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I want these ugly wood warts out. Do I sand this Chinese piece of shit or what

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>fix Ikea
You put it in trash.

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You can sand the whole surface down and then refinish it.
If it's real wood underneath, just paint or oil it.
But since it's likely just particle board, it would make more sense to go with some, idk, epoxy shit or sum
Or use some furniture wrap stuff..
Just replace the desk, it's not worth it.

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It's the cheapest pressboard they could find. Once you put a drop of water on it, it swells like a zit.

Repair: You sand it smooth, filling the holes with bondo and resanding when needed. Get a new veneer glue that on then finish it. Your edge banding will now be too low so you'll have to deal with that or redo it.

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The only way to fix that is to sand it down smooth and glue some veneer over top of it.

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Sorry, I meant to say put it in the trash and buy another.

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buy another, and some meatballs while you're there

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>wood warts
fiberboard water damage
gouge out as much of the loose material as you can, if you don't it may migrate
fill the crater with wood glue
do it again the next day because the glue will have depressed

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enjoy your cardboard and paper ikea shit

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>sanding and refinishing laminated particleboard

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it's like a 3D printed

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You don't fix it. It's cheap furniture meant to be replaced. You're lucky if you got a year out of it.

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Use bondo because it only takes 5 minutes and won't crevasse.

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Hey sometimes a man needs a $10 table

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Look, he's not driving the thing around in sun and weather. Save a little money.

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Replace it with real piece of wood.

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this nigga been watching too much hgtv

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It's only trash if you buy their cheap budget-line stuff.
I have an Ikea Galant bean-shaped frosted glass desk and it's built like a tank.

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Just FYI, if you do any sanding or sawing on this kind of cheap laminate stuff, do not breath the dust. It's toxic as fuck. Enough carpenters etc. have gotten sick from MDF dust that OSHA took notice and issued a bunch of recommendations for working with it.

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its a cardboard insert basically made like a honeycomb shape and the just expand it and lay it down on top of a thin piece of wood with a veneer and glue it together. believe it or not it does add strength to the top as long as you dont plan use it as a workbench or stand on it or put anything extremely heavy on it. yes its cheap made but for a every day desk/table to sit at its not that bad. obviously if you want heavy duty you need to get solid wood made tables/desks.

but still, its laughable in a sense when you look at whats really inside Ikeas cheap shit.

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>this nigga been watching too much hgtv
>someone suggests fixing something on a board that was made for DIY shit

get a load of this buyfag who has no skills to fix anything and comes on /diy/ to suggest people shouldnt fix shit.

fuckoff shill

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Literally anything you need for supporting a fucking cup of coffee.

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They are plenty strong even for standing on

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Black sharpie

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Get some cheap pine planks and do pic related. Wood's pretty expensive here but all up it cost $120ish including the stain and builders glue

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