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What are some /diy/ remedies for covid?

Just tested positive and wasnt allowed in the doctors clinic and he literally just told me to have tea with honey and lemon and to recover from home. Is there anything else I can be doing? I just feel a bit tired and have a runny nose.

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>tea with honey
This was the only thing that stopped the sore throat enough to allow me to go to sleep when I had it months ago. Green tea. You'll be alright.

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Irecover protocol, pol for advice on how much horse paste to take. Not really needed you'll be fine with nothing.

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just wait. Same thing you do with every other seasonal flu

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Oregano oil (you can get in pills at healthfood store, or just consume oregano) is a strong antiviral compound known by all greek grandmothers and also substantiated by science. It also drains your sinuses.

Elderberry improves immune response
Zinc helps recovery.

really the oregano oil is most important.

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Add in 5-7 pieces of cloves in a mug of hot water, add lime or lemons with some honey. Worked well for some of my frens and family that got covid. Some of the local health centres here also started giving the patients with covid clove teas when they are warded.

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Covid isn't real

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Gargle iodine dilute 5% solution 3x a day
Dab iodine the thick stuff in tube betadine up nose give it a rub couple of x a day
Aspirate same 5% dilute solution up nose like hayfever spray 2 or 3 x times a day for 5 days
No real issues except maybe thyroid but can be remedied
Iodine is the greatest

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neither are the voices in youe head. you really should take those meds schizo, before you walk into a school and do a communal hero.

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Agree to the green tea and honey.

Would add that a nice minestrone soup (bonus points for fresh ingredients and chicken pieces) gives me enough nutrition to fight off any sickeness. Well, thats how I feel anyway.

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>tea with honey and lemon
This is the exact same shit my doctor told me to do and I literally lost my job over refusing the vax which doesn't even stop infection or spread. Yet this whole fucking time honey and lemon tea was all that was needed!

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>the vax which doesn't even stop infection or spread

this idiot doesnt know how vaccines work. you can still get and spread covid, but the vaccine keeps you from DYING as it prevents the more serious complications that can cause you to die. its not a cure. you retarded mongloid. learn how shit works.

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Then why did they encourage removing the unvaxxed from social circles and the workplace? And used the idea that the unvaxxed will be the only ones spreading it and killing other peoples grandmother's.

Interesting how it only seems to protect ppl under 70 who were never at risk of seirous illness in the first place but doesn't seem to prevent serious illness in the exact same demographic and ages group that are still dying with covid regardless of vax status or boosters

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Double fisting dayquile and nightquile. It sucked ass but doing that made it livable.

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>Vaccine has always meant "does absolutely nothing" chud
Lmao. I love the trolling on this topic because you can't ever know if they're shitposting or actual devout Fauci-ites

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lmao imagine yourself saying this two years ago before they changed the definition of a vaccine. then imagine yourself simping this hard for big daddy government and big pharma.

>you can still get and spread covid, but the vaccine keeps you from DYING
then why fire someone for not taking it? lmfao seriously i want to see how you defend workplace mandates with your dick in ass retarded newspeak vaccine definition you absolute cock sucking faggot. go ahead, i'll wait.

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follow this guy's advice op, also keep your vitamins at check by taking multivitamin tabs, take medicine like paracip whenever the fever rises
most IMPORTANT thing is to keep your throat and breathing cavity in check, there are already many remedies like >>2471205, >>2471210 and >>2471140
hope you have a speedy recovery

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Why does 4chan keep trying to share my email?

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Mom always been making me mix of: warm milk, melted butter, pressed garlic, onion, crashed cloves and a fuckton of honey when I was young on every flu-like illness.
Worked every time

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Wtf, besides the milk, honey and butter. Can you eat the rest separately?

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Yes. Crushed garlic is great for pretty much any ailment.

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Garlic, onion and cloves got strong antibacterial properties

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>how vaccines work
You have been brainwashed.

