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Best way to cut a section of CSP culvert? The steel is surprisingly thick stuff

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Angle grinder? Dunno what's best but that's what I've always used. That or pic related.

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>Angle grinder
>Reciprocating saw
>High power circular saw with a bi-metal blade
>Oxyacetalene torch
>That old delirious hag that stands out by the gas station holding two CVS bags with random trash, slowly gnawing at the steel tubing like a wrinkly beaver with new dentures

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Post it on craigslist free and say that people can have a 11" section if they cut it off themselves

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If you put anything for free on Craigslist, expect the meth-heads to show up with shopping carts and strip everything down to depths that rival a quarry. I put some leftover landscaping materials on Free one time and I swear this pack of chromosome-impaired mutants showed up and scalped the lawn down to raw clay and stone. They literally took the top soil, nearby plants, dividers, sprinkler heads, and mulch in a 20' radius. Scavengers.

Best to stand outside with a shotgun ans blast mutants if they get too handsy.

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>Fuck yeah!

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Wait they stole your fucking top soil? Like their plan is to sell 3ft or whatever of top soil now?

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I am not joking, exaggerating, etc.

>Listed landscaping extras as "free" on Craigslist
>Get a poorly written email asking about it all, we agree on a date and time
>These backwoods mutants showed up with two shitbox pickup trucks several hours before we agreed, and I wasn't home at the time
>Bastards took everything that wasn't nailed down, including top soil in our new garden beds
>Only reason I know they had two pickup trucks is that my neighbor took pictures from his house and sent them to me
>I got home, saw the destruction, called the police
>That did absolute shit-squat
>Two days later the same trucks were spotted at a new house 5 or 6 lots down, all appliances stolen overnight
>Sent the email to the police, they said the CL email proxy makes it impossible to trace
>I took a 4x6 timber and put 10" spikes in it, laid it down along the curb at the road vietnam style and covered it with mulch
>Set out some juicy yard tools with a security wire leading to a fence post
>Dumb bastards drove up on the lawn, punctured their tires, DROVE OFF down the road and got caught by the police

INB4 "things that didnt happen" R├Ęddit-tier faggotry

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Angle grinder and cutoff wheels if you want a nice straight smooth cut. Torch if it can be a bit jagged. If you are using it as an actual culvert then leave it long for extra width. People always make their culverts too narrow...

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