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Which one?

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>hard tips

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Big black one. I got the two sided bottom one a while back for work and its more plastic than rubber. Not suited for paving work or tapping steel, it will break and deform things.

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Good to know, will go with the BBM, thanks

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Get both. The small two sided one is for very delicate work and the BIG BLACK Cmallet is for bashing on larger parts. If you only pick one, get the big one because just use the screwdriver handle for small work.

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Actually I’m getting the mulatto. I normally use a rubber mallet for wacking together cheap af shelves and furniture, so the non-marking end will get a lot of use.

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You can just use a regular hammer for that.

Also dont buy from amazon your corporate whore. Buy from local retailers.

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The estwing is made in the USA
I have one and its nice.

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rubber is springy and some of the force will go back into your wrist, find a dead blow hammer your wrist will feel better.

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Dead blows are one of those things you don’t understand as a rookie, but they’re based. I barely ever use the bouncy rubber mallet anymore. Feels like you get 2x-3x the energy out of it for similar size rubber one.

The little brass head one has treated me well too. They’re cheap dead blows but I’ll grab a better one if I manage to fuck it up. Home Depots around me just cleaned up their hammer selection and have a handful of Husky and Estwing deadblows depending on your budget, and Husky is cool if you manage to crack it hitting something sharp real hard repeatedly.

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Be a good cunsoomer, buy 'merican:

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I was drunk and couldn’t drive

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Brass is okay. But if you want true longevity use lead. When it gets too mangled to use just melt it down and repour it.

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DFH-12. I own examples of both. The Estwing is far better for mechanics use. I almost never use my rubber mallets but use my variety of replaceable head mallets (including older copper and lead pucks) about daily.

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i used a dead blow to crush some garlic cloves yesterday
it worked great

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>just create alzheimers microparticles every time you use it
ok boomer

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They are great, except when the orange plastic shit breaks off which it absolutely will. A solid rubber mallet will last longer.

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