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what is your current diy project?

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are you making a cowl hood for your lawnmower

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Doing plumbing and wiring for a dishwasher.

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Just finished some wire wrap jewelry: one onyx crescent moon with representations of Yggdrasil on both sides in 26ga titanium, and one quartz point with a nice 20ga silver cage wrapped around it. Pics might become available over the next couple days; already gifted both items, didn't take pics before.

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my current project is tidying up my mind so the depressophrenia goes aways

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replacing my oil furnace with a heat pump. I should get all refrigerant and electrical connections done this weekend, then its ductwork

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Jerking off on adderall

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Replacing garage doors.
Establishing new lawn
Running network cables throughout house

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Building a HAM transceiver station.
CW version has been done for a while, but I need to get some 3 pole RF-rated relays so I can pull off SSB without having to put in extra circuitry, also need to get my hands on a spectrum analyzer in order to set up proper filtering and do pre compliance testing.

All in all pretty fun, but a lot of waiting for shipping

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being a woman

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glass apparatus construction stuff

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Unfortunately no photos.
But I'm building storage shelves and a workbench in my unfinished utility room.

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currently making a business sign for supreme. they liked my work enough and going forward I'm going to be the sole supplier of signage for us stores it sounds like.

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Stratocaster clone with some custom toucher per client request.

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>Replacing garage doors.
Please be extremely careful anon, a garage door spring can easily kill you if you aren't careful.

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Building a mesh network with microcontrollers and SD cards

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how's that?
I've got a project planned to build a mesh network by installing OpenWRT on a couple routers.
How would you do it with microcontrollers and SD cards? And why wouldn't you just use some Wireless Access Points or Routers instead?

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Building a website from scratch called Advelli. Take any video and turn it into a sport.

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BORN TO ITCH / BEAN IS A FUCK / Kill Em All 2023 / I am knight man / 410,757,864,530 DEAD LOOTERS


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If he dies tonight you won't ever find out. Why pretend you care enough to plead

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>a garage door spring can easily kill
how exactly?

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you know why, same reason you're here.

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building a greenhouse, and racing against the weather. thank you autumn in the PNW for making this a potential shit show.

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with guns

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what do you mean how? it is a massive torsion under 30 kN of tension, it will unroll with great power and make a hole in your head. 17 people were killed this way in my subdivision over the last few years.

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Might replace a wall outlet this weekend. It isn't time critical and I don't have a replacement yet, unsure if I want to go to the hardware store, was a tough workweek for me.

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Using a Wemos D1, loading a few arduino libraries and hacking it together. It’s mostly just for fucks but it’s kinda fun to have a LAN. It doesn’t connect to the internet, so everything is just soft access.

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Regenerative-cooled forge

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I'm currently trying to source LiFePo4 D/LR20 batteries, but I can't seem to find any in my country. I am taking this 12-volt D-cell battery project further.

- Can't find LFP batteries.
- Can only get 1A with alkaline batteries so I hope LFP batteries will fix that problem too.
- Can't find LFP D-cell chargers with 12-Volt cigarette lighter plug anywhere in my country
- Need to find out how whether I can just make a row of 12-Volt cigarette lighter outlets and hook them directly to a large solar panel, or if I need to have any kind of regulator between that.

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*I forgot, I am also going to try to get a car charger (12-Volt cigarette lighter) for my laptop, and directly charge the battery from the solar panel setup, that way I won't have to have a battery bank or inverter for that either.

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To catch a funny joke now and again and learn interesting things about crafts I'm not proficient in, while picking on retards. I don't follow how that works

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>picking on retards.
>I'm not proficient
so you are one of them

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I genuinely hate what you're making and your threads, but at the same time I'm intrigued.

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Those pills are pretty small, seems like you'd miss.

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I have an unusually large emission so I don't think I could miss.

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why :'(

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currently taking this cheap battery operated vibrating tooth brush, to use for something it wasnt intended.

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cut off the bristles, smoothed it down, and plasti-dipped the end. instant vibrator

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putting an aliexpress magsafe 2 cable on this
fucking 85e for a new one lol

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That seems like it’s going to be really inefficient with no battery. You really should try to find a power bank. The ebay jumper bricks would probably work good if you can rig the solar panel to charge that, plus many of them have a 12V lighter outlet that can plug in, or you could buy a <$5 12V female lighter outlet thing, they often sell them with clamps on the other end, and wire that into a cheap jumper brick. Some of those bricks charge with a USB-C in, some of them are like 15V laptop power supplies going in, so you just need to make the solar panel out match whatever the jumper brick wants.~12V from a solar panel to a 5V USB could be done easily with a cheap USB car phone charger I’d imagine, or a buck converter.

