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ITT we bitch about tenants, laws, Section 8, dumb maintenance requests, etc. No renters allowed. This is a safe space for landlords.

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Tenant texted me today that Section 8 inspection is happening on 7/1. Otherwise I would've had no idea. Gotta get my smoke/C02 detectors up to code.

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Holy shit, $50 for a CO detector? I remember when those were $20

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/DIY/ is a jew free board, thank you and please leave mr. Shekelberg.

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Yeah total ripoff. At least I won't have to replace them again for the next decade.

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Expect the tenants to remove those with a crowbar.

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I personally hate smoke detectors. Cook bacon once and the whole place is beeping. I'll take them down the next day if she asks. Out of the 4 units, only 1 currently has detectors installed.

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shoves folded paper against the discharge switch
nothing personal lord

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hear hear

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based art

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I want to become a slumlord but I'm not sure how to run shit once I buy my first complex. I'm looking at an 8 unit building in a shitty area that's only gonna get worse.
If I buy it, should I undercharge on rent prices just to keep actual families there long-term, or is it more worthwhile to keep up with average rent increases?
I don't want to have to resell the same unit twice a year, so I'm leaning towards attracting families.

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I would say if you want long term good tenants then you may have luck starting mid-high and then minimizing yearly increases. People tend to want to stay if they've got a good price locked in.

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Just have strict background check requirements if you want to keep the trash out. No felonies of any type. No drug related misdemeanors. No rent debt.

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I rent a comercial warehouse that I inherited, 4k/mo but sometimes is a pain in the ass because they don't get paid so I don't get paid, they always keep me updated and pay on time when things go smoothly. The problem is that the place is too far away, so any problems I have to travel, fucking pain in the ass.
I just want to sell the whole fucking thing and invest it somewhere else, but the market where I live sucks right now, I hope I can cash out the whole thing for at least 1.5mi and fuck off from managing real state forever.

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Kill yourself you retarded leftist
And yes you anti-private property cuckolds are leftists.
If you hate landlords and hate capitalism.

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LMAO seethe neetsoc
Jews with enslave and genocide you and it's a good thing

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So what I am reading is
>waaaah I generally make $4,000 a month passive income waaahh

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You sound like an absolute faggot bitch.

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I need to drill a new front sight for my S&W revolver, which apparently requires a #54 drill bit (1.397mm according to Google). This will then be connecting using a roll pin, so there is some spring back and margin of error. Could I get away with a 1.4mm drill bit, instead of ordering imperial drill bits?

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boys im gonna be honest, i come from a poor family, didnt go to college, but became an electrician instead. i am looking to buy a duplex for my first property so i can move out of my moms house and still enjoy the landlord lifestyle. i will be monitoring this thread for any nuggets of wisdom you can offer :)

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the only solution to the current political crisis in the west is to exterminate all the renters, and the landlords.

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>renters and landlords
thats a pretty weird way to spell jews

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Don't be a slum lord. Get a decent place in a decent neighborhood and rent to decent people.

And charge the standard rate.

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This is a good way to go. About the only downside is that some tenants will be knocking on your door late at night about stuff.

A good goal is to live there for a few years and save up for a house that you move into, then rent both units of the duplex.

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Not a landlord but a fun story
>Friend is marine veteran
>Has mental problems
>Gets worse gets fired from multiple jobs in a short period of time for angry outbursts
>Gives up and self isolates in room he's renting while draining his savings for a few months
>Goes fucking nutters while isolating
>Has psychotic episodes walking around house smashing walls, holes through floor, beats some appliances and furniture to pieces with a hammer
>Roommate is landlord's son
>Landlord comes to talk to him, they step on to porch
>13-14 yo kid with "staring problem" triggers friend, he chases kid down road
>Gets his rifle out of closet and says he's gonna go find that kids house
>Landlord blocks him at door screaming trying to make him calm down
>After that episode landlord makes his son leave house
>Tells friend he has to go but he wants to help him
>Says he can move out at his own pace no hard eviction date, offers to pay for a storage unit to put his stuff in, call around and try to find some temporary housing
>Friend refuses all of it, tells him to call the police so he can have a shootout with them
>Friend also starts getting crazy paranoia that landlord is lying about trying to help him and actually trying to fuck him over some how
>One day calls me making all kinds of threats about killing his landlord and shooting up a Walmart
>Lol this is silly
>He also called room mate telling him he was going to kill roommates dad
>Roommate recorded phone call
>Convince them to go to police already
>Go and give my statement about him threatening mass violence
>Cops put together a swat team, evacuate neighborhood
>Friend barricades the house and they have a standoff for a few hours
>Negotiator talks him into surrendering peacefully (must've been a damn good negotiator)
>Friend goes to a mental ward
>Landlord says he thinks he'll not have any new tenants for a while

