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Are basements really hard to finish? How do I finish a basement EZ-PZ?

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more space for not much more cost
only main floor and master bedroom floor have to be finished for loan
t. asked for unfinished upstairs bonus room

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>Why are basements ALWAYS unfinished

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How do amer*cans live in "houses" built like this?

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the taxes are higher if you have a finished basement. Similarly, the taxes are higher if you have a finished garage. That is why so many have the side with the garage door unfinished.

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What the heck? What kind of STUPID law is thaT????????????

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>Why are basements ALWAYS unfinished
Poor fags gonna be poor.

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I would prefer to be able to access all the plumbing, wiring, and what not under the house. Also nice to be able to see everything going on with the structure, moisture, whatever. I see finishing your basement as the homeowner equivalent of putting those shitty plastic covers all over engine bays.

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Spray the exposed ceiling white or black. Plumbing, wiring, joists and all.

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Property tax is based on the estimated/appraised fair sales value of both the lot and all buildings on it. Appraised value had shifted from being based on actual quality of construction to whole summation of "finished" square footage and bedroom/bath count.
In some areas, rooms require painted drywall/paneling to be included in the finished square-footage.
Anyone with half a brain knows space can be fully livable without a top finish, but you can squeeze by with less expense to the city/state by ignoring ste studs and I-beams staring at you.

If you are in an area prone to flooding, you also need flood insurance for spaces below the maximum water table, and insuring finished rooms increases your premium.

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To make it less visible, stealth pipes?

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The trick is to not have a narc neighbor when you start carrying truckloads of sheetrock into the basement

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Poor choice because mold eats up the paper.

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then get moisture/mold resistant drywall. If you get mold from that you have bigger moisture issues in the home to solve

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Property worth more = higher taxes.

Welcome to adulthood.

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i wish my entire house was unfinished
it look bussin fr fr nocap ong

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Hey anon, Im finishing my garage - there's about a foot of space all the way around the garage door, if I leave it unfinished will I be in the clear?

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You mean welcome to clownword where old saggy decrepit women sit on over 200 million dollars and can't fix the country

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So hiding utilities inside of walls wasn't enough for you huh? It's a utility space, not another living room.

InB4 some dank carpet enjoyer chimes in.

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I put rolls of paper backed insulation in between the joists. Should I just spray the whole thing black? I think it would look way better than exposed

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