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I have a flip top tool cart like pic related, the factory mat on the top is peeling off
Should I reglue it or just bedline it? What's better?
Putting wood/stainless on it isn't an option because it's a flip top, obviously.

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Do you really need to be told which is the more resilient option, considering one of those options has already failed..?

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How does old factory glue peeling mean it failed? The mat itself is fine

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Glue peeling usually means you left it in the sun
So cease doing that

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I bought it used, so that's probably what the previous owner did

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>glue is peeling lmao
oh so this is the "American quality" which you got scammed out of like $5000 for? HAHAHAHAHA snap-off more like peel-off amirite LMAO HUHUHUH

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it's a mac one i paid not even $1000 for...

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Do whatever you like. I glued foam drawer liner to the top of mine and it’s been working but it’s not super durable, although not like I’m hammering on the top of the thing.

When it gets too torn up, it would be nice to find a rubber or silicone mat to go on top, but the rhino liner idea isn’t bad, tape the edges off and make it clean.

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Why do niggers come to the board and post a question with a picture of "I have X and it's not doing Y what do" without posting a picture of the actual X they want to Z with?

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Mats suck, all of them. I'd bedline it.

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