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I'm making a little foam and fiberglass boat right now.

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After this pic was taken I cut all this back apart and made it so the prop shaft is at only 11 degrees to the bottom of the boat.

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getting out of bed every morning

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Engine selection :) Making exhaust for it right now and might have it finished within the next couple of days.

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Can you draw it in mspaint please?

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>sole supplier for us stores
nigga do you know how many stores sell supreme? you ain't gotta lie to kick it

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I'm building a 19' long flat bottomed boat for fishing and crabbing. Off the shelf lumber covered in fiberglass. Gonna look rough, but be designed to be abused. My family has had several boats like this.

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My entire bathroom...here is a preview

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You have a table saw and you're still poorly joining things with angle brackets and deck screws?
Please return your testicles

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Very 1st time doing something like this...essentially inexperience. Not everyone is a full on professional in the beginning

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2.4kwh backup UPS for short term power outages

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Junction box, the connector to the right is for long term outages, for a generator. Don't mind the shithole walls, that's just an attic

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And the theme is industrial...so hardware exposure isn't such a tragedy. Could it be done better? sure

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Nigger when are you going to get a stroke or something

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Just put a 2 stroke on an old beach cruiser. I got it running, but I had to buy a new dual brake lever so I still need to pull off the old ones and re calibrate them. It's been fun, but taking longer than I anticipated just with other things taking up time in life.

Very cool. Definitely post some vids when it's all finished

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3d printed glock

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Putting braille labels on various cupboards around my house

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real industrial would be a cinderblock bathroom with any decorations or accessories coming out of the Uline catalog

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Looks way better than mine, good job, keep it up

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Installing a bowl sink on a repurposed cabinet in my warehouse chic bathroom. Unfortunately, it's not going well.

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i don't have one. i really need to weld my wood cart up though. maybe i'll do that tomorrow if i have time

i really want to see about making a mini speaker that i can plug in to a 3.5mm audio jack though. small, stereo, with its own power supply for amping up.

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currently making a real-life nandroid (keep your mind out of the gutter) been a month-long project with many bumps along the road (added dress.png to help show the desired result)

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with some learned experience I switched from wood to epoxy, currently making a wooden master copy of the torso

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WTF.. looks like you making dildos! FAG!

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nandroid legs buddy

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Only time will tell

A list of small bullshit. Just got done painting some scratches on the wall from moving, sanded and painted over some holes where a shitty old towel rack was so now I’m going to hang the new one, re-caulk the bathtub, then gotta figure out some pavers and gravel to clean up the front yard. Also down the list, I think for my birthday I’m going to ask the wife for this babby 7” table sae and a good blade so I can install a backsplash in the kitchen.

Need to build a damn workbench in this garage too.

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Are you going blind? Tough draw there, anon.

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That's not true. Industrial can utilize different materials to achieve that look. It's not concrete only. One could use metal,steel,copper,aluminum,concrete,wood,brick for example. Walls can be exposed brick, steel, normal drywall if mixing up separate styles(rustic,farmhouse,modern), etc
Sometimes tile is used like (penny tile) in bathrooms.
Floors can be wood, concrete, stone.
Decor can include usage of black pipe fittings which are seen everywhere, cooper, hammered metal, cast iron, antique hardware(gears,pallets,old machines) propellers, leather, etc.
I understand industrial, but I also have a budget and making things by hand stays within it.
Thank you very much

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Bathroom cont..
I replaced the original vanity lights. Used common board, cut to about 30+" in length.
1/2" black pipe fittings
1/2" copper tubing and adapters
(4) weatherproof sockets and wired them
(4) Feit Electric (Amber tinted) Edison bulbs.

Repainted the laminate white cabinets..
-lightly sanded (150 grit) to create texture and painted them (Behr Summer Storm) Walls (Behr Shark Fin) for context.

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Bathroom Cont..
I took down the original glass mirror.
Replaced with:
Common board & select pine.
-Started by lightly charring them with a blowtorch.
-Then stained with Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain (Ebony)

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Had 2 spare metal rimmed mirrors to work with here.
This is the 1st one.
-They came with the roses on top which I cut off with a diamond bladed saw on an angle grinder.
-I then used wired bevel cups and a grinding disk to take off the paint and create an aged or distressed look to it.
-I also created artificial damage by taking out small chunks here and there.
-Then proceeded to drill holes (1" spacing) around the metal border.
-I used Internal Socket Head Cap Screws which I spray painted (antique copper and hammered black(speckled)

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I dont think plasti-dip is body safe

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>I dont think plasti-dip is body safe

but... you can dip tools in it that you use your hands for which means your body has to touch it.

once its dried and cured its perfectly safe.

