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Alright /diy/, my apartment is close to a bar that's open 24/7 in an otherwise quiet area and I can't open the window in my bedroom for fresh air because of the constant noise from the bar terrace. Police doesn't do shit and the owner is an ass. How do I make them shut up so I (and the whole street) can enjoy a good night's sleep?
Are stinkbombs effective? I could throw them at the terrace. Or maybe hide rotten fish somewhere? Anyone has another idea? I figured this is the best board to ask for creative solutions.

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Boomer hands wrote this.

You chose to move there. They were there before you. Seethe. Cope. Mald.

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The bar has only been open for a month. I've been living here for almost 3 years. I don't have air conditioning and this window needs to open to sleep properly

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If there's no mesh screen, and it's dark enough you won't be caught on cameras or immediately seen, build a high power slingshot and shoot metal balls at people being loud. Don't let yourself be seen though

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>my apartment is close to a bar that's open 24/7 in an otherwise quiet area
How did it get approved then? Sounds like you and your fellow slumrats need to form a group and go knock on your councils door. Any of the bullshit already ITT will not only weaken your case if it is proven that you have been fucking with them, it may get you a criminal charge if, I dunno, someone looses an eye from a fucking ball bearing.

It is not the fault of the patrons. It was built, so they came.

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Step one: find plot of land not anywhere near a house
Step two: build a house

Come back to us and ask questions during step two.

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*bar not house

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repeated complaints to police (for crimes, not just noise) and city council (for noise and increased petty crime)

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You don't. Get an air conditioner.

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Thanks anons
I'll take the police and city counsil route for now. I just want the bar to have reasonable opening hours, often it stays open until 5am for only 3 or 4 noisy patrons. So hopefully that strengthens my position.

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>often it stays open until 5am for only 3 or 4 noisy patrons
Which state/jurisdiction are you in? May very well be against their operating license.

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Threaten them with a Dremel

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talk to other neighbors. find out who your local government representatives are. Call them and explain situation. It'll take a while but you will learn some important lessons about the "right" way to do things. it's knowledge that will come in handy throughout your life.

Sorry about the noise, it sucks. The reality is that an angry neighborhood can get rid of a bar. Do they own the property or are they renting it? what codes control their business locally? don't expect cops to do anything btw. sometimes bars do shit like hire off duty cops for security, or even just straight up bribe them.

join those stupid "nextdoor" and facebook groups for your neighborhood. odds are someone is already bitching about the noise and trying to get something done. I doubt you are the only person.

until then learn to wear earplugs, or to sleep to your own music. honestly, you might even just get used to it after a while. city living is often just like that. people adapt.

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I live in Antwerp, Belgium. So far it seems like they have the right to be open 24h round, aside from the noise. I'm pretty sure they own the property but I'll check either way and contact the owner of they are renting. I don't have much knowledge on the rights they have as a business so I'll look into that aswell.
Good tips anon, I'll get better earplugs for now and ask around to see if there are neighbours that want to get something done.

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>you might even just get used to it after a while. city living is often just like that. people adapt.
Can confirm, rented a slum at the corner of two major roads (like, 24/7 shipping port meets 6 lane highway major), when I moved it took me a week to get back into a sleep routine because I was so used to the noise.

If they are new to the area, they may not even be aware they are rustling jimmies, and the last thing a new establishment should be wanting to do is piss off the locals. If they have half a brain they'll help you and the other residents out, but yeah, get everyone on board first. Good luck Belgiumbro.

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Keep this thread in mind next time you see one of those walkable cities threads that demonize people for not living in cities.

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There's literally nothing you can do outside of filing noise complaints or petitioning the local municipality along with other local residents. Doing any bullshit like trying to sabotage their business, etc. is most likely just going to get you in trouble.

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Are there other restaurants on the street you live on? Sounds like your street is zoned for business and residential, which is your fault for moving in if you couldn't handle living near a business. I lived on a busy urban food/bar street in my 20s and I grew to love it, but I had to accept the ambient noise. I faced the same dilemma as you in the summer, but instead of leaving my window open I just bought a portable AC.

I really recommend instead just buying a window unit AC, or portable if your lease forbids window units, instead of this bart simpson party pooper shit that is going to get you arrested or beaten up.

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You can’t change people OP. No exceptions. Your options are to move away from it, try to make a reasonable compromise which doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen here, or have a psychotic episode and kill everyone involved, in Minecraft. In the third case you’ve destroyed your own life and rights as a free person, so I wouldn’t call it a victory.

Did it ever occur to you that the reason you got your place for the price you got it is because of the bar, and it might have cost ten times as much otherwise?

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>Did it ever occur to you that the reason you got your place for the price you got it is because of the bar, and it might have cost ten times as much otherwise?
Did it ever occur to you that you should read a thread before spouting lies? He answered that in the third post >>2441552

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From Antwerp, doesn't have much knowledge.

