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Just a bow I did in a rush with a bamboo branch and a string we call "fio do norte" ("northern string"). Took me literally less than a minute.
It's 56 cm (22 in.) long.
Still can throw an arrow a couple dozens meters away effortlessly.
Kid just loved it.

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Yeah, it was made "on demand" without giving it much of a thought, and I'm actually pretty impressed with how it turned out; so much so, I might try to make a bigger one for myself.
For the string, I just folded it 4 ways, as pic rel, and twisted it. On one end it's a loop, the other one, with the loose ends, I tied it. This way I can even unhook it and tighten it more or less, if needed.

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now wait for your kids to learn that blades from break-off knifes makes absolutely lethal arrowheads with very little work....

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>Interdasting tip; might steal
Kid is barely six and and just wanted to play pretend, and already absolutely stoked with the bow and the prospect of suction cup arrows, so I'm safe on that department (I've considered getting some make-up sponge balls, but will probably just end up sourcing something around for free).
I'll definitely try to teach him, though, so who knows what the future will bring.
Anyway, I've only yet quickly tested it with some local variety canes (which are actually a type of grass, very light); no feathers or weighted tip, so it's probably gonna end up being a quite impressive little bow, actually.

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>Not just giving a limb a few twists in a pencil sharpener

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>Just ideas for the next bamboo project for kids

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>oh my, interesting

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I made a few LARP / water play arrows when i was like 10yo, but younger kids could most definitely play with those.

Basically use a huge wooden bead/ball (20mm) and mount on end if arrow (i made the hole of the bead large enough for the shaft to fit in, but only up to half way) . Cover with fabric, cheap synthetic sponge and another layer of fabric to cushion and make it water splashy, tie off around the ball with red and white butchers string.

They didn't hurt at all shot from my slingshot bow, while real arrows pierced the wooden fence in my back yard.

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