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>You mean I can be a type of lord?
>i'ma real estate baron
>muh passive income
>wah why is dealing with people such a hassle

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>Be landlord
>Have inherited wealth and privileged life
>Buy houses at speculative prices because banks will give you a blank check
>Overspend and set rent prices astronomically high because you're actually retarded and don't know a bad deal
>Rent price averages raise because slumlords gobble up housing at any price, also causing housing to bubble
>People can't buy homes
>Forced to rent at ever-increasing rates
>Bubble pops, landlords left holding the bag as their "investments" tank
>wagies economically kill slumlords

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people who have never managed property actually believe that if you "just" do this it works.
In reality it does not and some of the worst nightmare tenants have impeccable credentials, some of the worst drug addicts develop their life destroying drug habits after moving in or have no related legal history to research before they move in, and quite often the people who become problem tenants with all the rights of possession that affords weren't even in the picture when the original rental agreement was signed and are essentially professional squatters who not only know all the legal loopholes to exploit but may also know and be on good terms with the cops and court personnel who will always err to the side of "tenants rights" even when they were snuck in and used underhanded means to establish a paper trail to claim that the landlord knew they lived there and didn't care.
This is why unlawful detainer paperwork always lists the people on the rental contract + "DOEs" 1-10 or 1-20 to cover people whose occupancy was hidden, who in some cases are invited to live there and claim tents rights after the eviction process begins just to gum up the works and hopefully force delays.

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pic but unironically. all capital should be destroyed, public or private.

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>all capital should be destroyed, public or private.

Child hands typed this.

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im a jew and my father is a landlord
goys mad

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You're just salty cause you don't own dick
Better luck next life

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hitler killed himself
nazis got their shit kicked in
trump lost
the capitol takeover shitshow got btfod
stay losing wigger

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>hey you know who lost historically hard?
>let's larp as that
>oh noes my ancestry results

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HEY. It's rent-to-own.

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And you're here doing it FOR FREE!
Another example of how stupid you have to be to believe in communism.

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doing what?
im not a communist, those pieces of shit are the same as fascists in my book
check out how many nazis and commies are advocating for the destruction of capital and landlord extermination itt

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you can hate jews without being a leftist.

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I live in my own apartment, I am here to mock tenants.

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>be me 10 years ago
>poorfag but responsible
>renting in hood
>model tenant
>never a day late on rent, clean, take care of apartment, go-to neighbor in my building if something minor breaks because i can /diy/ and fix it right (i have permission to do this too, and if i need parts i just have to get it preapproved and submit receipts)
>water heater goes out
>landlord stalls, then hires a methhead to replace it with an electric tankless that's so undersized it can't even run a standard showerhead at our inlet temperature
>go months without hot water, taking showers at the Y, landlord ignores repeated calls and texts
>finally don't pay rent for the first time in my life
>landlord notices after a couple weeks
>tell him he'll get rent when i get water heater
>new water heater installed next day, i hand over rent check on the spot
fuck landlords

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He was just a bum. I often fix things for my tenants same day they report it.

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Well it's not passive

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can i borrow 200 bucks?

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You're complaning that you get paid $4k a month for something like 8 hours of work? Most first-world citizens will only ever make that much money by slaving away at a wagie job for 160+ hours a month, and they don't have any other option, like selling their $1.5M asset.

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desu if your asset is worth $1.5M and it only nets you ~50K a year in earnings, then that's what like 3% annually? Seems like an underperforming investment unless you're expecting the value of the thing to rise sharply

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>that pic
The problem is that in many places, a "more affordable property" simply does not exist.
This is because housing demand in many places far outstrips supply, meaning you either need a very large amount of capital to buy your own place, or you're stuck paying loads of money every month in rent. It's not helped by very low interest rates, which allow those who already have capital to buy up even more of the housing stock.

The solution is easy: build more housing. Unfortunately, ridiculous zoning laws (e.g. "only single family homes, at least 2200 sq ft"), expensive/slow permitting processes, and restrictive building codes have made it very expensive to build a house.

