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I'm the tire guy from earlier, had two flats at once. I changed the rear one out with a spare and planned on going a few miles to the store after inflating the other. As soon as I pull out I hear a loud squeak coming from the back wheel once every rotation of the wheel. I should note that as I was changing the wheel, when I had it up and rotated the wheel it made a grinding rusty sound for part of it, and also one of the 5 screws coming out that secured the wheel was quite loose. I also horse kicked it about 1000 times to get it off, and when I first discovered the flat I drove about 10 feet on it which mighta been bad for the ol wheel. Is it safe to drive 5 miles to repair? If not wtf to do, tow it? I plan on trading it soon anyway I'd probably just tow it to a dealer

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>had two flats at once
Odd. How did that happen?

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Technically all cars make wheel noise due to friction

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>tow it
AAA tows you 5mi for free
or take have your buddy take you and your busted tires to get replaced
don't need the whole car there

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You clearly don't have potholes in your country.

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Is was grinding as soon as you put the spare on? And you ignored that obviously out of place noise and drove it anyway?
Did you put the spare on backwards? It's possibly rubbing something on your caliper or dust cover.
Just take the spare back off and see where the rim is hitting. (Shiny metal)

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Brakes and rotors, the caliper is the culprit most likely.


It could have gotten misaligned, uneven brake pad wear, rotors gouging, the caliper will start to stick.

You'll be alright driving for a long time up until the whole assembly starts flopping around. Then you could lose hydraulic pressure to all tires. Brake pedal goes to the floor. You still have an e brake.

I'm at the point where if I hit a bump it comes off or slides back, no brakes. It's so fucking loud. I'm saving up to get the whole works replaced. I'll drive it like this until it leaks out brake fluid. Cheapest route. Will only have to miss one day of work.

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If pressing the gas pedal makes the vehicle move forward, then yes, you can still drive it

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>I'm saving up to get the whole works replaced
get a socket set and buy the parts and do it yourself dummy.

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Too dumb and homeless, not worth the stress and fucking up.

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They are really rare and even when I find a bad one I have plenty if rubber to take the blow(ask your mom)

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All countries have potholes, dumb dumb. Two flats at once is either incredibly bad luck or somebody fucked your shit up.

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lmao. you pissed someone off.

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>also one of the 5 screws coming out that secured the wheel was quite loose
Those bolts shouldn't come loose on their own. Something could be wrong with your wheel hub, it's not your tire. If it's loose then dirt and shit could have gotten in there, contributing to that noise. You're not in any position to do work on it yourself since you described them as "5 screws", I wouldn't trust you with changing a fuse, it's actually that amazing you were able to change a tire. Tow it to the dealer and you will get your naïve, little boy assraped right in the lot with everyone watching because the dealer knows you will accept anything they offer you (the alternative is you paying again to get it towed off the lot - they will laugh at you while you embarrassingly call the tow truck again like it's your mom coming to pick you up from the movie theatre because they wouldn't let you in to watch an R rated movie). Probably safe to drive to a shop if it's only 5 miles and you go slow. I'd make sure that stud is tightened if you can access it and tighten it, but if not there's 4 other ones to hold the wheel in place while you get there.

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