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Curious as to what items you all swear by. Always see boot threads but never hear about who makes good pants or anything else.

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I'm a fatass, I wear wrangler stretchy jeans. Boots, I got some lace-up Rockys non steel toe and pull on steel toe Justins

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Cheapest Walmart pants. If you work with metal in any capacity, your pants are fucked no matter what. Just get cheap, easily replaced blue jeans. I always wear plain white t shirts from a bag when I work. They are like $3 each and last at least 1 season. After that they become cleaning rags. Your clothing is a consumable, get used to it and save money.

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I've had a Stanley jumper for the last 7 months.
Boots don't buy cheap.
Pants depending on trade.
I'm a electrician and go in the attic alot, my pants have a whole where the cock is due to not having flexibility, buy bigger pants +a belt

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> Always see boot threads but never hear about who makes good pants or anything else.
Boots are expensive, and their quality is important as its the bearing surface for your whole spine to the earth.
Thats why people get weird about them.

Your quality of life will not be changed whether you buy expensive clothes or buy rags from goodwill.
They are all made in bangladesh or other similar countries out of the same materials.

I just go to the regional/local farm and tractor store.
I buy 100% cotton shirts (house brand, dickies, carhartt, whatever they have on sale in the color I want)
I will also buy duck cotton cargo pants, or 100% cotton denim jeans (I own mostly berne and carhartt)
The "flex" denim have spandex or other stretchy and flammable material in them, and they tend to use a lighter weight denim.

I have some Lucky brand jeans, and some Lee modern fits stretch jeans, a few others where they denim is super thin, soft, and comfortable. Taper fit so they look and feel great. But they suck dick and get destroyed the second you work in them. They are the going to town clothes as it were.

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Cheap jeans, employer provided hi vis, wide brimmed cheap hat

Clothes get torn and covered with cement/tar so what's the point

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Red wing boots, carhartt cargo shorts, an old t shirt and a baseball cap for me. I work for a small business so I'm not required to wear pants or safety gear.

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Work pays 50 bucks per pair of my pants, up to 250 a year. I buy the DeWalt pants with the mini tool pouches over each pocket and the armoured knees. I've got one that's 2 years old that's just stained with PVC glue and faded. The last "quality" pants I bought didn't last a year with 5 in rotation

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I goodwill almost everything. They are cheaper than anywhere and they carry good brands all the time usually. I destroy everything I wear at work as the nature of metal work so it helps a lot. Sign up for their text deals and they throw a 25% off everything coupon at least twice a month. And I usually get carhartt, berne, cabelas, ll bean and others that are more rugged. For boots always spend a shit load on as your feet will age faster than you will on concrete. And always get good safety glasses that actually encompass your eyes.

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Here in Germany absolutely every tradie wears Engelbert Strauss
I personally think they're overhyped, but they're still good pants.

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Whatever the company provides me, including gloves, hard hats, head lamps etc. Everything has to be fire resistant. My preference is a button up shirt with a collar and chest pockets. For pants I prefer baggy cargo pants for most of the year and I'll wear jeans in the winter. I have probably twenty sets and I just throw old ones away when they get too worn.

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I have 3 identical pairs of Dickies trousers that have lasted over 5 years now, survived years of farm work, then warehouse work, and being worn almost every single day otherwise. Can't seem to find the same kind anymore though

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Honestly, these look pretty baller. Maybe I should import some.

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This, though I prefer military surplus pants over jeans for the big leg pockets and greater flexibility. Buy whatever pants your own country's military has - these will be the cheapest in the military surplus store. While you're there, pick up a pair of infantry style hard shell knee pads. They are about half the price of the fanciest foam protectors in the hardware store (which most of the time only has foam ones and maybe one type of really crappy, cheap hard shell ones).

Hats: soft, floppy boonie hats. They won't have much of a brim, but it's usually enough to protect you from the worst of the sun. If you need hearing protection for your work you can wear it either over (pliable brim) or under that sort of hat. Also, they're washable. I used to wear a straw hat but it has grown quite rank from sweat now...

Gloves: full leather, all seasons (winters here ain't so bad I'd need lined ones). Buy in bulk because they'll tear up quickly depending on trade (masonry and ditch digging is worst in my experience).

Safety glasses: if you have trouble with them fogging up, seriously try a full face respirator (for lengthy bouts of angle grinder work and similarly dusty shit that makes sense anyway).

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Duluth's firehose stuff is tough and warm.
I like a polartech layer in the coldest situations.

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aside from boots i just wear whatever, $10 6 pack of white shirts and im good for a year. pants is just whatever is cheap. funny enough I almost never see anyone in jeans on jobsites, everyone uses polyester cargopants

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