaded gasoline treated with Stabil stored but I’m reading these prepper websites that say ethanol-free gas is the only thing you should put in your generator. Wouldn’t the Stabil neutralize the bad effects of the ethanol?

>> No.2501827

Well, unless you're an 0-ring.

>> No.2501830

>subsidizing farmers to create a fuel additive that lowers your gas mileage, your power, increases varnishing and buildup, when you can pay the same price across town and get ethanol free gas instead.

>> No.2501873

Don't forget
>causing worldwide food shortages leading to the Arab Spring.
>kicking inflation into overdrive

>> No.2501885

If it is controlled by the switch, the transformer must go to the switch. So you will have power in, for the switch and the receptacle, and power out, to the transformer.

Look at how the power in is wired, and see if the color coding to the transformer (the switched side) carries.

Again, just guessing but I bet you have one of your service legs to the neutral of the switch, and it is just "flipping" the voltage when you actuate it, instead of cutting it completely.

>> No.2501888

Yes and no. It does make a mess when left in a carb for too long, and I have repaired a few FI systems killed by ethanol adulterated fuel where phase separation occurred and killed the pump and injectors.

>> No.2501905

10% ethanol compared to 100% petroleum product only has 2 downfalls and issues that are caused by this
>reduced water separation
>increased evaporation rate of some parts of the fuel
100% petroleum product will be able to hold very little water
adding ethanol allows more water to be absorbed and blended in with the fuel
this causes accelerated corrosion
and reduced lubrication

>> No.2501906
File: 177 KB, 768x576, Tartarian-honeysuckle-berries-768x576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the faster evaporation will give you a shorter storage life
as some parts of the fuel evaporate faster than others what is left behind after an extended period of time will be something different
in a carburetor 6 months is probably too long time to wait before getting fresh fuel to it
>start your motor for a few minutes every month
>the fuel tank keeps fuel more protected so it lasts a few to 6 months no problem
the evaporated and higher water content product creates a less friendly environment to some materials sometimes used in o-ring and similar seals but rubber fiber sheet gaskets will be unnaffected

>> No.2501915
File: 510 KB, 480x270, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

adding 1/2 ounce per gallon 2 stroke oil to 10% ethanol will give you something more comparable to 100% petroleum product
>1/2 ounce per gallon is thought to have no effect
on o2 sensor or catalytic converter
>small amount of 2 stroke oil is used in fuel for very old cars as a leaded gasoline substitute
water separation
corrosion prevention
>a generator would run perfectly good on 50:1 mix only potential problem would be build up on spark arrest or screen in exhaust
1 ounce per gallon will be a real benefit to fuel stored for 1 year
>fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel hose, carburetor, injector, rings and cylinder are some things that benefit from the light amount of 2 stroke oil
2 stroke oil adds a relatively strong corrosion prevention

>> No.2501918
File: 522 KB, 578x769, ba67f8f29298270c61075139b51c5612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't like Stabil
I think it can be hard on some rubber materials
if you are storing fuel in gas cans for up to 6 months you shouldn't need to add anything but I would use a little
2 stroke oil is my main choice
marvel mystery oil is very nice
Lucas Oil upper cylinder lube
find a gallon of Marvel Mystery Oil that's stuff is a blend of good things that smells great too
for 1 year fuel storage 1 ounce marvel mystery oil and 1/2 ounce per gallon 2 stroke oil can do a difference to maintain fuel quality
>I think having fuel you will not use in 10 to 15 months is something you might consider not doing
think about using none or little fuel additives and putting it in your vehicles so you can cycle out a big amount over 2 months
then you can always have 30 gallons of fresh fuel at home and no stuff you haven't touched in over a year

>> No.2501921
File: 20 KB, 679x456, 513d3QG-KeS._AC_SX679_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my Black And Decker Rice Cooker
has stopped working, it was brand new. Blew a fuse? stays dark.
What I did was use a different pot instead of the pot it came with, & it was a bit smaller. It operated for a few minutes as normal, then it just died. But why?


>> No.2501930
File: 111 KB, 1000x1000, 166816872431026283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make your plywood back, osb is fine. Go buy all of the HVAC duct seal putty you can find. Put this over your osb backer. It will stick itself. Now it in is impenetrable and the putty catches the projectile. You can use a knife to cut them out for melt down.

Also if you get a hole from shooting you no just put a new block of putty.


>> No.2502028

What's the name for this kind of mechanism? Specifically that type of oscillating/undulating sail oriented parallel to the wind.
Looking to learn more about it but don't even know what to google.

>> No.2502070
File: 151 KB, 400x400, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can I use regular chainsaw for wood for cutting soil? do soil clog up the chains?

special purpose trenchers are too expensive. pic related.

I need to bury 24 gauge wire.

>> No.2502072
File: 2.39 MB, 3000x4000, venezuelan_science_is_the_best_in_the_world.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The firstoid hates and fears the electric shower.

>> No.2502073

If I’m standing right over the north pole
Wouldn’t any direction be south
Wouldn’t any wind blowing be from the south?

>> No.2502080

Thanks for the tip will look into that backstop I'm not so worried about recovery just ricochet now I'm thinking carpet was a bad choice thanks

>> No.2502081

Do they sell just the chain?

