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Boys I’m very proud of myself. My house had these telephone lines that I re-headed as ethernet. Works really well and now I don’t need to tear down any walls. It’s obviously vulnerable to interference but that apparently is not a problem because I’m using it right now.

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You put EJ45 jacks on a cat5 cable? Thats not exactly that hard.

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Partially pictured: I put up a piece of plywood and screwed some shelf rails to it. The shelves themselves are held on with 3M tape bc I didn’t have the right length of screws, but it seems okay. The modem, router, and switch are sitting here. I can’t wait for the Internet guy to see this setup tomorrow (upgrading my service).

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Yeah it wasn’t hard, the happiness comes primarily from not having to open walls and run new 6A.

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>telephone lines
that's cat5
it's four twisted pairs
it's basically made for ethernet
and you don't pull the jacket back like that
it gets pinched by the clamp when you crimp it

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>you don't pull the jacket back like that
>it gets pinched by the clamp when you crimp it
I know thanks. The reason it’s pulled back so far is that I overestimated how much wire I needed to poke it through the head effectively. It was my first time trying this.

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that picture shows cat III cable.

it will work but I doubt he is getting gigabit speeds.

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dont be a pussy op. post iperf/jperf test.

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those arn't fucking telephone lines you cuck

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imagine limiting your speeds and introducing interference because you're using old junk cable

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I hate cables buried in walls. I always run new cables suspended from the ceiling with cup hooks

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youre a retard if you think that you have to rip down walls to run a wire. also the sheathing is supposed to terminate in the connector.

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Pfft fuck that, across the floor and held down with gaffa tape is the only way. Yes it does fit under the door.

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>youre a retard
>the sheathing is supposed to terminate in the connector.

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if all 4 pairs are crimped and it's a short run you will get gigabit, done it hundreds of times

>WISP guy

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>it will work but I doubt he is getting gigabit speeds.
I'm getting 700Mb on speed test, although I haven't checked if it's the ISP or the cable

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>my first time
well congrats on popping your cherry
tip for next time: you can pull that much back
and it makes ordering and flattening the pairs easier
but you can trim away the untwisted wires to length and then seat the connector over the jacket
so what if you lose a half inch of little wires?
you'll make some idiot scrapper's day

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when i bought my house, plan #1 was to run ethernet. I discovered that somebody had ran 2x cat5e ethernet from one of the bedrooms and did a half-assed job terminating it... leading all the way to the living room... just sitting behind the wall. i traced it using a line testing tool, cut out a square and put a faceplate.

very thankful I didn't have to crawl to that part of the attic. got that shit terminated for my media pc and wife's xbox.

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