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is your friend alright by now?
i have no idea about neither you nor him nor your relationship, but that whole story drips schadenfreude.

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>ridiculous zoning laws (e.g. "only single family homes, at least 2200 sq
What a shame I was so excited to have a bunch of niggers stacked on top of each other in my backyard. Maybe there's too many refugees and immigrants taking up valuable houses for true us citizens

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>I was so excited to have a bunch of niggers stacked on top of each other in my backyard
you don't need a permit to have a pile of dead niggers in your backyard

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as other anon said, the type-restrictions in those zoning laws (i.e. single family homes only) are the only thing preventing the country being ravaged by commie bloc apartments, 200 sq ft each, built by blackrock which now owns probably half the land in the country, for absolute pennies

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>be me
>have a commercial building
>mostly doctors offices in the building, very clean and professional roughly 30,000 sq ft
>homeless getting pretty bad in the neighborhood because California
>during one of my weekly walk abouts of the building I notice crawl space access looks off
>lock is broken
>pull off hatch and peak inside
>I see piles of trash and a few sleeping bags
>grab a flashlight and crawl in
>spot used needles
>fuck this
>run to the hardware store to get good knee pads and thick gloves
>start hauling trash out from crawl space
>at least 10 homeless had been sleeping down there, using candles and cook stoves under a wood structure
>over 1000lbs of trash in total.
>now have steel cage around crawl space access.

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>The solution is easy: build more housing.
Unfortunately this means that people who can afford to do so make money and commie renttards hatexthat

> ridiculous zoning laws (e.g. "only single family homes, at least 2200 sq ft")
put in place to prevent "rich" people from making money but actually prevent people of modest means from developing an income producing unit, commies don't care as long as the man gets fucked
>expensive/slow permitting process
Cash cow for the state that commies believe is the solution to "oppression" while applauding actual repression of property rights based on the idea that capitalist enterprise is evil and must be punished.

>restrictive building codes have made it very expensive to build a house
>again, a cash cow for the corrupt people whose political power allows them to tailor those rules to their advantage...whether that power comes from bribery, financial support of campaigns, or (very common) actually being a politician or other bureaucrat with a massive conflict of interest when it comes to real estate holdings and land use.
When corrupt building/zoning officials extort landlords and developers, all the pious renttards clap like seals at what they perceive as "justice", then go on to whine some more about how nobody is on their side.

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You do realize that there are options besides just cookie-cutter McMansion sprawl and commiebloc apartments?
Look at American towns & suburbs built prior to the 1950s. They have a mix of apartments and houses. They're some of the most desirable places to live in the US now. You literally cannot build neighborhoods like that anymore due to those zoning laws requiring massive lawns, no mixed use, etc.

Plus, there's the whole thing of everyone requiring somewhere to live, and it's literally not physically possible to house everyone in 2500 sq foot homes on quarter-acre lots, and still be within a 30 minute commute of a job.

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I haven't talked to him since the incident, which happened very recently. I wanted to go visit him while he was in holding but the first weekday I had a free morning I was told he had already been relocated to a mental health facility about 4 hours away. My friend and I are thinking about driving up to visit him later this year.

I'm not sure what part of it seemed schadenfreude but I didn't really enjoy any of it. I let him crash on my couch when he was homeless two years ago and have been trying to support him and get him on his feet since then and he seemed to be doing good for a few months then just crashed and burned harder than ever before and none of us could really seem to get through to him about how he was fucking up. The signs were there that things weren't good mentally. He worked at a grocery store 2 blocks from the rent house for a while, quit for a better paying job. He absolutely refused to ever step foot inside that grocery store again because he said he didn't want to see the people working there again and opted to drive a few miles to Walmart when he needed things instead, even though he couldn't really afford gas. I don't know where the fuck his head was at.

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Has anyone tried renting a room to someone in your personal home? I am building a barndominium thing and was thinking about renting a room to someone I know to cover some of my expenses but I wonder how bad that rabbithole could get. I also drive a truck for my day job so I'm gone a lot, primarily home on weekends so kinda viewing this as free home security. If a druggie cased the place and figured out it's empty 5 days a week it'd be an easy target

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I think we're on the same page. I believe that every restriction put on the free market must be carefully considered, because there are always repercussions that can have severe unintended effects.