>> No.2502090

yes for 3,000

>> No.2502091

Yes but it won't fit a chainsaw and even if it did the chainsaw wouldn't have enough torque to do anything with it. Also trencher chain is ridiculously expensive.

>> No.2502100
File: 44 KB, 1200x630, hydro-dipping.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm thinking about hydro dipping the housing for some of my electronics.
Should fine details such as speaker grills be taped over, or can the paint transfer cleanly without becoming an obstruction?

>> No.2502109


I would try it with the regular saw. Probably won’t work as well, but even if you destroy the saw, a new one is much cheaper than the trencher.

Or rent one???

>> No.2502126

Tempered steel is made up of lots of little crystals with different iron, carbon, and other alloy component percentages. Because they're different, they corrode at different rates from the acid.

>> No.2502167

just dig it with a shovel, get a pick and a bar to deal with rocks

>> No.2502170

I think you’re taking the opportunity to ask stupid questions a bit too literally

>> No.2502208

It will transfer nicely….it can’t cling to nothing

>> No.2502213
File: 222 KB, 500x751, laying-used-6-inch-wilton-thinline-trenching-spade-w500-o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't even need to dig. Just get a spade and stick the wire in

Thinline trenching spade is the special tool for it.

Don't worry about irrigation, it's easier to just blow through it and fix it when you're done than worry about it

>> No.2502217
File: 72 KB, 800x533, bd6546da73678b44c8b498ebced2c7d9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you actually get close to the north pole it's not one point, its a torus. It's a significant navigation problem for airplanes and ships that go too far north.

>> No.2502219

how come the wood saw i have is never good at cutting wood it always wobbles around and the teeth seem too big and spaced far apart
the metal hacksaw is better at cutting wood than wood saw the only problem with it is it cannot cleanly pass through

>> No.2502220

Even for holes with a .5mm diameter?

>> No.2502221

did you buy a rip saw or a crosscut saw?
are you making rip cuts or crosscuts?

>> No.2502222

i just run it back and forth desu

>> No.2502245

If you don't understand words when someone is trying to explain something to you, you should google them and figure out what they mean.

Fucjing hell

>> No.2502247

yeah i looked it up i think i was making crosscuts with a rip saw i'll try making rip cuts in the future and see if it stands up
then again what even is a rip and crosscut in a plyboard type shit

>> No.2502253

Plywood is always crosscut. If you want a good cut finish, even higher. Plywood blades are 120+ TPI. Crosscut is 80

>> No.2502257

Yes…..dip film don’t stick to air

>> No.2502260
File: 748 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20221113-112422_ASUS_Launcher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I posted in the last thread about getting a full tank of gas out of my dead SUV, and thought I'd give an update. There were a few different suggestions on how to do it. Ultimately, I did end up buying the $12 transfer pump from Harbor Freight. I used a sawzall to cut the rubber filler neck where it meets the tank. Then I removed the rear strap holding up the tank and supported the tank with my jack. After I lowered the tank a bit, I was able to fit the pump in and recover 15 gallons of gas. Well worth the effort.

>> No.2502278

Even better. If you keep the putty in blocks just pull the used ones out and replace the ones you hit the most. I never had one pelle get through at up to 1200fps

>> No.2502312

how hard is it to diy those metal penis cages? some look simple enough like a dome

>> No.2502343

I know I've seen files to 3d print plastic variations. I don't know if I'd be comfortable enough making a metal one from scratch, last thing I would want is metal shavings up my pee-hole or a sharp edge giving me a circumcision

>> No.2502347

Does propane truly last forever? Does anyone ever buy old second-hand propane tanks?

>> No.2502391

A girl I know likes diamond art and 3d model puzzles. What are some other hobby kits that are fun to get her? No jigsaw, embroidery, metal model, painting/coloring, lego, gundam model kit, origami, embroidery.

>> No.2502423
File: 40 KB, 612x612, da9e0cff-e2de-4aca-993b-2b43ccc429b3_1.7f40078f9a6d727e9166ad649745fd41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this good for conditioning leather jackets? i have an autistic attachment to my leather jacket and i wanna wear it as long as i can

>> No.2502424

nigga you just ruled out all of them

>> No.2502454

I'm staining some cheap unfinished furniture from Vietnam and some parts take the stain much more readily than others. Regarding the parts that don't stain well, can I just sand them with a rough paper to open the pores and get the stain to stick? Or what is the solution. I've never done this before. I'll take pictures once I get home but basically some parts take a nice deep stain but others wipe off right down to the original color after I wait and wipe.

>> No.2502456

Do a medium and fine sand of all of it
Rough sanding will leave a visibly rough finish

>> No.2502494
File: 528 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20221113_204815440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3-cd changer mechanism stopped spinning the platter. Opening the tray works fine.

I can turn the worm gear by hand which very slowly moves the larger gear. Any guesses as to why the platter doesn't turn?

This is a Sharp bookshelf system from the 90's. Surprisingly, there's one belt and it's still in great condition.

>> No.2502508
File: 495 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20221113_210643372[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2502517

Usually they got one motor for spinning and one for ejecting and moving everything.

>> No.2502530

Yeah, in that first picture the tiny little motor is supposed to turn that worm gear which reaches all the way to the black cog on the right side of the picture, and that in turn spins the platter and raises/lowers the laser assembly.

