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>access to 3-axis CNC mill, manual lathe, CNC router, 120W/50W CO2/Fiber Laser cutter/engraver, AutoCAD, GerbTool, Mastercam, Solidworks, 3D printers
>not creative enough to make something fun
Any ideas bros? I'm lost besides making chincy home decor to hang on the wall

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Join one of the programs that donate limbs to disabled people.

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What's the best method for removing said limb? Laser cut it off, or forcibly rip it off by touching the spinning lathe?

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Like this shit. Google it yourself

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unironically look at the three things we're not allowed to discuss making on the board, and make a bunch of that stuff, that/s where the fun is

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make a FGC-9

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make a surface grinder

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When creatively blocked, make tools and workshop enhancing stuff while figuring out what else you might want to make. That's all win as the time is well spent.

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A tool and cutter grinder would be fantastic too. One the most useful machines ever invented in my opinion

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make guns

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Do you have the skills necessary to utilize these tools? If you did it should be easy to think of something other than wall decor.

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Used surface grinders are often cheap but good tool and cutter grinders are much harder to find. Make a proper one and you can sharpen a lifetime's worth of end mills and more.

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not the the guy who replied to you
desu I thought that that was a creative insult until you clarified that it was for prosthetics

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Make leather stuff. It's a fun hobby and a laser cutter cuts the production time to maybe 1/5 as long as cutting and punching by hand. Buy a leather sewing machine and you'd have a pretty profitable side hustle.

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