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Will they ever be displaced as the king of pliers?

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harbor freight

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Please stop knigger posting. They are not the same.

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Made in Germany hasn't meant anything in like 20 years. Thankfully the Japs haven't cucked out and assigned all their tool making to useless immigrants.

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Is your monkeypox infection painful?

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>Will they ever be displaced as the king of pliers?
Yeah, like 30 years ago when that western german company started importing their pliers to the USA

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Nuh uh
Ur wrong

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It doesn't even mean made by Turks anymore

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The me' channel locks. Simple as.

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I prefer the American brand of pliers which was outsourced to Germany for manufacturing.

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>blocks your path

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What path?
The path to the foodstamp line with your poorfaggot pliers?

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t. Nigex shill

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Tsunoda is the king of pliers

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The Kleins almost look like NWS. Who made them?

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are the nutbusters any good?

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Many jap brands are made in changland now though

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yeah but at least if it says made in japan there's a semi-decent chance it's made by actual japanese people instead of africans

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They sell multiple rebrands

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Too late Bepis, I have ordered the 410 and 414s. I saw they're not making them anymore so I wanted some NOS ones.

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never been used

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Does anybody even know what he does for a living?

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Exactly what you guessed

I don’t know. I grabbed those after wanting the Raptors and shortly thereafter getting the HF faux-raptors. But I haven’t run into a situation where I really needed to abuse them in the past few weeks. I’ll have a bunch of work to do coming up in a few weeks so maybe I can pass judgement on them.

Partially true. Pliers wrench handles don’t hold grease at all. The channellocks and fake raptors were new in that pic, but not like they get used anyway.

I swear the annoying 8” Milwaukee Cobras get the most use becuause they’re in my backpack and not in the garage. That shit made a good hammer today

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for me, it's the gearwrench pitbull set.

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Well, the way I figure it is if they're good, I have them, and if they're not at least they're a discontinued Channellock product and I can get some of my money back on Ebay.

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channel lock has went to shit change my mind.

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no it actually made by Brazilians retard.

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Plastic handles bust off.

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I have some old and some new and while the castings are definitely different, they seem to be good as always.

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These look fine but I'd prefer the dipped handles, I think.

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>he doesn't remove his handles and epoxy them back on
they're not plastic, though. some kind of rubber-ish something that isn't actually rubber. idk.
i thought i did, too, until i got a set with heavier, more comfortable grips.

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I mean they bite super hard with the short jaw and long handle. With the sharp teeth, I imagine they could rape a brass fitting if it was previously fucked by somebody else or like unthreading a pipe from some fitting.

They’re not some hard plasti that shatters when dropped. The indentations and how they’re affixed matters much more than dipped vs some big dual material.

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NEET life

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>tfw bout to go to NEET homeowner!

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Congrats to your mom!

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Yeah I haxxxxed into mom’s email to screengrab these

Do I really need sinkhole coverage? Two agents gave me similar quotes, one with the sinkhole shit and one without. And the one without sinkhole had $62.5k in personal property and was like $100 less. I gotta talk to this dude more on Monday.

Turns out lots of the big insurance companies like Geico and Allstate and Traveler’s don’t do homeowner’s policies in Florida.

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Fogot pic. The $100 cheaper quote had 2% hurricane deductible too but only $250k for that dwelling replacement, which I’m guessing is bare cost to build the actual house if you own the lot.

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>I imagine they could rape a brass fitting if it was previously fucked by somebody else or like unthreading a pipe from some fitting.

Sure, but my Kuhnigpex can do the same. I think i have enough room in my heart for Kneepix and Channellock both, though.

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I've got a pair of cobras and the new Channellock push button pliers and have been testing them out, mostly on rigid conduit.

The new channellocks btfo the cobras when it comes to grip, they can hold onto a pipe much tighter without slipping, but they utterly destroy whatever they're biting into. Also, their handles are poop; they're massive, slightly tacky so they'll stick pulling in and out of a pocket, and a few days in they're already starting to slip off.

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>Do I really need sinkhole coverage?
If you are in FL, yes, you do. The whole state is supported by limestone that is slowly being eroded by groundwater. That's why the cave diving is so good there.

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No amount of screencap posting will ever convince anyone of anything. Youve proven how much of a retard you are with money, nobody is giving you a loan kiddo.

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My wife and me*

That lady convinced me to adult and open up a credit card a couple years back.

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>My wife
I havent seen you post it in the proper thread yet >>2418646

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Also do the math with the lever thing. Look how far from the pivot point the Channie nutbusters and the Knipex Raptor are grabbing a fastener compared to regular channies. You might get 50%+ more biting force.

Need to do some ProjectFarm type autist tests and post the results!

I haven’t bought shit for tools in the past 2 months ever since I got this 90-day notice on this house and it hurts so bad. I figure when we close on the new place in another couple weeks, I’ll have excuses to get more shit with all these little projects I will have to take on. Maybe finally get myself a miter saw and a router and shit, def will need to build a workbench and some shelving in the garage too.

>tfw my wife’s pussy isn’t polyester
Life is hard as Chad

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>>tfw my wife’s pussy isn’t polyester
Got the silicone molds out eh?

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Soft like silicone, naturally warm, and automatically lubes itself.