His story checks out.

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Kill them.

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shart in the mart

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I loved Antwerp in late 90's. Sailors, bars, late night snacks, poony everywhere. When I went to New York and Sidney - I already knew exactly where to go, just by listening to the stories.
Then came those prude cunts, calling the police when one's bumper was 2 cm closer to their doorstep.
The whole city, along with Rotterdam and Utrecht went to crap. Amsterdam didn't - but it's a tourist trap - never sleeps except mo-fri, and sundays suck as well.
All this just to say OP should stay in his hut among the cows, and stop bothering the people that are still alive.

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1. get live trap
2. trap and keep a large number of mice/rats
2.A. alternatively, buy mice/rats/etc, but make sure they're not "fancy rats" or "fancy mice," because those are readily identifiable as pet rodents
4. figure out a covert way to introduce mice into the bar, could be as simple as putting them in a cardboard box in the alley behind the bar
5. go to the bar, get a picture of the mice in the bar
6. anonymously send it to the health inspector
7. there is no step 7
8. profit

also be advised that a possibility exists where your building also gets full of mice

other pests could be used in place of mice/rats, but critters like roaches can be impossible to remove in some climates and are likely to spread to surrounding homes/businesses.

I had a friend in high school who kept trying to get fired from Tim Hortons. His mum had some kind of an agreement with the manager/franchise owner, so no matter how awful an employee he was, they retained him all the while his mum wouldn't let him quit. So eventually he caught a bunch of mice and let them go in the building, took some pictures and informed the health inspector. That Tim's shut down about a week later and remained closed for months. His mum told him not to work there because it was "filthy."

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Government reps won't do shit. This is the lesson you'll learn.

This anon gets it.

I lived about 10 houses down from a bar at the end of my street for years. Live bands all summer long, drunks wandering up and down the street, and every night when they closed the patrons would do burnouts and other noisy shit when leaving. My neighbors all called the city and complained, but the owner was an ex-cop and knew everybody at city hall. He used to block the street constantly with his personal car so he could unload shit into the bar. One night a drunk parked half on my lawn the wrong way on the street and when I called the cops they wouldn't arrest him, they let him move it down the street and left even though the guy could barely stand. I also caught them illegally dumping cooking oil in the storm sewer and reported it to the city (I used a neighbor's name and phone number so I wouldn't catch shit). They never did anything about it. Finally one night a drunk drove up on the sidewalk, sideswiped three cars, hit a person, broke her axle and tried to leave. After that cops had to grudgingly crack down on their BS.

My advice, get a noisy fan or a window AC or learn to sleep with earplugs in.

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FFS you can't be serious.

Just fucking burn it down if you're that serious about it.

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What an utter fucking retard. You have to go back. Wasted trips.

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hey if it doesn't work out on the council end, you could just start egging patrons' transport
seems like this particular bar isn't trying to be the local community gathering spot so who would really care that you don't want gone anyway?

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Thanks anons, will take your advice
If this problem persists then I'll look into portable AC's or similar units. And no, the bar is the only business in the street. The acoustics of the street are very bad so if people are talking on the terrace then it almost sounds like they are talking in my bedroom.
>stop bothering the people that are still alive.
Almost all of the patrons of the bar are wellfare drunks and sketchy people, it's that kind of bar.
Checked but I'll go with the legal approach for now.

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Depends on your jurisdiction but in lots of places bar/liquor licences must be renewed every year, and that renewal can be refused if the granting authorities deem that the business is not being run responsibly. Here in Ireland too many complaints from neighbours to the police and authorities can have licences taken away or the ability to stay open past midnight as well. I know a few bars where the staff are required to tell people to quiet down outside because they're in a residential area and the management don't want any complaints. Talk with your neighbours, get knowledgeable about your local licencing laws and go as a group to either the authorities or bar owner with a collective complaint. If they keep running the bar irresponsibly after being warned they may have their licence taken away or lose the ability to renew it.

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Nah you were right the first time. Move far the fuck away from people.

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Just get ya one of those chirpy things that annoy hobos and make them leave an area

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talk to your landlord. if it's that bad tell them you don't think you can live there much longer. if you can help them come to the conclusion that this bar is devaluing their rental properties then they will do something about it, and they'll probably have a lot more pull than you.

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get the fuck off diy and go to your local town council

talk to your neighbors and get ready for local politics

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bar noise is unique, a microphone outside playing back an inverse of what it hears inside.
The two sound should be processed as nil or close to nil. should improve mood, but will make you tired

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directional speaker
directional high gain mic
1 sec delayed playback
it makes it impossible to speak

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is there a name for that effect? Hearing your own voice playing back with delay like that feels like getting shot with a retardation ray. Sentences just fall apart in your mind as you try to speak them

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