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I'm moving into my dorm next weekend. Since I won't be having any roommates or suitemates, I wanna turn my bathroom into a sauna. How can I do that without maintenance trying to evict me

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you won't do it.

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Stupid idea. YWNDI so FOAD.

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When I was young with asthma my dad would just put a towel on the crack of the door and slow the drains so that they trickle out, then turn the shower and sink on full heat and it would make a pretty good sauna.
If your switch also turns on an exhaust fan you can probably easily unscrew that and unplug it.

It helped my asthma as a young lad and I still do a similar thing today. I hope my efforts rot my landlords' bathrooms desu. Someday I'll own my own home and build a proper, water-proof steam room.

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1. Maintenance will evict you. Stop being a faggot and trying to break rules. It’s a dorm. If you fuck up and start a fire or flood the place at best people get inconvenienced. At worst people die.

2. Why are you thinking about such gay shit before you go to college? You need to be studying and going to class. Turn off your turbo-level faggotry and focus on making friends.

You get one shot at life. Don’t fuck it up.

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what else to sauna other than pouring water on hot things to create steam?

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Checked. But in Scandinavian culture, a sauna also requires the presence of at least five sweaty, grunting nude men. OP needs to put a sign on his door, "Monkeypox Vaccines Available Inside."

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Just get a hot plate and some nice rounded rocks. Throw a red hot rock in the shower and a ladel of water. Unscrew the fan switched hot wire, towel under door. Voila

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This but OP doesn't care about school like most kids and being silly is FUN. Whee!

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God damn man you are so right and based

Op needs to get slapped into adulthood

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