Some people put their pocket pussy in the dishwasher to clean it… my pocket pussy cleans the dishes! It also functions as a dual-use alarm clock/ coffee maker.

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Now I’m lost, the bolt is nearly the same distance from the center of the pin on all 4. Who knows. I’ll defer to ze Germans.

How old are the Cobras? A brand new sharp ass jaw is going to grab soft conduit and copper pipe and shit way better than even the best worn out tool. Not that I’m hating or praising either, but can’t really compare the two when one is real torn up. It’s like slicing an apple with a Benchmade that hasn’t been sharpened in 2 years vs a brand new $10 flea market knife.

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The cobras are two months older than the channellocks, and I've been using them both for close to a year now. Both are the 10 in' models.

Part of it is the channellock's head is wider than the knipex, so more gripping area for pipe. This is also another reason that makes it more annoying to carrry around in the pocket vs the cobras.

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You think they're worth getting? They were on my radar as well.

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They're good, if you care about USA made tools, I'd say go for it; The cobras are a bit easier to just carry around and 95% as good at gripping, but the channellocks are good for when something absolutely must turn and you don't feel like grabbing a giant pipe wrench.

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I'm a big channellock guy, so I may end up doing it.

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What are they, like $25 for a 2pk of 8” and 10” pliers? Might as well try them and see. If they’re good, you got some fresh main channies. If they’re not as good as Knipex, you still have some decent pliers to toss in the car or somewhere as an emergency set. Got those Milwaukees and they’re ok but not as nice all around as the German ones so I tossed them in my work backpack. Knipex end up in the tool bag and the old Irwins are in the tool box in the garage.

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I already have some fresh channies because I got a screaming deal on the 3 pack of straight jaw ones, but it never hurts to have more pliers, imo. Incidentally, since I ordered those Nutbusters the other day (haven't even got them yet), I found a pair of NOS Utica 506s at an estate sale. I figured I'd never see them in my lifetime.

Picture for illustration.

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Are those shorter ones or something?

Been dicking around in the garage and I finally broke loose this seal on an old Craftsman jack. Been hesitant to order the $50 seal kit if I was going to strip the thin hex part, it’s like 2” across and only 1/8” thick and probably hasn’t been opened since new. Finally got it open snd the U-cup seal was crumbling, the rest of the seals look ok.

Want to try to fix this thing because it’s made in Japan in the 70s. My friend’s neighbor was throwing it out and I snagged it to have a backup jack. We’ll see what happens when it shows up.

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I think what happened is that Channellock bought the 506 design from Utica and I think it matches the 410, which I have coming. You can never have too many pliers, though, can you?

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Also, per the jack thing, make sure you get the fluid leveled and don't have any hidden air inside it.

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I need to throw some of the shitty ones out. My main tool box has crappy Craftsman Evolv and generic shit that ends up becoming sacraficial when the handle breaks off something and I don’t want to walk to the toolbox each time. My screwdriver situation is similar, all the basic Craftsmans are in some junk bag now.

Speaking of pliers, I never thought I needed duckbills but I have been using these Jappo yellow pliers a ton lately. Situations where linesmans would be too much but regular needle nose are too thin or I want the flat surface like for tiny clamps and stuff

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Oh yeah, duckbills are great. I think I have a pair of Crescent (?) duckbill pliers and they're excellent for moving and twisting in tight spaces.

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Shit, it was his voice in my head that read the packaging in your pic

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Not sure what the patents are like, but it’s amazing how close HF can get to the Knipex Raptors. Everybody is doing knockoff Cobras now and the HF Doyle ones are slightly different, but the Icon Pliers Wrenches are really really close to Knipex as well. Icon has the thicker grip but the rest is nearly exact replica

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I think that’s the series 2 Knipex on the left of this pic, the Icons are even closer to the 1st gen Knipex in the middle of this pic.

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I might actually grab the ICON Raptor knockoff since I know they're really situational and I don't feel like paying the Knigpex premium.

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>Not sure what the patents are like
They ran out, which is why they redesigned them, and everyone knocked the old ones off.

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That’s sort of why I got the Icons for $10-$15 less. Plus the Raptor design doesn’t rely on a really good heat treat like the teeth of the Cobras, so it’s not going to be the end of the world if the jaws of the Icon are -2 on the HRC scale. The Icons are made in Taiwan too, so they didn’t knock off the Raptors in the cheapest place.

I figured the Cobras were, but the Raptors are more recent and haven’t been copied as much. Wouldn’t be surprised if HF is in a court battle over that beause they’re all shady and still selling the Icons in the meantime,

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The slip jaw pliers are the only thing in that set that doesn't make me want to puke.

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Not that Chink factories give a shit about patents.

>> No.2447329

Yeah but a brick & mortar retail store in the US should care… unless it’s Harbor Freight which is so sketchy that they would probably just try and sell as many pliers as they could in the 2 years it takes for corporations to sue eachother in court. Even if Knipex could win, maybe HF moves enough units in that time to make a hefty profit before the courts shut them down.

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Remember when they got sued over the jacks and fucking won? Lmao

>> No.2447465

That’s what I’m saying, they probably got cocky after beating Snap On so know they can sell the ripoff Knipex tools for at least a couple years before the judge makes them stop, but if it’s like the suit vs Snappy, the different type of grip could be enough of a difference to win.

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