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Guys, why is she so amazing and perfect?

I feel like I could watch her fix rusty shit for hours in end.


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>muh eceleb gurlllll

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>Guys, why is she so amazing and perfect?

I watched one video, and it doesn't seem fake, but while it shows her replacing the stator coils, there is no mention of where the brand new rotor came from, which is inexcusable unless it's just a "hey I'm pretty and can operate a wrench" channel.


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before. no mention of whether it was rebuilt or replaced, and no mention of the bearings.

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have sex, incel chud

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imagine that is her hand on your penis. Her hands, rough and strong like a man. She’s got a strong grip

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>unless it's just a "hey I'm pretty and can operate a wrench" channel.
I mean, it's obviously not much of an actual /diy/ channel, videos are mainly clickbaity shit to appeal to people living in apartments and optionally with yellow fever. She is decently skilled at least.

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>yellow fever
what does a mosquito borne virus introduced to the west via african slaves, have to do with her youtube channel?

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Ooga booga uwu where da yello wimmins at

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why are you such a racist piece of shit? Do you have a small penis?

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Stop sexually harassing that anon.

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Sir, where so you think you are?

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>Sir, where so you think you are?
Ma'am, this is the Wendy's

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>have sex
make me

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Fake and gay

Watched that video for about 2 minutes the other day ever single bolt jump cuts till after its loosened, its fake as fuck and youre gullable as fuck

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Perfect hands doing manual labor = fake chink shit

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It's funny how you never see her unscrewing something from start to finish.

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It's a CPP propaganda video, just like the other traditional woman with her mom.

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You still have electricity and Internet in the Ukraine? I'm impressed.

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I just try to imagine how good her little chink pussy feels. i bet she weighs 80 pounds or less.

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Is this another one of those fake south east asia "repair" channels where they just buff out the parts and pretend it works again, and then have armies of bugmen like the video to game the system?

Did the bugmen finally figure out 'tits make our fake channel grow even bigger even with the fake clicks we buy?"

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It's completely fake. the way she handles tools is the biggest red flag. Someone else is doing 95% of the work on that.
The simping in the comments is fucking hysterical. So many thirsty, lonely yellow fever boomers, who don't understand a woman better looking than her are like $5 a night in the towns and cities in her country.

Good scam, if you can keep it running. Bring in the simps with a 4/10 asian woman, and run your bugman click farms to juice that AdSense cash.

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Sounds pretty gay to me

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Never make fun of my wifes penis again.

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You can tell its fake by the lack of spontanious explosions.

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its even more severe than you imagine. These channels are created/cultivated by the Chinese deepstate as propaganda/cultural engineering to steer their populaces reality

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I watched that documentary that talked about Martial Arts and Bruce Lee (and similar kung fu movies) were CCP propaganda because they couldnt arm their populace.
Wanted the populace to look competent in fighting to the western world, to discourage boots on the ground if war to break out.

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nigger, bruce lee was from Hong Kong and lived in the USA in his final years.
His master (IP Man) was also a Hong Kong native. They means they were ethnically Chinese but Nationally British Subjects.

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she didn’t appear to have any tits

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Go put on a dress and high heels and dance to own the Ruskies.

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literally who?

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my fav youtuber is andrew camarata bc hes an autistic diy guy like me

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isnt he the dude who welded together at castle out of shipping containers? I used to watch his youtube videos about 10 years ago

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yeah hes got over a million subscribers now and still replies to all my comments on his videos. i told him he should rip a car apart with his dozer winches a few months ago and he released a video doing that a few days later

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>"hey I'm pretty and can operate a wrench"
She uses WD 40 like it's penetrating oil so yeah maybe.

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