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Figured this would be the board for this. Got a floor safe exactly like pic related in the basement of my building, and I'd love to crack it. All online shit says "call a locksmith". Would drilling straight through the core and fiddling around with the mechanism work?

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Leave it there and go home jamal

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Unironically wearing sock and sandals.

Come on brother show us the grippers

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They're usually protected reasonably well on the surface, but the sides are usually just sheet metal to save costs. I would rent a jackhammer and yank it out, then use an angle grinder to slice the bottom off. If you want to reuse the safe, then in theory you could just try every combination. But 100 digits, times three digits per combo, means a million possible combos. If you tried 100 a day it could take a maximum of 27 years to do it. So depends on how patient you are I guess.

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Yes but that ruines the loot

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Not if you're careful. Go around the rim with the grinder in light passes until you're *almost* through the metal, then use a hammer to crack the end off. None of the sparks will get inside and the heat will stay low enough to avoid burning or melting anything. It's mostly heavy duty tools like plasma torches that you have to worry about, those will absolutely fry anything combustible inside.

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>Drill hole
>Fill with water
>Open with plans cutter
>Place contents in vacuume chamber
Oy vey

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Get cracking

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Op is fake.


Fucking idiot. Some of us can google

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Youre an idiot, the OP says he has a safe LIKE THE ONE HE POSTED, not that the one he posted is his safe

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Op, did you even read the posts that were linked to the image you stole.



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Yeah I’m so fucking stupid but I’m the one posting two links to how people cracked those safes, and you are doing what exactly?

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Bad math. 10 possible numbers, 3 digits. No where near a million possible combos.

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>the "loot"
kek. reminds me of this story https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/abandoned-safe-yields-1920s-era-german-bonds-1.1251491 safe filled with weimar-era bonds

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Check the photo again. There's 100 numbers on that dial.

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29-31-5 was my high school locker combo. Try that.

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Hey Google show me a picture of this guy's penis

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Remove safe from ground.
Mount safe so door faces floor.
Strap orbital sander to safe.
Turn on orbital sander.
One day in next couple weeks will hear loud noise of door spontaneously falling out.

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Instructions to get into those can be found on tidder

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>Would drilling straight through the core and fiddling around with the mechanism work?
anything you don't understand must be easy.

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