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How much would it cost to have a basic 2-car garage built? Assume it will have a concrete floor, a small electric panel probably fed from the house, and no HVAC or fancy shit. It would be built on flat land.

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How much would it cost in materials to do that myself as well?
Are prefab garages any good? Do they last?

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$100-$500/sf depending on location.

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This is what it would cost for my company to build it. Something to note is that we typically deal with more "high-end" customers, you could probably get this done for maybe 30% less and still end up with a decent build quality. Of course you could probably find someone to do it for even less than that, but at that point the fit & finish usually starts to suffer.

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Buy some gravel and two of these. There are lots of YouTube videos about useful upgrades so for under a grand, you can have your two car garages. This is inferior to an actual building in lots of ways but utility for money is pretty good.

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Very insightful post, thanks anon

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holy hell that is insane.
op check out my buddy ken's youtube channel. he posts videos of every garage he builds and always tells you exactly what he charges for them and is very transparent about everything in the process including his material and labor costs. from his recent videos you're probably looking at around $30k all-in, depending on electrical costs.


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Buy a metal building. I could get you this same building for a 10th of the price made out of steel. Wood is absolutely batshit insane right now and has been for over a year

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>Wood is absolutely batshit insane right now

While not wrong, the breakdown clearly shows framing and sheathing as just over $4k.

Still lmao at $112k for a 2-car garage, though.

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I mean it's basically a 25x25 house with all that hvac just put a pisser in while you're at it

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OP, we just had our two car garage built including a new driveway poured for $38k. Ours is only a single bay door but two cars, electric tied in with lights everywhere and a man door. Driveway is fairly short, new walkway and patio included.

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They only last a year or two before shit is torn

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on the other end of the spectrum, pole barns are cheap.
$14,500 gets you a 24x24x10ft steel truss, 6x6 wood posts w/ metal cladding/roof, 1 man door, 1 9ft garage door, and a 4" concrete slab. Plenty left over for upgrades.
The metal square tubing buildings are about the same price (Versatube/etc) and are pretty solid once spray foamed.
Hard to guess what a 'red iron' building costs these days, as most places only sell the metal and won't quote installation/erection.
rural TN, USA fwiw
very based

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>pole barn $14k
meant to add this includes labor

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So if I were to get that as a proposal I'd probably ask you if you intend to simply deliver the drain tile, framing, sheathing, windows, doors & hardware, garage doors, trim, etc. to the site and then expect me to install it for you.

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These threads are always wild.

Back in 2020 my father had a garage built. 60'x20' with a 10' lean to on one long side. Poured concrete floor on the inside, gravel on the outside & driveway. Wood framed, metal siding, metal roof, EPS insulation for walls & ceiling. And a band of plywood on the interior walls, floor to 8' up. One set of 14' barn doors, two man doors, six windows. Plumbed for water & air. And electric of course.

The crew that built it were: a) local, b) white, c) English speakers.

All of that. For about $18/sqft.

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classic amerishart wood plastic building

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>$65k for a shell
Lmao. Good for you taking advantage of wealthy NPCs but what a ripoff. There better not be a single felon, meth head, or even vaguely unpleasant to look at tattooed ape on that job site for that price.

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Most insightful post I've ever seen on /diy/. Too bad the price is insane.

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Harbor Freight also sells tarps. Keep tossing on layers as needed. Eventually you get a thick plastic slab. Just be sure to make some of the snow load modifications to hold the extra weight.

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What region though?

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Where is this mythical land of milk and honey? Amish country?

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Fuck, these days the materials cost alone would be close to that price

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Lol at all the ripoff artists and clueless consoomers ITT. I had a 3500 sqft shop built on my property in Atherton CA 2 months ago, Tesla solar roof, 3 phase electricity, plumbed air and argon, heated marble floors, lazy river, and Batman cave rock entrance. Paid $750 for materials and traded 4 12 packs of Modelo for the labor. You morons need to learn how to find the right contractor and negotiate instead of just picking the top Bing search result for "garage builder near me."

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jokes aside, it's very true that costs can vary WILDLY even in a single region just based on who you talk to. But if you're paying hundreds of dollars a square foot for a simple garage like OP is talking about, then you're paying nosebleed prices.

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>I know cheap mexicans lol you're so dumb
cool post dude

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Right on the nose. Those guys are some of the hardest workers I've ever seen.
The only thing they asked for was access to a bathroom, and a garden hose for water.

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Right on the nose. Those guys are some of the hardest workers I've ever seen. No drug addicts, no drama. The only thing they asked for was access to a bathroom, and a garden hose for water.

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$183.15 per square foot.

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If you want anything involving a shed or a cabin and you live near the amish always hit them up first. It's really hard to go wrong with them. I know no society is perfect and you can't say they're all little angels but it's unusual to run into amish con artists and scumbags compared to the general meth head contractor population.

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Was this a side mission in GTA? That's what it sounds like.

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