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Would you rather be a bandsaw or a drill press?
You will be used extensively by your hobbyist owner, choose wisely

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I'd rather be a bandsaw than a drill
Yes I would
If I could
I surely would

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Why is that even a question?

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When I think of all the dumb shit I've done with my drill press, its fucking shameful like dressing up a child out of season Halloween. Ultimately harmless but it died a few weeks back presumably from just lack of will to live. I genuinely fear my bandsaw though, I've seen dumb cunts send their palm through one, split fingers in two and all kinds of mad shit, so it gets mad respect. You don't flick a pit bull on the nuts for fun, you don't fuck with the bandsaw.

At least as a bandsaw, worst someone's going to do is stick the wrong thing in there and play times over for the day

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Should I get one of those vertical bandsaws ? Or should I get a horizontal harbor freight ones ?

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Is there an anime where tools are personified by teenage girls already?

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when i came to this question, i ended up first trying to get a Johnson model J horizontal bandsaw, then settling for a Keller power hacksaw (much lighter, didn't need a trailer to move unlike the Johnson).

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is it that unsafe? i'm more comfortable using my bandsaw than most other tools in my workshop

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I give it a lot of respect, its safer than say a table saw, chainsaw or an angle grinder but you want to pay attention to where your fingers are

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Angle Grinder-chan would be the tsun tsun.

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Acetylene torch chan is a fiery tempered redhead

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Bandsaw for sure, gets way more maintenance. I beat the shit out of my drill press, poor girl.

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I'd rather be the drill (like real life), drilling, reaming, and breaking my tap.

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I'd disagree since drills are easily thrown and abused, but I did toss a bandsaw out the door not long ago.

Bridgeport-chan as the eternally-17 permanent fixture of the clubroom.

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Not that I've found, but I did find one for workplace hazards

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