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What is this device?

>> No.2413355

A fork

>> No.2413359

That is a Taiwan. Works great for certain things.

>> No.2413363

I think it is a fucked up tuning fork.

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a garbage disposal alert device. lets you know the disposal is on by making a loud noise. looks like that one is used.

>> No.2413375

The used ones always have the best flavor.

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The device doesn't seem to be bent or damaged. I would guess it was designed to be this shape. I was in the screened in porch of my house when I bought it. I have kept it for 5 years, hoping to figure out what it is. Contractors are redoing my porch this week so I was cleaning up and remembered it existed.

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Somewhere between a pasta serving fork and a tire tool

>> No.2413416

The original Italian multi tool

>> No.2413417

I think it's a fucked up tuning fork

>> No.2413428

looks like a really autistic prying tool

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Looks like a handle for a deep frying basket or grill

>> No.2413493

spanner fork

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dammit OP stop stealing my dingleberry scraper

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Shit looks bent. I guess it's to pill parts off a specific machine or bike. Like a shaft or axle puller.

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looks like a modified dedicated rocker tool

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he thought it was a fudgesicle

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A speculum. Anybody in your family working in the abortion business?

>> No.2413567

prostate inspection prongs

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T-bolt wrench

>> No.2413576

it's a Twin Pleaser

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A diapason

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This is the best realistic guess by far, the locking notch at the end of the gripped portion gives it away as some kind of removable kitchen vessel handle.

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It looks like a specialty automotive tool, but a replica of the factory tool. There are weird things like that for brake caliper adjusters.

Kind of a wild guess, but kudos for an interesting thread topic.

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the handle looks like a dildo. and I think you should use it as one.

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Device is very light. I would guess 100% aluminum. For sure it is not a tuning fork or butt related. My first instinct was grill/fire pit lid hook but could never figure why it would make sense.

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OK I cracked my joke now I'll take a serious guess. Since you found it in your screened porch, I have two ideas. One, maybe it's some sort of screen-stretching tool to make the screen tight before fixing it in place. Two, maybe it's some sort of removable handle for a window or awning. Like those crank handles that RVs use to open the outside awning, or the handles greenhouses use to open the skylight vents.

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It's a tuning fork that's bent up and broken, it used to sound like the note A when you bang it against something

>> No.2414166

i use a taiwan every day as part of my fine china collection

>> No.2414168

Handle for a camping pot maybe? The handles usually fold or are removable to make it easier to put in a backpack

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it looks like the thing that came with my grill for moving/removing the hot iron. I assume it has some similar purpose for touching hot things

>> No.2414527

I beg you pardon, taiwans are NOT a part of any china collection - they're an American-grown, American-made tool, and will be stores with the burgers accordingly.

>> No.2414614

It is a gardening tool. I purchased one for just that purpose.

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