So it seems that motor isn't turning and without a multimeter I don't know how to trace down the problem. To be fair even with a multimeter I'd be in over my head a tiny bit.

>> No.2502540

>To be fair even with a multimeter I'd be in over my head a tiny bit.
It would be a good opportunity for you to learn to use one, no?
Spoiler - it could be the motor, or something in the circuit that powers it. OId tech, number one thing to check is capacitors, because they go bad over time. A 90's tape player, i'd be looking at those first.
You have youtube, which has "how to" for everything, even fixing old tape decks, like "How to use a multimeter" - here's one:
Just the first of many that comes up in search. If you're gonna work on old tech, you gotta learn to be more proactive in finding solutions.

>> No.2502542

You could also have one motor for disc selectz one motor for load/unload/eject, and one motor for spinning the disc.

I'd be surprised if it was
Play/load/unload/eject. I can't really be bothered to look at your pictures. Try to read the writing spec on the motors, then search it and figure out what volts they want. Then you could run them with some batteries or whatever voltage source you can find

>> No.2502544

Yeah, I actually watch a lot of audio repair vids on youtube which is why I've got the itch. Bad case of monkey see monkey do.

I took a 9-volt to the leads on the motor and it spun well enough. When I got it back together, the platter spins now but the laser assembly seems to be lacking in power. It lifts the disk but the CD itself never spins. I'm out of time tonight, so maybe I'll buy a cheap meter and get at it, but I'm just tinkering on it because it doesn't work, not because I need a CD player.

The whole thing is slower than I remember, but I could be wrong on that.

Thanks for the help!

>> No.2502719
File: 156 KB, 800x621, 1655301064208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the standard wire size/type for general lighting and power points in Australia?
I'm wiring up my shed/carport. Will have 6 fluros (or maybe LED batons?) and 6 double outlets.

2.5mm two core with earth?

>> No.2502742

I would run 2 20amp circuits on their own breakers.
That's 2 10/2 + ground wire circuits and then if you ever want to put a door on it, you're set up so the openers can be running while your mom's 15amp vibrator is plugged in without worrying about blowing the breakers (tho we know she blows everyone/thing she can)

You need to make sure all plugs are 20amp tho if you do this

In the US the openers are supposed to be on a separate circuit than the plugs
In your garage you should at least separate the lights from the plugs if you ever run tools that have any real draw

Most furniture is made out of wood that's bad for staining. That's why it's furniture and not trim/at hardwood stores

Maple, poplar, birch, pine, beech, Aspen, etc etc etc all are hard/soft woods as they might or might not have the pores that make the official classification which are also what make/break staining

You should just use an all in one product (like minwax polyshades but buy a real brand) so it'll sit on top and get you even results

Quit simping. It'll save you heartache later if you stop now

Just take the tanks to a place that swaps them out.
You might need to paint them first to get them exchanged. They just need a safety ring around a valve and no one will stop you

I appreciate that you aren't a thief or n33t that commonly shut up this board
Good work

Have you tried a trim blade? Lmaooooo

Just use premium so you don't damage the engine
The big issue with the classic triton engines is that people put in ethanol instead of premium and the build up fucked the piston rings

Premium will also hold higher octane longer

There's 14, 23, and 25.5 ladders
They want you to sister boards on the outside of the rafters you put it into but that's super not up to code anymore

Its less about the drive and more about the manufacturer
I have squarebit screws that never strip and some that immediately strip

>> No.2502790
File: 223 KB, 1600x1200, 2007635-A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's a fair price for windows in the US?
I just got quoted $670/window for a tiny little ranch house.
Last I quoted a window myself years ago, I was seeing around $250/window, making an install window of $400 per window (times 11) highway robbery.
I know this is /diy/, but I don't have the time. Am I better off paying a handyman an hourly wage and saving $4K?

>> No.2502804

what's a good clamp for universal purpose F or C
why are C and G clamps more expensive

>> No.2503215
File: 260 KB, 688x452, acrylictablesketch11142022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

planning on making an acrylic table as a gift. I have three acrylic sheets ordered, and besides joint weld I just need to angle the top sheet where it connects to the base. I think it would be cut at a 120 degree angle, but what should I use?
I have a dremel nut could purchase a circular saw if necessary, don't know how I would rig it up to cut at the correct angle though

>> No.2503218

I have a feeling you're going to fail pretty badly. Post a pic to prove me wrong.

>> No.2503221

thank you man, this is really my first undertaking but I bought my gf this dope vintage table lamp and she does not have a dope table to match so here we are

>> No.2503256

I think you might need some extra supports in there, to cut the angle on the sheet you'll need a router

>> No.2503298

You can get neatsfoot oil at a 1/3 of the price. Never trust a product that hides its ingredients, especially one with 5 star “reviews” parading its all natural formula.

>> No.2503364

Try exerting force on the backstroke only so that the saw is in tension. Metal hacksaws have a tensioning mechanism that keeps it stiff on the forward stroke

>> No.2503378
File: 81 KB, 825x340, privacy.hedges.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to put some privacy hedges along my back deck to block the view from my neighbors. I need some to block a ~15 foot strip and I'd like for them to be around 6 feet tall. Nurseries want a ridiculous amount for them. Is there a way to go about getting some sort of hedges for free? Are there any decent species or whatever that can be found in wooded areas in New England that I can look out for?

