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Just moved into a shithole apartment for reasons that don’t matter. This is under my shower. My landlord caulked the seams of the shower pan today.
I bought a scope on Amazon and it will be here tomorrow and I intend on posting more pictures.
The tiling job in the bathroom looks like it was done by someone who saw a picture of tiling and tried to do it themselves.
I’m almost certain they attached the tile directly to mold-resistant gypsum board with no barrier in between.
The entire house smells like mold/mildew and the scent is concentrated near the bathroom.

What do?

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Buy a gallon of some clear sealant and figure it out?

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Should I flex seal my entire shower? It honestly would probably make the shit tiling job look 10x better.

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Fucked up shower featuring mystery uncapped pvc pipe

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Who cares how it looks, grout is porous, so it'll leak constantly, so is mortar, tile showers are often fucked up

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Yeah no shit. I've built showers before and my retarded landlord who has no construction experience thinks his caulking is going to fix things.
The whole place stinks of flipper special and these retards had no idea how to even begin to approach anything diy.
I told him twice, I told him caulking is only part of the water barrier, the grout and mortar are porous and act as a sponge, there needs to be actual water proofing layers to stop water migration and caulking isn't going to solve the issue if the entire fucking wall is soaked from a shit tiling job.

I am seriously considering telling them I will remodel their shithole apartment for them if they allow me to live there for free, pay for materials, and pay me for partial my time.

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Well it's prolly worth at least a years rent
More if you do the whole bathroom

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For sure. I would imagine the quote to redo this bathroom would be in the $20~$30k range given the market right now.

I hate my landlord already, but if I can do some diy projects on another person's dime, then I'd actually be okay living in this shithole and fixing it up for them.

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Why did you move into the place if you hate it so much?
Why are you so determined to fix up something that someone else owns?
R*ntoids make no sense to me. You think if you do a really good job fixing up your landlord's house he'll just give it to you? Why would he care? If you fix it up he can charge double rent in a year whether you're the one paying or someone else is.

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>entire house smells like mold
Why did you rent it?

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>Why did you move into the place if you hate it so much?
>Why are you so determined to fix up something that someone else owns?
>R*ntoids make no sense to me.
There is a subset of renters who identify problems like these at the time of considering a property and happliy move in anyway with the idea that they can use these kinds of deficiencies as a bargaining chip either tovthreaten the LL with legal action or as an excuse for withholding rent. They actually seek them out and when looking at properties that are being made ready for new tenants but aren't finished will often make a big deal about not caring about habitability issues
>LL- of course the broken window will be replaced before anyone moves in, we had to order it
>potential tenant- OH that's OK I don't even care about windows and never use them.
People willing to overlook substantive issues is always a major red flag as are potential tenants who suggest that they could do the work themselves.
It's a tactic used by people trying to get the LL into a compromised position they can leverage, even if it means taking a substandard property.

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>What do?
move out of the shithole apartment

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What tools do you have?
Also, are the pictures yours or just for reference?

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It's for the gas

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For gas you either put it to the roof top or use picture related.

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Oh yeah

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How do you hook this up

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Because I'd rather not move again in the span of two weeks. And idk, I enjoy restoration work. I helped my parents build their house and helped them remodel my aunt's house as well. I basically did the bathrooms in both cases completely by myself and it was pretty rewarding.

I moved in here because I got a job in a new city and needed a place on extremely short notice.

My pictures

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It didn't when I toured it, they had just painted and the windows were open, so that probably hid the smell

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oh man, I love kids like you. I had this one guy straight out of college get a job as an architect or engineer, whatever. The dude hated the yard so he did like $2,000 worth of landscaping to it.
I didn't renew his lease.
Thanks dumbass.

>hurr he sounds like a good tenant!
Yeah right up until I say "cool but I didn't ask you to do that" or "no you can't take out a wall in the bedroom" and he flips shit over it.

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You taught the guy a very valuable lesson about the inherent nature of slumlord snakes.
No good deed goes unpunished, and that slumlords have serious insecurities in which the second someone seems like they arent a doormat to be manipulated and controlled, they are thrown out in the streets.
You rent, you are subhuman. Simple as that.

Luckily for him, he has a life ahead of him where he might actually make it to heaven.
He is making his money as an egineer or an architect.
Not collecting usury from the poor, which is a surefire way of burning in hell for eternity.
Its always funny how the bible is always right and predicted all the types of snakes out there that are genuinely evil people.

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>He is making his money as an egineer

I have my PE in 4 states. I own property as a side business.

I never asked him to dump money into a property did not own. Also the lease prohibits modification without permission.

>reeee I improved your property, which increases property taxes, why is my rent going up, it must be YOUR fault.

If you want to go play house get your own house.

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No one, ever, has asked for your input, scumlord.
Just do the world a favor and off yourself you complete leech.

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Sure dude, don't forget rent is due on the 1st Friday of the month.

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I don't think Jesus or any religion beyond judiasm looks kindly upon those like you

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>If you want to go play house get your own house.
And if you want to commit irredeemable sins that are very clearly forbade in the scriptures for some cash during your time in the mortal realm, have at it.
Just dont be surprised when you are judged harshly in the afterlife for it.

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Its clear he isnt religious and will burn for it, but even lost secular folks know his kind are snakes and treat them like pariahs.
But its unlikely you will ever get through to them, petty material possessions and wealth is all that goes through their mind. They lose their humanity and hamper their soul for monetary gain.

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Not even that anon but damn, I haven't seen the socialist Jesus angle in a loonnng time.

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Pay more attention

I am >>2443437 and >>2443443
Clearly responding to the snake, and some other anon who replied to the snake.
There was no attempt at hiding the fact that I replied to two people, and you pointing it out means literally nothing.

Also there is no "socialist jesus" angle.
Its quite literally in plain text in the scriptures how usury is forbade.
You havent "seen it" in a long time because people dont follow the scriptures anymore.

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Captcha ate my image, just like hell is going to eat up the damned

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Cool dude, but have you read the last book in the desert trilogy? it's the best one

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80% confident that's a studor vent.

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Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity?

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look out! jebus is mildly agitated.

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To be fair, he pulled out a whip after the table flip and cracked those fuckers

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Is that the one where people worship a pedophile?
Married a girl at age 5 and then got her pregnant at like 8-9 right?
Pedobear seal of approval!

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Supply Side Jesus is best Jesus

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>30k to remomdel a bathroom

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that picture looks like he just caught it and kept it from falling over. nice save jebus!

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