The interesting thing is that regulations, which leftist do-gooder types love, actually have quite an unequal impact. If a 5000 person company has to hire 1 person to ensure compliance with a set of laws, that's 0.02% of their labor. Literally nothing. If a small business of 7 people has to hire someone, that's over 14% of their labor force.
Same thing happens with houses. A big developer can afford to fuck around with a convoluted and slow permitting/inspection process, but for someone trying to build their own home, that alone can be a large obstacle.

I knew it was bad when my friend told me about how in his area, people are buying up homes and converting them into 4+ units of "long term" AirBnB rentals. I asked myself, if the demand is so high that someone is willing to pay $700/month to live in a fucking bedroom in a house of strangers, then why is nobody building actual apartments there? The answer is that you can't. You either have apartments not allowed by zoning (due to people like the anon above ranting about "stacks of niggers"), or it's so expensive to build them that nobody bothers.

>> No.2413726

>it's literally not physically possible to house everyone in 2500 sq foot homes on quarter-acre lots

Utterly disingenuous premise, as is the idea that pre 1950 urban planning carefully mixed apartments and single family homes together in suburbs...
suburbs that were never really planned as such until post ww2 in the US, that in many cases were simply outlying areas where people lived because those areas were used for farming and similar non- urban uses.
When rentoids overfilled the cities they moved outward swallowing up properties and buimdi g high density housing while making up bullshit historical revisionist fantasies about what was taken from them by zoning laws, the lack of which in the areas you describe was used to exploit them by filling every nook and cranny with apartments.
Anyway, only commies accept and promote the idea that if some people live in the single family zones described then ALL people must be afforded that lifestyle regardless of their means or needs.
The zoning laws you describe were enacted after the fact of urbanization to prevent high density developments from overtaking all other forms of residential housing, not the other way around.
Yours is simply the butthurt caterwauling of someone having his gibs officially denied.

>> No.2413735

>pic but unironically. all capital should be destroyed, public or private.
so basically absolute poverty with absolutely zero tools

Hating landlords is by definition a leftist thing.
Whites are the biggest landlords in America. Most landlords are mom and pops who own one property.
National socialists are just socialist faggots.

Based and intelligentpilled
I'm glad you understand how central banking turns this whole thing into a massive scam.

People who advocate for zoning laws and "urban planning" unironically need to be crucified in a public square.
>to prevent high density developments from overtaking all other forms of residential housing

>> No.2413736

Yeah, you get it...it's also ironic that a lot of affordable housing in the US was developed to support industries that were subsequently vilified and driven away from the communities that were literally built around them, leaving them depressed and destitute.
And one of the factors used to promote those efforts was the fact that the factory supplied the housing and charged for it rather than coming into an area and jacking up the market prices for existing locals with imported workers/housing demands the way so many "woke" modern companies have done.
Then when people don't want to work for them because of those costs, they just pack up and move regardless of how it might effect the local economy or the communitys future.

>> No.2413738

Your ideas are straight up contradictory. You talk about high density housing like it's terrible and must be restricted at every opportunity, but then also say that "only commies accept and promote the idea that if some people live in the single family zones described then ALL people must be afforded that lifestyle regardless of their means or needs."
Well, if there aren't high density developments for "rentoids" to live in, and there aren't enough single family homes (yet they're the only thing allowed to be built), then where the hell do you propose everyone else lives?

>Yours is simply the butthurt caterwauling of someone having his gibs officially denied.
I live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere on a farm. I have no intention of ever moving to the city, but I recognize that locking an entire generation out of affordable housing is causing massive societal issues. Also, you know, a bit of empathy.

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Everyone in these threads should watch these videos so you can refute anti-landchad commie/nazi cuckolds easier.


>> No.2413744

they should have to work harder

>> No.2413752

The issue is exploitation. If you got that 700k property from your jewish uncle just for being jewish, who bought it with printed money the Fed Jews gave him,its not capitalism. Its nepotism.

Landlords do not produce things of value unless they build the property. With money they earned, instead of gibs from the state.

>> No.2413760

Owning land is fine. Everyone should. Exploiting others on it is only fine if we reinstate the aristocracy.

And ban jews from owning land.

>> No.2413761

>If you got that 700k property from your jewish uncle
You think jews are magic or something
The vast majority of property is not inherited despite what leftists will have you believe.

>Landlords do not produce things of value unless they build the property.
Wrong, providing the capital to build the property or purchase an existing property is obviously creating value.
Savings doesn't doesn't exist.