>> No.2503379

Fap fully nude in the back deck and make eye contact with your neighbors. Won't need privacy hedges if they're afraid to look over at your property.

>> No.2503428

ausfag homeowner on 20 hectares here
I usually buy cheap corded tools, I have a cordless ALDI drill, but have returned a few ALDI tools because they are mostly shit and die with only moderate use.

anyway, I want to buy into a battery system that I can just go to the store to buy at anytime instead of waiting for ALDI to stock it on special. debating whether to buy into Ryobi or AEG or some other brand. I care more about value for money than an actual budget. I'm leaning towards Ryobi I just want tools to help service my tractor/cars and do home maintenance/renovations, I'm no tradie. what do? is ryobi good enough?

>> No.2503510

Try giving Arbor Day's shop a browse.
I'd recommend Emerald Arborvitae.
If you want big trees immediately, you'll need to pay big money. I'd suggest putting a fence up as a temporary screen while the plants grow in.
Otherwise, be careful about going around and just seizing plants. If it's private property, that could get you shot. If it's public property, that could get you shot by a park ranger.

>> No.2503537

you should be able to get something under $15 each
on 3 foot spacing you would use 4 or 5
try forsythia
look into how big a rose of Sharon can get
order seeds online
is a Canadian hemlock too big? can you find one in the woods?
if you really want the dense growing evergreen shrubbery look into arborvitae or boxwood but those are probably $30 for a small plant in a pot
I have saved seeds of shrubbery but you might not want my kind of seed
>you have a few months to figure out what to do

>> No.2504201

I have a sit/stand desk and want to build a contraption out of PVC that will hold both my computer and UPS to the underside of my desk-top; the desktop is the Ikea countertop SÄLJAN. The desktop overhangs by about 19" from the support of the desk. The weight of both items together is just shy of 60lbs. The dimensional requirements are: 12.164" W, 17.71" H, 9" D. I figured the best results for weight distribution for the desk-top would be to build a cube using 90° elbows; that way I can use about 8 pipe hanger straps screwed into the desk-top, with wood glue on the screws. 1/2" PVC which will be cemented together.

Has anyone done anything similar? I'm slightly worried the weight might start to bend/sag the desk-top, which will end up damaging it or ripping it apart. Or the screws (even glued) being ripped out over time due to the sheer weight of my PC+UPS. Or the PVC breaking (which is my least concern, I doubt it'll happen, but...) I was thinking of using black iron pipe at first but it came in much more expensive, and way heavier.

For added support, there's a small gap between the desk and the top, because of large rubber spacers. I could potentially use this space and thread paracord through it; wrap it around the desk leg T and the bottom-right pipe of the cube.

"PC Holders" on amazon that support the weight of what I'm trying to do are expensive--double what the PVC will cost me. Just looking for a simple solution to a minor problem, I don't want to spend a lot of money because I can just keep the stuff how it is, it's just annoying because of cable-routing and management.

>> No.2504210

There's a shed full of old smoke detectors at work and wanna know if say 200 of them all together at all dangerous.. but all google does is tell me I need 11 billion of them to make a nuke.

>> No.2504216

You'd need to sleep on a bed of 36,000 of them to even reach background radiation levels. Just don't eat them and make sure the shed doesn't catch on fire; if it does, leave. Immediately.

>> No.2504223

how do they shape wood to fit around the tool hole in old style axes and shit

>> No.2504244

sound thanks, how the fuck do they work if they're lower than back ground radiation

>> No.2504272

An alpha particle of neptunium decays off the americium and if the detection unit doesn't get hit by the radiation, it thinks "oh this must be smoke blocking it" and sounds the alarm. Some smoke detectors work off lasers, which operate on the same concept. You're constantly being exposed to radiation: radon from the ground, radiation in the atmosphere from nuclear tests, the sun, etc. Radioactive elements decay, and that decay is a more stable element/isotope, so the particles exist regardless of other radiation sources.

>> No.2504281
File: 87 KB, 660x450, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have started to re-use small glass jars for stuff. I remove the label but some have the scent of spices deeply embedded. Sometimes baking soda works with the glass and removes all odors but the lids are not as easy. Any ideas on neutralizing the odors on the lids?

>> No.2504384

draw knife?
dull beaver?
we may never know

>> No.2504397

how do they grow the wood on the other side of the hole

>> No.2504402

how come his face is this way

>> No.2504407

Toothpaste works good to remove odors from gas or bleach from hands, might be worth a try

>> No.2504410

they look in the mirror and see what they saw,
they pick up the saw and cut the table in half,
two halves make a whole, and they walk out the hole

>> No.2504431

def worth a try, ill report back

>> No.2504477

so it's two pieces of wood but joined where?

>> No.2504499

He got quoted $670 per window

>> No.2504625

double dubs of confusion checked
what the fuck are you on about?
are you pretending to be retarded?

