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Hi /diy/, just a fa/tg/uy here. Recent circumstances have are forcing me to replace my old toolkit. Tried find some online reviews, but everything the days seems to be journalists posting shitting "top ten" lists and shady review sites that look more like poorly-disguised marketing attempts. You guys have any recommendations on manufacturers who won't sell me expensive garbage?

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what kind of tool kit

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not op here, but a tg user: probably hobby tool kit
needle nose pliers
pin drill (that's what it's called in bongland anyway, like a tiny jewellers drill)
diamond saw
OP, if that is what you're looking for, I've used the following to good effect

Opinel No.3 for a scalpel: the hobby scalpels are an overpriced meme, you can sharpen a thin blade on Croc sticks to be surgical sharp
Good quality, 50s era pliers and clippers (very cheap in old tool piles) cleaned up have the best price to hardiness and quality ratio
no idea about diamond saws as I don't work with big kits or metal//resin.
Pin drill; I've been using a cheapo no name one because desu, it's pretty non taxing on a tool to drill a few mm into plastic from time to time - I wouldn't spend big cash on one because of this. My mates use the pin vise put out by Army Painter and are very happy with it long term

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Isn't it better to buy tools separately? Are toolkits cheaper?
I've never really bought a toolkit in my life.

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Depends what you’re trying to do. A $150 250pc mechanic’s set is definitely going to be cheaper than buying the individual sockets and wrenches for $3-$5ea. But if OP is looking for some tiny drill and cutting implements, not sure what type of kit he will find with that stuff. Maybe they have Chinesium kits made for hobby craft guys, but cheap Aliexpress tier cutting tools are fucking horrible and probably won’t cost much buying better quality stuff individually. Some stuff is so cheap and crappy that any use beyond minimal one time projects means you overpaid because you’re damaging materials and stuff.

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>but everything the days seems to be journalists posting shitting "top ten" lists and shady review sites that look more like poorly-disguised marketing attempts.
Those are affiliate link bots, they arent even written by humans.
They just take popular shit that sells, put it in a list and hope you purchase it through their link.

As for being worried about getting sold "expensive garbage", the tool world has sort of hit an equilibrium.
The majority of tools on the market right now are of decent quality, and of fair price due to so much competition and so many decent modern factories being made.

Give some examples of tools you really want, and people can point you in a direction.
But as long as you arent buying some random amazon brand (which still is probably ok) youll be fine.

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>Isn't it better to buy tools separately? Are toolkits cheaper?
This is very dependent on the brand and the sort of tool set.

Some brands you get bulk discounts, some you dont. You buy a 3pc Knipex cobra set, and its literally just the MSRP of all 3 added together with no discount. Lots of brands, usually on the higher end, do the same.

Just because a tool set is cheaper doesnt mean its really a good idea either.
IMO people should be concerned about having full sets of tools.
Like when buying a mechanics toolset, or like a 7 or 11pc wrench set there are very clear gaps in the tools.

A mechanics tool set (unless its a good one without gaps) will be missing all sorts of random "less popular" sizes". So you are stuck with a socket set and a wrench set just straight up missing pieces. I mean they sometimes only come with 5-6 wrenches in those sets.

So yes, its cheaper to buy that set than buy every single socket or wrench you want seperately at $4-5 a piece.
But in the end you are still missing like 20 sockets and 20 wrenches which they want you to run back to the store, and buy for 4-5 bucks a pop to supplement your toolset.
Youll spend as much as the toolset in buying tools for the gaps.

Or you will just buy a SECOND set ending up with a bunch of redundant stuff you.
Either scenario, did you really save that much money or headache?

Spend the extra money off the bat and buy master sets, or sets that dont have gaps.
Buy 15pc wrench sets not 7pc wrench sets.
Spend a bit of money up front so you dont nickel and dime yourself harder later on.

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