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I got a manual job and the first week was pretty shitty. My body isn't used to it, I'm clumsy, slow doing the tasks or stand around looking lost without knowing what to do, so this doesn't make me too popular but I know if I can endure this for a few weeks I'll get better, how do you develop mental fortitude and toughness to go through this without quitting because people are getting mad at you?

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You just tough it out. If you're not sure what to do, ask your supervisor. Work on improving speed as you learn the tasks better. Show your co-workers you're willing to work and they'll warm up to you eventually. New guys always get the shit work and there's always hazing, they want to make sure you're not a quitter or a crybaby.
Show up on time, do what they ask without bitching, and try to learn all you can. You'll be fine.

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Tough it out, stay committed, and for the love of god stop being so self-conscious. Everyone starts somewhere. When you fuck up just apologize and say you're still learning.

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>and for the love of god stop being so self-conscious.
I should but at the same time I broke a tool due to my clumsiness today.

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> how do you develop mental fortitude and toughness to go through this without quitting because people are getting mad at you?

My boss pays me x amount to do so. If x was too low to motivate me I’d move to another job. But probably also I like learning. Being very bad at something initially, and feeling that I’m becoming better at it is kind of a nice feeling. Liking riding a bike for the first time

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Practice Stoicism.

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You must endure

It always sucks at the beginning

my company tried to wash me out when I first started because "you are not cut out for this" and "I would rather you leave sooner than later"

Keep a good attitude, pay attention, be the first one out of the truck, and be willing to pitch ideas even when they are guaranteed to be shot down and just give a damn. I promise if you give a damn you will be ahead in due time.

Have been employee of the year for the last 2 years in my office.

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Start doing 50-100 push-ups a day after work. I know it’s the last thing you want to do when you get home after a long day but after a couple of weeks you will be shocked at your progress.

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Figure out who the worst guy on the crew is and get better than him asap. Figure out who the gossip queens are and avoid them when possible. Don't be the first guy to leave the job site, but don't be the last either.

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Random person here, that advice is hilarious to me. The most pushups could ever do was five, and I had to work up to that over a period of weeks.

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>I broke a tool due to my clumsiness today.
Oh no, stop the goddamn presses everyone.
A greenie broke a tool!
The most expensive, irreplaceable thing that ever could be!
His boss cried, the entire site is financially devastated!

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It really is all attitude. You just got to get though it. You also need to learn to take good care of yourself, get 8h of sleep, meal prep so you’re not eating fast food on your way home, drink lots of water, wear your PPE and be as prepared as you can be to start the day. You don’t have to do these things but it makes work/life/existence infinitely more bearable. And considering that you sound self-conscious like I am the best thing you can do is not care what others think. You really can get to the point that you don’t care. It gets easier the more you developed yourself as a man and start living up to your own values and what matters to you. The more you do this the less you will care what someone else thinks of you.

If you show up early, ask to help, don’t take things personally and work hard and consistently you WILL be liked even if they think you’re weird or a goof or whatever.

I say this from experience. I’m a weirdo and awkward at times and supremely based and red pilled bordering on black pilled. I definitely say too much sometimes but never with any bad emotion attached to it. The first 6 months were really tough going from being a NEET to getting up at 4am 6 days a week. I think I gave myself some heart disease eating so much fast food back then. Now I eat clean at least 5 days a week and save money by meal prepping. My boss keeps giving me raises. I went from minimum wage to the equivalent of around $40/h (paid per job now not hourly) in under two years. I was really motivated not to be poor and angry and not letting the globalists and jews win without a fight. I went from 10K in debt to a new (used) truck, prolly 15K in tools, a new (used) car and now almost 15K in savings. To be fair the debt was credit card and I just stopped paying. You can do this and nothing happens lol. It’s been a year and I’ve recovered my credit taught about 80%. I still need to settle some amount with them but I have the upper hand now lol

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Good luck brother. Everything really can change. If every loser like me did this it would be easy to defeat Globohomo and hold the jewish psychopaths accountable once again

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Learn to love protein bars.
They will not replace a good, healthy meal, but some of them go clearance at times and they can save your ass.
>Slow at doing tasks.
Well thank fuck you don't try to speed through shit you are learning to do because the last thing we want is to hunt for your missing digits.
It's called learning muscle memory, you will be a doofus for what feels like an eternity, until one day you do a task and it takes you a minute to realize you just did it on impulse. Without fucking it up.
So far you got the right attitude, despite feeling like shit you are asking a bunch of internet faggots on a Hungarian dye bleaching forum how to get better.

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Abdolute DYEL.

Physical work tires you? Fucking yankee couch potatoes man.

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I did that for a month, 3*30 pushups and only noticed a bit o chest gains but nothing crazy.

>Implying they don't get mad

Dangerously based.
Also I'm also starting this job from being a neet and I also share your views on (((them))) lol.

Thanks mate.

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Wholesome. I’m glad you made it, OP.

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Add some calisthenics to your routine so that even of you are unskilled, you won't be seen as slothful and lacking endurance.

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