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Should I put 9" wheels on a 8600rpm grinder?

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Yeah sure, go ahead

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God gave you a spare hand for a reason

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that's probably the minimum size that will safely run at that speed, i'd go for larger wheel if possible

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Hook four angle grinders to a generator on a frame and ride into the sunset.

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But also, if you have to ask this question, yes.

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>hey /diy/ serious question here should I do something that's obviously very dangerous hurr durr
A perfectly useful thread died for your shitpost OP.

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Only if you buy a new 10 dollar grinder from harbor freight and do it on that

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Only if you're going to post a link here and livestream your injuries

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kek what a bunch of cunts

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Idk how much this relates to grinder wheels, but the outer edge will be moving about 1/3 the speed of sound at max RPM. That doesn't *sound* safe, but I'm not sure what these wheels are designed to take.

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ive done it
fired it up and it almost torqued out of my hand
cut it off and dropped it on the ground as to shatter the blade to keep my dumb fuck freind from using it because he insisted it would be safe and hes missing 3 teeth and a toenail because of his retardation.

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