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I have some wood in the garage that's been having this white stuff grow on it. I think its white mold but there's two issues
The wood is stored in a hot, dry, area. Either the garage or outside in the blazing southwestern sun. So as far as i know it's not humid enough for mold.
In the picrel there's also a large white mass formed in a knothole that doesn't look like the rest of the powdery growth.
The wood has been in there for around 2 weeks and I only recently noticed the white stuff so who knows what it is.

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Here's another picture

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looks like resin to me. Rub it between your fingers-- if it turns super sticky, then it's resin

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Looks moar like coochie mold

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it's crystalized sap you knob

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Yeah you're right. I touched the stuff and it was kind of sticky. Shouldn't get to hot once its done and inside so I'll probably just take the sap out and stain the thing.
Thanks /diy/

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Looks like asbestos. Just sand it off.

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