>> No.2413763

Kek you commies never fucking learn
Nobody cares about your retarded whining.
Learn what time preference is. Rent is not exploitation.

>> No.2413764

>Savings doesn't doesn't exist.
*doesn't magically exist

>> No.2413765

Back to Israel, Juden.

>> No.2413768

Kek, the fact that jews make you nazis seethe makes my dick so hard.
You faggots never have any actual argument, it's just pure socialist whining.

>> No.2413769

>Prints 10 trillion dollars to inflate housing and stock prices
>Pretends this is capitalism


>> No.2413770

I actually hate the federal reserve and agree with you
I just hate retarded nazis(who tend to support central banking anyway, kek)

>> No.2413780

>You talk about high density housing like it's terrible and must be restricted at every opportunity
That is an utterly disingenous mischaracterization of what has been said, that betrays the fact that people like you are given to straight up lying about what people say and believe.
You literally refuse to approach the subject from anything but a zero sum either/or, black/ white paradigm where someone simply saying that high density housing doesn't belong everywhere (just like single family housing doesnt) is an outright declaration that any and all high density housing is "terrible and must be restricted at every opportunity".
You know exactly what you are doing, too, and then whine when your dishonest nature causes people to realize that your ilk don't operate in good faith.

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>> No.2413861

You guys can probably help me with this. I'm not a landlord but a tenant. Ands it's my first time renting. I took over the house from my roommate as my first place and started my own lease. It seems like the tenant before my roommate had pets in one of the bedrooms, and it smells like God awful cat piss. My landlords s pretty good dude. But is it possible for me to ask him to have the side room steam cleaned or help with the cleaning costs?

I figure he wouldn't like the cat piss smell in his house as much as I don't. I just don't know how to ask without sounding like an entitled dipshit.

>> No.2413865

I guess it's fitting that people who don't like landlords let them live in their heads rent free.

>> No.2413872

Villains tend to live rent free in everyones heads anon.

>> No.2413912

I fully believe if a developer tried to build any high effort good faith multifamily unit near you, you would be at the town hall telling them it 'ruins the character of the neighborhood' or 'increases traffic'.
The housing shortage cannot be solved because of classism. 'fuck off we're full', etc.

>> No.2413944

>he rented a meth house
>actually thinks the landlord is going to do shit about it

>> No.2414116

Of course, more affordable housing would cause a drop in demand and lower house prices. It’s bad for home owners.

>> No.2414123


>> No.2414125


"Hey landlord, it seems like a previous tenant's cat stunk up the side room and it wasn't discovered before I moved in. Can you send someone over to look at it?"

You may have trouble getting him to do anything about it since you didn't notice the problem before you signed the lease. He could say you did it. If he gives you trouble, contact a local tenant's rights organization for advice. It might have been a meth lab, that's the landlord's problem.

>> No.2414233

More like heros.
Landlords are dark knights.

>> No.2414321

>rent free
>needs a sekrit sayf spays thred
>dedicates life to being an unlikeable beta.
>i mean villain
>err no a dark knight. yeah, that's the ticket!
sure anon. you go with that.

>> No.2414343

cope, rent is due.

>> No.2414344

ok dark knight

>> No.2414347

oh, no longer *puts on sunglasses* rent-free?

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File: 29 KB, 607x699, hjimprkcb9w61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Theres a difference between being a private home owner and a scarcity driven parasite
Dont lump me in with you faggots

>> No.2414384

Anti-landlord subhuman leftists unironically need to be slaughtered like the animals they are.
>scarcity driven
Everything is scarcity driven.
Do you hate farmers and restaurants now for profiting off the scarcity of food?
Do you hate people who buy farming equipment and rent it out?
Without landlords there would be about 35% less housing in the usa. This housing was built with the capital and planning of landlords.
It's you parasites and your laws that makes rent so fucking expensive.
Kill yourself.

>> No.2414423

Literally all that needs to happen is that the barriers preventing homes and medium density housing construction need to be lowered. The rest will work itself out.

The problem is that many people literally cannot see anything beyond "muh home value", and will kick and scream at any new construction. They're willing to inflict a ton of societal damage to ensure their home value rises 200% above inflation.

The idea of a house is an asset which provides you shelter. It should not be a means for you to extort massive profits out of the next generation.
It's hilariously ironic that you'll call someone a "commie", and then admit that you'd use the local government to restrict someone from building on THEIR OWN property.

