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Pic related. Recently bought a house, front deck rail top caps are rotting where they butt to the verticals. Top-left photo is the worst one, and the water intrusion has visibly spread to the adjoining members. Top-right is its opposite, which has a definite soft-spot where it meets the house, but otherwise has no obvious spots.

Fixing this is trivial. My question is about preventing it from happening again. Did the installer just not use pressure-treated? Even if they did, the end cuts of the piece I pried off don't look sealed. Is there some kind of flashing feature that's missing from either the railing or the roof above? Included photos of the roof above each side in case there's something obviously missing.

I've checked the railing around the whole rest of the deck and it all seems solid, just these two are the trouble spots. House was built in '98, this might be original railing but I can't say.

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Use cedar and it won't happen for another 50 yes, that's painted home depot pine. Water probably wicked into nail holes and the "builder" who installed it caulked and painted everything so wood couldn't breathe

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I plan on keeping it painted white — is it worth getting cedar if I’m going that route?

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How did you not spot that in the inspection?

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You're going to have to sit out there during the rain and watch how the water flows. Just a guess but you've water pooling at the corners and the end grain of the lumber wasn't painted or sealed. Rot is inevitable.

That side of your porch probably just gets most of the rain and there might not be much you can do about it. I'd look into something like trex as a fix it once and forget about it.

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