>> No.2504628

original post is what i'm on about

>> No.2504630

post an image
an ax is hung the same way as a hammer
i still think you are being retarded on purpose

>> No.2504631

nvm i guess it was the hole that was ovalish lol

>> No.2504634

now solve us the mystery of who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop

>> No.2504676

can i use an old bicycle as a rope winch

>> No.2504716
File: 1.80 MB, 1080x1620, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

setting up my solar build after pic and want to place it outside under a roof but it will still be very humid and cold on rainy days and winter is that fine or do I have to modify it? Planning on putting it in a big chest so no direct rain I hope.

>> No.2504743

What kind of options do I have for a face shield that I can wear with headphones I already have (Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt) and maybe a helmet/hard hat?

>> No.2504802

Probably not effectively since you will get no weight reduction

>> No.2504893

How bad are the fumes from oil-based wood stains? My mom really doesn't want me to use them because I'm recovering from a head injury but I don't think they're that bad. She has a history of being hypochondriac but then again I have a history of endangering my own health by being stupid...

>> No.2504899

Buy a respirator
The 3M half mask ones that come with paint filters are only like $30-40
Its well worth not getting a headache when painting or staining.

>> No.2504901

Good to know, thanks.
should make both of us happy.

>> No.2504929
File: 265 KB, 720x474, Screenshot_20221118-031909~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a complete fucking retard, who unfortunately happens to be me, purchased a microwave oven that has an immensely dark front screen that doesn't allow you to see your food cooking. how can I dismantle this oven and get the front plastic panel off? could the dots marked be covering screws? they're hard to get off.

>> No.2504930
File: 87 KB, 1024x1023, signal-2022-11-18-03-18-36-526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

earlier pic was the microwave oven in operation, in a completely dark room. interested in dismantling the front door specifically. not trying to remove the mesh cover ofc, but a part of the dark plastic exterior.

>> No.2504937

>doesn't allow you to see your food cooking
Such a first world problem. Just open it and look???

>> No.2504944

>open door
>look inside
>let some heat and steam out
>close door
>press button to restart the cooking
>look inside

why the fuck do you think the covers of oven and microwave ovens are transparent?

>> No.2504948

>holding the hot metal end of the soldering iron
he is soldering for sure

>> No.2504970
File: 824 KB, 768x514, fdgdffffff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm reading about Stab-lok circuit breakers to get some basic information about my house. A bunch of image results link to "STAB LOK IS DANGEROUS AND NEEDS TO BE REPLACED! call us to schedule an appointment"
Is this the case? Or is it just companies trying to earn money offa scare mongering?

>> No.2504995

what's weight reduction
bicycles have gears

>> No.2504998

>let some heat and steam out
Its not an oven

>> No.2505008

the way that those devices are certified for safety by UL or other testing labs is that they hook them up under testing conditions and see if they perform properly or become a fire hazard.

They do not test them for what happens years down the road as the device becomes fatigued and corroded. Consequently, a lot of shitty devices have been commonly used.

It's likely that stab-in connectors are more likely to 'spontaneously' catch fire or have other problems compared to a proper connector. (I'm sure there are some more solid and robust statistical data available for the insurance industry or something)

I've replaced a lot of bad receptacles, and older stab-in ones are commonly the culprit-- complete with burnt up crispy wire insulation and blackened wire ends, melted plastic on the receptacle, etc etc.

If it was a house I was planning to live in for many years or pass to the children, I would change them out. But if it's a short term thing then just make sure your insurance is good and don't worry about it.

>> No.2505014

What is the name of a tool that's like a small pizza wheel you can use to cut stuff that's on a flat surface?

I am pretty sure it exists but I need one to cut a drymate pad and can't find what they're called.

>> No.2505016

They just call them rotary cutters, you can buy them in any craft isle of any store.

>> No.2505019

Thanks I think this will work. Much better than freehand with scissors at least.

>> No.2505093

I don't really know where to ask this. Is there a way to smoke a cigar in my bedroom without it leaving an impression? I have those stupid casement windows where only side opens up and it's at an angle so I don't think mounting a window fan is possible or effective. I know to block the vents and the window but I'm unsure an air purifier would do the best job it could.

>> No.2505099

>microwave oven
>not an oven

>> No.2505104

Just tired it. Wet towel under door, box fan with a hepa filter, window open but theres a breeze thats blowing air in. I don't know how effective this is

>> No.2505107

Cigar smoke is the worst of all smoke and will leave smells into everything it touches.
There is no hiding it

>> No.2505132

Yeah it is the strongest of them all. Still living with parents cause no chance of buying a home, guess I'll go outside and freeze my nuts. Thanks

>> No.2505213

Just bought a home. Its an older home with a 100 amp electrical panel. My mom recomended I get it it upgraded to 150, but it would cost like 5k. Why should or shouldn't I upgrade? In what cases should I consider upgrading? The house features a basement kitchen, if that information is relevant.

>> No.2505257

Stab lok should absolutely be replaced.

They don't trip, and they won the class action suit then went out of business so you can't get any mo ey out of them when your house burns down or even any to replace the panel.

>> No.2505284

Yeah yeah yeah, so I'm planning on stealing a half a dozen of retarded hipster bronze sculptures in the chaos when the Russians will come to my city soon. Any tools I would need beside a decent crowbar which I already possess?

