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I fucked up. I dropped a glass bottle and it scratched the chrome of my fridge handle.

Any way that it can be repaired or at least improved?

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ignore it and go on with life

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What's your homeowner's insurance deductable?

>> No.2470837

scrape it till it's smooth and then use chrome nail polish

you're always know it's there tho

>> No.2470839

Pee on it

>> No.2470842

Remove that trim piece and go with the black finish.

>> No.2470863

>ignore it and go on with life
use a lighter, it will smooth it out

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5/6... not bad troll ratio

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that's plastic

>> No.2470947

crush damaged area
overfill with bondo-type putty
sand to shape
paint with chrome nail polish
buff to blend

easier & probably cheaper to look up the part & just buy & install a new rail tho

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Easiest thing is call the company and get a replacement trim piece

>> No.2471036

Take a hammer and apply matching scratches all along

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This. Go for the rustic look

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If I was lazy I'd just sand it down smooth and wrap it with some 3M wrap that you put on cars; should be cheap af.

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