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Put the milk and honey in a glass, add ground beef and some tomato paste to the rest and wala, you've got Cincinnati Chili with milk and honey to drink; and it cures covid!

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Rest. Sleep good. I heard eating garlic helps too, but i made the mistake to eat an entire slice in one go which left a burning taste.

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I wanna try fire cider

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Don't lay in bed for a week. Move around to prevent blood clots.

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The trick that I've learned to eating raw garlic cloves is to accompany it with something else at the same time. My go-to is a cheese stick, but you could use anything savory. Salami would work.

Idk how
Anons mom did it but I might experiment with using sweet things like milk and honey. Might be gross...

But absolutely you need to eat garlic with something else. Chewing it at all is nearly impossible otherwise, and swallowing by itself will make you want to barf.

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i cant beleive everyone died of covid, the world ended and all the unvaccinated died it was a real tradgey.

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Basically, keep you're fluid levels up as you're body is using them in its battle, add items to improve immune function, and keep your food intact up and don't be sedentary. Let your body 'fight' as it needs to, and don't get in the way.

To re-iterate: zinc, fluids(water), soups, garlic, tea w/ honey for sore throat.

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>having to come to 4chan to talk about your delusions, because nobody in real life will indulge you
You dont even get fake reddit upboats here.

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I never got covid, but when I'm regular sick I make ginger tea (grate up a fresh piece of ginger and stick it in a tea infuser [or just let it sit at the bottom?] and brew it like that) with honey and lemon.
Don't take vitamin c supplements; at best it will do nothing and at worst it will make your piss acidic and painful. You can get a full day's worth of vitamin c with a big bottle of fruit juice. Do drink something with electrolytes such as pedialyte or gatorade.

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just ride that shit out. I finally got it a month ago and it was a bad cold for 3 days. I did dry heave so hard I passed out and took a nose dived so hard into the toilet I broke off the seat and cover with my face. but I think that was unique to me

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>I never got covid
You got covid
everyone got covid
you just didn't notice because you're not elderly or infirm

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Basically OD on Vitamin D, take 4000 IU per day for a month, 10000+ if you are a fatfuck.

Take about 1000-3000mg of Vitamin C per day for about a month.

Eat food and take 50mg of Zinc daily for two weeks, you need to eat food beforehand, it feels like a gutpunch if you take it on an empty stomach.

With the Zinc, take Quercetin, it helps the Zinc absorption into the body. Its usually combined with Vitamin C.

If you have acess to horse paste, take about an inch of the stuff per day for a week or until you finish the tube. Take it with greasy/fatty food. If you only have the injectable stuff, drip about 20 drops of it into a shotglass, top off with water, and down the shot, again for about a week and with food. Remember that the worst side effect is that it kills parasites you unknowingly had.

Eat properly and rest properly. I exaggerated the time tables for Vitamins, so that your body can recover after clearing the infection.

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I had no appetite and didn't eat anything for the first couple days.
So I bought a can of Gatorade powder (delivered from Amazon) just for the calories and to make sure I stayed hydrated.
After a few days I felt better.

There's no magic remedy. If you're not high-risk or having severe symptoms you don't need to get the antiviral pills or anything ... just stay home and rest.

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L-lysine, 1 gram daily. Vitamin C, 3 grams daily. Zinc. Magnesium. Glutathione. Milk thistle or nicotine to remove spike proteins.

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No. I didn't get sick at all last year or the year previous. No coughing whatsoever. I didn't go outside most days, and when I did I wore a respirator.

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idk bro mine wasnt that bad.
i soldered for about 4 hours during a heatwave on the day i found out. not sure if i sweated out most of the virus or what but i was better in a few days.

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Isn't that the same as big cummies stack?

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You got covid
everyone got covid
go take an antibody test
you have them

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If you're having trouble breathing try NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) or Mucinex.

Really depends on the symptoms you're having.

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weirdly the body treats respiratory viruses in a way similar to poisonings

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I just wanted to suggest what
>>2471202 this anon said
I have to say though, first time I'm hearing about using cloves as well

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