>> No.2505303

I'm looking for a way screw into thin plastic. I know about heat set threaded inserts usually used in 3D printing and rivnuts, but threaded inserts need some meat in the plastic to hold on and rivnuts are sunk in while I'm trying to attach to rather thin plastic with other internal bits and I'd rather have the bulk on the 'nut' part be on the outside.

I could rivnut from the inside out and just use the nut backwards, but I don't really have access to the inside to do that. Are there any other options? I'm not dead set on nut/bolt, but I would like some way to attach and detach repetitively. Like snaps, but again I don't have good access to the inside, if at all.

>> No.2505310

Depends how they're attached. A cordless angle grinder to cut through anything securing them down would be a good universal way through locks, nuts, chains, what have you.

>> No.2505311
File: 117 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20221118-141144_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will a 4in disc plunger work in a 3in pipe? I can't find a 3in anywhere online. I have an old iron trap that gets clogged frequently. If this doesn't work does anyone know where I can buy these in the US?

>> No.2505314

Forgot to mention, they are wall-mounted. What could be securing them? I hope It's just a rebar rod and I would be able to take it out the wall together with the sculptures just by using retard strength.

>> No.2505315
File: 1.12 MB, 3992x2652, 4B4A283D-8E01-46DD-99EE-89B77A274202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is your opinion on duct tape wallets?

>> No.2505321

You can make cardboard desks that support 100 lbs. It’s all about exploiting the strengths of the material and a design with structural soundness.
If you are worried about pipes bending and snapping you can fill them with rebar.

A combination of steam, drilling, and very thin wedges hammered in.

Perhaps, you could use the wheel itself as a winch and set it on the lowest gear ratio. The little circle you draw with the pedals is creating lots of torque on the big circle of the tire.

A cheap soldering iron is indispensable for 3d printing. Once you melt a hole in you can usually self tap it with a metal screw.

It’s just rubber right? You may be able to lathe it down to size.

>> No.2505322


>> No.2505356

They should be easy to replace though, as long as you can find breakers that fit the box it's about as hard as Lego. Shouldn't be anything wrong with the box.

>> No.2505359

Is the light not working? It should be on when cooking. >>2505321
>A cheap soldering iron is indispensable for 3d printing
Way too hot. Wood burning tool is cheap, lots of head shapes and temp adjustment knob. There's no actual temps but top of the second of 4 sections (yellow before orange) is good to push or smooth pla fast without scorching. Plenty of hotter left for other print materials.

>> No.2505364

Smell terrible, childish, will leave sticky deposit on your cards over time. I loved mine in 7th grade though.

>> No.2505371

Yeah here you go man


>> No.2505446
File: 58 KB, 488x488, GUEST_be7318dc-5b5f-4311-91df-6b13b140c8e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moving into a house that has a wood stove and brand new carpeting. I'd like to have a small ring in the house to stock up with fire wood so I don't have to go outside when it's snowing/raining to get more. What can I put under the wood ring to keep my carpets somewhat protected? Should I just go with a large plastic floor mat made for office chairs to roll on, or should I go overboard and put a little row of paver stones? Looking to do minimal long term damage to the carpets, so I feel like the weight of the paver stones with all that wood on top might flatten out that area of the carpet.

>> No.2505458

I personally wouldnt want the paver stones, as dirt/dust/grit/wood can fall in between the cracks and just sit. Not to mention the paver stones being dirty and rubbing against each other (minorly) as you walk past.

Find something nice and tasteful thats a single piece to put it on.

>> No.2505469

Is a wooden rattle a bad idea for a kid? I kind of just want to make one but I know it'll probably be too heavy and get dropped a lot so it may break. If I do make it, what's the best filling, dried beans? I don't want to fill it with BBs and have them spew all over my sister's floor when the kid smashes it.

Yellow mustard and hot water is what I use to get rid of smells from my fermenting jars. Shake it up over a sink because it will try to spew out.

>> No.2505476

Because she wants you to be a man, and you arent going to be running machine tools and industrial welders on a 100a circuit.

>> No.2505479

They were all the rage in jr high, when nobody actually had any money, or credit cards, and the only thing in it was a school ID and like $5

>> No.2505490

I have some 12mm laminate flooring I want to install. YouTube says to just cut it with a utility knife but this shit is way too thick for that to work. So I need to buy a saw. I guess a circular saw or a jig saw, what do you guys think?

I only need to do one room.

>> No.2505494

I've had good success using a jigsaw for vinyl plank floors

>> No.2505495

decide which one you think you will use regularly after this project. i have both a circular saw and a jigsaw, i use the circular saw far more often.
a circular saw may also give you a cleaner cut on the laminate

>> No.2505622

Is there a trade that doesn't require a ton of depth perception? I sort of only have one eye right now and may or may not lose it for good in the future. Was trying to get into an electrician's apprenticeship before this but it's on hold while I deal with medical stuff

>> No.2505623

idk I've seen most trades with fucked up bodies in one way or another.

>> No.2505629

I feel the same way, I just worry that certain tasks that require fine tuning or careful dexterity will be difficult or even outright dangerous. E.g; working with a live wire and zapping myself into oblivion by accident because I touched it because no depth perception

>> No.2505679

doubt it, colorblindness is a bigger risk, moving your head slightly from side to side can give you depth information

>> No.2505715
File: 261 KB, 600x564, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can I use 7018 welding rod without an oven? using it straight away would generate a lot of heat anyway.