>> No.2414437

>muh scarcity driven is a GOOD THING because I as a parasite to the system vote on bills to make it a scarcity so I can further profit!
>New construction? NO WAY!

>> No.2414439

The only reason to ever do that is to launder money

>> No.2414457

you're adorable

>> No.2414460

>>muh scarcity driven is a GOOD THING
"Scarcity driven" in this case means there is an incentive to reduce scarcity by providing more goods and services.
A farmer that grows food to people who need to eat is "scarcity driven".
Do you think farmers are exploiting people because people need to eat? What a childish way of thinking of things.
Landlords REDUCE scarcity. If landlords built more units, rents would COME DOWN you absolute retard.

>because I as a parasite
The only parasites are leftists who vote for rent control, zoning, regulations and central banking/money printing.

>to make it a scarcity
kek what?
Landlords are like the number one people against zoning laws and such restrictions.

>> No.2414494

>Do you think farmers are exploiting people because people need to eat?
Farmers produce and sell food. Landlords, at least in my area, rarely actually build the homes they rent. Not only is your comparison invalid, being that food is a consumable and rented space is not, but landlords generally don't even create the thing they're renting out. They buy it from someone else, take it off the market, and then rent it out to someone else. Us landlords are the ultimate middlemen because our clients don't even get to own the thing they're paying us for.

Also, bears mentioning that I'm not a fan of over-extended government. But only a fool would deregulate renting, zoning, and "money printing".

>reeee you're obv a lefty renter
I own a 30 acre plot that I run a cottage rental business out. Not a lot of patience left in me for modern politics. I like rental laws; they prevent excessive development in my area. I like zoning by-laws; they keep aggregate and resource extraction from destroying the scenic countryside my customers want to enjoy - sight, sound, smell all stay nice and clean with the zoning in effect. I like "regulations" generally because they do things like make illegal the dumping of waste oil. I also like fiat currency because gold coins are heavy.

I don't know if you're larping or wtf you're raving about, but we don't live in the wild west anymore, and it's also not a lifestyle meant to be emulated.

>> No.2414503

>Landlords, at least in my area, rarely actually build the homes they rent.
So? The capital they accumulated from work plus the money they risk borrowing from a bank builds the rental properties. They wouldn't exist without landlords.
>muh buying existing properties
So? A landlord wanted to sell their property to another landlord. It's like nothing happened at all positive or negative.

>being that food is a consumable and rented space is not
Rented space is slowly being consumed over time and constantly needs maintenance. You point is meaningless though. It's a good on the market, the fact it being consumable vs non-consumable is irrelevant.

>but landlords generally don't even create the thing they're renting out.
They do. Without them, these buildings wouldn't exist because there would be no capital to build them.

Middlemen are good if they increase value. There's nothing inherently wrong with middlemen.

>I'm not a fan of over-extended government. But only a fool would deregulate renting, zoning, and "money printing".
The irony in this statement. These things are what an overextended government is. These are the main problems, you parasite.

>I like rental laws; they prevent excessive development in my area.
Yes, you're an actual parasite who should be hung in the streets.

>I like "regulations" generally because they do things like make illegal the dumping of waste oil.
Regulations don't do that, property rights do.

>I also like fiat currency because gold coins are heavy.
That's not how gold worked at money before you absolute retard, there was gold certificates being traded and a gold standard today would be digital version of that.

>> No.2414505

NIMBYs are the worst kind of human garbage

>> No.2414510

I know its not meth for sure. I can actually see the stains outlines on the floor.

>> No.2414538

>Landlords, at least in my area, rarely actually build the homes they rent.
>landlords generally don't even create the thing they're renting out. They buy it from someone else, take it off the market, and then rent it out to someone else.
Houses don't magically appear out of nowhere, and they don't maintain themselves. If we lived in your glorious utopia where landlording was illegal, the housing supply would shrink, not increase. The poor do not have the capital to purchase homes. Instead of the poor paying monthly to live in the run down but maintained former homes of the wealthier elements of society, they would live in tents and shantys, because that is all the material they can afford to buy at once. Look at the slums of Mexico, Brazil, India, to get an idea of what your utopia would look like for you, you dumb asshole.

>> No.2414544

Why is it every fucking other rentoid sees every lamdchad as a mister ditcovich? The only time I've seen a bad landlord is when their fucking melaninated and renting out in the hood.

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