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What type of nut (metal type) provides the best hardness and resistance to stripping? I need M8 1.25 nuts which are used to hold down a 100cc cylinder head. It needs to be tight to keep a good seal.

I bought bought both nuts and threaded rod from what ever home depot and ace hardware had (it doesnt say the metal type) but this shit strips, the threads themselves strip as well as the exterior using my ratchet set. Im guessing they're all a soft stainless steel.

Any metal type of nut / threaded rod I should get thats hard as tits and wont strip? Would "Carbon Steel" work a lot better? Example: https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-M8x1-25mm-Metric-Coarse-Hexagon/dp/B07H3VLQXQ

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There are grades of fasteners. 8.8 are good, 12.8 best. Different system for stainless, but dont do that.

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Use Locktite on the threads.

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>It needs to be tight to keep a good seal.
No it needs to be torqued to manufactures spec. If it's not holding pressure you might need to machine the surfaces.

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Stressproof A311
I used to design my own hardware for ultra-high load bearing high speed systems and I always used A311.

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