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I got a old porter cable fc350. The rebuild kits cost almost 100$. The parts are pretty scarce, it blew a seal after having issues with the trigger. I'd probably have to rebuild both the trigger and replace all the seals.
Are my options only to pay the ridiculous cost for the rings and parts or retire it and buy a new one?

It's bout 20 years old.
What y'all think?

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The battery ones are better and easier to use now.

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1. Take it to a tool repair shop.
2. Go to a pawn. Find the newest looking gun and tell them you want to see it shoot an entire rack without a misfire. You now have a framing gun for half price. Maybe kick the price down some more and maybe buy other menial tools to work it out.
3. Buy new because you need it professionally. HF was selling $84 guns this week.

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I'd tear it down then match the rings and seals by size. Even for items I can get kits for I measure the new parts then order quality generics for stoopid cheap via Eghey etc.

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>bro just pay 3X as much for an inferior product because muh no compressor!
>$400 for a brad nailer seems like a good deal to me!

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Too much work my boy, get that Hitachi that every framer/roofer uses and you'll have replacement parts forever.

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>Porter Cable

Found your problem

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>inferior product
Objectively incorrect
>bro just pay 3X as much
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Gen II the newest hottest shit is $299, regularly on sale for $259. Show me where you can get a new air powered brad nailer, plus new required air accessories such as hoses, plus a compressor, all for $100. Since you said the battery powered one is 3x as much. Go ahead I'll keep this thread on my watch.

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Tool repair shop usually does it for 40$. He said they don't make parts anymore which got me here.

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I been interested in these but I can't repair the way I can the air ones. Also looking at a breakdown of them, how often does the belt snap or need to be replaced?

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Price isnt the issue. I have 2 other nailers. It's just well taken care of, in it's case and has worked for 20 years. I like it.
I'm using a paslode now. I mean it's ok, but it's not my porter cable.

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This works with every seal except 2 of them. Both would have to be custom made. One I could herey rig, but the other, about the only way to get it is buying it.

The white one down on the bottom left. If attacks go like the rod chamber, seats over it and lacks back into the trigger mechanism. You can't just onring that.

It could also use probably a new rubber catch, my luck is replace them all, get it working and the rubber catch fail.

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i regularly see compressors for $20-50 on craigslist, and a brand new brad nailer is $30

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if you're going to include the cost of a compressor with the air nailer, you need to include the cost of a couple batteries with the battery powered one. so add another $100+ onto the milwaukee.

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I can't quite tell the cross section but there are many seal types besides rings so I'd blow up that image and measure the rod OD and the seal mount bore ID etc then contact support at seal suppliers giving them maximum detail on what you're needing since that may be useful in ways you don't anticipate.

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I rather just retire it if I gotta do all that. Was hoping I overlooked something, but it seems more trouble than it's worth.

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I have the same gun. This thing is a tank. It's build 100 houses and will build 100 more before it's scrapped. The home gamers in here saying to buy a battery powered nailer are so full of shit. This gun can nail down a 4x8' piece of sheeting before one of those ballless battery powered wonders can spit out two unset nails.

Take it apart and find what's wrong. 90% of the orings you can find in a 5$ oring kit. The bigger ones you can order off ebay for coffee money. No need to get a full kit. It's probably one 15c oring. If it's something more find the parts diagram online and buy just the piece you need. Shipping will probably cost more than the part.

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This i got 2 broken Hitachi nr83a2 nailers for $280, 1 had a bad seal, cost 5 bux for an authentic Hitachi replacment, the other one had to be tore down cleaned and reassembled.

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