>> No.2505720

Sure, if it runs like shit you know its got too much moisture

>> No.2505747

Why are you posting Kevin's details on here?

>> No.2505749

>liberty university
Jerry Falwells ghost will protect him

>> No.2505750

The manufacturer that made them popular was sued because they're awful compared to the actually-working-and-functional retention plate. The issue with stab-locking for electrical stuff in general is arcing potential due to weak connections in the metal, and insulation potentially being punctured to get to the wire (so an even worse connection is made.) Wire heats up when in use, so over years of heating and cooling, the stab-lock is going to fatigue and loosen, resulting in a greater and greater chance of an arc forming. With those breakers in particular though, they tended to not trip when they were supposed to (drawing too much current for the wire gauge), which is going to cause the wire insulation to melt in the wall, setting your house on fire. If your panel uses any stab-lock breakers, you should install new circuit breakers that use retention plates. Actually if your panel is really old, and or manufactured by Federal Pacific, just get a brand new Square-D panel and install it; it isn't too terribly complex of a project, you'll just need the electric company to kill the power.

Remember to install GFCI receptacle in code-required areas like kitchens, bathrooms and garages, and get yourself an outlet tester to ensure you have proper grounding too. It sounds like your house is pretty old.

>> No.2505774

if i have a good idea for a pvc attachment and I wanted to have a company manufacturer it for my use, what is a good cheap way to go about designing it?

>> No.2505840

File a provisional patent and then figure out how many you want for your first run. Hire a rapid prototyping company for design. Once you have the design shop around with request for quotes. If it's below 1k pieces you may get astronomical quotes.

>> No.2505845
File: 404 KB, 1440x1080, R (57).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking hell dudes. Hes not talking about backstab outlets. STABLOK is a brand of circuit breaker with a unique panel.

Replacement breakers cost like $100 each so it costs as much to replace them as it does to get the thing replaced with a modern panel.

>> No.2505867
File: 2.15 MB, 3024x3024, D0B12BD3-CF0D-4CCA-8112-2A472D8F951C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1/2in osb sheet weighs ~50lb
these are stacked 36in wide 20 sheets high
is this really 750lbs?
i still have another 1/3of the pile left to stack, maybe ill make a second trip

>> No.2505905

Yeah I'm aware. I pointed out receptacles too because some people still use the back-stab option when it's objectively incorrect. But my main point was 'the breakers don't trip'.

>> No.2505906

Making a mantle for my brick fireplace, wood piece is 1 1/2" thick, 12"deep.

How far above the fireplace opening does it need to be placed?

>> No.2505925
File: 109 KB, 640x753, 1668638082669615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm polishing, resurfacing and clear coating a plastic headlight that's been yellowed and foggy with age. How on earth do you make it clean, clear and like new? Each yt tutorial I'm seeing leaves it kinda clear but nothing like shiny and fresh. Is my autismo just to high and I'll need to bite the bullet?

>> No.2505929

i didnt think you can really clear refurb plastic to brand new clear. maybe you would need some machine that finely peels off the outer layers

>> No.2505946

Just be an odin cosplayer

>> No.2505964

Another smaller carpet/rug

>> No.2506061
File: 774 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20221119-123702_Camera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone else here use the complimentary baskets from Harbor Freight?

>> No.2506071
File: 1.43 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, milk crates are built better and stack.

>> No.2506077

Bruh… check RockAuto and see what prices are like. You might be able to get brand new lamp assemblies for like $25ea if they’re not fancy projector lights or anything. Well worth the money and you won’t waste half a day for a mild improvement.

>> No.2506182

is andrew camerata fucking that dyke?

>> No.2506203

Ive been thinking about stealing a basket from a store, havent decided which one, to put into a evaporust container.

>> No.2506246

What's my best bet for getting a slab of wood for my jank-ass desk? Should be around an inch thick, looking for 48" x 30"-36". Going on top/between a couple of wire metro shelves, replacing some MDF that from an old pre-fab desk.

I know, go to a fuckin' lumber place and all but what kind of wood am I looking for if price is first prio, then durability and suitability, and then maybe aesthetics.

Live in the american midwest if it matters.

>> No.2506289

Steal a door.

>> No.2506320
File: 1.76 MB, 356x200, 1469336045513.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So... The panel/circuit breaker box is bad or..?

Thanks for the responses.

>> No.2506321

take one from every store you go to and decide who has the best, most robust baskets

>> No.2506324


>> No.2506325

The whole thing needs to go.

>> No.2506328

is there any good diy traps for catching possums? my friend has some in his basement, at least 2.

>> No.2506337

You can get a solid core masonite door with a veneer for $125 from Home Depot. I used to grab old slab closet doors from salvage yards in college for desk surfaces. If you buy new, you can get it without being drilled for the knob, and no insets for hinges.


>> No.2506424

Yeah, that's way too damn much. Is that because wood prices went up a while ago or has it always been like that?

>> No.2506428

you could ask some contractors local to you if there was a chance to save you a countertop from a demo or remodel job

>> No.2506482

I have a stupid question. Where can I see a chart for different types of steel configurations?
I don't mean carbon, alloy, stainless, etc. but the shapes they come in. like 1"x1" or 2"x2" square tube, 1"x3" rectangle, round stock etc. I would like to know the names and dimensions of everything that's out there.
Also, Do they come in sizes close enough to sleeve them within each other without much slop?

