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how do i make a submarine like the euronaut? how thick should the pressure hull be?

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>how thick should the pressure hull be?
How deep do you want to go?

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There are easier ways of killing yourself.

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a couple hundred feet

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18 gauge sheet will work, just put a few more braces inside.

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will a normal sheet metal roller be able to make the tube sections?

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You're notngoing to kill any reporters... right?

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if by reporters you mean cartel narco subs then yes

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Is there a /diy/ Bingo card?

Hoo boy, another one.

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>how do i make a submarine
>let me ask /diy/
You deserve your drowning.

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>18 gauge sheet
>for 7 atm external pressure
You're a funny guy.

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Don't worry, OP will forget posting this thread when he sobers up.

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>how thick should the pressure hull be
Thick enough it doesn't implode and kill you.

>a couple hundred feet
Narco subs only go down a few feet. Proptip: it's going to implode and kill you.

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Well, he can always stick some grenades inside to equalize the pressure.

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Few YT videos of people doing this. Or defect to North Korean / Cartels to build for them.

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Circles resist pressure naturally.

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Only need a couple feet of depth to ambush NGO invasion boats...

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