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I tried to open this broken dog leesh and unscrewed all the screws but it still holds together. Anyone know how to do this?

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Could be a screw you're missing under some rubber molding or a sticker. Or it might just be clipped together internally and you have to pry it apart. Can you gently pry it open with a flat screwdriver or putty knife? You should get an idea of where it's stuck at.

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I've tried that and there seem to be some 2 sided screws which are impossible to screw off so i think its a dead end

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Ok nevermind lmao. i just pried it apart like an ipod gen 5

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>2 sided screws
How do they get them in there?

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Yeah, sorry. Those aren’t user serviceable. If you try to open it you will void the warranty. You would also be liable if someone injures zemselves while using it after your “repair.” Why take the risk? Just buy a new one.

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All cheap plastic items are screwed and glued so they're more difficult to repair and the customer just buys a new one.

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Discard the leash
Discard the dog
Acquire a cat

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this. most stuff I see like that is assembled in a way that makes it nearly impossible to disassemble without breaking

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Kill yourself you gondi infected faggot

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Because this is DIY not amazon. Everything is serviceable. FUCKING EVERYTHING

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A lot of clamshell style plastic cases and similar vessels that aren't made to be taken apart now use ultrasonic welding rather than adhesives or solvent welding. Of all those methods ultrasonic welds are the least likely to ever come back apart cleanly at the seams under prying/ twisting forces and sometimes the seams aren't even readily apparent.

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