>> No.2506483
File: 35 KB, 379x590, steel configurations.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm an idiot. I couldn't think of what to search to come up with the names, but steel suppliers have everything listed. As for the second question, when going down a size for sleeving, do you just subtract by the wall thickness?

>> No.2506492

HA, I got it :)

>> No.2506501
File: 82 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_20221120_053230_759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm back. I did some research and I've discovered window fans but these seem to be designed for windows that slide up and down. I have a stupid casement window, I wouldn't even know how to mount it.

Then I thought of a more involved effort of an inline fan with plexiglass to seal, it's more effort and I can't mount the fan on my wall, window shutters are in the way
Even drew up something in 5 minutes for a better idea. My desk is right beside the window

>> No.2506502

Kek if only I was that based

>> No.2506755

Yeah. Her name is Sam. There's videos with her before she cut her hair. She was actually pretty with long hair. I think they seem like a good match.

>> No.2506788

So my friend has come out the other side of a messy inheritance dispute with 5 acres and a metal building his grandfather was building as some kind of hunting/fishing lodge in his retirement days. There's some kind of mezzanine built from channel iron and the joists are ~8" c perling, on 2' centers. We don't know what he intended to use for flooring. The obvious answer is plywood right? What minimum thickness should we look at for a 2' span if we're expecting that area to mostly be storage and have weight left on it at all times?

>> No.2507140
File: 549 KB, 1296x972, cutmarks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do I stop my plane from leaving these marks?

>> No.2507164
File: 161 KB, 1049x621, Screenshot_2022-11-21 14 51NZ$ 15% OFF 3000mah For Euras 2 4v Ni Mh Battery Pack Cd Vacuum Cleaner 80 0 For Black Decker Hc[...].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanted to replace the battery pack in an old Black and Decker HC300 Dustbuster, so I looked up replacements and found one listing on aliexpress. The price isn't too bad, but I don't really want to wait ~3 months for it to arrive. I thought maybe I could source some of the individual Sub C cells locally and make my own instead. Is there anything I should be aware of when creating a battery pack out of these? Do I really have to buy ones with the little tabs on them and solder them together, or can I just have them touching like you would when sticking two AAs in series in a device?

>> No.2507277

Replace the blades. Looks like it is gouged or chipped. Hit a nail or something

>> No.2507283

I need to put together an ambiguous tool box that could be imperial or could be metric. I already have a 4mm drill bit that could be mistaken for a 5/32 inch drill bit, a 5/32 inch Allen wrench that could be mistaken for a 4mm Allen wrench, a 9/32 inch crescent wrench with the markings filed off so it could be a 15mm wrench, and a metric measuring tape with the tape cut out of it and the face scratched up. Looking for more suggestions to fill it up, I don't want the people who find the tool box to be able to figure out if it full of metric or imperial tools

>> No.2507316
File: 629 KB, 840x859, 446kib-808x805-pink-wojak-pink-wojak-11563399719gpwceuuqx1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2507335

this seems all needlessly complicated.
are to trying to trick people into using metric tools so you can "get" them?

>> No.2507452

Just use a convection oven and a glass vacuum chamber

>> No.2507518

Wise machinists measure drill bits etc before use. Make the rounds of tools you have with a caliper and your problem is solved.

I'd be fine with that box as I'm so used to using both plus weird British shit.

>> No.2507713

maybe corrugated roofing like in your pic?

>> No.2507789

>and a glass vacuum chamber
what? how would that work with an oven?

>> No.2507873

I don’t know just felt like suggesting something stupid to a wojak poster.

>> No.2508327

Is it possible to make a legally compliant, 6ft x 10ft x 7ft camping trailer weighing less than 3000lbs for under $5000? If so, do you have any tips? I was mulling over maybe using a steel frame and building the walls with aluminum, bamboo, or even tarp/canvass type material in order to cut down the weight, but I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm just trying to make a semi comfortable camper with very little money and a wimpy little SUV to tow it.

>> No.2508813
File: 2.30 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_4359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my doors are ancient, the strike plate for one fell off and I would like to make it better. Should I chisel out a chunk and fit in a new piece to rebulld the area a little bit?

>> No.2508816

Yeah, that's pretty bad Chisel and or router it all out and glue in something new.

>> No.2508973

Five grand will buy a solid single axle box trailer with end and side doors with some looking and those are easy to install guts in. You can even make them removable for convenience.

Where (roughly if fine) do you live because that affects your choices. How will the camper be used (that affects what you install)?

Camping isn't heavy hauling so one route is buy a single axle trailer then add steel and side panels. "Toppers" can be used as a roof and some truck owners give the annoying things away after tiring of removing and installing them.

What sort of camping is planned or is this residential? That is relevant to design. BTW it's easy to make tongues removable to prevent all but the most determined thieves from ganking your stuff.

Post what car you have (we can't read minds over the internet) and what it's rated to tow and where you will tow it. If on flat land you can get away with less power than in the mountains. If this is for fun not a temp residence the best advice is to study hammock camping as everything is easy or easy-ish to DIY and hammock stands are a thing if no trees.

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