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big difference between externally and internally safe, your body can absorb things quite easily through orifices.

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your hands =/= the inside your ass whole

>> No.2472791


unless you are leaving it in 24/7 I am sure its perfectly safe for a few mins of uhm.. internal use.

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ok but dont get mad if you end up with ass cancer

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ok, whatever you say

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Just finished prepping my attic to spray foam the plates, then blow two feet of cellulose on top. In the mean time I'm fixing the 1.25" drain that goes to my washer and roughing in a laundry sink.

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Same anons >>2472115 >>2471807
Turns out plasti-dip used rectally causes blindness

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Redid the sloping on the uphill side of the house and I spent the entirety of the weekend digging a trench to put in the french drain. Caught a root/rock every single shovel stroke and I ran out of drainage crushed rock when I was like 1/3rd done

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Several things:

- DIY electric motorcycle. (it works just need to do some more work on the BMS).

Diy quantum dot laser repairs..

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It’s for their own supreme branded stores. I consider it diy because you’d shit yourself if you saw how I have to make this shit.
It’s no factory, it’s basically a garage with some tools.
This sign’s gonna be going up in Chicago so I’m told.
Me and my coworkers make fun of my boss for not knowing what supreme is so we meme the fuck out of projects, so ignore the ‘bussin’’ it’s gonna say supreme in a few days.

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A few threads ago I also showed a progress pic of a heart for Match.com/match group. idfk how my boss manages to get these high profile clients, but I'm digging it. It's challenging work and it all lands on my shoulders to actually complete. Very rad, I love my job.

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Fixing an Oberheim Matrix 6 Keybed, more cases for my eurorack, heavy duty stand for my Hammond console organ, considering buying one of those chinesium steam generators for my shower. Uhhhh, head gasket for my MR2. Probably missing a few others, shit always breaks.

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engine swap on my IH payloader

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he might be

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fence at back of my lawn fell down a few years ago and need to put in new 6x6 fence posts
issue is its like 15 feet from a really busy road and i dont want to do it because it feels like literally performing on stage for people
last time I was out there people were honking at me

>> No.2474322

wear earplugs or listen to music with headphones/earbuds. Face away from the road and just focus on the work.

>> No.2474334

actually good advice
not even that socially anxious but knowing a thousand people will see me working is messing with my head, likely to fuck something up

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Installed the Starlink. Installed the wood stove and piping. Split probably 10 cords of wood. Going to start a small retaining wall/driveway extension next I think.

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Im building my workshop.

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i'm no roofer, mainly because I'm not a meth addict, but this doesn't seem like the correct order of operations for panel placement

>> No.2474568

I know americans like tu put triplay and whatever in their roofs, im not American, I dont need insulation, and I making It More shed-like.

>> No.2474625

>engine swap on my IH payloader

Yeah we're gonna need some pics of this loader... for research purposes of course...

>> No.2474626

I've seen pressed tin that looks like roof tiles before, but what the hell kind of coating is that on those panels? Looks like a bedliner/rubberized coating of some sorts?

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Finishing the cooling setup on my maned wolf fursuit. It uses a pid controller to regulate fan speed with the temperature inside the suit.

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Hanging steel shelves for my latest High Cube from hot roll 1-1/2" angle, 1" flat bar (cross braces) and 1/2 rod (torch bent hooks to use with the roof tiedown loops). Easy work even with a very bad back as I use tiedown straps to raise and control them during install.

Nothing touches floor and muh motorbikes etc fit nicely beneath. HCs have enough room I can walk beneath the storage (I'm 6'2").

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They are not made out of tin, they are made with plastic, PVC I think

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right now mostly just doing tool repair
fiting handles, grinding etc.

>> No.2475867

rebuilding an aluminum fishing boat
intending on using carbon fiber as hatch covers instead of aluminum or fiberglass. But I want something that wont rattle horribly like aluminum. Not sure how hard carbon fiber is

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>sloping/drainage job on the side of the house
>60-something bags of 3/4 gravel to fill the drain trench and that STILL wasn't enough

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making one or two more of these with various improvements for christmas gifts
>heavier base (maybe metal plate insert? idk)
>less dodgy electronics in the base with better venting
>domino'd joints instead of plugged screws
>buying potentiometers with long axles so that mounting them isn't a pain in the ass
>better quality finish
Should be able to get the total cost down close to $100, already have lots of extra parts from the first one

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