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What UK adhesives will bond strong cotton fabric to polypropylene? Making a sandwichboard for a protest with Correx boards and some cheap dwill fabric. Tried using a staple gun but no dice.

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did you try roughing up the surface?
120 grit sand paper, scuff it up
something like superglue or epoxy, maybe? I know the least about which compound to you, you'll defo want to sand it for grip tho

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sew it on

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You should contact the technical committee for the protest group who created picrel, I'm sure they will have a solution

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the fact that this real and 'people' actually think that way is proof that the world population is in desperate need of a mass culling

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>sees a sign he disagrees with
>"mass culling" sounds about right
anything to stave off your ennui, anon

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>sees a comment about a pic showing a 100% useless "garden" that is a waste of labor and resources except as a moron tier propaganda effort
>ignores the fact that even a reasonably intelligent child could see that it's 100% useless as a garden and focuses on the sign
>invents strawman who "disagrees with the sign" because that's bad, m'kay?
> only helps move the needle towards the sentiment expressed by the anon that this similarly 100% useless effort was directed towards

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>i, uh, was commenting on the dirt, not the sign

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>literally thinks "thin layer of dirt" and "garden" are synonymous, just like the morons whose wasted efforts are shown in the picture
> unwittingly proves the point yet again

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>misreads "dirt" as "thin layer of dirt"
>"ha I win again"

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Sounds like a fun idea.
Op staple gun works in wood because it splits the fibres which clamp the staple, plastic doesn't do that but if you had an anvil behind to form the legs properly like a paper stapler it should have held.

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>attempts semantic "gotcha"
>premise isn't even barely logical
>looks even more juvenile and stupid
>remains blissfully retarded, ready to go again

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>literally thinks "thin layer of dirt" and "garden" are synonymous
>attempts semantic "gotcha"
>looks even more juvenile and stupid

>premise isn't even barely logical
>"mass culling"

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When in doubt, cyanoacrylate.

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>also doesn't understand that "moral", "ethical", "legal", etc. and "logical" are entirely different things.
>proudly trumpets this fact

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>muh plant allies
>muh disadvantaged poor negros
>garden is absolutely useless and fucking retarded
pls kys

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see. it had nothing to do with the sign.
>who am i quoting, again?

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There used to be a crazy trash picker/hoarder guy in my neighborhood who gathered all the old TV antennas that were dumped when cable took over, and planted them in his mom's yard with the intention of harvesting and selling the new ones that would sprout from the parent aerials he lovingly tended.
That effort was actually more useful than the CHAZ/CHOP "garden" since he wasntva belligerent psychopath and could be approached safely and talked into harvesting one early if you needed some cheap scrap aluminum stock for a project.
He was manifestly unwell mentally due to both congenital factors and untreated acute mental illness but still possessed more common sense regarding his antenna garden than the CHAZ/CHOP protesters, and was a better neighbor whose presence and activity was not just tolerated but appreciated for decades too.


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he was a based guy in spite of his profound mental challenges (he would occasionally advocate mass cullings, for example)

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>to polypropylene
surface chemist fag here. ain't nothing going to stick to polypropylene unless you give the surface a plasma or oxidizing flame treatment.

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Sign fag here. That particular material comes corona treated so you can screen- and flatbed digital print on it.
Since OP likely stole a roadside sign to procure it its very likely that material.
That said you are correct about polypropylene and adhesion, that shit is so slick its material memory will literally untie knots you make in rope made from it.
It quite literally "fights the power" of adhesives, which is likely why so many woke idiots itt are trying so hard to suggest products that are as useless as the CHAZ/CHOP garden in this application.

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Fag vs Fag: the showdown.

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Thank you, FAGWATCH® volunteer, for your tireless service.

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honestly, it feels really good to be recognized for once. I put in so many hours of my own time, never getting paid, sacrificing time and energy that I could be spending with my family or on improving myself or just doing something enjoyable...
But a simple "thank you" from someone who appreciates my work makes it all worth it.

Have a great day, anon <3

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you do realize that most actual humans (rightfully) view nogs as animals; even if they dont admit it, right?

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OP here, these replies seem conflicting, which should I believe?

Also jesus fuckin christ is this website brainpoisoned these days, can you talk about anything other than muh black people for a second? I made a thread about bonding plastic, I'm not even from the USA for fuck's sake

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just sew it lmao

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To be fair, the sign had triggering language. Right in the feelie-feels.

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Into corrugated polypropylene? The thread'll eventually shear right through from the load while I'm wearing it, I'm gonna be standing around for several hours in it

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You told people you were going to a protest, and then asked what glue to use on the one and only material that is notoriously resistant to glues. Anyway I don’t have an answer for you, but can tell you that most PP glues only stick to PP, and most other glues don’t stick to PP. That’s also why people think you’re trolling

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spray on contact adhesive, something like pic rel

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Which UK protest?

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Ah fuck man
I got these boards custom-printed to turn into a sandwichboard because they make their prints out of Correx to be durable outdoors & they didn't mention anything when I said I'd be sticking them together, I had no idea this was a problem

I did a quick google for PP-based adhesives, would Loctite All Plastics work? Been to DIY stores and I'm surprised by the lack of consistency on the packaging of glues, some say what they don't work on, others don't bother

Does it say anything about it working on polypropylene?

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Hot glue gun it on.

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This for sure

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Well you are the one going to a protest. Like a faggot. In june. Which is gay month.

Its june and abortion was just banned in the USA. Three guesses where you stand on the spectrum.

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> they didn't mention anything when I said I'd be sticking them together, I had no idea this was a problem
They are usually affixed using this kind of rivet screw anchor or whatever theyre called

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You want to BOND the PP not glue it. Very different materials needed.
cyanoacrylate is awful for PP. Will peel straight off

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this is like the "absorption" "adsorption" delineation. The two words are absolutely interchangeable in daily parlance.

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Sign-chad here. Use "rubber cement" aka "contact adhesive" (who knows what you call it over there, if you even have it). It will not hold up over time, but it should work long enough. People stick PSA vinyl to that shit all the time and that usually uses acrylic or rubber based adhesives.

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My name is Glue. James Glue.

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3M makes a variety of adhesives that work with LSE plastics. Surface prep is no more complicated than wiping with isopropyl.

Easiest solution is to make a slot in the sign, thread your strap through that, and connect the strap to itself (sewing, likely). For making the holes, consider melting instead of cutting.

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As this guy said, this is the general sort of approach you'll want

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